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02-21-2012, 02:49 PM
- Ker'rat: Klingon and Fed should'nt enter at the same place. Oh, and those Borg Cube, that goes Rectangular.

- Vor'cha: I want a lvl 50 (C-Store), with the same version as the Fed Dreadnought (same TNG episode), you know with a Disruptor Spinal Lance (dont care if it does less dmg than the Fed one) With at least a Lt. Commander Tactical or Universal station. (That look so OP when I write it)
- Raptor: a C-Store lvl 50 one please.

- Romulan playable faction.

Overall I'm not much into Federation stuff, live long and prosper, or die with honor.
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1. I would like to see the deflector dish actually deflect something; especialy when flying through all the asteroids that you seem to need to put in missions.

2. I would like to see all special ships in the c-store after the promotional period for them is done.

3. universal bridge officer slots on all ships.

4. The ability to craft XII OR XIII gear.
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02-21-2012, 08:18 PM
Originally Posted by chrisdanger View Post
C) Lets finally make a starship what it should be, a placed where people live and work. Its been done w/ some success, but there can be more done. Example: During/After a massive fire-fight w/ the jem'hadar, borg, or gorn I want to see the aftermath on my ship. That would be anything from engineering fixing a damaged conduit, putting out a fire or clearing up fallen debris, not to mention Medical performing triage or even security assembling a team to repel the invading horde. The same goes for peacetime ops as well.
this. {long term} incorporate into the difficulty settings this option. you take battle damage, you repair the ship, but it throws in the possibility of the conclusion of the mission launches problems that need to be fixed, I.E Warp core malfunction, loss of helm control, life support offline even to silly stuff like the replicators generating green slime or the facilities backing up. you have to do these minimissions to fix it before you can continue.

{Mid term} make a separate channel for gold members only, a la fleet chat so we don't get quite as much of the childishness that floods regular chat

{mid term} make the captains table worthwhile, special items vendor, for example

{short term} more control on color palettes for both ships and uniforms. I would be willing to bet many fleets would come up with thier own color schemes.

{short term} playable liberated borg in C-store. you already released the TOS ship, so may as well allow us who chose other options on beta get that too

{mid term} more craftable items that are comperable to STF drops, make a reqquired component an extremely rare drop, or a LOT of the trace components. ( like 10 of each)
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# 2854 My requests.
02-23-2012, 12:33 AM
Short term. I want the team dissolving bug, as well as the control lock up bug to be fixed. These are bugs that just really shouldn't be in an MMO if proper maintenance is performed.

Mid Term. Would like to see more options for exchanging all these extra Borg Tech and Salvage, Dilithium I get enough of already, and the mystery boxes are a joke. How about Duty officers, or EDC's? I have a toon with 3 extra Rare Borg Armor techs, perhaps I should be able to trade those up for one Proto armor tech?

Long term. I would like to see the Klingon side finally fully developed, and then the Romulan faction to finally come to fruition. Only I will hope that it comes out fully developed and full of content.
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02-23-2012, 08:00 AM
May already have been discussed/mentioned but here goes

- universal first officer slot on all ships would be great and really add a lot of different play styles
- fix bug that sees bridge crew 'falling into the floors' at their stations when you go to visit the bridge

- revamp of all science ships to add in more benefits to using them (They aren't bad now but not as fun as other ships)
1.Maybe a 'crafting bonus' attribute that goes to the player using a science ship
2.Might not be totally cannon but a 'rear deflector' added to science ships would make greatly add to the those abilities; not suggesting a visual change on the ship just the ability

- Benzite BOFFs
- Special ground trait - 'The Kirk Effect'. Special ability that causes your character to 'lose their shirt' for an additional +10 hit points, +10 knockback and +10 seductiveness.
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02-23-2012, 11:37 AM
Stop the absolutely insane lockbox drops (i find more lockboxes then all other items combined)

No more "soso@soso got whatever" system spam

PLEASE STOP THE LOCKBOX GARBAGE (i understand it's to make money which is what you're doing this for but it is already out of hand and obviously going to get worse)

I'd like to see even more variety in the daily "explore" missions. They're fun but very repetitive

Try to find some way to make balanced teams in stf "pugs". I can see that being hard so no rush but the vast majority of pugs i'm in are practically useless. Even a thrown together team with my fleet can easily finish the objective and have a good shot at the optional, even if we don't get it.

