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08-06-2011, 07:01 PM
it would be nice if when you make a new character you don't have to go through the tutorial anymore just start off with you LT ship at Earth Shipyards
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08-07-2011, 05:36 AM
After playing awhile I have more than just 3 requests. STO is already a great game but there seems room for improvement.

#1 Player housing, not new I'm sure but I was thinking how easy it would be to create new zones with small planets and have different settings players could choose from. Having played Ultima Online for years which I believe had the best player housing it would be great if players could venture out there and establish Star Fleet forward outposts. Some would choose planets because of it's fauna and plant types, others would happily settle for some big asteroid base amidst asteroid belts.

To make it even more fun players could customize their house, this would need a seperate offline interface which would be uploaded once finished to keep traffic and server load down as much as possible. There would be room for stuff like trophy's, pets, art, minigames, crafting, training facilities, a holo deck with programs players could make for themselves. Foundry missions where one can have their homebase attacked, pvp raids on fleet bases. Players could get resources just by going to their base and beaming down, hop on a vehicle and go mining, fishing, extract precious molecules from fauna etc. Resources would replenish after awhile.

#2 More random stuff like low level critters. Maybe rats came into contact with nanoprobes, what do alien squirrels look like. Interactive alien consoles which let a player do something but because it's alien the console commands don't actually have any effect other than a few bells and whistles but it would add to the depth of the world imho. Crates lying around just as it is now but with emblems and outside (bogus) info, instead of what they are now.

#3 Crafting overhaul. I have tried it and gone up to 700 but it just doesn't work when you have what seems like a 100 different materials which all look alike at a glance, very tiny emblems kind of things. The graphics need to be slightly bigger and more diverse so they are easily recognizable. It would be nice to see an ingame datapad which lists all materials you have and links them to whatever they are used for.

Even if there is no player housing ever, it would be nice to be able to craft decoration items to further personalize the ship's interiors itself. Maybe lateron other rooms will become available, like the messhall, playing tennis on the holo deck or any other game for that matter.

#4 PvP, maybe I've missed it but the queues don't seem to attract too many players. And the few pvp battles I've been in are not that impressive, ground and space. Basically a quick fix would be to up the speed of spaceships 1,5x and also the turn rate. I don't think the game engine would allow but it would be nice to be able to roll over a spaceship, if only for the sense of freedom in gameplay. Maybe have a mini interface of the opponent's ship to point and click on various sections of the spaceship for different kinds of damage. Most other mmorpg's have some theme like capture the flag, STO needs more of this.

#5 ground vehicles, not much use now but ground PvE and PvP could benefit, maps can be made bigger, it would make things more interesting.

#6 Space art. I go over to the hubble site once in awhile to look at space photography in awe, it would be great to have more of that rather than just white dots all over, it needs more nebulas and such.

#7 fly the ship from the bridge, the ability to have the map on the mainscreen and other tactical overviews.

#8 Scaling and speed. Already mentioned speed increase but one of the things that sometimes bugs me are the adjustments to sizes. Either make the space ships smaller compared to planets or make the planets themselves bigger, the same size as after entering an instance. For this ships need to be able to move faster, still warp 10 ofcourse just travelling over the map faster.
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08-07-2011, 12:36 PM
1) Respecing Traits - No we haven't forgotten.

2) I have no idea how much work it will take but I want a version of shooter mode in space, it can work because you change your angle of camera independantly of the ship and it would only fire weapons in that ark, and it would also help you be aware of your Dual Cannon arc's, I think this could even if used only for emergency, could really give the finger to target spammers.

3) Make a Klingon Version of the Doomsday quest from the Klingon side when they have to clean up the mess so they can get Pengs too.
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08-07-2011, 01:12 PM
1) Klingon Content
2) Klingon Content
3) Klingon Content
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08-07-2011, 02:57 PM
1. PVP content.
2. PVP content.
3. PVP content.
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08-09-2011, 02:13 PM
1. Bring klingon content up to speed to smooth out leveling.. Featured episodes are a good way but please dont overlook the advantage of having uniquely klingon content. IMO it will help spread the playerbase out a bit if the klingon faction has something to offer that can't be had by the feds.

