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Title : Fleet Leader (House of Iron)
Date : 16 MAY 2011

Positive Idea's:
A brief question or statement of what you wish to have discussed (1 sentence)

Idea:................. " Create Access Bank onboard ship".

A more detailed explanation of why you are asking the question or what problem that needs to be resolved. (Please try to keep under 1000 words):

Explanation:................ This is must, going back and forth to stations and planets to access the Access Bank can get boring, tired-some and wasting time. Create a Access Bank Onboard the character ship, have it some where in the characters office or on the desk next to the Front missions log console that is located, there is another small computer console on the characters desk that can be used for that purpose, another location to put an Access Bank console is the MESS HALL.

How you perceive this should be resolved?

Solution:................. Respectfully Request Cryptic and the Developers to create a Access Bank Onboard the character ship some where in the Ships office or on the desk using or adding a computer console or some where in the Mess Hall. I hope this will improve the STO game and make money. Qa’pla !

__________________________________________________ ____________________________
Title : Fleet Leader (House of Iron)
Date : 16 MAY 2011

Positive Idea's:
A brief question or statement of what you wish to have discussed (1 sentence)

Idea:................. " Create the Klingon Double Bladed Battle Axe Weapon Jey'nas".

A more detailed explanation of why you are asking the question or what problem that needs to be resolved. (Please try to keep under 1000 words):

Explanation:.................. This is the second of the Klingon battle axes - the Double Headed Axe. The material is quarter inch titanium and the dimensions are 15.5 inches in width and 12 inches in height . The 28 inch handle of the jey'naS is slightly longer than that of the 'alngegh to allow for added balance needed with the heavier blade. In addition, there is a pommel of 3/8th inch titanium joined to the handle with a quarter inch thick threaded steel rod and blended with several layers of Terran Water Buffalo Horn.

Reference:................ Original Design inspired by Okrand's *Klingon for the Galactic Traveler*
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# 2432
05-17-2011, 01:55 PM
Short Term Requests
  • Make Remodulate Shield Frequency let the player choose a damage type to remodulate the shield frequency to.
  • Torpedo Launchers should take ammo (which has max stacks of 20 and go in device slots) that can not be reloaded in combat, and should be SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful than they are currently
  • Add a Refit Akira class that does not have shared countdowns for torpedos
  • High Yield Torpedos should fire double the current amount (+2 per HYT level), half of which are dummies

Mid Term Requests
  • EvE-level control of fighters for carriers
  • Carriers should get 12 fighter slots, and only weapons should be multiple automated defense cannons
  • Removal of all torpedo/mine shared cooldowns
  • Add a Free to Play mode to STO, but you can only use shuttles (not the upcoming fighters either, just shuttles).
  • Make the Galaxy X's lance do 10x damage, but make it a 15 degree arc, not a 45 degree arc - Right now this is a ship with a combat potential roughly equal to a regular Galaxy and that cannot be taken seriously in PVP
  • Add a Bank Terminal to Crew Decks at Rear Admiral, and an Exchange Terminal at VA