Please do something about the lockbox garbage. Not saying take them out. I'm just tired of trying to sift through lockboxes to get to the one real item that dropped or having to pass pass pass as lockboxes drop everywhere in a group run.

Playable Romulan Faction. The ships, models and all the canon stuffs are almost entirely in game already. There are even enough affiliated races to get the faction at least up and running even if there aren't as many species as the existing factions. I have been saving a character slot for a Romulan science officer. I want those sneaky, underhanded buggers playable. Those hollow, blowfish, puffed out warbirds are my favorite trek ship of all time.

I don't have another off the top of my head. I love this game. I come back to it time and again even though I've given up on most all of the other mmo's I've played. I just want to stop seeing lockbox related spam (both the items and system spam) every 30 seconds of play (there, now it's in my short, mid and long term wishes)

Edit: Thank you. The option to stop the notifications from flashing in the middle of the screen is appreciated greatly. I'm fine with them in the chat windows.
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02-23-2012, 01:58 PM
Im going to throw out three new request:

Short: Unclutter the UI, get rid of the windows we dont need/want (group chats) and streamline the ones we do(ship powers, crew buffs, progress, ect..)

Medium: Create a new civilian faction, one that combines trading/exploration w/o all the Fed/KDF entanglements.

Long: Finally expand access to all four quads w/ player controlled planets and starbases
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# 2858 3 Simple requests
02-23-2012, 09:55 PM
#1 Short, Long and Mid-Risk verses reward. If you make the risk great ( IE BORKED ELITE STF DIFFICULTY ) at least make the reward conmensurate with the difficulty. Over 100 elite stfs ( and over 500 total ) and I still don't have a full MK12 set. Now if the set was really worth it that would be a major concern, but since it's not that much greater than the mk 11 whats the point anymore? So, either make the set much better or make the stupid prototype drops better, or fix the difficulty back so it's not that hard to complete the elites as it was before ftp went rabid. The prospects of completing the set for ground AND space are now over my head I havent been motivated to log on and grind that for weeks now.

#2 Mid-Long -Content rich experience. I know you've a lot in the works, but content is THE thing that will keep me coming back to the game over and over. You relaly need a huge relaease of content it is way over due and the current pace seems miniscule compared to the need at VA level. One can only do so many of the 6 missions that do anything for us before we get fed up and start watching Reruns to get our Start Trek fix.

#3 Short -Mid-Long : More careful engineering of changes and better communication of them. Communicating that you are making the stfs easier and actually making them 200 times harder is not only poorly engineeered - it's terrible communication as well. Hey we can all make mistakes and I accept that but you are more likely not to communicate for weeks that a mistake has even been made . I'd like to see you own up to your changes, intentional or not rather than hide behind any artifice. Now from what I have seen since PW tookover your company or someone at your company has a hankering to make the game much more challenging and notch up the difficulty as you can to attract mroe hardcore MMO fans. I don't oppose that but, do some good communication if that's what you intend to do. Ohh and while youa re at it if youa re going to make such crazy changes give us more free respec tokens so that we can adjust to said changes rather than force us to pay you more money with it by default, if you are goign to inflict pain make sure you at least do some reconciliation to ameliorate the damage.
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02-24-2012, 03:07 AM
All 3 summed up here: more mission content.
I am not talkin about foundry or daily repeatables. I mean real actual NEW developer created missions for both of the current factions in the game. I am sick and tired of playing my VADM 1 day a week for maybe 2 hours. I realize PWE just took over and we need to give you guys time to adjust fire onto target so i am bein as patient as possible. But if you EVER want another dime outta my wallet LOTS of new mission content is what it will take. I do not care if the level cap ever goes up if i have stuff to do in game with my main and all of my alts.
This being said i have glanced at some of the other feedback in this particular forum and see that you are listening to at least a portion of the posts. WAY BETTER THAN YOUR PREDECESSORS! I think you guys since FTP have done the best you can with what you were handed. I do not mean for that statement to sound derogatory at all. I mean to impress upon you the urgency that you have shown at addressing past oversights is noticed and appreciated. It is the best i have seen the game since the novelty wore off 3 months after beta.
Bravo on all of your hard work and now that you have the momentum going again DO NOT STOP!
Thank You
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02-24-2012, 07:24 AM
Changes I'd like to see:

Short-Medium-Long: Put a skin on the moon in Andoria already! It has been a basic UVW map forever. Just map something onto it already, I don't care what.

