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# 2901
03-11-2012, 09:01 AM
This is quite difficutt...

short term

increase compatibility for PC's with lower spec.. I'd like to see the beautiful graphics designed by the team and not have to change to lower settings when im in busier areas.
reduce the amount of clicks for common used options. something i'd like to see is a crew promote button rather than a drop down...

Mid term

prob to improve the cut scenes of characters on episodes and missions so that it doesnt look so much like a doll/robot.
i'd like to set course to some where and go inside my ship, and then get an announcement when my ship arrives.

i'd like a better kit guide, for someone like me who is not used to this sort of game. its difficult for me to understand what kits to craft and what combinations work better. a rework of the tech structure would be a great help. i'm a veteran and have the new flag ship.. but get beaten really quickly, same on the ground combat.. simply because i dont know what kits to get and what load out to use :-S

Long term

one who galaxy map.. with more than just key planetary systems. i'd like to see lots of planets that are as yet unexplored.. with species undiscovered, not like the expance maps, where you meet a species and
then never see them again. i'd like to fly through the galaxy with out loading screens.

end game content.. i'm running out of things to do :-(. the doff system is great.. but theres no real progression
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# 2902 more than three,
03-11-2012, 01:30 PM
I do not want to sift these boards for the right places to post my concerns, suggestions, and wishes for ST: O. this is my list;

1. I don't want to give players an exploit, but I do want to see an auto-kick in elite STF's for lame ducks. I have seen too many players hiding in the back not participating in the fight, yet selecting NEED on every bit of loot. STF's are hard enough with a full team, and too hard when the team has useless bagage.

2. Give fleets: the ability to form STF teams internally, and allow the teams the ability to inspect a team member's equipment. ARENAS have a scoreboard at the end of the event, why not a transparent window scoreboard for fleet team STF's?

3. GROUND STF difficulty, the borg have so many hit points and such toughness that you regularly need all 5 players to take down *ONE*. however, STF's frequently force groups to seperate for different tasks making them absurdly difficult- if not impossible. also, I have observed borg teleporting to their objectives, jumping through Forcefield domes, One shot killing players with full health and shields, and yes, continuing to fight with no hit points.

4. STF: make the deffera borg, mirror events, terradome, into STF that provides borg EDC and salvage. you can turn the DS9 wormhole into the staging area for a space STF against the MIRROR universe. Translation, more STF's and more ways to get EDC/salvage.

5. STF ELITE GEAR: is not so elite. the items in question do not appear to have advancements making them more desirable than Mark Twelve items (MK XII) which are availiable in the exchange. I like earning set items, but could you make them "WORTH IT"? Earning the weapon, personal shield, body armor requires 120 edc... that's 120 stf completions, and probably many many more stf runs with bad groups, quiters, and bugs. yet, Anyone and everyone who plays the 2800 can earn a jem'hadar SET of XI for their ship, captain, and crew. So, I can grind for three months to earn "elite gear" that isn't elite....
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# 2903 this is an old suggestion:
03-11-2012, 01:56 PM
PLAYER's SHOULD HAVE THE CHOICE TO RETROFIT their favorite ships as a c-store item! DO NOT "retro-fit" a ship model we've already seen and don't make me pay for ship models I already have! If I have a defiant, I shouldn't need to buy a tactical defiant two ranks later. *I HAVE ONE*.

PLAYER's SHOULD HAVE THE CHOICE TO RETROFIT their favorite ships as a c-store item! akin to giving a ship a promotion to the next rank/teir, allow ships to "STAGE UP +1", maybe even "+2". I like the oberth science vessel, but have no use for a LT rank vessel once I am no longer an LT. the option to "player retrofit" or Stage up +1, would increase the number of weapon slots, fore and aft, number of console slots, device slots, and bridge officer ranks and slots. this would mean players using a greater variety of ship models.