Long Term Requests
  • World of ********-level UI customization
  • Make ground combat Third-Person-Shooter based
  • Complete Torpedo Rework: (Made to make actual sense in a Star Trek world)
    • Photon Torpedos (Herein referred to as "PT")
      1. These torpedos are twice as fast as is currently ingame
      2. Same as current yield
    • Quantum Torpedos (Herein referred to as "QT")
      1. These torpedos do 5x damage of a photon torpedo, with 3x the reload time
      2. These torpedos will completely drain the hit shield and do remaining damage to hull
      3. Feedback Pulse III will reflect the damage to the origin ship
      4. These torpedos are roughly half the speed of a normal torpedo
      5. The variant used by "Torpedo: Spread" detonates early, doing AoE full damage to shield
      6. These torpedos will prioritize mines over ships
    • Plasma Torpedos (Herein referred to as "PT")
      1. High alpha damage (roughly twice that of a PT), moderate DoT (roughly 0.1x damage of a PT per second for 5s)
      2. 1.5 seconds after launch, the plasma charge 'dies' and damage is replaced with pure kinetic of 0.25xPT (see pure kinetic notes at bottom)
    • Transphasic Torpedos (Herein referred to as "TT")
      1. The ingame version of these is nothing short of UTTERLY PATHETIC. These should be removed from game, as there is no way to both have these added ingame in a reasonable way AND balance them, as their inherent nature IS COMPLETELY UNBALANCED. Having these would be like giving every player an instakill button.
    • Chroniton Torpedos (Herein referred to as "CT")
      1. These torpedos ignore shields
      2. Upon detonation, all subsystems will eventually become disabled in random order for 10s each over 5s
      3. These torpedos are always considered "high yield"
      4. The variant used by the "High Yield Torpedo" ability will make this 1/2 speed, but launch one extra torpedo per level
      5. The variant used by the "Torpedo: Spread" ability will launch eight torpedos at double speed, but 1/4 yield
    • Kinetic Torpedos (Herein referred to as "KT")
      1. Added to replace the removal of Transphasic Torpedos, these torpedos use pure kinetic energy to cause damage
      2. These torpedos have an ungodly high acceleration (due to their nature as MV^2 torpedos)
      3. The torpedos have an extremely low rotational speed
      4. These torpedos may miss the target
      5. Ship shields act by counteracting the velocity of the torpedo (half velocity = sqrt damage dealt to hull)
      6. The special effect of these torpedos is "Massive Hull Breach", causing negative crew regeneration for 30s
      7. Negative Hull Breach is not a chance effect, rather happening whenever a direct hull hit is achieved
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is there anyway to have looting be done in the same manner as Vindictus? basically, each dropped item gives each person from the party a chance to loot the item. that would allow all players to loot each item each time and remove any need for loot choices otherwise.

the only negative (or at least some may think) would be that many uncommon - super rare type of items would become less rare, as there would be zero fighting over items and hypothetically 5x the number (or more) of everything available. this can be adjusted easily by reducing drop chances of the more rare things.

although, i wouldnt feel that having so many more items would really be such a bad thing. items would probably cost much less, as supply would increase and so therefore demand would decrease, forcing prices to drop.

a positive of that negative would be less spamming of real money for game money, as the demand for game money would also decrease since items would cost less and demand would be lower. this should also give players who are willing to pay real money for things related to this game more inclined to spend money in the c-store, which would increase ur company revenue, which would greatly increase ur drive to work and expand this game project, in which would also increase ur revenue, entering a nice cycle of happy players and happy company personnel.

the increase in revenue and player base may be enough to give the jump to a free-to-play game more of a shot. or, at the least, to have an item in-game which is purchasable with in-game money that can be used as a game time card. this is an idea used by eve online. they have PLEXs available for an amount roughly equal to the average players 2/3 of a months revenue. this would assure players will play more often for the purpose of making enough in-game money to purchase the PLEX-style item. this will also increase the chance each player will spend real money in the c-store, again, raising ur company revenue.

all this can be possible from just a single looting option ^_^

is this something that could be looked into and hopefully implemented?
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# 2434 Bacon!
05-21-2011, 12:24 PM
Recurring theme I know but I was discussing Bacon in Earth space dock and I came up with the idea of adding Bacon as a food, Mundane I know but a lot of players would get a good giggle out of having Bacon as something like a +72% rare food drop. No idea what the tribble would be like though, maybe an attack Tribble if not too ridiculous.

Mid term maybe some more cool ship costumes, I like playing as I get to fly round space in a cool looking space ship and blow $#!/ up. Klingon's currently have the coolest ships available, but the least content. not a fun combination!

Finally, I looked at my accolades and found I have almost 5000 points from my accolades, but currently there's no vendor to buy things from. perhaps ships from other factions, I'd love a Bird of prey or Jem'Hadar attack ship on my fed toon, not sure how the skill points would translate though.
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# 2435
05-21-2011, 03:27 PM
1. Less items bought in the C-Store, more of those earned in-game.