Short (actual): Adjustment to the Borg torpedo damage. The "magic torpedo" can be forgiven, it seems to just be a graphical error and with a bit of guesswork and luck you can survive it, but there is no reason that my cruiser, full buffed, should be 1 shotted from full shields/hull to dead. 2 shots? okay. 3 shots, perfect. But 1? How exactly am I supposed to tank a 400k damage REGULAR (not high yield) torpedo?

Short 2: Upgrade Maco/Omega. The sets do not give anything significant to really make farming them worth it. The space sets, it's not that they are bad, but they are only lateral moves from the Borg or Aegis pieces, and the only really standout piece is the Maco Shield. The ground sets are okay, but could be better. The stats on the pieces are decent, but I'd really like a few options of weapon. Just me personally, I loathe sniper rifles and full autos, so I now have one weapon slot that is almost always unused. Give us some options here; Dual Pistols? Single Pistols? Pulsewaves? Hi-Density? Blast Assaults? You have all of these amazing weapons, and the sets force you into one, and just one, and it may be one that you have no desire to use. Add onto this, Integral modulation is horribly misleading. I was expecting, based on the name, that it would automatically remodulate my weapon every few shots (3-5, maybe 7). Instead it's just another click. Sure, it's not taking an inventory item, but since it can be used in combat it is adding another level of micromanaging to an already clunky combat scenario (ground). Make it actually integral/automatic, or give us a choice of weapons.

Short 3: Borg specific kits. I know Sci officers used to have one. Why do we not have these back? Get one for each profession -- Sci with their shield destroy and heal mixes, Tac could have a static grenade integrated into a suppression or overwatch kit, Eng could have an AoE weapon malfunction of some sort. But give use something. Make them cost 40-60 EDC each, and again it gives purpose to farming those STF's over and over (and over...and over...and OVER...) again.

Medium: Worthwhile FE content. They way the FE's are, they are just too short, and unsatisfying, and all seem to have at least one part that is nothing but a long drag-out annoyance and time sink, usually with a nice visual set piece (Vault and Bajor, I'm looking at you). Give me something actual to do, a reason to want to replay these missions, better pacing, less "mailman" work. Something.

Medium 2: Move the borg/edc vendors OUT of DS9. Put them back in Gamma where they belong! I'm sure there is some reason why DS9 was chosen, just strikes me as horribly odd that such a critical front is being left untended, with your elite force several sectors and a transwarp gate from their foe.

Long: Content. Content. Content. There are so many sectors, so many planets. I wonder often how many people have even done all of the patrol missions, but once you've done it once there is no real incentive to do it again. The Borg are all big and bad. We get it. How about you work some Undine back in? Terradome could use a whole lot of love. Get us some Jem'hadar STF's -- unlike the Borg, these guys present an ACTUAL challenge, not just a flawed mechanic.

Long 2: Bring back an ACTUAL STF. Quickplay is fine for these ones that older players have already run a few hundred times, before f2p. And another few hundred after f2p. And I know this is asking a lot when the current STF's are so bugged and borked that you have to resort to exploits to finish some of them (Cure ground with no Sci on team). But I want an actual STF back, even if it is done as sequential episodes; you've shown you can lock a replay without having a prior part done. That would apply fine, let a fleet work together to get some tactics down, a reason to replay parts as you are bringing new members up, and an incentive to finish beyond just the Prototype drops, but full Set that can be gotten as a reward only. 3-5 Episodes, each with a piece that you need to do the next part to upgrade, guaranteed drop. Armor, PSG, Weapon, that gives you 9-15 replays right there, easily. With purpose. And without the aggravation of RNG screwing you out of drops.

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