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02-13-2012, 06:52 PM
I know that the format of this thread is to present requests for the game in short, mid and long-term goals, but for the time being, having read through some of the requests, I can only think of one request that I haven't seen that I really want to see happen.

Music. Please, make more music that more appropriately fits the varying situations the players find themselves in, and bind all musical occurrences to play when inside relevant territories.

So often I've been in missions in the game where the existing music loop will be in play and I'll find that while the music does sound appropriately Klingon-like, it didn't really fit for repelling a Borg vessel. The same can be said about some of the music sounding appropriately Borg-like... but not really fitting while you're taking fire from a small attack group of Romulan Birds-of-Prey.

Ideally? I'd love to hear more homages to the original music of the shows... but I understand CBS is hoarding the rights to put that music in the game, so it can't be used. But, perhaps bring in music that shows homages to those themes we all know and love.

If nothing else, just new music. Two years of playing this game and listening to the same music (most of which I don't find so terribly inspiring), which seems very much like maybe only 4 songs on infinite repeat? Makes me long for a working knowledge of the in-game music player so I could just always have my own soundtrack playing... but I'd rather just listen to the music the developers installed in the game, as long as the music was interesting and fit the scenarios I was in...
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02-14-2012, 10:28 AM
Short term

Oh that's easy stop the lock box spam.

Medium term

Upgrade the exchange, there are a few little things that could be done to improve the usability :

1 - When you sell stuff most people will check the current prices, but that means dragging the item you want to sell into the buy box; checking the price; them switching tabs & dragging the same item into the sell box. Simple fix would be to add a "Sell This" button on the Buy tab & a "Search for This" button on the sell tab, all it would have to do is then transfer the item info across the tabs.

2 - Turn the search options for item into a very basic tree view, with fairly generic descriptions when you hover over the item eg :

..Science Consoles
....BioFunction Montior - Improves crew surival etc.

3 - Make it a little bit closer to the Dilithium Exchange, by grouping all items of the same price\ price per item together. This is a particular problem with commodites, where you can try and sell items at half the unit price of the lowest item that the search brings back, but because you are selling in bulk they might not make it into the "top" 400 cheapest sales.

Long term

Better use of Bridge Officers and "spare" ships. STO is supposed to set in the middle of a war, so why is either Starfleet or the KDF happy that thier most senior officers each 5 or 6 ships lying around in dock doing nothing? We know that the Boff's have a possible Captain rank, turn the rank on and let them be captains. Other non-Captain Boff can then be assigned to each ship, with the number of Boff's per ship should be set to the number of stations on that ship. Overall each player would have a larger number of Boff's to manage, but less flexibility per ship.
So now each player has thier own fleet, what to do with them? Well the Doff system could be extened; a ship would be assigned to a sector block giving you access to that sectors doff missions, but you can only assign one or two missions that are not in your current sector per ship and only have one ship per sector. Then add in special Doff type missions where the outcome is based on the abilites\levels of the Boff's on the ship, factoring in how well equiped the ship and crew are.
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02-15-2012, 04:03 AM
---------------------Incoming transmission --------------------------

Starfleet Intelligence Priority one.

Password ***************-08


Greetings Of the friendlyest

After playing startrek online I knoticed some problems, users would post into chat over and over.
Also I have a few ideas that would sproose up the experiance Overall Extreamly well designed and considered game.

1) Tribble Cardasian Lock Boxes
Smiles. I keep hearing this and im sure the Dev know but,, please a) people who pay for STO will just be anoyed having to pay for keys. and b) these things are not even rare. Maybe as a Dev the idea is to make more income from the F2P comunity and i can respect that. but at least make it more rare to get one of these.with better items.
( from doing 1 STF - im given at least 8 of these boxes, + one as a prize - and what really upsets me, is 90% of the special boxes at the end of the STF contain. -.-...... a lock box. ) - My advice please tone it down a tad.