2. See number one.

3. Make exploration missions less repetitive.

Done get me wrong, I see nothing but potential in this game, along with the love of Trek from both the devs as well as the players. I just feel the C-store is taking a lot away from the in-game experience with players having to drop in extra money to get some of the other "iconic trek" items. That's crap...just saying.

Yes, this has been complained about many times, but this thread is still here. Just my two cents.

Safe travels to all,

Captain Rasilek
USS Arroway
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# 2436
05-22-2011, 09:21 PM
i only have one for now.

mid term

please add new dreadnought ships and or convert the monarch into a three nacelle, spinal phaser, cloaking and even saucer separating beast of a warship and also maybe make it the first federation carrier.
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# 2437 A wild ideea
05-23-2011, 12:09 AM
I have a mid term/ long term ideea. Make some random encounters in space, that will test the player on a combat or diplomatic level ( something about making a contact with the new civilazition, respecting the 1st directive, or not, etc) with the level of engagement seen in a FE, but with a twist:
- put cool rewards for completing the mission BUT also put super cool rewards if you take a different step ( let's say you are in a situation involving romulans or remans, and you have an option that will allow you to steal the special weapon, or respect the federation laws and destroy it), BUT also if you choose to get the new weapons SURPRISE: you geta super weapon, but also you get demoted for not respecting the federation laws. So the bigger the reward, bigger the demotion. I think this will spice up the end game phase of the game, were things now are pretty boring.
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# 2438
05-25-2011, 05:18 PM
Short term- Completely overhaul the Respec system. That is what I want more then anything. See my link for more info.

Mid Term- I would like to see more upgrades on the ships and make them tuneable. Example would be to have Sub-Components, Weapons could have an upgradeable "Turret system" so that your turrets can aim faster, or aim more efficiently, or you could have separate components that could control beam amplitute, or types, so if you change a "Coil" or "quantum regulator" it could change a tetryon weapon into a anti-proton weapon. Engines could have replaceable "warp coil's", "plasma injectors" "warp core matrix flux capacitor", ect. ect. They could have different sliders to "Tune" your equipment for better efficiency, accuracy, ect.

Mid Term 2- I would love for there to be shield frequencies and weapon frequencies you can set. So that way, if you set your frequency to a certain number, and the enemy sets his or hers to a certain number you can have more of a chance to get a crit hit. In star trek you see stuff like that, IF your enemy gets your shield frequency, then they can basically blast a torpedo or a beam and take you out in one hit. So if you match your weapon frequency directly to there shield frequency, they are pretty much good as done with. And, the farther apart the frequencies the less likely you are to do damage. You could have different factors also, frequency, amplitude, wavelengths. I think that would be better then just having common, rare, and very rare type weapons. Each weapon could be tuned to a different frequency. That way, when you go into battle, you really have no idea what is coming. You could go up against a shuttle craft, and if it has your frequencies, then even a shuttle craft could take out a heavily armed cruiser with the right hit. Also, each fleet could have there own "fleet" frequency you could use - optional of course.

Mid Term 3- How about a reward option for PVP. Of coarse it would be completely optional, have a "Pirate PVP Zone". When you go into battle, if you loose, the winning team gets to choose something off your ship to keep. Or, maybe they could get a schematic of how your ship is set up.

Long term- Have ships with more realistic damage. If you shoot the saucer section, then you will lose more crew, if you shoot them in the engines, then they will loose the ability to move. Take out there deflector dish and they loose special abilities. I guess I just want STO to be more like the tv show.

Long Term 2- I don't know if this is realistic or not. But I'd love to have a PVP game mode, where you can have your friends all on your bridge or ship with you, all working there stations, one working weapons, one working shields, one commanding, one working in the medical bay, or whatever. Like on the show. Bunch of people working together on one ship to survive. I know it's unrealistic, but I just want to put it out there.

Long term 3- Home worlds. I'd like a place I can go to to call my home. Wether it's a home world or a place on earth with a house or something. Maybe create a sector in space with random planets that we can create a planet, or create a home on the planet.

