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02-24-2012, 07:26 AM
Unlike the guy above me ... I just have 1 request. Bug test new patches before you release them. I volunteer to test any & all patches in the future. I will sign a NDA, I will do w/e is required for you to NOT release anymore broken F.E.'s or break things as you patch others.
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# 2862
02-24-2012, 01:44 PM
simple request the bridge and interior of the enterprise from star trek 6 the undiscovered country
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02-25-2012, 02:52 AM
Short term:
*Keep Anomalies on planetary away missions from being stuck in the ground and unscannable.
*Fix Stealth/Shield glitch in Deflector Array description/functionality (as it is, if a Deflector array says it adds a [STL] it's stats show it actually adds a Shield Strength bonus, if it says it adds Stealth and Shields it shows a double shield bonus)
*remove fees for basic body changes and rank changes in Tailor mode (pay EC etc for new clothes and attachments, but not changes to height, weight, or increasing a BOff's rank insignia to match their promotion. As it is, giving a subtle body makeover can cost 10's of thousands of EC, far more than a complete uniform makeover... and rank insignia should be free in my opinion)

Mid term:
*Add Ranged/Melee weapon slots for BOffs, switchable as appropriate (empty melee switches to unarmed combat when enemy is near, empty ranged defaults to melee combat and BOff will move to target like they currently do)
*Crafting Overhaul: Allow Stat-Mod modules when crafting and modules for all commonly available Stats (DMG, PLA, SIF, etc). Appropriate Mod slots: (1 for Uncommon, 2 for Rare, 3 for Very Rare). This is to allow better customization of crafted items. Certain Mods (DMG, SPD, CAP) could stack where others (damage type, turning, deflector stats) might not. Mods would be crafted more like schematics. Consoles would not use Mods.
*Fix height glitches for BOffs in bridge view (my Tellarite's hands disappear into consoles and my Gorn's feet disappear into the floor when sitting in a chair)

Very Long Term:
*Unlock Factions:
-Unlock Klingon at Fed lvl 20
-Unlock Cardassian at Klingon lvl 30
-Unlock Romulan at Cardassian lvl 40
-Unlock Borg at Romulan lvl 50
Each Faction must be played at least 10 lvls to unlock the next one, lvling a Fed to 50 would not unlock all factions. 1 Faction specific character slot awarded each time a faction is unlocked. Faction toons would be leveled based on lvl needed to unlock, similar to the way Klingon character is highly leveled by the time you get through tutorial.
*Borg specifics:
-No "Classes"... A Borg is a Borg is a Borg... they're all drones... Any Kit can be worn by any Borg. Borg Captain abilities will be Borg Specific, such as Borg Remodulation ((sets a bonus damage resistance to 1 or 2 damage types currently being used against you)), Assimilate Crew ((replenish your own crew stock while draining an enemy's)), Assimilate Enemy ((ground ability, temporarily turns 1 enemy to your side: NPC will die after medium time runs out, Player will revert back after short time runs out, 3 minute cooldown or longer))
-3 standard (1 chosen at Borg toon creation) ships Drone, Sphere, Cube. C-Store ships Tact Cube and (if copyright allows) Diamond.
-Photonic Fleet specific to ship type (Drone calls 1 Cube, 2 Spheres; Sphere calls 1 Cube, 3 Drones; Cube calls 2 Spheres, 3 Drones).
-All Borg ships should be adaptable: either A) all Universal BOff stations similar to Klingon Birds of Prey (1 Cmd, 1 Lt Cmd, 2 Lt), or B) 1 Universal CMD and 1 Lt of each other class, or C) 3 Universal Lt Cmd.
*Sector Block Specific warzones/arenas allowing limited factions:
-Fed Warzone: Fed, Klingon, Cardassian Players vs Borg NPC
-Klingon Warzone: Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan Players vs Borg NPC
-Cardassian Warzone: Cardassian, Romulan, Fed Players vs Borg NPC
-Romulan Warzone: Romulan, Fed, Klingon Players vs Borg NPC
-Borg Warzone: Massive area, allows all factions, special objectives for Borg Players, always grants lvl appropriate very rare items for completing objectives, higher XP and BOff Skill Points for completing 3 rounds
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02-25-2012, 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by wmcarson
- universal first officer slot on all ships would be great and really add a lot of different play styles
I was thinking this earlier lol would be a great idea and addition and certainly give the first officer some use, but only for Captain rank and higher.

Most of mine would be interior ship/life onbaord a starship based goals as I feel that being one of the key elements in the star trek universe, its lacking badly here.

- Being able to interact with bridge officers when on your bridge
- Crew talking to with you and other crew in passing (when aboard your ship)
- Bridge Officers and crew being active on your ship for example; moving to different work stations, walking about etc on the bridge, making use of the turbo lift, Eating in the mess hall (actually see them at a table with a bowl/plate infront of them.) Not fixed to one spot like they currently are.

- Duty officer slots for active chef and chief medical officer, providing small bonus's to crew. For example a chef may have a trait that will allow crew to recover slightly faster. Then seeing them working in the mess/sickbay.
- Shuttlebay, why this isnt already ingame I have no idea. Being able to go to your shuttlebay, See your current shuttle craft docked, and customize it.
- Small personal assignment given to you by intracting with crew and BOs. Like talking to your chief of sercurity and investigating a crime aboard your ship, or assisting engineering with upgrades.
- Adding the brig and cargo bays as options to travel to.

