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02-03-2012, 05:52 AM

- Death penalty. Respawning on the spot within a few secs is ridiculous. At least have us beamed up to the ship again in ground mission deaths (which is exactly what would happen in the series) or emergency-warp us out of the instance for space missions. And include injuries/damage even at normal difficulty starting with Leutenant.

- Add a 100% flat&black ground map to the foundry.

- Allow crafting in all central hubs.


-Add the following feature to the foundry: Any published mission has to mandatory state starting point, level range, ground/space/interior theme, length, rpg-action leverage. Include these categories in the search function.

-Revamp fleet actions in a way that a tracker for each sector is added how "secure" it is. Tie both player AND Doff missions to that tracker so that more/better missions are available if the sector is "secure". This way fleet efforts could make a real impact in the game. this tracker should be influenced by both PvE and PvP actions.

- Install a tracker that checks which random missions a player has allready finished and make the engine not reapeat any of those when the player is getting a random one on exploration missions - until the player has done all missions at least once, then the tracker is reset.


- Introduce crafting skills for player characters with different Tactical, Science and Engineer options. Introduce career-exclusive recipes (Tactical for weapons etc.). Give Boffs also crafting skills and let them have a part in the process.

- Introduce seperate story arcs for Tactical, Engineer and Science careers beside the main arcs.

- Create guidelines for Foudry missions that are to become official random missions while on exploration. Make some of those Foundry missions official (less work for you, more variety for us)
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02-03-2012, 11:13 AM
Short-Team Goals
- Weapon does not automatically pop out when switching to shooter mode if weapon was previously holstered

Mid-Term Goals
- Bridge main viewer displays actually outside environment
- Ship continues to move to desired locations when inside and walking about

Long-Term goals
- Shuttle craft do not require a base to be selected and used, but are accessed from ship and ship stays where it is while shuttle ventures from there and back to ship again.
- Randomly generating space beyond current universe for exploration accessible to all players
- More factions (Romulan, Cardassian, etc.)
- More vessels for each species (more vulcan vessels, Ferengi vessels, etc.)
- Stories/quests, for inside ship as ship is traveling long distances and bridge officers tell you when you come across something noteworthy like in series and provided randomly generated space is active
- More depth to personality of bridge officers that has greater effect for internal ship quests/stories
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02-03-2012, 07:46 PM
only have one thing to sugest /request and its probably been suggested


maybe a limited engagement type thing

35 vs 35

id make it an assault type thing centered around a starbase captured and held by the defending fleet ...attacking fleet has a certain amount of time to destroy defenses and the defending players ships in space around the base then beam in and do a ground assault to capture the main operations center of the base

timed event

the battle can be restarted at any time during that time period by the attacking fleet if they all die or decide to regroup and try again but doing so will allow the defenders to re ship and regroup as well ...the game begins from scratch no respawn no revive ...once you die your dead till that battle is over

defenses do not regenerate

if the attacker captures the operations center within the allotted time they gain control of the starbase and earn whatever perks come with it (im sure we could think of something maybe a special ship unique to that starbase which can only be used by the controling fleet )

if the defending fleet succeeds in keeping the attacker away for the specified time they retain control of the starbase

the longer you own a starbase the better the perks get and the more defenses you can purchase so on and so fourth

this promotes fleet actions and creates a whole new arena of pvp gameplay for the STO pplz to enjoy
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02-04-2012, 01:46 AM
I have only 2 suggestions at the moment for mid-term goals, though if they can be done in the short-term, all the better.

First, here’s an idea I had to help encourage people to play together more often when leveling – why not increase the frequency rate at which items drop from mobs/critters by 1% for the number of people you’re teamed up with? It doesn’t have to be an increase in the drop quality, just the drop frequency. And having a bonus of frequency of 2%-5% isn’t a lot, but still might feel significant overall. Heck, increasing by 2% for each team member other than yourself would give a frequency increase of 2%-8%; still small, but nothing to scoff at, and with more drops happening, that gives players more reason to either team up with people they know, or even use the “Open Group” feature. Because it only affects the drop frequency a small amount, not the drop quality, the difficulty settings would (I think) not really be affected drastically, and would retain their balance. Players who want to play solo would not be penalized, the base drop rate would remain the same. Maybe if people that increasing that will bring too many green or higher quality items into the economy; if it's possible, perhaps keep the increase of rate to common items only?

