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There are so many things I would like to see for this game and I have more then my share of ideas. First let me list some things that we could see and should be developed.

1) Skills and Behavior: We should see some practical skills and behavior for our toons. I for one would like to see my characters be able to swim, crawl, shimmy, in enviroments that are required, or perhaps the methods are needed in a mission. Also when a character becomes incapacitated or jumps off a high place, there should be some realistic fatality and not just dangle off the ledge or just have numbers pop up off his head.

2) Jobs and Specialties: Why not have other lines of work such as Civilian Transport, or Cargo Transport ect, for people to chose and have a stories based on those lines of work. Example Cassidy Yates of DS9 was a Cargo ship Captain involved with the Maqui.

3) Consequences for our Actions: They're should be consequences for what we do on missions. If we do something wrong it will costs us skill points or a demotion and such.

4) R&R and other resort places: For example Risa could be more appealing for the players if there were summer mini-games. Q's Winter Wonderland could've benefited from such if there was something like mini X-games, like snowboarding, skiing or a PVP Ice Hockey.

5) Character Toggle: The Captain should not always be part of the Away Team and most certainly not always perform all tasks. Have Character Toggle, and order you team to perform actions also.

That might be a lot to ask but as a paid player I think it's relatively minial if I want to keep the players interested.
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# 2752
01-24-2012, 10:19 PM
Honestly I do not have the time nor the patience to read each post out of all these 260+ pages. So I'm sure what I'm about to suggest probably has been said. With that, I'll suggest it anyway just in case it hasn't. If it has, please disregard.


1.) Duty Officers - How about having "Purchased" listed next to the Duty Officer's name? I can't say how many times I'm going down the list of officers to purchase and get a message saying I can only have 1 of that officer.

2.) Bridge Officer Stations - Give people that ability to upgrade stations. If someone has a ship that has a Lt Commander Engineering station and a Lt Engineering station, give people the option of paying energy credits or dilithium to upgrade a Lt station to Lt Commander or Lt Commander to Commander. Limit the upgrade to only 1 level. What's the point in having 10 tabs for skills when people can barely fill up 4 tabs between skills & devices.

3.) STOP WITH COMMON OFFICERS - If I'm paying real world money to get cstore points to purchase duty officers, stop with the COMMON OFFICERS BS. I want uncommon, rare, or very rare officers. I can get all the common duty officers from the missions.


1.) EXPAND FLEET BANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can expand our own inventory capacity. Why not expand the fleet bank as well. Give people the ability to divid selections just like when purchaseing items.
Fleet Bank
'----- Personal Weapons
'---- Mk II
'---- Mk IV
'---- Mk VI
'---- Mk VIII
'---- Mk X
'----- Personal Armor
'----- Personal Shield
'----- Ship Weapons
'----- Ship Engines
'----- Ship Shields
'----- Ship Deflector
'----- Ship Console

Give fleets the ability to purchase tabs for catagories and sub-catagories as well as being able to expand the amnount of slots in each.

2.) Ability to unbind items. I'm sure other people would agree with me that putting a console on your ship (which binds it to you) to find that console is a complete POS. Now the only thing that can be is sell it. Why not have the ability to take the item to Memory Alpha and unbind it to sell it on the Exnchange or give it to another character/fleetmate.


1.) Expand out Solar Systems - To keep with the traditions of Star Trek, You warp to a system then drop out of warp and travel at sub-light speed within the solar system. I think it would be awesome to be able to enter the sol system and fly past Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc. To be able to stop at Jupiter Station or the colony on Mars. Even set each planet on it's true rotation around the sun. How about setting Earth on it's 24 hour rotation/axis shift. The Atlantic Ocean is nice. Seeing Florida and Spain are nice. Why not get it synchronized so that depending on the time of day/month depends on which part of the earth you will see.
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01-25-2012, 12:37 PM
Short Term:

Make teaming up silky smooth in 3 easy steps!
1. Remove the need to hang around the squad leader to keep my level equal to his, I should simply click "equalize level" and then never thing about that button again. There is no reason to reset our level if we are too far. This has caused no end of problems. If I forget to equalize my level to their lower level, my lower level friends will suddenly be facing enemies far above their level. it doesn't matter that we could split up. That is the major advantage of having friends around.

2. Only take me to instances with enough room for my team, and reserve empty slots so teammates in other maps can ALWAYS join the same instance. We want to play together, let us.

3. If we drop a quest, IT MEANS WE WANT TO RESET THE QUEST. Maps shouldn't linger, and still have objectives completed if We exited the instance, dropped the mission, and then restarted it. Saving the map when all that occured is an incredibly pointless feature and serves no purpose.

Thank you.
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# 2754 A Couple of Thoughts
01-25-2012, 01:18 PM
Short Term Actions:
1) Make it so that each time you hit the "M" key when flying your ship it toggles between each of the 3 different types of Maps, the Galaxy Map, Area Map, and System List. This would make it a lot faster to use the map and should be pretty easy.

2) Saw it in another post, but it would be nice if when you were shopping for duty officers, it could somehow tell you if you already had them before clicking and being told that you do.

3) Would be nice if in the mail from the exchange if it could tell not only the item that sold, who bought it and for how much, but which of your characters got the money.

Longer Term Action:
1) On crafting menu, make an option that shows you what you can make with the mats you currently have in your bank or on your character.

Great job on recent improvements to the mail system. I have sent a lot of mail to non-existant names in the void and lost a lot of rare crafting mats and weapons due to sloppyness on my part. I like your recent changes that now require that you first address the mail to an actual character before you can attacg anything to the mail. Great improvement!!
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01-25-2012, 06:43 PM
Short term: fix cover shield glitch ( when your bridge officer spawns one and your trapped in it.

