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02-09-2010, 07:41 PM
-Making it so when a player targets nearest enemy, itís not only the nearest enemy in front of them, but anywhere.
- A little arrow above players that point them to the direction of a npc they need to talk to.
- Putting NPC names above their heads.
- Better descriptions in missions of where they mission are.
-Search feature in the map that allows players to search for sector names.

-Some sort of in game encyclopedia.
-Better explanations of what everything in game means.
-Removal of the grid in sector space.
- Some sort of collection system. (For example collecting all of a certain type of mineral)
- Life on planets (aside from NPCís).

-More faction options.
- A faction bar that tells how a player sits with all the in game factions.
-Missions to improve factions.
-Ability for players to switch sides.
- Changing the exploration system so that unexplored systems arenít just in a few sectors.
- Some sort of mining.
- Player created missions.
- Real fleet content. Have a system where players find a wormhole. On the other side they have to map and catalog the entire system. Then they have to build a station and figure out a way to get back to normal space.
- More content involving players finding new races. Could be tied into the genesis system. Player would find new race then have to learn to speak itís language. Figure out how to get them to join one of the two sides of the war.
- Content where a new race invades the galaxy and all factions have to join together to fight them off.
-More level based content. Restricting certain areas of space until player reaches a specific level.
-Science content that has players finding new materials and using them to make new materials to improve ships and weapons.
- Content that allows players to play old Star Trek episodes.
- More content to teach people about Star Trek.
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02-09-2010, 07:48 PM
Being a programmer and novice game designer, I think I can estimate how easy some of these things are. IE, auto-holstering weapons may indeed be harder to do than adding a fog to exploration clusters. Some of them are a bit long-winded to clarify what I mean and how it might be done.

Anyway, here's my list: (Bug fixes not included)

Short term: (Should just be variable changes, small tweaks to code, or adding documentation)
1. Change exploration sectors to be filled with 'fog' so you can't see more than 1 LY. Make ships really have to get lost in it and search around. Make it feel like you're exploring a dense nebula cluster. Don't need to alter map visibility or anything, just a nice dense fog effect and more limited visibility.
2. Auto-Holster weapons in non combat areas. Or, while not at 'red alert'.
3. Come up with some way to add more autofire weapon banks in space without allowing exploits for AFK combat. (make autofire not work if you're idle for more than 2 min?)
4. MUCH more detail on ship/skill stats. Tell us every variable that affects the ship and any BO powers. (Turn speed, shield recharge rate, for instance?)
5. Be able to fly up or down +-90ļ. Those vertical missions where you have to fly down a planet's ring are really, really annoying when I CAN'T fly down.
6. Make ship crew meaningful. Or explain what the heck it does. It seems to be pointless right now. It says it alters ship hull repair rates, but I've yet to see a tactically significant difference.
7. Make ship space flight a bit more graceful. Seems awful jerky to me. It's not just turn radius, it's how quickly they accelerate into and out of turns.

Mid Term: (Probably new code, missions or art assets)
1. Add the ability to preview ships in the Ship Configuration editor (IE, the costume changing thing to modify the look of your ship) up in spacedocks' consoles for each ship tier's info. Let us see what these ships look like and all the options for customizing their looks, BEFORE we buy the ship.
2. More ship part options, with a little more variety to the parts, ability to choose optional mission modules, 2 or 4 nacelles, etc.
3. More fleet actions and bracketing existing ones so higher levels can do them again for a greater challenge. Let Admirals face off against an Admiral difficulty Crystalline Entity.
4. Have ships line up when they go to warp, so they're not going to crash into a planet, at the least. Members in a group should all warp out in the same direction. Just a 'feel' thing.
5. Fix canon ship models to more accurately reflect the shows. (IE, the defiant's nacelles and nose don't 'droop' quite enough compared to DS9 footage. The nose part is too high on the saucer. Gives it a less aggressive feel. The Galaxy's pylons don't blend into the body, and instead stick to the bottom of the secondary hull. The lower portion of the secondary hull falls vertically down, which is too extreme. The spine on the dorsal side of the secondary hull is too pronounced, windows not wrapping over the edges on the top and bottom of the saucer edge, etc.) Small things, but noticeable by quite a few people, and make the ships just not quite right. They need a good fine tooth comb against a lot of the footage from the series, especially the movies. Nice high res shots there.
6. Add MUCH more filtering and search capabilities to the Exchange, include searching for specific powers on bridge officers, sorting by price, etc.