2) Bridge Beta
The view bridge is an amazing feature regarding comunity linking and can be much much more. I feel that if you could somehow connect the bridge to your duty officer activitys regarding, people in the brig. or people in sickbay.

a) bridge comand ( woop )love the idea of being, on the bridge and comanding your ship, maybe consider you and your friend on the same ship, this would open up doorways to a more grouped fighting experiance in a stronger star trek exp,

you friend could control science. one tatical so on so on, it would involve some tweeking and im sure would need alot of thought and beta but it would add a whole new exp to the game.

b) My bridge looks the same
when you get items such as borg tech / and others the bridge should change? would this not be cool to experiance the changes on the outside also effect the inside, with a on/off display visuals? at least pop a borg bridge in C store :-p ( may make more money that the lock boxes )

c) more Bridge / episode conection
i feel there should be more bridge videos when doing missions. i mean look at any star trek movie 90% of it is on the bridge, all you get is a pop up.... saying On screen... why not be on the bridge and the officer turns to you on the chair and says, incoming message, On screen, and poof it pops up on the screen. then you go into tactical view, its a small update but would look and feel more like startrek.

d) Voice actors?
Please Please add more voice actors, i have asked a few people why they move to the starwars game, it seams like myself many hate all the reading, i mean its ok in foundry to have to read ( could add a media imput ) but in the main episodes please please use voice actors its just strange that some have and some don't hell throw me a script i will read a few of them just to help im sure millions of people would. ( have a compation ) -.-.... even the main admiral don't have a voice actor......( please )

e) More to do on the bridge?
It would be nice, if there was more to do other than just your standard trophys. there is room for much much more in this part of the game and looking at the size i can see you have it in mind for the future. maybe some mini-games to earn stuff. ( cooking , puzzles in engeering. it would be nice to add a meetng room too, like seen in most star trek episodes for you and firend to discuss missions )

3) Ground Combat
This is something i loved ( not as much as space ) but still loved it. at times it does feel lightly stock though, a good feature would be to add *cover* so you could take cover behind a wall, box, this would open up PVP and force users to have a crack at manual aim. running though with a minigun is fun as hell, but i feel like saying * GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!! " - so cover would be cool. Love the idea of getting more than one Kit. ( nice idea ))

4) Races I would Love to see. For the future.
Ocampa - No Kes race :-( ( can make with alien so can not really moan )
Hologram - would be a nice edition to get a holo emiter 400C? hell you can get an eye patch.
Q? - Heheheh ok yes this is overkill but maybe with some thought could be a race.

5) More factions
future future i know :-p * but the reason theres no / not many klingons around is due to the fact that you unlock this at level 24 * ish * and people don't like starting again.
At the start of the game, you should be able to pick Fed or Klingon.
I hope for the future to see factions of . romulan / borg / cardasian. - as unlockables when you reach a level or finnish the episodes * this would be a massive update and understanding that these Devs cover, more than one game i can not see this happening, for many many many months.

6) I dont want to buy another ship for a console
With this new idea to add the ablity to change consoles on ships i would extatic to have my ship with diffrent consoles. but on looking closer i would have to pay 1200C just for the console then the ship would just sit in one of the slots unused. ( please make it so you can just buy the consoles )

6) Duty Officer Rewards diplomacy Shines high
After checking out the reward for Diplomacy duty officer assignments i was super extatic to check out the others only to find, all i get is a purple level duty officer. I mean by the time you have 100,000 do you really need one?. it would have been nice to see rewards like you get for diplomacy across the board.
*costumes for each at level - 100.000 . more missions , just Something it seams like you put all the time into diplomacy they went, errrrr we will sort it later * hehehe something for the future i hope that will level the playing field a tad across other duty officer rewards )

Overall an amazing game with many cool aspects, after seeing your videos and how you listen to user imput it made me want to write this. please dont take these comments as negative i just wanted to share. some feedback

Admiral Willow Out

-------------End of transmission---------------
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02-15-2012, 12:43 PM
I have so many ideas it is hard to do a top three, but here it goes.

