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01-19-2012, 02:05 PM
Get Rid of the annoying Captcha on the Log on Page its Very Annoying i though they out did them a long time ago.Get rid of it.I cant even under stand some of them Icons that pop in one looks like an 8 with a line going through it.but if i put an 8 in it will not work please get rid of the DAM Captach
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01-20-2012, 05:53 AM
I have only been playing for two weeks, so my view is of a fairly new player.

Short Term
Please fix the many episode mission bugs, the bugs that are listed on the Tribble - Bug Reports section. It is honestly quite shocking that the players report bugs on that forum but so many make it through onto the Holodeck server.

Mid Term
More daily missions and special events, the more I play the less I feel I have to do in the game. It is starting to feel the only reason to log on is to grind some dilitium. Dilithium should be a by-product of gameplay, not the sole reason to play.

Long Term
Player ships and crew are fantastic, but they are lacking, in the series they are homes with many amenities. At the moment they seem lacking, the crew dress differently to bridge officers, no holodeck, no runabout, no real decoration customization, not even Jeffries tubes to travel around in. Adding a few minigames and features to ship interiors would be fantastic.
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01-20-2012, 08:13 AM
short term:
1.whats with all the patching and updateing. i mean seriously. we need to restart the server every morning? emergency maintenance every other day?

2.needs to be some kind of treaty or something so that klingon players can team up with their federation friends. i can think of 100 ways to work this in to the story. im sure the writers can think of something. maybe cause we're teaming up against the borg??

3.maybe u could make the bosses on the ground missions a little less "unbeatable". and yes, i am mainly talking about STF. why in the hell would u guys make them so damn hard that the rewards dont even justify spending the 2-3 hours it takes to beat the unbeatable bosses. this has made ground missions almostunplayable and lots of people dont even do them anymore.

Mid: bout some federation carriers??? nuff said

we need some more episodes. i would like to see something worked in to let us go back and take place in the dominion wars.

2. how bout better ship customization. mix and match parts from any ship type, scaled to the correct size of course. this could lead to the purchase of new ship parts from the cstore, or unlockable ones in game. ship customization is an important thing to alot of people. i think the addition of this feature would add alot to the game.
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01-20-2012, 09:40 AM
I would like to see more NPC Talking rather than reading all the time. Looks like the game started out that way but ended. like the Vulcan one.
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01-20-2012, 01:50 PM
An element of the Doff system could be used for normal play. For example when exploring the nebulas for the exploration missions. They should be graded similar to the doff missions. And have, increased rewards depending on the quality of the mission.

White - Common
Green - Uncommon
Blue - Rare
Purple - Very Rare

More content, lots more content. Not mindless grindfests, kill x npcs, scan this etc. But missions with an interesting story to them. You hardly touched on the KDF storyline, then is really making some Fed mission have a KDF angle to them. It is just rehasing the same content. It gets boring real fast.

New ships that are not automatically put in the C-Store, because you decided to put a shiny console on it. So players might want that model, and have to pay STO points for it. Either paying real money, or grinding out dilithium for the exchange. Then that ship becomes useless after you out leveled it. +1 Ships, should come with a ship or a bridge skin. Do not use that as an excuse to increase the ship prices.

I want to see more communication between the Devs and the community. Engineering reports, what happened to them? What are you working on now, what are you working on releasing further down the road. What would you like to add?

More pvp space and ground maps, more fleet actions. The featured episodes, how about a fleet action and a mini stf for each series.

I am enjoying the TOR missions, my actions have consequences. If i choose certain options, my objectives become different. Will we get branching dialogue or are we hindered by the game engine?
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01-20-2012, 03:19 PM
Lots of good goals
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Short Term
* I wanna be able to post items from my R&D panel in the chat!
* Fix the Borg encounters, so they are not offered anymore, if the instance has already been finished (warp in only to warp out again).

Mid Term
* Decrease the size of DS9's space model (I know, you have to do that in every mission the model is used... Nevertheless, do it^^)
* Include Quark's Bar into the Promenade instance and implement the corkscrew stairs seen in the series, albeit in a slightly larger version for better gameplay! (And get rid of that ugly side-tunnel to change levels!)

