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07-20-2011, 11:46 AM
Short term: Please remove the PvE queues. Waiting a half hour or more for fleet actions is ludicrous.

Mid: Design ships that look more traditionally Star Trek. No more kitbashes, no more awkward angular stuff tacked on and called a "variant". Do yourselves a favor, get on E-bay and find an old copy of Starship Creator Deluxe. They're like $10 and it will give you lots of ideas for good looking variations on the established classes.

Long: Please create more missions that aren't so repetitive. At times I feel like the game is Same Trek, Different Day. Kill some baddies, beam down and scan some stuff and/or kill more baddies, rescue the prisoners, go back to ship and repeat. There were a LOT of episodes of Trek that involved so much more. Heck, I haven't seen a single "Stuck In The Holodeck." mission and that happened on the shows at least twice a season.
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07-20-2011, 01:10 PM
Short term

- Let the "lock tray" function actually lock the tray! When reassigning officers, some of the empty spots on my action bars get filled with other abilities that I don't want to have there and have to remove again. It also tends to remove a few abilities (like the Launch Support Craft - very annoying).

- More search options in the Exchange, especially when it comes to bridge officers. It's tedious having to sort through 100 KDF boffs looking for one that my fed char is able to use. I would like to search for faction, species and gender.


- Crafting onboard our ships. We could have a crafting lab or something of the sort.

- A better ability window, with all active abilities sorted into groups (for example: Ground (Captain and Officers separate), Space (Captain and Officers separate), Ship Abilities, Ship Weapons, Pets, Diplomatic abilities).

- Be able to resize more HUD elements, like the power tray and the boff ability tray in space.

Long term

- Revamp of the skills system. Many of the skills are just plain confusing and it is very difficult to figure out what they do and where to put our skill points. It should be more balanced between ground and space, and many skills could be merged together. Better descriptions for each skill and make it easier to understand just what each skill will boost and how much it will boost.

- Dual specs! I would love to have the option to switch between a ground-focused and a space-focused spec (or a solo vs group spec, for that matter).

- Choose the best Foundry missions to become official missions! Let the community vote for their favourites. With the consent of the author, the missions could be fine-tuned by the devs and integrated into the game as official missions. Many of the Foundry missions are very original and fun, and it is a great way to get more content for the game.
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07-20-2011, 08:41 PM
I can't seem to find a post by me in this thread, so in case I missed it somehow, here's my thoughts.

I have NO short or midterm suggestions, as the game is so sorely lacking in major things.

The biggie for me is the complete lack of an interaction system that allows us to try to talk our way out of situations, and gives us branching, in-character ways of communicating with NPCs. Many of us have posted ways this might be done. It's no small job, to be sure, but if this is to be a Star Trek game, it really should reflect STAR TREK, which was not about the battles, but about the people and their interactions.

Second is a deeper exploration system. Something with a number of random elements that allow us to have different missions each time we enter an unexplored system. Again, many of us have offered suggestions for this.

Finally, we need more KINDS of things to do. That is, not just more content, but more KINDS of content. Variety keeps games afloat, not just more combat. More of the same becomes boring almost immediately. We need things to do that are fun in and of themselves, wherein the reward is that they ARE fun. An example is the music system from Lord of the Rings Online, which is unbelieveably awesome, and kept me busy (and at L26) for nearly two years, all on its own.
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# 2514 C-Store one time purchace
07-20-2011, 10:00 PM
Sorry, I'm typing this in a dark vehical and on a micro keyboard.

1. How about a one time C-Store purchace of one additional ships bridge officer slot. Give the player the one time, non reversable choice of a Tac, Eng, or Sci slot. It should apply to any ship the player flies. So if the ship has one Tac slot, it would now have two after the purchace. The purchase slould be one step lower than the higest rank bridge officer slot of that group, (Tac,Eng,Sci.) Or as an option to this, aliow one of your existing BO slots to use one of the presently unused skills. This would apply to any BO placed in that slot.

2. How about a one time non-reversable C-Store purchace of one additional console slot. The player would have the choice of a Tac, Eng, Sci, Weapon (front or rear) or Device slot. So if the player buys a Eng console slot and the ship already has 4 ENG console slots, it would now have 5 ENG slots. This slot should apply to each ship the player flies.

Those two changes could greatly change the balance of power between ships and it might make things a little more interesting. The player would be stuck with that choice for the duration of the game. So the choice would need to be a wise one.