I’d also tweak the Squad system (which allows players of any level to team up and match the general level of the squad/team leader) so that when people of various levels join an Open Group, the system automatically sets the squad leader and play level to the lowest team member’s rank or level band. That might allow more people of various levels to meet up in Open Team groups across the board, and still keep some balance.
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02-04-2012, 07:12 AM
dunno if this was posted already in here, but i dont want to read about 200 sides of postings ...:
plz re-add antiproton mk xi [crtd]x2 variants, available per dilithium, for feds.
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02-04-2012, 07:37 AM
Create a time zone option in the launch application so that system updates/news is displayed in our chosen time zone.

Stop doing game updates/maintenance during prime playing times - (I'm thinking 4-6 AM Eastern).

Little by little, begin to incorporate starship and station interiors to canon technical manual specifications and PROPER SCALE!

Eventually (and in conjunction with the suggestion many others have made regarding massive and seamless sector space) allow for sector travel of your starship to continue while in the interior of your starship.

In conjunction with both of the above I would like to eventually see an option to play the game in a more realistic first-person role-playing mode whereby control of your starship would take place from the bridge, away missions would require walking to either the ship's transporter room or shuttlebay, and where any number of other mission or simply social activities would take place from the first-person inside your starship's interior.
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# 2797 Here are mine
02-04-2012, 10:21 AM
Short Term -

Proper TWOK Rank Pips (I only place this here as this had been hinted at in the past by Cryptic, even supposedly at one point on an internal test build, but has never been fixed.

Mid Term -

TMP Bridge Pack (i.e. Canon bridge from Original Series films + proper TWOK uniform pips and I'd l've to see the security gear added and such - also more uniforms from the first Star Trek film - more than just the Admiral's uniform we get now)

Long Term - removal of Sector zones; ability to freely explore planets; more 'sandbox play' - less linear play; added functions in interiors - i.e. healing in sickbay, crafting in our labs and so forth.

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02-04-2012, 05:34 PM
Short Term - Rather than just a simple title for these accolades that we sometimes painfully unlocked, how about the appropriate medals in the clothing options.

Mid Term - More off-duty clothing options with the addition of more noticeable Fleet markings off-duty and uniform and the ability to impose the name under, over, and/or around the fleet identification patch.

Long Term - There's so many empty planets out there with no life on them in sector space and in nebulas/expanses. This is space and space is huge! Put some life out there.
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02-04-2012, 06:32 PM
Here are mine:
1. More in-depth approach to the your ship's interior. Ideas include: Access to more decks and more places( holodecks, shuttlebay( with pilotable shuttlecraft that belong to your ship and/ or ones you may have purchased), more crew decks, astrometrics lab, cargo bays, etc. Also, more customizable ship options for the interior, for example different engineering layouts, and different deck layouts( a sovereign class will have a different engineering than a intrepid class by default, but it can be changed like the bridge). I don't like how every interior is the exact same as the next(excluding bridge).
2. Bridge officer shifts. Certain bridge officers work certain stations during different parts of day while your online. Main bridge officers come return to duty, when red alert is sounded, or at your order.
3. Changing the alert. As captain, you should have the ability to sound yellow alert, red alert, or heck maybe even blue alert whenever you please(also, an option to turn off automatic red alert).
Very Long
4. More detailed planets. By this, I mean multiple cities and locations that each offer something different. Especially for place like Earth.

I know that this a lot to do, but it would be cool to have and after all it's only the beginning.
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02-05-2012, 09:42 AM
Short term : An healing tribble equivalent for races that can't use them.

I know it seems like it's not a big deal but in some places (Defera Borg invasion), having this out of combat heal makes a huge difference and there's no reason I should have access to it on my Orion and Lethean and not oon my Klingon and Nausicaan. I suggest a Bloodwine cup usable only by Klingons, Nausicaans and Gorns with the very same effect as the Tribbles.

Mid term : More Kits or Kit customisation

I love Chronitron Mines but hate every other power on the Enemy Neutralization Kit. I wish we could have some more kits so we have at least two choices to get that power we like or go all the way and allow us to customize our kits with some restrictions.

Long term :Trait system overhaul

When I joined STO back at launch, I picked my traits at random on my first characters because I had no idea what they did and the game wasn't exactly straighforward about it. With all the changes that occured on skills these past two years, I think it's about time to review the trait system, allow us to respec them if we messed up (lucky for me I picked some great traits even with my random choices) and take a look at active traits, 2 to 3 min cooldown is pretty harsh on those very flavor/situational abilities.

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