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02-08-2012, 04:18 PM
Pressed for time right now, I'll update my list later.

Short term:
1)Fix the "cannot obtain map" glitch on PvE and PvP queues.

Mid term:
1) Greater ship variety- perhaps allow us to use parts from lower tier ships to supplement visual variety?

Long term:
1) More diverse exploration content. I really hate exploring on rails.
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02-09-2012, 09:53 AM
short term: fixing the excelsers beams as in where they apear form they just kind of shoot out of the sips hull and its supper enoying. also on the mission infected it says that there are only 200 people on the starbase my excelser is smaller than it and it even has 750 people on it i think that there should be more than 200 people on the starbase lol

mid: exploration revamp

long: make the game to scail better when my ship flys up to a planit it dosent feel accurate also when my ship is shooting at someone it feals like i could reach out and touch them! also sector space i should not be flying buy a solar system and my ship be bigger than it.
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02-09-2012, 10:52 AM
Aside from various bugs and sluggy gameplay.

Short, mid
- Make race specific traits available for alien race. (never understood, why Klingons are the only warrior race and Bajoran the only spiritual race)
- Implement the traits that are in the files but have not yet been made available for players (charm, engineered clone etc...)
- new traits like Android/artificial lifeform, genetically enhanced, etc.

Mid, long
- Different movment types either depending of the chosen "stance", or free selectable. (Gorilla walk, floating etc.)
- Possibility to "request" a BO from a race of choise (my alien needs company from his homeworld )
- Race- profession- gender- trait specific behavior of NPCs. Never understood why an Orion female should bother talking to a woman, and a Klingon warrior should respect a medic as much as a soldier.
- Posibillity to solve missions in 2 ways: either diplomatic or with brute force. At least some missions.
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02-10-2012, 05:06 AM
-regarding the dominionships
update the weapons FX to look more like in ds9, specially the polaron one a lil more "white-ish" and more of a straight beam instead of this electroidlooking neonpink we have right now - or just give the bugs and assaultcruisers a tetryon beam weapon and polaron canons to represent that. as a reference, take a look at the big showdown battle between the dominion and the alphaquadrant alliance. which brings me to the next point,

-standard-weapon-layout of the klingon ships.
per usual you get dual cannons on them when you buy the ship (or a bop with a dualbeam, which i never understood) - if you watch that showdown fight for example, you can see, that they use dual heavys compared to the ingame boltspray - and not just the birds of prey, but also the vorchas and neghvars. non of them looked like they use the dual cannons with the higher frequency small projectiles, but small bursts of dual heavys. which would act towards their nature, getting the deadliest punch out of the ships.

- idea for a neghvar refit (if its not already in there, cause i couldnt check) -> give them a heavy-disruptorbeam lance, similar to the dreadnought on the fed side. could also work for the vorcha refit, since they beefed it up to the fullest.

-fix the transphasic torpedo, cause right now its broken. (nearly no impact on hull and a kinetic bonus with around 1k dmg less then any other torp is kinda... meh)

/edit: before i forget that.. fix the carrier pets please..


- more klingon episodes as already promised (conquering, marauding etc.). like the first episodes you can play right now, which were pretty good balanced of space&ground combat & warrior-/myth-driven.

- more PvEvP warzones - maybe like the idea that someone else here on the forums posted, like a hold & conquer scenario with npc stations and ships changing, depending on the faction which won the last round and so on.
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02-11-2012, 09:56 AM
Short Term:
1) Skippable tutorial as long as your account has done it at least once.
2) Adjust diplomatic XP rewards for diplomatic missions to account for the increased requirements introduced with duty officer system.
3) True muscle tone slider for all characters (present bulk sliders only change size, not definition).

Medium Term:
1) Waist slider for all characters (we've got hips, so why not?).
2) Playable Cardassians for both the Federation and KDF, possibly a C-store unlock, but ideally free because I know you love us!
3) VA-level Miranda refit!

Long Term:
1) A story arc after the Undine that features the Federation and KDF starting to formally explore the Delta Quadrant, with an associated level cap increase.
2) Romulan faction with playable Hirogen.
3) Playable joint Cardassian-Dominion faction (separate and distinct from playable KDF/Fed Cardassians).
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02-11-2012, 11:05 AM
Cryptic Please add this option too Game options

Please can you add

Disable Notification Option

Add this too the Game Options Basic section.
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I only have one goal.

I would like to have a task force of warships that I can control. That I can assign officers too and even send on autonomic missions like the duty officer system.

I would like to have amazing awards for sending them with the risk of also losing my sent ship.

I am an admiral. ?!
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02-11-2012, 03:12 PM
Short Term:

0) Fix the Defiant Bridge and the reset of that variant. I mean the ones purchased with EC. The Carpets are only loading as two tone tan, not what is shown in the screen shots.

1) Make MVAM more intelligent. The other two sections don't always attack or get stuck on something.

2) Fix Random Borg "Super Hits" That one shot kill you even when you have 100% shield and 100% hull. Really nothing should be killing you with 86,000 damage, especially something that is invisible.

3) On the Romulan mission where you have to find, scan, and scuttle the Borg Sphere, it was a Borg Probe even though everything was saying sphere.