Short-term requests:
  • Ability to transwarp to a team member’s location.
  • Fix graphical glitches, like in space where a planet is seen as a patch of clear black sky with a star field until you fly closer and it slowly becomes a planet. So it’s mostly transparency issues and blending issues causing blocky/choppy space scenes.
  • Actually show how new equipment and modified stats affect you and your ship. Currently I add a console or hover over one and see no difference in any stats. Would be nice to see in advance what it will change and by how much. For example how will that new part affect my shield power, regen, etc… based on current power levels and other bonuses from other equipment and skills.

Mid-term requests
  • More equipment that will modify the look of your ship like the Reman shields.
  • More customizations for each ship tier and special ships like refits and giveaways.
  • Customizable transporter effects
  • See your new ship when you get it emerging from ship yard like you did with Odyssey, with ability to replay that intro whenever you leave starbase.
  • (Not sure if it has this already, but the ability to add or own voiceovers to user created content)

Long-term requests
  • Open up to modding community a bit by allowing for add-ons like they do with WoW and ROM. This would allow for user created UI enhancements, maps, better exchange, etc… If not, then maybe reach out to modding community to update textures and interfaces through contests. For example a “Design a better map interface” contest or “Create a planet texture pack for in space” contest, possibly a retexture this map contest. This would allow for faster upgrading of content quality without overworking the designers, allowing them to focus on new content instead of redesigning existing content.
  • Advanced ship creation system similar to the old “Starship Creator” game. You could even sell additional nacelle, hull, saucer, etc… packs that are meant for that tier of ship. This would allow for greater variance in ship style you see in game.
  • A bridge designer system - Instead of selling bridges sell bridge component packs. This would allow users to create their own bridges from scratch making for a truly custom experience. This could also apply to engine rooms and other areas of the ship. For example a selection of warp core effects and styles. Also maybe contests for users to design their own components that will be included in future packs.
  • Branching story lines with more than one solution depending on how you play the game.
  • More voiceovers in game from your crew. Especially during battle things like “Hull breach on level 29”, “Bridge we have a plasma leak in engineering!”, “Warp reactor approaching critical! Containment failure imminent!” Enough of these to keep it interesting and random enough while relating to current damage levels to make it realistic while not annoying and repetitive. This could be done with a random generation of damage reports relating to current status and using domain-specific synthesis (TTS). This would eliminate the need to prerecord thousands of lines of dialogue by instead recording only the needed phrases and words so the system could combine them as needed for the situation. This would also work well for patrols and exploration explanations from crew.
  • Add ability to put communication with another member “on screen” and have a video chat Star Trek style.
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02-16-2012, 09:03 AM
Short Ter

For the Empire TOS and other costumes put in rank insignia, its nice to have the bars for your station on the uniform in in the Federation.

Middle Term

Add homeworlds for all the races in the game other than alien custom builds, my Trill Captain would love to go to Trill and visit the family.

Long Term

A civilian faction might be nice as a playable third option.
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02-16-2012, 09:19 AM
short term: no more lock boxes spam and stop the message who won a Galor. I don't care. It's annyoing.

long term:
I'd like to see a real Neutral Zone, a grey strip between the Factions which may not be crossed in Warp but Sector Space only. Fully PvP (except Diplomatic Immunity forinstance) within these Zones, so Feds and Klingon Players can have a casual battle instead of waiting for a PvP queue to start. Propably even with factionalized civillian freighters to be protected or raided for Honor & Glory, Latinum and a hard boiled egg.

Player owned Stations. Outposts with add-ons like Vendors, R&D stations, Shipyards. Upgradeable and with Faction Reputation and Faction Access. If you have a good standing with the Klingon Empire, Klingon PLayers may visit your station and sell/buy stuff, repair ship, heal crew, perfom Shakespear, whatever services ara available on station. Station size and outfit is dependable on the amount of ressources put into station by the Fleet.

