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07-02-2011, 05:17 AM
I want:

1: less combat missions.
2: To be captain of my ship instead of being told what to do by my crew.
3: to have to make choices as captain during missions.
4:make the ships bridge more important, have some game play on it such as setting course for a sector, and hopefully one day being able to fully pilot the ship from there ( bridge commander style)
5: more exploration such as finding new races and encountering new problems in deep space.

6: Why does my captain beam off of the bridge when he is going to need to stay there to captain the ship?

Make it more trek please
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07-03-2011, 06:14 AM
my suggestion is for there to be a way to ZOOM font sizes - like many STO players, I am OLDER (I am 60) and have some trouble seeing/reading text on the game - SOOOO like with safari or Internet explorer, can u include a tool for us old folks!!!! I love the game !!!
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07-04-2011, 04:24 PM
Short-term requests

1. PLEASE add the ability to asign the camTurnToFace in space to any key as a TOGGLE. This would make it MUCH easier and more enjoyable to fly your ship with the mouse, while still getting cursor control back quickly when needed. Frankly this is the most important thing to me I could request right now.

2. Please adde Ground "sets" along the lines of the space Aegis, Borg, and Breen sets. (I believe this is in the works.)

3. For Season 4 with the new shooter mode, it's annoying that when I enter shooter mode my weapon is always holstered. If I'm on a mission with combat that's fine, but when I'm on a space station it's just silly. Please make this a litle smarter.

Mid-term requests

1. Right now joining a fleet doesn't really change the game much. There aren't a whole lot of options in the game to really spend time with your fleet members, and do things in the game together feels about the same as working with any random team-up. We need to have fleet based events, space stations, and contests to make being part of a fleet have more meaning that it does now.

2. More end-game content. When you reach the level cap you want to feel like there's still a lot for you to accomplish - accomplishments that only your high level and game experience make possible. We need both greater variety, and a greater number of STF's, and possibly other options as well for our VA toons to tackle. Please show the endgame some love as you continue to move forward. Eventually we could have a large collection of endgame content if Cryptic just keeps plugging away at it.

3. Next to exploration, Star Trek is about people and relationships. The Enterprise, is always defined by it's crew, especially the bridge crew. As it is, I can customize the appearance of my BOFFs, change their name, and give them a back story if I choose, but after that they are basically drones. What is needed is to have some sense of connection to these people besides their appearance and abilities. Mass Effect 2 does an good job of this with missions specifically created to fill in the back story of the crew and bond them to you in loyalty. Many of these missions could occur right on my ships interior, and could involve visiting an officer's quarters, playing a game of poker with them, etc.

Long-term requests

1. KDF content equality. I'm really hoping to see the KDF fleshed out. They need to be brought up to speed with the Federation to be a fully fleshed out faction. To be clear this means that a lot of PvE missions unique to the KDF need to be created. Retelling some of the best Fed missions from the KDF perspective is a great start, but not enough on it's own. Cryptic needs to step up to the plate here so that there is a compelling reason for everyone to create a KDF toon. Oh and they need to be playable for new users from the very start.

2. Star Trek is fundamentally about exploration. This part of the game feels very generic, and uninteresting. It would be great if there was a feeling of satisfaction that came with exploration. Even better would be some sort of real long-term effect in the game world. Perhaps a system that once charted is available to visit again and again, with new missions that periodically become available. That would make me care about the world and it's people. I realize that there are only so many resources at Cryptic to create missions. I suggest to supplement this, Cryptic make a section of the foundry that is dedicated to exploration themed missions. These could be vetted, and when found suitable, could be added to a queue of random missions to pull from when exploring. The Star Trek community is brimming with creativity - why not use that for the good of all STO players?