Long Term: (New or redone game mechanics)
1. Revamp Sector Space. This may be more of a challenge, but make all geographically contiguous areas one huge sector. Add a warp sequence to move from the Federation/Romulan/Klingon area to the Cardassian and Borg areas, for example. Put the systems much further apart, but increase ship speed. Make it feel huge and empty. Increase travel time a little (maybe double), but make the distances much, much further (so you have to speed the ships up). This will make it feel like you're really traveling at warp and going a long way. Make it darker, less bright stuff. This makes it feel bigger, and the ship smaller. System icons thinner and less pronounced (the orbit rings don't need to be as thick as my warm nacelles). Move the exploration clusters to big gaseous areas inside space that you fly and zone into. Add random planets all over that have the exploration engine tied to them for random missions, and make them often have nothing interesting to report after someone does a mission there (to prevent farming). Big thing here is to make space feel EMPTY. Around Sol and stuff there should be lots of ship traffic, but systems far enough apart that once you leave the vicinity, the odds of seeing another ship should be pretty low until you approach another system.
2. Come up with fun mechanics for non-combat missions. EvE's sensor probe mechanism is a good example of a fun geeky way to probe things. Deploy probes with a scanning radius, and using triangulation by overlapping probe's scan radii, find anomalies. Stuff like that. Kind of like mini-games, I guess.
3. Make science ships (or better yet, any ship with science modules) actually have some neat non-combat abilities. I love how they're different than normal ships as it is. But increased scanning/anomaly finding ability would be fun. Or give them other interesting non-combat related abilities.
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02-09-2010, 07:59 PM
Short--Fix bugs, improve server stability

Mid--Streamline skills, powers, and training. Make your tooltips useful. Right now, they are not. I have skills, and I can observe what they do in many cases, but I have no clue what the difference is, for example, between deflector emissions and deflector sensors.

Long--Redesign missions to, in general, de-emphasize combat. Especially ground missions. I'm sorry, but STO is fundamentally bad at any content that isn't point and shoot. Your game claims to be Trek but is 90% combat. Ridiculous. Redesign old content, especially exploration missions, to emphasize exploration and diplomacy. When designing new content, de-emphasize combat. In all cases, design with an eye on allowing for different solutions for each problem. A captain should usually have more than one option for solving a problem, be it combat, negotiation or espionage (Kill it, woo it, or bypass it).
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# 244 My 2 energy points.
02-09-2010, 08:00 PM
Short-term requests

Avoid blinding me when my camera ends up "behind" or "within" an object with a light source.
An example would be smacking into a "glowy" planet, and then end up blinded while attempting to turn around. It's bad enough that my turn rate is somewhere between "lackadasical snail" and "three-legged turtle" without being unable to see while I hope that I'm now facing away from the big glowy thing.

Set AFK timeout to 30 minutes.
Yes, I know the server's overloaded, but why punish us for that? Some of us wouldn't mind a little role-playing, or chatting, or even just bouncing back and forth between the sparse documentation and the game without... Lovely. I timed out while writing this post.

Hire a good technical writer. Me, perhaps.
The docs are useless. Sparse, not well focused for the audience, and lacking depth. Thanks to the docs, I'm resigned to having to roll my main character over, AFTER I reach Admiral, because of a pitiful lack of information from which to base my initial choices. Forum posts are not documentation. Some localization/globalization cycles might be useful, too.

Mid-term requests

Store additional UI settings.
An example would be how many toolbars I had displayed when I exited the game.

Increase the size of the minimap.
Either increase the viewport size, or allow the viewport size to be adjustable (within reasonable limitations.) I've a large, widescreen monitor and the thing looks like a postage stamp stuck to the upper right corner.

Improve window resizing.
When I can clock a full redraw in minutes, it's too slow. Rapid mouse movement means, every once in a great while, I accidentally snag a window border - and lose as I wait half a minute or more for the screen to refresh. At the very least, allow us to lock the window in standard fullscreen sizes.

Long-term requests

Separate the Science Officer from medical functions and add a Medical Officer.
I swear, if Spock tries to bandage me one more time...

Allow non-Starfleet Federation classes, or even neutral classes, and attendant support mechanisms.
I'm not here to be Kirk, Picard, Janeway, or Archer. I'm here to be Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Or, if I'm lucky and work at it, the Grand Nagus. Star Trek, for me, wasn't just about the "pew pew" - I shouldn't be bored barely a week or so into the game, but I am indeed feeling some "fighter fatigue."

Provide a development path that emphasizes exploration or even colonization.
I'm not here to shoot everything that doesn't look like me. I'd like to sell them something instead. Or go mine deuterium and get bullied by the Klingons for it. Or have a place to park my trading ship other than a Starfleet spacedock (apparently uninterested in commerce.)
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02-09-2010, 08:10 PM
(on-going bug fixes and graphics improvements are assumed)

Short Term
  • Auto-fire on all weapons
  • Ability to sort items by price in exchange
  • Larger inventory limit

Medium Term
  • Some kind of set-back for poor player actions (death penalty)
  • Ability to put buy orders in exchange
  • Reduce items available from NPC stores

Long Term
  • PvP territorial game
  • No instancing
  • Wikipedia website
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02-09-2010, 08:53 PM
Short Term:

PvP queue system upgraded, separate the different engagements. Easier to access.

General PvP improvements, fix the broken score tallying. Add objectives/markers to the map in PvP battles.

PvE mission variety. One can only kill 5 foozles so many times before they start to feel like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

PvE Ground Combat. Add a button to call all of your BO's currently on the ground to you ( teleport ). They get stuck far, far too often.

More clarity on all skills. Often almost impossible to actually find out what a skill does, especially for someone who isn't a regular fanatic of Star Trek.

Auto fire button for all weapons, to free up space on the 1-10 keys for skills.