Long term 4-
last one I promise, lol, not trying to be greedy. I'd like there to be a sector where it's completely PVP, kind of like eve online, everyone on one server, all battling for there factions, ect.
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# 2439
05-26-2011, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by Hakoshen View Post
Short term:

1. Miniskirts. Yes, I'm a pervert and I like my eye candy and I'm not ashamed to say so. I wont hide behind "Lt. Uthra wore a skirt, why can't my officers?!" or "The Star Trek canon says they exist." Now that that's out of the way;
2. AI Pathing: This I'm sure has been brought up, but the AI officers get caught on doors, boxes, flora, etc. far too often.
3. Officer down: If one of my team mates or myself goes down, there should be some way to make resuscitating that person a priority. As of yet, I keep spamming the call for help button in the hopes that it will glitch and reach one of my officers.

Mid Term:

1. Ship Renaming: Why does this cost anything again?
2. Promotions: I don't think that I should have to spend X amount of points in abilities I'm not going to use just to promote an officer beneath me. I know that they have to "earn" promotions, but it irks me.
3. Quest dialog: Each quest should tell you what system in what sector in what sector block to go to. For example, one mission said "Go to Starbase 1." In hindsight, it's logical to assume that of course, SB1 is on Earth, but that's only AFTER spending a long time looking every place else for something with that name.
4. Quest rewards: I can't see what my mission rewards are once I choose to accept the mission, which makes prioritizing where I go dependent entirely on what I can remember, which, all thing and events in this game considered isn't very much.

Long Term:
1. Maps! It would be SO helpful to be able to zoom from the map sector I'm in to another sector block and see what's there from the galaxy map instead of blindly plotting from one sector to another and hoping the system who's location I may not know is in the place I'm headed. And while we're at it, why not have each system tell us what's IN said system! Treasure Trading station isn't listed on any map or anything.
2. Space Flight: See my sig. What do you mean I can't barrel roll? Or do a 180 vertical loop for that matter? Or even fly in a straight 90 degree angle along the Z axis? Sure, someone somewhere might get confused and ragequit because he forgets what direction he's going, but space flight bound to a galactic "ground" is... a poor decision.

There are more, but this will do.
they can wear mini skirts, buying the TOS uniform unlocks 1 of them and the other 2 i think there already there. and the quests do tell you where to go if you actually look at the grant mission text
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# 2440 just an idea
05-26-2011, 07:14 PM
i think allowing us to control atleast one other ship or an interface that allous us to switch in game to another ship with out going back to space dock or logging out to switch charecters would give us the oppertunity to use those bridge officers we have and hardly use control those other ships. plus switching main control of one ship to another and as you rank up you our aloud to control another ship so you start off with one when you rank up then when you rank up again you get another ship spot and you crew it and so on and so on up to max of for ships which at any time you can go to esd and switch that ship out and crew yet each new level with ship has to start that ship at an ensign and rank up just as you had done with your main charecter .. it gives more play time more reason to rank and better chances if you our the type who rather ploay alone rather in a group the other thing is how about the ability to change charecter in game say u r on planet or on ship maybe in mission you click on a team member and now thats the one you control you can do science tactical and engineering stuff while on one mission yet if main charecter is tactical your science and enginerring officers who did there part you gain only 1/2 or 1/4 accoulade or skills for thatt part .. also being abvle to summon your other captains to your ship or going to there ship to hand out orders as you would ryour doff system nothing better then sitting in your capt ready room hearing the sound of someone wanting to come in and you stating enter them walking in sitting down in front of you and you telling them to do a first con tact mission or rescue and when they go you being hailed every so often and them telling you how things r going ... it opens up the game to much more then just playing it makes you think who to send why that ship and crew is best for it or maybe your better off doing it yourself if you feel your skill rank is best .... plus it should open up some ship slots based on amount of ships you control in space so if you control yours plus one plus that crew then one slot opens up so you can get that new ship or beable to use those ships you dont based on rank and skill and just sit there rusting away in space dock...

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