3. How about some monsters. We're beaming down to unexplored planets all the time yet we never encounter anything native to the planet. How about some away team eating plants that need to be killed as we go or something. You can't tell me there aren't any native animals on these planets. Just make it random and maybe few and far between.
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07-20-2011, 11:32 PM
Short Term
  • The ability to change the color of the mouse pointer. It is very easy to lose it on the screen and frustrating when trying to find it in the heat of battle
  • Add the ability on the Excelsior Cruiser Retrofit to Transwarp to more Sector Blocks (Gamma Orionis, and the Defari one)

Mid Term
  • The Poker Tables that you find in the lounges on your starships. Let us use them.
    Host tournaments, have unique rewards like ship weapons etc. similar to what they did with the Casino section of Test Drive Unlimited 2 if you have played that. I would find that more fun then Dabo, as it is a real life game i enjoy a lot
  • A lot more STF's and other mission content and side quests with awesome rewards. Also a few more featured series would be great. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the Iconians
  • More of a range of craftable items. this list is fairly small.
  • Increase the level cap

Long Term
  • Improce the look of systems when you warp in. the size and distance of everything is all wrong. If you have ever plated Infinity you will know what I mean. In that game you can actually enter a planets atmosphere and take a trip around the surface, seeing lakes, rivers, oceans, mountians etc.
  • From the above point, you could make some really cool missions where you may need to do a rescue of some strandard civilians. Trying to escape the planet before the sun goes supernova or coming under heavy fire. Much like the medivac choppers out of war movies. You could even pilot a fighter of some description and have dog fights like in Ace Combat or H.A.W.X.
  • Need more systems and quadrants with new races and missions. Perhaps Delta Quadrant. That main aim of Star Trek was to explore and discover new life, which seems to be missed a bit in STO.
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# 2516 My Requests
07-22-2011, 03:13 AM
Short Term: get rid of all the smog and smoke in the klingon ships. it takes away from the architecture. at least make it an option to turn off fog or something similar.
Mid Term: Allow weapons to be seen holstered instead of disappearing when you holster them. put rifles across the back, pistols at sides, etc.
Long Term: Player housing. not much needing to be said there. make it where you can build a whole house out of many modular parts and add your own furniture like on ********* or something. it will be an easy addition and many players will be absolutely overjoyed with something new they can do.
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07-24-2011, 01:09 AM
Short-term requests:

1. Option of filtering Foundry missions by language
2. Allowing off-duty clothing in any slot
3. Additional clothing slot for bridge officers (C-Store purchase)

Mid-term requests:

1. Some way for players to upgrade their ships when they advance to a higher rank
2. Duty officer/department head system.
3. Player-defined species (A player would give the species a name and description, then set restrictions on what values are permitted for it from those that are available for aliens.)

Long-term requests:

1. Enhancing the Foundry to permit creating more complex missions
2. Customization of ship interiors with the Foundry
3. Ferengi faction in which advancement is based on making profits
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# 2518 My list
07-24-2011, 02:09 AM
Short Term

Ability for group leader to select targets for the group or individuals this shouldn't be mandatory. Duel shields? so i'm not sure if you can do that one already but would be cool. The ability to change weapon color for your self to see only cus that would be a hindrance to other players otherwise. A warp power short term item boost to increase your world map speed going a warp 7 early on bugs and a temporary boost would be nice

Mid Term

Ability to repair your ship yourself if an engineer and others ships the ability to heal as a science officer maybe even boarding party's to fight if your tactical. Warp core as a interchangeable item maybe with more crafting involved to give different effects not just speed more power resistance to effects and change the warp nacelles color

Long-term requests:

Tricolors give more control of what your searching for not just point at the closest thing this could also be a upgradeable item with several parts and also give the same options of control to ships sensors Jefferies tubes and the ability to crawl through them? the ability to set a course on the bride and have the ship make its own way there while you roam your ship you could even add random encounters in when your on the ship such as boarding party's at random times would give a brake from the space encounters.

Maybe the option to desert the federation and join the Klingons and vise verse? you could make this a one time thing and charge to go back

I think this would be some of the great things that could be and should be changed
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07-24-2011, 03:41 PM
Short term:

Better explanations of how the game works for new players! I have no idea what the bank, the exchange or starfleet merits are for!


More missions of different natures, like indepthification of diplomatic style missions and etc.

Long term:

Romulans as playable faction! I originally didn't buy the game because you couldn't play as Romulans and I like Romulans that much, but then got the game because it looks too awesome and figured my money could contribute to you guys developping the Romulans as playable faction!

The ability to influence something in the Star Trek universe, like maybe if Klingons are able to win so many pvp's in a row in a certain area they can expand the Klingon Empire, and that area can in turn be required by the Fed, etc.

That's it for now, still learning the game but super heavy emphasis on Romulans!!!
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07-24-2011, 04:57 PM
Short term: Just one since anything else i could want has already been stated. Make the holoemitters unlimited use. Its an illusion that serves no tactical purpose that would require it to be a one time 15minute use item at such a high price.

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