Add toggle off/on for auto targeting a friendly that's being targeted by your enemy when you use a skill that can benefit them. ( Or if there is one, set it off by default. I looked. I can't find it if there is. )

Separate tabs on the BO skills trainer for each BO type.

Add a timer to PvP matches to keep them going quickly, rather than dragging on for 45+ minutes.

Mid Term:

PvP Ground combat overhaul. Melee weapons are useless, due to excessive rubberbanding and client-server issues.

Remove and/or consolidate skills. There are far, far, far too many skills currently. I'm at Commander 1 and I have 3 bars full of just space skills, half of which have very similar effects and icons which are identical. Often by the time I get everything running I'm already dead.

Make PvP less lopsided, often one side will win by a landslide where the other team scores 0 kills. Ground combat PvP firearms do too much damage.

Long Term:

More Fleet battles ( fix the fleet battle score system first )

Less tedium for general PvE combat. Less hp/shields for NPC's all around ( both ground and space ). Increase NPC damage considerably.

Make the Klingon side not an afterthought. More costumes, Signs in the starting area. It's fine if PvP remains their main source of exp, as long as the balance issues are fixed, and they gain more from matches to level at a comparable rate to a fed grinding patrols.

Yes, I cheated a bit and put a bunch of short term goals. But these are things I feel need to be taken care of if the game is to have any chance of survival.
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02-09-2010, 09:16 PM
I have no real idea of time involved in these. And I'd like everything now, because I'm a whiney consumer. I'll let you drop them in the appropriate buckets.
- In game tooltip descriptions that are meaningful (It took me an hour and a 3rd party source to figure out what equipment I wanted to put in my ship to boost a specific ability)
- General server fluidity (short term only in that I'd like it sooner than later. I realize this is ongoing and heavy load task). Rubber banding is probably one of the biggest issues to my suspension of disbelief.
- Corrected ship scale relationships, both player and NPC ships.
No escort should be bigger than ANY cruiser. There's plenty of documentation on these sizes. I can't for the life of me figure out why the ships are scaled as they are now. Size relationships is a huge part of the visual appeal of the ST mythos imo. Fix this, it's huge, most everyone I've talked to about this has agreed and are at a similar loss of explaination
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02-09-2010, 10:23 PM
Short Term:

Make sure that everything works as intended *before* adding anything new. Squash all the bugs, improve server performance, and give everyone all the stuff that they have paid for. I haven't had much trouble with these issues personally, but it's not hard to understand why people get worked up about them.


a) Institute a difficulty slider so the wars over game difficulty can abate. Include at least one setting *below* normal. Institute diminishing returns on award increases so people don't have to play on the hardest difficulty to get useful rewards.

b) Fully flesh out the Klingon faction.

Long Term:

Fully flesh out a playable Romulan faction please!
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# 249 My requests
02-09-2010, 10:41 PM
First of all I have to say I love the game! Nice to finally see a game live up to the hype!! We wont mention Star Wars Galaxys and how much of a disappointment that was! Think you have done a great job, and I don't mind the C-Store. Think its a great idea, BUT I think it should leave out items that were available on the original presale, or presale expansion items. Having Lenard Nemoy, and the NEW Spock in the game is just Classy!!!!!

3 short term.
- C-store, what about being able to purchase additional weapon slots for level one ships? At least make them upgradable to mid level ships(Commander) that way a pc can stick with a ship they enjoy playing and not have to pick a new ship that looks a little weard!
-C-store, what about being able to purchase historical ships like the Enterprize from the series "Enterprize", and the Enterprize from the "Star Trek" movie.
-can I at least sit in the captons chair on my bridge??

3 mid term
- More interactions on my ship, hallways, ten forward, maybe drink romulan ale and watch myself stumble around till it wears off.
- Random encounters, so I drank some romulan ale and a klingon bird of prey decloaks and is now attacking my ship.
- Start up movie/trailer with the option to watch it or not.

3 long term
- I want to visit Star Fleet Acadomy, and maybe do some site seeing, and a couple of missions on home planets.
- Love the original series missions, but some took place on board ship. More content, and original missions on planets and onboard ships. These can be set for instanced zones, so if people don't want to do them, they don't have to.
- instanced missions from the movies played out much like the city on the edge of forever.

Once again, I just have to say I loved the game. These are in no way complaints. These are just suggestions!
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# 250 what i'd like :P
02-09-2010, 11:05 PM
Fix for the Female Klingon armor clipping....
Some other kinds of life on mission planets..... (really, plants and humanoids? that's it?)
beam out and leave sector buttons more useful so we can get rid of the popup messages requesting us to do the same.

Klingon PvE starting at ensign...
more PvP maps... i want a starbase that klingons have infiltrated where they set up bombs and the feds have to stop them. i like objectives. (dunno if these are in higher level areas, but i've not seen any yet. at least for ground pvp)
Three ways to beat some missions. One for science, engineers, and tactical. or specific missions for that vessel type.

Restructured Systems Map - Go from Sector -> system -> planet/POI gives you more for exploration and more room for missions.
Romulan Faction. They've already got space and some planets

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