Mid term: generic crew options ( I hate how my bridge officers look so different than the normal crew)
More stuff to do inside your ship (quest, interactions, experimenting on warp core)
More customization options for your ship's interior.

Long term: customizable fleet star bases, which would include customizable rooms for each member.
A marriage system ( I always thought a good part of star trek was the relationships). Let us marry another player or npc. Let married players get a bonus for getting married, too.
Last but not least, houses to buy on planet surfaces ( married players could live together there).
(marriage doesn't include the bedroom stuff, though).

In summary, I want more customization options and more small things to do, I could spend countless hours just chilling in my ships lounge chatting with my crew, and then testing theories in my engineering lab. Please think about my request.
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01-26-2012, 02:27 AM
First of all, thx for still running the game, constantly evolving the expirience and adding stuff.

But i also have a few things that bother me atm:

Short or Mid Term: (I hope)
The Carrier pets, or player spawns at general.
What is the point in using a carrier, mines, photonic fleet etc. when they don't attack your targets, meaning at most the transformers and gateways in STF's. This cuts up a lot of dmg from this kind of ships.

Aditional optical borg tech for your ship.
From the things like now to parts like the carrier using in Cure up to full overload af borg tech like the Narada, fully consuming your ship.

Long Term:
Ship Interiors. More Ship specific interiors like a real BoP (stuff like looking out of a window and actually seeing you wings) or on a Carrier a place where you can look into your Hangars etc and so on. I know this will take a lot of time, but would make a great addition here.
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01-26-2012, 07:27 AM
My 3 request are all the same:

"PLEASE either apply the maintenance/patches once a week, or shuffle the time of the accursed things around a little more."

I am really sick of consistently having to miss out on a proper night of gaming, and for no discernable reason. Either that, or my computer has issues with the Release Notes page.

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01-26-2012, 09:09 AM
1. MORE HUMANOID FACIAL SLIDERS. Two humanoid facial templates and a handful of skin textures? It translates to ALOT of people looking ALOT alike. On top of it, the face designer doesn't allow you to adjust the tilt or shape of eyes properly or account for expressions so you get stuck with very samey humanoids (unless you really go wild with the sliders and make an alien). Eyelids, eye tilt, built-in expressions, more nose/mouth sliders (like adjusting sellion and the shape of the bridge of the nose) would go a LONG way to promoting more diversity amongst Federation and Klingon humanoids. I can totally live with a guy that stands a bit robotic, but what drives me up a wall is how I can see two people beam in with pretty much exactly the same face, minus a beard or plus some eyewear.

2. More 'classic' ship designs (original and existent). Personally, I can't stand the clamshell and stretched saucer designs and I'm stuck with the Excelsior Refit which sits as this uncomfortable 'bridge' between classic Trek and Next Generation and it just doesn't make sense. Where's the Enterprise B, for example? Where's the E!?
Why not have more classic trek ships and warships for those of us who really detest these designs that look like they've been pulled into too many wormholes? I don't think more variety and less of a jarring change in styles is asking a lot.

3. Proper Federation procedure. Every confrontation should not end in total destruction of the enemy but rather in diplomacy and a chance for the foe to surrender. There should be an option to disable ships and perhaps tow them to starbases for incarceration/assistance. Just making tractor beams actually work as intended would open up a wide range of additional missions. Our goal isn't to seek out new life and end it, it's to explore. Give us a reason to explore! As an Admiral I can honestly say there are very few opportunities in this game to do any kind of exploration and discovery aside from a few missions (like the Breen). The uncharted systems have so little going on and it's really the weakest part of the game aside from ground missions.

4. I had to add a fourth because it's something else that has bugged me from day 1. Why have a bridge view if it's entirely cosmetic? Granted, Cryptic has FINALLY made a few improvements (Duty Officers that don't show up cloned on the bridge is a good start) but why not incorporate the bridge view into gameplay for role-playing and combat purposes? All the viewscreen need do is act as a camera right in front of the ship, and by sitting down in the captain's chair you can control the vessel and use the same officer UI as you do in space combat, only with some officer interaction and perhaps some bridge effects when damaged. It would open up the game immensely on an rpg level since you could now have viewscreen convos with other players and enemies.
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01-26-2012, 09:51 AM
Short Term
New Factions (Everyone else puts this in the long term but why not add another faction, even if it starts of as only pvp then gets improved over time like the KDF)

Mid term
Noticing the Borg items and the reman shield that changes the look of youre ship. i think adding more items that change either the look of youre ship slightly or add things onto youre ship like the borg stuff, also when adding diffrent weapons to youre ship maybe seeing an actual beam array on youre ship and that is where it will actualy fire from would be awsome.

Long Term
Expand on yuore Bridge view, Add more areas that are usable on youre ship example, a mess hall with youre rare duty officers, a lounge area to sit youre character in with a library data base to read over historic or present data, have youre Heads of departments in there own departments EXP. an armoury for youre security team aswell as research or upgrading of Space and Ground weapons aswell as enginerring and a medical bay for other types of research and upgrading of youre ship.
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01-26-2012, 04:44 PM
Wee need some more stuff added
Its a Good place too get away from all of the Chit chat on ESD and DS9 '
Captin's Table seems too be over looked a lot of times.

We need
A Station added For
Star Ship Vendor
Star Ship Equipment Vendor
Personal Equipment Vendor
Bridge Officer Vender
Bridge Officer Skill Trainer
And may be a Officer Respec Skill Trainer

I would love too see these added

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