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10-27-2011, 01:37 PM
Why bother listing them? based on what you have coming out, in the engineering section you completely ignored the community's top choices (if you added up all the consistent choices)
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# 2622
10-28-2011, 07:02 PM
Short -
TOS Klingons i.e. no ridge.
The multi-level chess game in the Constitution lounge area.
TOS Command Tunic without the rank braids on the shoulders. Maybe just the option to remove them.
TOS Gorn tunic.
Fingerless gloves. Almost all modern Klingons wear them.
Correct rank badges for WoK uniform.

Mid -
Add duty/off duty option for all costume slots.
Customize the non Boff crew of your ship, pick the costume and a check box for the races I want to see.
Higher tier Constitution with a cloaking devise like from The Enterprise Incident, and classic blue photon torpedoes.

Long -
Romulan and Neutral factions ex. Cardassian and Ferengi.
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# 2623 top three fixes in game
10-30-2011, 06:51 PM
short term: Fix STF's on Holodeck they are frustrating to do especially Khittomer Accord
Mid term: Add new story content in the game.
Long term: increase the team size from five to 20 in a team.
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# 2624
10-31-2011, 01:22 AM
I don't have many suggestions, but I thought I'd mention the couple that come to mind.

Various oddities with the grammar in some encounters. (We are the Romulan!)
Currently, I've noticed that from outside the Sirius Sector Block, the banner that would normally say the sector name, instead says "klingon".

Missions that take place entirely within the player's ship. Just look at nearly any episode of TNG or VOY, and you'll see that there could be just as many adventures within the ship as there are outside the ship.

Unknown, but still I found odd:
At least one mission in the B'Tran Cluster involving the Borg seemed unlike them. The mission outline that comes to mind is the underground structure on the pre-warp planet. Dialog implies the Borg were trying to influence the culture, but that doesn't sound like the Borg.

I hope what I've said here is acceptable. And if I'm just resaying something someone else has said before, well, there are over 200 pages on this topic. WTL;DR.
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# 2625 plug in interiors
10-31-2011, 03:26 AM
OK, currently there are 143 hits on "interior" and over 200 hits on "interiors" (for some reason is searches differently) on this thread. that should say something right there.

1. plug it in, plug it in.
So, why not have the bare halls standard on every ship. Each ship comes with the standard layout already plugged in. (ie sickbay, bridge, ready room, etc. all in their place as now.) Then in ship customization. you move them around. Essentially plugging each room into a door slot.

2. you touch it you take it, you break it you bought it.
So beyond the basic ship layout (which you can change or not) you could sell rooms on c-store or make them rewards for missions involving those rooms. Like, once you throw a Romulan in your brig to take him to ESD for questioning, BAMB you now have a brig.

3. What I want to see. And... why...
I hate having a bridge full of doors I can' t use. Where's the conference room? Only one turbo lift? Really? "Do you guys even watch the show?" -"Guy" from Galaxy Quest

Brig (which could have a captive in-mid-mission, like transporting a romulan and HE'S IN THE BRIG!)
Conference room (there's even one created already used in many missions. PLUG IT IN! )
Crew Quarters (notice the "s" on the end of that last word? "quarterS")
Guest Quarters (maybe you have questions for that Tamarian Envoy... good luck!)
Astrometrics (you could even set the "auto pilot" here. Or tell your crew "Third star on the left")
A Jeffery's Tube (really, even just one!)
Shuttle Bay (then in the shuttle you should be able to BEAM BACK TO YOUR SHIP! )
A holodeck (if they're standard per Starfleet regulation where is it at?)
A bathroom/powder room/ or small kitchenette off the captain's quarters/ready room (Picard had one just ask Jonathan Frakes! As seen in the last episode of TNG (the tour))
Turbo Lift (I know they're there already but one on each floor? what? is it an office building?)

this is just a short list of the rooms I WOULD BUY. Yes, i'll pay you money Cryptic, to use that conferance room you've already made!

Seriously though, this is an amazing game, you've done amazing things to it and I know it's only going to get more amazing as you flex your imagination in combination with this wonderfully open and creative community.

Well done Cryptic! Well done!
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# 2626 Give me Nemesis!!!!!!
10-31-2011, 11:18 PM
All Captains need a nemesis. Kirk had kahn, janeway had the queen of the Borg, so where is ours?
It would be nice to have a nemisis we can create to "chase" us through out our careers. They can be given the same skills as we have and they would even show up randomly to fight us one on one. They can always escape until we defeat them after reaching v.a. rank.

How to fly ship the easy way from the bridge. Basically graphics would be the same with an arrow pointing direction of target on view screen and we see target getting hit from our view screen. So all the bridge does is serve like a screen cover hiding the excess enviroment outside and the camera locks on to target. All controls remain the same. If there in free flight or sector space the bridge allows player to look straight ahead and moving mouse spins camera view on view screen. Example, I approach DS9 in sector space and I see it on my right side of view screen and stop three seconds after passing it. I stop and use mouse to steer camera to DS9 on my right. Basically if I release mouse camera can either snap back to heading or I can order ship to turn to it. As for combat, I can use Tab key to select target and choose which part of ship will "face" enemy. So if port shields are sown and Romulan warbird is hitting me there I can click right ship icon to "turn" my ships starboard shields to face enemy. Just like an arrow on target his shows which part of enemy im hitting, there is arrow to show which side of my ship faces them.

Ferengi race. Make the Ferengi our toon suppliers. We can be a Ferengi captain and get better prices to buy and sell items to supply our toons. Say the Ferengi only can buy like this... A 10k credit item sells to vendor at 5k but Ferengi gets 7,500 credits. If my fed toons buy it at ten k my Ferengi gets a discount to buy at 7k. And resell at 7500. I can also get special rewards for smuggling etc. I can these share the loot across the characters on my account and even swap items between characters too. The purpose of the Ferengi is to get easy money and share them with a players character on their account and that Ferengi has access to all the players bank slots and credits to move stuff between the characters without logging in and out all the time.
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11-02-2011, 04:12 PM
Short Term:
1. Fix Jiro Sugihara, so you can get enemy faction BOFF
2. Fix Voting at DS9
3. I hate the crafting system in tribble ... such high dilithium requirements ... wtf?

1. There should be a way to have a mission to unlock a ship with 3 of each kind of BO
2. Make a ship with 5 fore wep slots and 4 aft wep slots
3. Make carriers like the KDF carriers for FED play

1. I want to play other factions ... preferably Vulcan
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# 2628 One request
11-05-2011, 11:44 AM
Short, mid, and long term request:

Allow me to log in consistently without problems.
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# 2629
11-06-2011, 05:55 AM
A smoother leveling process. As a newer player I feel like I am missing missions. An example being that I am now a Captain 4, yet Some of the missions that are supposed to be available to me are not and some fleet actions were never available.

please fix "The Big Dig", has to be the most frustrating "dungeon" type in any MMO I have experienced.

Make the Type 6 Material available for all ships not just the C-Store onses.
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# 2630
11-06-2011, 03:21 PM
Long - Implement a system similar to this:

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