A civilian sector. True neutral non-factional gameplay as a trader, diplomat, ore-miner or Tribblevendor. May cross Faction borders without beign harrased, dependable on Faction Reputation. You'd be amazed to see how many people would delight in mining ore and selling it overprized to other players.

More Ressources. Not honor marks but substantial stuff like metal, ore, plastic which would be required to raise a PoS.

More Factions: Rommies, Cards, Dominion, Ferengi, playable with genuine style of play and Faction Reputation. (ROM+CAR espionage, Ferengi Trader, Dominion Cloning Scientist)

Betazoid, Bolian, Trill, Ferengi Homeworlds. There is a Bolarus Sector, there are Bolians, was Bolarus right next to Romulus when it blew up?

Commodities show up in Duty Officer window in Cargo. Place them in Cargo only and remove them from inventory, since inventory has become noticably smaller.
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02-16-2012, 04:29 PM
I only have two requests
1 Borg play
2 species 8472 play
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02-16-2012, 10:43 PM
Short; No more lockbox spam.

Mid; More ships at each level. Both free and pay. The current level of customization is nice, but more customization is what got me to spend cash over at CO.

Long; The ability to keep the same ship through you career. Upgrading as you go. Think of it like the CO freeform slot. Buy more hull/shield HP, weapons slots, etc. as you rank. Level limits still apply.
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02-17-2012, 12:33 AM
Short term:
For someone to assist me with my graphical problem that makes doing more than participating in Duty Officer Assignments and flying through sector space to find more Duty Officer Assignments impossible, as my screen is flooded with blocks of color that obstructs all vision. Navigating via mini-map/compass is difficult and decidedly not fun.

A more interactive and dynamic Duty Officer system would be fun. I am in favor of tying the Duty Officer system more fluidly into the overall gameplay experience, rather than just leaving it as a vassal appendage. In its current form the Duty Officer system is certainly fun, but it lacks any real emphasis within the larger game picture and is essentially a stand alone product. Were it transported into a web browser format it would hold up fairly well.

If I were to give specific examples for how to make this possible, I'd want to see your Department Heads be a little bit more important/involved rather than just popping in to make suggestions. I think it would be fun/cool/interesting if the system operated differently depending on which Bridge Officers you placed in charge of certain divisions.

Long term:
As I have managed online games in the past, I know what it is like to have a large, broken world. It isn't fun, and prioritizing in a way in which every player can feel involved and happy is very difficult if not impossible. Because of this, I know that when you have something as broken as the KDF in your game, people are going to take notice.

I would like to see Cryptic take a step back, stop putting out new content for a while, and instead of working on another FE, take a bit of time to hammer out anything and everything that is preventing the Federation from having an acceptable/full/pleasurable gaming experience. That way you can recycle a lot of those mechanics (read: not copy/pasting missions) and build a better, stronger, more whole KDF.

It is poor business to have shriveled appendages laying about, so even though many people would be upset by this, I would like to see Cryptic entirely ignore new content and the KDF until the Federation is where they want it, and then move on to the KDF, and then finally return to new content. Without doing that Cryptic is only weakening themselves, and I am positive that they are intelligent enough to see this.

Also for the long term I would like to have my graphic issue addressed and sorted so that I can actually continue to play in the long term. Link at the top Cryptic/anyone more competent than Cryptic's tech support.
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02-17-2012, 08:00 AM
A couple of people just mentioned the possibility of a Civilian Faction. I understand that Romulans and Cardassians are currently in development, but a Civilian Captain is one I'd actaully seek out to play (as opposed to doing just for Something Different, as I would the Cardassian). So call me /signed for that.

Also, yes, we absolutely do not need to see the announcements of whoever got a new Galor-class ship. It floods our systems and takes us out of The Moment.

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