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1 Short Term Request: to be able to use transwarp drive to choose different destinations, such as DS9, K-7, starbase-39, ext.

2 Mid-Term Request: shuttle bay option when visiting bridge to to switch and use a shuttle.

3 Long Term Request:
Originally Posted by debrrose View Post
2. And, if characters can be admirals, then they should be able to promote their officers to captains. It would get complicated, but think of ground away missions - officers have abilities and are mostly autonomous, but they follow the character and work on the same mission. How about doing that in space? So an admiral character would have subordinate captains and ships, with the trained abilities carrying over, and the ships would follow along on 'away missions' in space,almost like pets. More realistic that way.
Really appriciate this idea, very interesting. I would add to being able to assign subordinate captains to ships we can purchase or already own that can be custimized, shields, weapons ext.
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# 2462
06-22-2011, 12:16 AM
Short Term Goal a year later- Thanks for fixing most of it now all that needs doing is more less complex STF missions and nerfing Khitomer Accord to make it more accessible to PUGs. Another would to be to add more episode missions etc.

Mid Term goal a year later- Again it is going in the right way, More ship Designs in game than in the C-Store, Better ground combat and a better mix in with ground combat and space. More content a season and not spread out over the season.

Long Term- More content pvp less of course, do not spread it out over the season add more a season. Put more ships in game not in the C-Store.

Over all I find the STF missions killing the game since only two are playable for almost all of the community, Khitomer Accord should be nerfed down to make it easier for the general community to play. Then the lack of general content after captain is very lacking and that should be rectified before you bleed out customers.
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# 2463 My Wish List
06-23-2011, 03:38 AM
I will do my best to keep this short. I am aware that some of these things are already being addressed. Most of these requests either add a dimension to the game or correct an error on something that was previously considered cannon. Or they just as add some customizability and are vanity issues.

Short Term
  • More Melee weapons useable by PCs.
  • Playable Ambassador, Typhoon, and Jupiter classes
  • Add shuttlebay doors to curved notch on forward dorsal side of saucer of the escorts as designer Alex Jaeger intended .
Medium Term
  • Give the Akira class something extra and make it the Adv. Heavy Escort. Create a new ship for its current "position" Reasoning: Most sources place the Akira around 25% longer than Norway/Oslo and Steamrunner/Zephyr.
  • Embarkable/ Disembarkable Craft. Not only shuttles and runabouts, but ships that launch from the ventral side of saucer sections such as sovereign and galaxy class Captainís yachts, Intrepid/Long Range Science Vessels Aeroshuttles and Nova/Science Vessel Waveriders
  • Pets such as tricolor beagles and orange tabby short hairs in Captainís quarters.
Long Term
  • Greater degree of customizability in ready rooms and captainís quarters.
  • More interactive bridge. Be able to be on bridge while traveling through sector space. Possibly make it a place to play mini-games.
  • Playable Cardassian Faction
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# 2464 long term site suggestion
06-25-2011, 11:01 AM

If members are part of a fleet and/or is the fleet leader, there should be an option on the forums or communication center here to mass mail the fleet offgame and to see who is online.
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# 2465
06-25-2011, 11:26 AM
My top options?

Balancing the male costume options with the female ones. Preferably either by granting all female exclusive costume options a male model, or by granting males exclusive options of their own (As of yet, females have a majority of costume options, males have, to my knowledge, no exclusive options).

UGC starbases.

Starships starships starships.
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# 2466
06-28-2011, 03:02 AM
Long Term: New races for KDF if Feds can have Caitians than the Kzinti can be an awesome addition:

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# 2467
06-29-2011, 08:32 PM

Fix the visual bugs with uniform parts clipping. I notice it mostly on my KDF character's shoulder items.

And I see warp trails AHEAD of my ship when using the Breen set, esp in a shuttle.

The AI pathing can be frustrating at times.


Secret doors. I would love finding something unexpected during what looked to be a hum-drum mission. A cave, a hidden passage, or a trap door. Surprise me!


Let our old ships, the ones we level up with and have no rational use for anymore, be useful for something. Either let us scrap them for parts or credits, or resell them to other players. I could even see them being used as target practice.

We have an ability called Boarding Party that no one uses. Take it out, and make it available as a player skill, rather than a boff skill. And let us use it in both PVE and PVP. After the shields go down, give players the option of boarding enemy ships and taking them as prizes.
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# 2468 SCE and KCE
06-30-2011, 11:02 PM
How about allowing the players to join Star Fleet Corps of Engineers and the Klingon Corps of Engineers. That would be nice change and something different for the players. They can do some exploring and fix things, if npc and pcp need something done. Also they can be allowed to try some new tech out on their SCE ships as well or copying some alien tech from an abadon ships or something. Like the stories from Star Trek S.C.E. books that they have out. For one of the stories they have is about Da Vince incounters an HoloShip while investgating StarFleet ship went missing. Also the other time they had to deal with run away solar power ship that was passing throught some star systems. Please let me know what Delv team thinks about my sugestion. Thanks for a great game.
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07-01-2011, 07:21 AM

be able to match a lower fleet member/ or players level no matter where you are in the system.

When you delete your extra borg equipment give us something for it ether emblems. energy credits. marks of exploration. or just something. cause i only need one set.

Vivox voice communication is a big mistake.

Mid term

We need more STF Mission Please infected, cure, KA are getting boreing.
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# 2470
07-01-2011, 08:18 AM
unfortaintly there are way to many things to be listed as short medium and long term,so i will put my 2 cents in as a generalazation.
matching lower levels should stay no matter where you are as long as your on the team,making fleet actions private no matter how many people you have,making team groups larger from 5 to maybe 10 per team,let us have more hot bars on the screen instead of the standard 3,let us have the ability like an outfitter so we can change ships without having to refix our bridge officers.
make it to where we have to purchase torpedoes,this way you would have to use them wisely,also on this same line make it to where you have to repair your equipment both ground and space even on normal mode,and if you dont repair it after awhile it gets destroyed.
make more end game content,more stf's more missions.
i relize some of these things that i listed are already in the works.
i think the main thing is end game content more more more more more and yes even more end game content.

oh yea one last and most important item
give us more notice as to when you are doing mantainance

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