- Borg boarding partys side missions. After a fight with the borg and returning to sector space, chance to find out you had been boarded. Opens up mission to clear your ship of borg. Ignoring the mission could put your ship at a disadvantage.
- Alt means of nagivating sector space via your bridge and view screen.
- Random space encouters while aboard your ship, ship has a chance to get hit by a shockwave or weapons fire while your walking around your ship. Would go to red alert and you'll have to return to your bridge, sitting at your chair and putting the encounter on screen. Which would then promt a fight with a NPC ship or 2 in extrior view.
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02-26-2012, 06:55 AM
Short-time Requests:
  1. Skip Sequences
  2. Battle-Pets (Space and Ground)!
  3. Klingon Missions as a Marauder in Sirius Space (not DOFF-Missions!). And fix the Bugs (Enemy Faction BO can't wear / Can't Transwarp to Federation- and Cardassian-Space).

Middle-time Requests:
  1. Playiable romulan Faction.
  2. More Space (e.g. Ferengi-Sectors (and more Mini-Games))
  3. Be a Fleet-Admiral and Team-Up with all owned Ships and Shuttles and go with them into Missions.

Long-time Requests:
  1. Playiable cardassian Faction.
  2. Playiable Dominion Faction.
  3. Playiable Ferengi-Faction.
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# 2866 Instructions
02-27-2012, 11:47 AM
Put up instructions that all in one spot deal with simple stuff like hud dislay, comparing ships etc ive found bulky links so far
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02-27-2012, 02:13 PM
Short Term

These short term changes are small, easy changes that should be well worth the development time spent on them. In fact, they should not require very much development time at all.

1. Add a "cancel" button at the point in the login process where character servers are contacted, so we don't end up having to use the task manager to kill the game when the servers are down, nor wait twenty minutes for the game to give up trying to connect.

2. Add per-individual permissions to fleet bank tabs. My fleet has six divisions, each specializing in one form of content. We'd like each division to have their own tab, with two open tabs. As it stands, we can't do that. This is only one possible scenario where the current permission options fall short.

3. Finally take the step to allow special rewards, such as holiday items or feature episode rewards for on-time completion, to be purchased with C-Store credits. Ensure the C-Store version can be distinguished by sight but is of similar quality to the original items. Cryptic needs money. Don't hold back revenue sources.

Mid Term

These are goals that would take some work, but would improve upon player retention and enhance game elements.

1. Work on server stability. Let's face it -- nobody who is not at your data center can guess with any claim to validity what the problem is. But whatever it is, this will cost subscriptions in the long run.

2. Begin a stock-market-like dilithium exchange account system whereby any person who maintains a minimum balance of dilithium or C-Points may purchase C-Points at a discount in dilithium and sell at a mark up. What your in-game money market is missing is an entry method for investors. This would resolve that, and create a sub-game many people would play. A gold account should be required to access this. Finally, the market would not be stagnant. It would be advisable that C-Points purchased at a discount only be accessible to sell, not spend.

3. Implement a system to move player created content out of the foundry and into the galaxy as regular content. Reasonably high community approval of a foundry mission should be required for this, but it would enable your players to assist in content expansion in a meaningful way. When a mission graduates in this way, upgrade its rewards slightly.

Long Term

1. Allow foundry missions to be designated as "Deep Space" missions, and open up new options in creation when this is used (assets not normally accessible, custom star systems, etc). When a player approaches Deep Space, give them the option to warp into it and launch a random Deep Space mission. Now you can explore the frontier!

2. Create event sets whose availability is non-linear. For example, a first event may be a battlefield wherein the winning faction determines what subsequent events occur. This gives players incentive to care about the Federation-KDF war. It should sting when your side loses, and be something to celebrate when they win, but the subsequent events should not grant one side disproportionate advantage. It should only be available to the winning side for at least a few days, and then the losing side (having had time to recover) launches a new offensive to try to take back the subsequent content.

3. This is a general thing, but work on revenue. You guys need to bring in enough bacon to feed your programmers, and programmers need a lot of bacon! Without solving this, no other long term goal is realistic. I'd recommend simply asking the community, "What would be worth paying for?" There is one thing gamers never run out of: criticism. Leverage everything you can to your advantage, including that.


I'm sure I'm wasting my time. Nobody will read this; especially a developer. If I'm wrong, I can imagine how it would go: "Hey, Jim, look at this! Good ideas, but too bad he doesn't know blah blah blah." Ugh. Good luck, devs!
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02-27-2012, 02:14 PM
Short: Commendation XP for patrol/diplomacy missions.
Medium: New foundry assets
Long: Betazed, Xenex, Ferenginar, Tellar/Sauria sector block
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02-27-2012, 10:04 PM
This has probably been mention already, but I would like to see missions aboard your own ship. Maybe random missions like engineering troubles, medical emergencies, visiting diplomats, and the like. You are 'hailed' by an appropriate Bridge Officer to begin the mission, and it involves visiting locations on your own ship, like the Bridge, Sickbay, Crew Lounge, you name it. Another alternative would be combat missions, where your ship is boarded by hostile forces, and you and your crew have to fight them off.
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02-28-2012, 06:37 PM
Please Cut down on the lock box's in all most every STF i go too i get nothing but Green Lock Box's last STF i did i got 20 of them i don't care if there in game just cut down on them please.

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