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08-11-2011, 08:38 AM
I play STO again after the Season 4 was released but i have some request for the game.

Short term:

Make the Animation of the Weapons in space more accurate. For example if you fire Phaser or Torpedos from a Shuttle, the beam is much bigger than the Shuttle. Its very disturbing and i would like to see that the Animations for the Weapons would be fixed. I dont like the look that the Phaserbeam comes out of the ship, it dont look like it would be fired from a Phaserbank or anything. This would make a better look for the game especially for shutlles or fighter if the size of the Weapon is not bigger than the ship. Make the Animation for the Weapons more Show accurate.
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08-11-2011, 05:08 PM
short term:
1) Be able to borgify practically every playable race for your liberated borg
Medium term:
1) WAAAY more Klingon content, bring them up equal to feds.
2) More Trek like missions, most episodes of star trek are about solving problems not fighting. Add missions that require talking to different characters and using some deductive reasoning to figure something out. Some puzzles, maybe take a lesson from Myst.
3) Make all sectors one large zone so you don't have to zone 5 times to get from ESD to where your missions are at

Long term:
1) Revamp ship tier system:
give ships refit xp and let us upgrade them to bring them up to the next tier.
2) Romulan, Cardassian, Ferengi factions with distinctly unique style to their missions, gameplay, and ships
3) more crafting options, ie actually being able to craft disruptor weapons as a fed
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08-11-2011, 07:33 PM
I really love all of the things that STO has to offer, especially the Alien types and Species, which initially made me write this post. Below are my top three Short, Medium, and Long Term Goals for Star Trek Online.

Short term
1. Make the tutorial optional for people with a character over Ensign Rank.
2. The kits make the uniforms change. Can we make that optional?
3. Make rank more visible on the uniform types

Mid Term
1. Make the turn vectors greater. I canít go straight UP in space; I can only angle to a certain degree
2. Class A whites! I always LOVED the TNG Class A Whites uniform! I can make it close with TOS and turn it white, but it isnít the sameÖ
3. More casual uniforms, long skirts, t-shirts, hats.

Long Term
1. More options in the Character Creation area, such as more freedom with the X and Y axis of Tattoos, Scars, Head Attach Organic, and Neck Attach Organic. Also the Advanced options are great, but what about expanding a bit? What if I want to turn up a characters nose? Like the Zakdorn from TNG? I donít have the option now to do that.

2. More colors available. The options now are great, and give a variety to the aliens and other species. While I think that skin tone for all 'Named' Alien Species such as Trill and Vulcan should be kept to a gradient according to their species, I think that the Alien choice should give you access to a much wider range of color, for all parts of the Character Creation. Why not a slider color scale with RBG and Brightness/Saturation option and applied that to the Uniforms, the eye color, tattoo color, hair color, system wide?

3. Using the Zardon as an example, I noticed today that there are no cheek options in the Character Creation process. Can that be added? The Zardorn have three cheek pouches on each cheek, no options for anything like that at all in the system currently. I tried to build one and got very very VERY close; the only things that were missing were the upturned tip of the nose and the cheek pouches.

Thanks so much for your time.
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08-12-2011, 01:50 AM
Long term suggestion:

- How about recording your mission and moviemaking tool where you can:
Play record from different angles and even inside ship from bridge
and you could make youtube videos of your editings?

Kind of mini STO movies and if you use voip you could also add conversations into them?

- Also hail your teammates or fleet to talk with them in your own bridge with voip and see
your character and other characters chatting with each other?
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08-13-2011, 09:48 AM
1. Lower the amount of Starfleet Merits for respec the payer skills
2. Give the UI more options. Tac Cmdr Slot BO Skill 1 at Position X f.e.
3. Make the Shipskilltree open for quick ship changes
1. Add PVP Content (new Items, new Maps)
2. Increase the phaser bolt movement speed
3. Solve the balance problems in PVP (Heal is to strong, some Sci skills need to be overworked)

1. Add ladder boards for PVP
2. Add a rewards system for that board
3. Add more team based PVE Content with uniqe rewards, so as PVP Content. Make a clear seperation between PVP and PVE items. Add a new value on PVP Items f.e.
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08-13-2011, 11:44 AM
Short-Term: New Melee Weapon - Katana (my favorite kind of weapon)

Mid-Term: Increase Sniper Shot ability range to over 100 meters (Sniper Rifles are meant for long distances like that )

Long Term: More items in the Foundry (Delta Flyers, all the C-Store Uniforms, Mix-and-Match Ship Parts, etc.)
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08-13-2011, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by Roknori
2. The kits make the uniforms change. Can we make that optional?
It's already optional.

Open your equip panel and click on the toon or boff you want to adjust.

Right-click the kit or armor.

From the context menu, select "Disable Visuals."

Now everyone can see your happenin' threads.
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08-13-2011, 01:23 PM
While i would list "Romulan playable Faction" as all three Goals the realistic part of me says:

Short term:
- a change of the "per char" items in the c-store
- more featured episodes/faction specific content
- more playable Races
- an kind of Romulan "preview"

Mid Term:
- Romulan Faction
- Fleet Starbases
- Constructable Starships (in connection with starbases)
- the ability to promote Officers to an playable Captain (Breen!!)

Long term:
- More flexible Crew system
- "real" exploration
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08-14-2011, 08:27 AM
1. Make the Hargh'peng unique
2. Make the Hargh'peng proc so it doesn't stack.
3. Make the Hargh'peng erase the Character who fires it from the server.
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08-14-2011, 08:30 AM
I would like to see these changes however i won't say a time frame as the devs have so much work on they're plate anyway :O)

Smaller faster torpedo weapons (torpedos should not be the size of a shuttle when fired)

Phaser burns and torpedo scoring on ships hull remaining until you reach a starbase, (rather than being washed off by the ships company)

Ability for ships to scan objects for additional information, planetary bodies and such. or enemy ships to see what type of weapons they're packing allowing you to alter strategy.

Skills that can be selected to auto or even a passive mode with perhaps a slightly lower bonus for people who don't want to constantly click icons or hot keys.

An exploration mode that allows you to go "what's that over there?" or "Let's see what's in this star system"

More recognition for Lifetime members! rather than a space station that no one goes to!

Regardless I'm impressed with the games progress over the last 18 months. A monument to the Cryptic teams hard work and patience.

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