Long Term
* Add functional ship interiors to the gameplay:
** FUNCTIONAL bridge --> I wanna have the option to control my ship from my bridge, comparable to ground shooter or RPG mode switch
** Crafting in engineering/laboratories --> Having to go to Memory Alpha all the time has absolutely no gameplay value
** Healing injuries in sickbay --> With your chief medical officer in the proper position
** Switching to shuttle in shuttle bay
** Option to adjust the uniforms worn by any crewman on your ship
** Costumization of your ready room, and eventually other rooms in your ship
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01-22-2012, 02:15 PM
Short Term :

Fix Graphical glitches in Spece (flickering)
Improve collision detection (Space and ground)
Implement an in game way (through a vendor or quest line) to increase the size of the DOFF roster
Implement DOFF vendors on ESD and Q'oNos (the higher the commendation the better the DOFFS available are)
Implement an in game way (through a vendor or quest line) to increase storage (inventory and bank)
Remove Skill Points and Bridge Officer points from rewards of the DOFF system
Show BOFF colors (White, Blue, Green, Purple) when in roster
Lower Dilithium cost for uncommon unreplicateable (10 for Common, 150 for Uncommon)
Slower leveling progression

Mid-Term / Long Term :

Crafting :

Separate crafting specialties (i.e. Ground Weapons, Energy Weapons, Projectiles weapons, Shields, consoles, etc...)
Add Sub-Specialties for each categories
Add more consummables and commodities to the crafting (food could be a sub-specialty)
Recipes for every type of gear and Marks (except the STF sets)
Results can vary between common and very rare items (based on skill)
Players would be able to raise their crafting in all specialties until a certain level and then allow only 3 specialties to go higher

C-Store :

Add Novelty Items to the c-store
Add In Game way to obtain the now C-store exclusive ships, skins, costumes, doff roster increases and inventory and bank increases (through quest line or vendors)
In cunjonction with adding in game ways to gain those items, increase prices in C-Store for those items. If someone needs the item right away or doesnt want to grind for it, there's a cost for that.

Fed Side :

Re-Implement diplomatic missions outside of DOFF system
Add more side quests to areas like Vulcan, Andoria, Risa, ESD, Starfleet Academy, K7, Sierra 39, Memory Alpha, DS9 (each areas with around 30 quests each)
Rewards would vary depending type of quests (exploration, diplomatic, military, etc)

Klingon Side :

Add side quests to the Klingon areas (same as Fed, about 30 quests by area)
Rewards would vary depending type of quests (exploration, diplomatic, military, etc)
Develop an honor based system for Klingons (kind of like the Light Side / Dark Side system of SW:TOR)
Rewards based on Honor system

Misc :

Functional Ship interiors with Side Quests available
Decoration of ready room with novelty items
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01-22-2012, 03:02 PM

1. Accolade pop ups: They pop up and it's awesome, yet I'd love to find out how/why I got such an awesome accolade and most importantly want to know if it has any passive buffs. If we could right click on the text in the chat like we have for items, giving us a brief description of it, that would be AWESOME.
2. Team Level Indicator: Most people are level 50 but sometimes there might be a level 45 in the STF, if it's on the team profile somewhere small that would be decent.
3. Auto log out: We get logged out for being AFK, but the cursor lies on the END of the USERNAME field, please put it at the start of the password field so I can type my annoyingly long password in quicker and get back into the game.


1. Experience gain after max level: If we could earn experiance after we are capped and it either gets converted somehow into a resource or stored for XP boost type rewards for the eventual point of increasing the cap. e.g.1,000 xp gives 1 Admiral XP/ Fame points/ Notoriety, which is stored and can be used for something extremely late game.
2. Fast Room Chat= Customise the chat to have 1-3 enter fields, editting the field with a drop down menu to choose it's channel, e.g i could have one for team, one for fleet, and one for zone. would prevent "wrong channel" message that ALWAYS happens.
3. Pathing for BO: They get stuck, yes we know, implement simple /stuckbo so they can either teleport to us or unstuck themselves.


1. Ferengi/merchant faction.
2. All Faction Free for All's: Q has decided to transport all the ships into a game of survival of the fittest. Lore/story can be easily made for this.
3. Planet Colonisation: Play "Birth of the federation" and have something like this for a mini-game.
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01-23-2012, 02:43 PM
Short Term

- Reduce grind for STF items by a large margin

- Remove the random MXII drops and make them obtainable through non-luck based means.

- Allow the STF costume unlocks to also be used on BOs

Mid Term

- More ground armor and weapon visuals. The newer stuff looks awesome and we need more! *Note: Do not tie to a massive, impossible grind!*

- More space set visuals

- Hair texture revamp

- Hair for Caitarians

- Non-combat endgame activities

- More FEs

Long Term

- Exploration revamp *Note: Requires huge amount of focus. Do it justice! Spore meets STO, go!*

- PvP Galactic Conquest System

- Functional ship interiors

- Customizable ship interiors

- Visually customizable DOs and DOs that show up on your ship, taking the place of the random "props" that walk around now *Note: Allow for Alien DOs so those of us with our own species can make 1 race crews*

- More focus on BO story elements and in-ship story elements. Make BOs more than just pets!

- Another faction

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