3. I'd really love to see greater choice in how to complete missions. There have been glimmers of this in some of the featured episodes. Please add more diplomatic options to complete missions where appropriate. It would also be great if there was more than one was to solve a puzzle or find your way through an area. To go with the choices, add different accolades for each choice, so that it's more interesting to replay a mission. I'm hoping these principals could be applied as the missions are remastered.
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1: Ability to navigate y ship from brigde.
Even if this is just being on the bridge and bringing up the map and usign auto navigate. This really doeasnt need to that complicated. It could still use the same message dialogs what you arrive at a destination.
2: To make decisions about my ship that differ from the 1000 other admirals in the game.
we have the same consoles, same equiptment and the same weapons. how about a little crafting on what we have. That would allow the community to actually make changes to their ship that really differ from other ships. I know you think that everyone has this ability now but the current system is insufficuent.
3: Fix the freaking exchange.
It is horendous, seriously 2 million for everything interresting. Free market is one thing but it has gotten out of hand.
4:Stop beaming onto your own bridge. Just makt the charecter walk into the room. This makes no sense at all. i am not sure why this is so difficult.
5: All of the tv series state that the captain stays with the ship. How can a captain in a time of war leave the sip to get plant samples? this is not trek at all. This would open up the options that you play with you boffs, and first officer. i hope this is the model that you choose.
6: Fix the communications from npc and boff, it is so redundant at times. Example im an admiral but each time in the sirius section i am reminded how to navigate? i am told the same thing over and over again, defeat that ship, defend that base, search for this plant etc, am i the captain or am i the ensign.
7: Prioritize what you are working on. It has been almost 2 years of sto and you have done a good job, but focusing on "skins" that dont really enhance gameplay doesnt make sense. oh great i can make my character look like something else, but have the same gameplay. WOW Instead of having new ships and new weapons i can have 20 different types of uniforms.
8: Fix the non firing, ignore everything bridge officers. It is the most fustrating thing to see your boff just sitting there with a dumb look on their face, while you get shot.
9: Add formations to the waypoint system. This would increase the effectiveness of ground combat exponetionally.
10: Allow more designs for ships. This is crucial to this game. This is one of the main selling points for the game i think. You allowed users to be individual with all of the costime designs and all of the different uniforms. Why not the ships. You can even charge it as a cstore item. Ship crafting / ship building. Imagine how many people will go for that?
11: In every episode of tng they reference going to a starbase, for this or that. We have a handfull in sto. nuff said
12: Remive the traffic cops from the sector space. Am i a captain or a taxi paying tolls on a bridge.
13: Remove the level cap, actually make being an admiral an achevable rank. This limits the mmo experience, since once at the top you have almost nothing to play for.
14: Add variety to missions. I thought we are at war, what happened to surprise when you go somewhere. How about some missiont that are not scripted to death. You go somehwere and all of a sudden you are attacked. Not, your boff telling you somthing and then a random adminral cosigning it saying oh yeat attack them.
15: Startrek was never about killing everything that you see. Several episodes / seasons revolved around being the better person. Now there is no remorse. Destroy everything in site complete the task. what about disabling a ship or evading a ship with creativity. The current mission layouts remove all creativity from the game. It is simply engadge enemy destroy enemy, read propmt from boff then complete mission.

Just some of the issue i have witht he current state of the game
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07-06-2011, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by StarkeRealm View Post
Sorry, I know I've posted this before, but: An auto sort button for the inventory. I don't care if it's by level, by type, by rarity, whatever, but this would cut down on random time lost mucking around with our inventories and get us back in the game.
Omg, yesss!!! I waste so much time just organizing and reorganizing my inventory and bank. Thank you for mentioning this.
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07-06-2011, 04:12 PM

1. Introduce the ability to automatically organize you inventory and bank based on category preferences.


1. Ability to have mini fleets of fighters on your ship. Members of your party would be able to pilot these alongside you in battle. To make this more interesting, increase the party limit to 8 or even 12, allowing party members in big ships to have as many as one or two team members fight in their carrier fighters.

As a side note to ship fighters, the captain should have the ability to switch to fighter pilot mode while his first officer takes command of the ship.

2. More diplomacy-oriented options in missions. Players should have a diplomacy skill that allows them to become proficient at negotiating peace, signing contracts, and discouraging conflict. For example, very much like how in Cloaked Intentions you have the option of assisting a character rather than arresting him, you could offer to pay the enemy latinum or do a side mission for them in order to reach a peaceful agreement. Your chances of success would be based on high how your diplomacy skill is, as well as how carefully you choose your words.

3. Make ship death have more consequences. For example, players must now repair their ships at trade posts or trade docks, and it costs money. A trading faction could capitalize on the introduction of this element by offering neutral repair services for players needing a quick repair.

4. Change the way the Federation and Klingon character introduction is structured: Players can now play as a Klingon character from scratch without having to unlock the Klingon faction after reaching Federation Lieutenant rank.

5. Let us change the color of the beam of light that lights up a Fed's ships saucer.


1. Completely rework the combat system to be a fps-style combat instead of the current combat style in which the player targets random hit boxes while dealing with glitchy camera angles.

a. allow BO combat formations
b. allow the ability to queue up multiple BO movements, so your BO's feel like real people, not drones.
c. Introduce combat vehicles for ground assaults on bases. Combat vehicles were present in Star- Trek movies; why not STO?
d. Introduce Missions involving intra-planetary combat and patrolling with shuttles

2. Introduce persistent world elements:

Vice Admirals and Brigadier generals become eligible for planet administration. Administration would involve farming, security details, sub-contracting to independent players and faction players alike, establishment of trade routes, establishment of trade relations, etc.