4) Multi-Vector Assault Escort should have either a universal bridge station and/or higher ranking stations. 2000 c-points and level 50 and for someone that doesn't use beams the only ensign option is tac team 1 in all three stations. We need more variety in skills or higher stations.

5) remove or increase the players skill cap. Too much you really need to put points on and not nearly enough points possible for slots.

6) Transwarp avail. on larger scale. Despite what we humans think, we are not the center of the universe, and this translates into the game as well. Being able to transwarp to space dock is nice, but being able to transwarp to DS9, and K-7 would be greatly appreciated.

7) Starbase 157 (I Think) in alpha centauri (again I think that's where I saw it) Disappeared. If you're doing work on it and that's why...AWESOME!! I've never been to that one, and didn't even know it existed until I found it on accident. Maybe/Hopefully you can make it a unique design and layout.

8) Custom design bridge or player created bridge design contest.


1) more variety in the way missions can be completed. For example diplomatic, stealth, full combat.

2) more player created ship contests. OR even better, more "kit-bashing" ship designs. Many of the ship designs and concepts were created by kit-bashing from a large variety of ships. Without having to create a huge amount of new ships you could easily add alot more variety.

3) Fleet starbases that can be customized, but don't take a huge amount of resources or have requirements to keep them. I haven't found a use for a fleet yet, but having a unique starbase to call my own would be awesome, even more awesome would be if we could choose a place in one of the clusters where we wanted to put it.

4) More mini-games and more prizes. I love Dabo although the dabo screen needs to be larger or even better resizeable. Too hard to see all the symbols on the Dabo table. Would love a 3d chess game in my captains quarter were I could play against the comp or invite a player. playable poker in the ship lounge maybe using EC or dilithium.

5) holodecks on our ships that we could use and play special missions. like the Data and Moriarty one on TNG.

6) Working sickbay and functional engineering/engineering lab. being able to create items instead of just at memory alpha

7) a mission to be able to research and build androids as either a playable character or bridge officer but only obtainable through this mission (bound not tradeable)

8) more options for music player (windows media player/media player classic)


More ships and not just c-store ones...availible through special missions and missions that take some determination in time length would be awesome. Maybe a section 31 prototype design mission with a larger Tactial escort that proves you can be big but also be fast and deadly

Completing an episode allows you to play as that race and/or allows you use a ship from that race.
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02-11-2012, 04:52 PM
i dont wish for much, but....

after two years, finally fix Ker'at
- having probes, sphere and cubes hide inside geometry of encryption nodes so they are not attackable while they shoot at you
- having feds spawn at fed spawnpoint as enemies
- having klinks spawn at fed spawnpoint as enemies

in space, no one hears you scream. also, in space i actually can live with the PowerPoint aesthetics of the area map.
But in ground missions, pressing 'M' provides you with an area map which looks like it was a scaled up 32x32 pixel thumbail, because the mipmapping failed to work.
I feel like Han Solo recovering from carbonite freeze: "I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I see a big light blur.
Please, for the sake of everything thats holy to a game developer - fix the maps so we can actually see something. If you dont want to commit ressources, let the community make them, we have some very talented artists here. Those "Maps" should have never made it out of closed beta.

there is so much to fix, i dont even know where to begin. last time i logged onto myklink and noticed that after 2 years, they still use federation tricorders, i just logged out again.

Edit: long-term gameplay idea (which was suggested some times before, iirc):

allow us to play as one of our duty officers during away missions. its really a shame to have a vice admiral running around fetching stem bolts. i'd rather send one of my minions, it would also add to the immersion
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02-11-2012, 05:30 PM
Short Term:

1.) Fix the cruddy UI. Its frequently unresponsive, looks terrible and its components like status messages annoys to hell. Its been 2 years for god sake.
2.) Events need more love. That includes STFs.
-- Include Terradome in the queue
-- Fix Armek Of Borg and the Crystalline Entity.
-- The Deferi Temple Invasion puzzle is torture. Please fix or make it easier to move those puzzle parts.

3.) KDF special effects like beaming out doesn't happen on some maps. Furthermore the Beam out should WAIT until after the gesture animation is finished. It looks more like the show that way. Currently both Fed and KDF characters are still in mid animation when beaming occurs.

Mid Term:

1.) Remove heavy instancing from locations a.k.a. Open Sector Space. Places like ESD and DS9 should all be one coherent instance, no load screens.
2. Rebalanced Borg powers and enemies. 1 shots are ridiculous. Those Unimatrix ships in the Borg Alerts are even more ridiculous.
3. New Ground Combat kits with new powers.

Long Term:

1.)Romulan Expansion with new sectors and playable species for all factions. (Ideas below)
-- Romulans themselves don't NEED to have their own faction, but Romulan focused.
-- Romulan BoFFs and playable Romulans for both Fed and KDF.
-- KDF can have Hirogen exclusive and Fed can have Reman exclusive.
-- Romulan influenced ship designs and Romulan/Iconian storylines.

2.) DirectX 11. Properly implemented of course.
3.) New exploration method. The current model leaves much to be desired.

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