2. I believe that the PvP aspects and more end game content is in need.

Idea: I think it would be a great thing if highly rated and approved missions made in the foundry could make their way into actual gameplay. They could be "donated" as a way of giving back to the comunity and the comunity could give back with acnowledgement for the crafting.

3. I would very much like to see a playable romulan faction in the future.
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# 2557 My 3 Cents
08-09-2011, 02:41 PM
Short Term: Fix the ships that are currently relatively worthless like the Varanus.

Mid Term: Work on Ground Combat Balancing to make the abilities of various types more useful.

Long Term: Add different hit boxes on people so that shooter mode is more useful & split ground/space skills.
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08-10-2011, 10:01 AM
short term:

better guidance for new players. it is irksome for e.g. spacedock earth, running around looking for npcs. some graphic option on the minimap would be helpful (the circles on the minimap are useful in quests but spacedock just is too densly polulated and the minimap-circles give no hint if a npc is on another level). maybe just add the location to the npc-name in spacedocks / staions, like "John Doe (Admirals Office)".

mid term:

build in more quests (a lot) for singel-player as well as multiplaryer - maybe use some of the best community tailored quests (dont know about copyright here, but thats something i think can be sorted out) and build them directly into the game at certain levels, so players have more content to sink their teeth in before end-content.

long term:

that is the most important thing in my opinion: rebuild the talent-tree!
  1. kick out 95% of the talents
    i believe no one is interested in spending hundrets of points to get a few percent more crit, hit, hull etc, it just makes things extremly, and unnecessarily complex. who needs a distinct talent for each type of cruiser/escort/science-vessle?
    reduce this to sensible trees, add a bit of flavor, may dependances for talents (one must be skilled to be able to skill another one). 2 talent points per level would be enough, a maximum of 5 points to be spent per talent (possibly even only 1-3?)
    i hate to point this out here, but have a look at wow, there you can see what a talent-build looks like, that really appeals to users. there is a reason why most new mmos copy that design. i do not suggest to just copy it, but the size and amount of talent-points could be a guideline for a good-looking talent tree.
  2. split space and ground combat (as far as i know this already is planned / being developed).
    with the reduced talent-tree this could mean one point for space and one for ground each level.
  3. reduce talent points for crew (maximum 3-5 per level)
  4. straigthen out descriptions in talents and make it easier to see what talent affects what ability
    this should be a lot easier anyway in a severely reduced talent-tree but i think it would be helpful to group abilities in an easy to recognize way. my idea here would be to add tag(s) to the description like (Science, Deflector) for Tractor-beam abilities, and also tag talents, so one can see the connections without having to resort to a wiki or choosing each ability in the talent-tree to have the affecting talents highlightes.

in short, make spending talent points feel like it really does anything. the goal is reached, when people can get excited about their talents without having to resort to a calculator and excel-sheets to find out how much better their abilities get with a certain talent ... up to now it is just slapping the points anywhere for new players because you do not have the slightes chance to get it right the first time around (without reading uncounted hours of theorycraft) and that is just ... not good.
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08-11-2011, 03:22 AM
I am pretty new user, only level 11 atm and my first impressions / wishes

Short-term requests

- I would love to move in those large STO universe map by clicking location with mouse.
- Better GFX for ships and for explosions a bit more fabulous

Mid-term requests

Better explanations to missions about where to go and what to do,
its pretty hard for new player always to know what to do in STO.
This is because of i want all my friends get into this game also and make
playing bit more easier to them.

Long-term requests

If you visit your ship inside areas, it would be fun to create more rooms & stuff in them
& maybe you could design your own tiny missions inside your ship.
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08-11-2011, 05:39 AM
This is (I think) a moderately difficult request. I have others, but this one is of interest to me right now.

I want to be able to 'gift' C-Store points to other players.

I am trying to set up fleet events for my fleet's members, and being able to offer C-Store points as prizes would be a powerful inducement to get folks on board. I know we can gift certain items (Caitian and Aenar Boff requisitions being a good example), but I'd like to be able to gift, say, 1000 or 500 C-Store point 'tokens' to the winners of an intra-fleet competition.

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