Planet Farming: 5 Levels: Primitive Agri. Tech (negative profits), Moderate tech (break even), Moderately Advanced tech (some profits+small market created), Very Advanced Tech (Farming Conglomerate -substantial profits).

Planet Mining: 5 Levels: Same as farming

Archeology: each planet will have various archaeological sites that, when properly excavated and researched, can provide technological and combat-related insights (bonuses) from ancient races.

Planet Security: Involves hiring and managing a security detail that patrol your farms, bars, archaeological sites, headquarters, and space stations. Although planet security would be entirely AI based, planet administrators would have the ability to subcontract out trade route security detail contracts to players looking for extra cash.

Overall Persistent MMO structure implementation:
A turn-based rpg map like the one seen in total war or M&B warband would be used to manage assets and plan moves on your planet. This map would also be used to help you monitor established trade routers, markets, etc.

3. Create an independent traders mini-faction. Let us fly Ferengi Marauders, Orion smuggling ships, etc.

This faction would have the ability to establish PVE trade outposts much like planet administrators.
Trade posts would be much like administrated planets in the sense that they would allow traders to create trade routes, subcontract security details to other players, and invest in mining and farming ventures. This faction would also have the exclusive ability to repair damaged ships for the Fed and Kling players.

4. Ability to cooperatively make missions with another player in foundry.

5. More t2, t3, and t4 ships on Kling and Fed side

6. Eliminate the tier system, and classify systems by base hull hp, shield hp, turn radius, and officer options.

7. Eliminate the tactical, engineering, and science designations for players. From now on, players can choose between "class specific" abilities granted when leveling up. You no longer have to settle for the special science ability given to you when obtaining commander rank; instead, choose that cool engie ability you've always wanted. Second of all, rework the whole ship customization screen.

8. Change it so that the player can actually see their ship in dry dock or space dock while making changes on the customization screen.

9. Make ships have more personality.

a. For example, if we throw some plating into an engineering console slot, this should change the aesthetic look of our ship.

b. give us more options for changing the color of our engine plume. For Klingons, it could be red or yellow. For Feds, it could be blue, purple, green. Etcetera, etcetera.
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# 2477 Save this thread devs!
07-07-2011, 08:59 AM
I would respectfully like to ask the Developers to move this thread back to the "Star-trek Online Discussion" room. Since it's been moved to "General Community Feedback," there have been no new responses which leads me to believe people don't know where it is, or they've forgotten about it.
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07-07-2011, 03:01 PM
Bring back original fleet actions. (travel to location, call friends, no need to wait in line)
Since you already have the maps and locations on the maps: Make PVP like the original fleet actions.

Mid Term:
adjust NPC so that ship class reflects level. A B-type shuttle shouldnt be able to kill a cruiser
Seperate player skill levels from Rank. Allow players to choose their own special skills within their branch.
Make rank a reflection of faction accomplishment like diplomatic rank. 1000 accolade points per rank.

Long Term:
Adjust ship interiors, better scale and layout. Make layout match ship class. Move trasporters to Auxillery deck which contains a shuttle or hanger bay for the ships that have them etc. Include a conference room on all ships accessable from "visit the bridge," not just special missions like aid the Deferi. Add more rooms to crew deck, like 1st officers and ambassidor quarters.

Command ships from the Bridge though all phases of space flight including space combat scenerios. Make ship damage visible on the inside with ships crew running arround making repairs and medical crews taking personel to sickbay for treatment and releaseing them instead of just the imaginary crew under the sheilds display.

Change the requirements for obtaining a ship command to commander and higher. Ensign, Lt and Lt Commander be given shuttle and runabouts instead. Combine this with the ability to serve on another players ship in the capacity of a duty officer. Either as bridge crew or supporting personel. Player would be able to leave others ships through their shuttle or automaticlly transfered to different ships when a captian logs off etc. There are currently enough high ranking players to make this work.
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# 2479 mid / long term suggestions
07-07-2011, 11:55 PM
Theres a few things I would like to see: 1: add new races/BOs like Romulans, Breen, etc. 2: Fleet bases and player housing. 3: more crafting areas besides Memory Alpha, like at all star bases and if they do decide to do fleet basescraft in there aswell.
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07-08-2011, 12:41 AM
Get rid of the PvE cues and fix the frakkin phaser cannon sounds to make it I.p. Accurate like it is in the TV shows and movies and I'll be happy.

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