at current, End game ships have a maximum of 4 slots in any area- but there is room for 5, even 6 slots.
if you want C-store ship consoles to have an increased value, adding "universal console slots" to a ship for those c-store console items only, would be quite a boon to players who pay for them. this does grant some advantage, but isn't Pay2win as much as some may think. for example, you could limit this to the autodefence turret that fires a bolt of plasma, and not allow this for the point defense turret phaser cannons console.
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# 2904 STF OPTIONAL rewards
03-11-2012, 02:06 PM
I would like STF optional rewards go to the players who actively do the tasks required:
rescuing crew members, defending Kang/keeping his ship healed as much as possible.
I really resent a mistake making noob getting the rewards *I WORKED FOR*.

also, if I get a repeat reward can I have the option to trade it or something? seriously. If I have earned XI M.A.C.O. gear getting a rare salvage for X, or even XI items is a let down. or maybe the loot rewarding system could be a tad bit more intelligent, and not give me repeatedly the same stuff when I am trying to earn all XII gear.
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# 2905 Torpedo Ships
03-11-2012, 02:15 PM
you have a number of classes of ship:
cruisers, escorts, science vessels, carriers, stealth ships,
but what you don't have is kind of odd:

TORPEDO SHIPS- a torpedo ship is a spacecraft that carries a massive payload of micro torpedos and has a large number of mounted micro torpedo launchers. torpedo ships could have a brief toggle limited ability that the launchers are not on a shared cool down.

obviously a torpedo ship is a form of escort craft.
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I can have a strictly human crew, a recovered borg crew, catian crew, klingon crew, andorian crew, All vulcan, etc. but photonic bridge officer comes in only one flavor... (unavailiable)
I want to see more options for C-store bridge officers and playable races.

also, I wanted to make a machanima of trek fanfictions I wrote, but couldn't. there wasn't enough options.
Catians, technically have no hair. M'ress had a gorgeous flowing mane. please give us more options, (and give catians HAIRSTYLES).

Sure I can make an alien race, and yes I can be telepathic, telekinetic, and have mental discipline...
but the psychic abilities demonstrated by the Remans, undine, and others is completely out of reach. it irks me that about 400 years from now, all of Starfleet has veritably no defence against an advanced psionic alien race. That science wise, they can travel among the stars, teleport from a space ship to a planetary surface, etc. but have been too scared to pursue psionic technology even when member races have such abilities!

quite simply, I would love to have a special kit for Psychic characters to expand their powers/options.
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# 2907 cardassian lockboxes...
03-11-2012, 02:56 PM
lets face it. the loot dropped from cardasian lockboxes isn't all that great.
in fact, I don't want it, and I certainly wouldn't want repeats of items If I did....

remember when you could play a videogame for a quarter? yeah. these master keys should cost no more than 25 cents each. period. I can get gama quadrant commodities from duty officer missions. I can get pets from the c-store. could you make the cost of the key equivalent to the value of the items recieved?

Don't cry because no one is buying selhat cub pets, and don't try to foist them off as a prize, these should be clues to you that the price for the item far exceeeds the demand. re-vamp your c-store prices on EVERYTHING according to sales. because I have run out of things I would like to buy from the c-store and it could be months before something is added to the c-store that perks my interest.

I want items I can use!
I want bridge officers, new races, more off duty options, more ship interior functionality
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# 2908
03-11-2012, 09:34 PM
Short Term
- Additional costume slots for BOffs - perhaps two extra free by default, and additional purchasable from the C-Store

- BOffs should sit on bridges at fixed, sensible locations - going by this Intrepid bridge artwork for example, I'd rather my First Officer be seated next to my player toon rather than bouncing back and forth between random consoles

- Default crew uniforms - nothing is more jarring than having your bridge officers wear one uniform and the rest of your crew retaining their "default Antares garb

- More hairstyle options for the Tailor, especially longer female hairstyles

- More canon bridge / interior designs (e.g. Voyager-style Intrepid set), and definitely no more oversized ones!

- More player captain / bridge officer species for Fed (e.g. Cardassian, Talaxian, Reman) - I'm currently making do with "Alien" for my Cardie Sci Officer, and it would be nice to have authentic Reman BOffs wearing Starfleet uniforms

Long Term
- Ship interior should have actual functionality e.g. Sickbay to treat BOff injuries, Engineering to repair ship injuries, shuttlebay to switch between shuttlecraft, various mini-games, ejectable warp core (why not? ;D)

- Allow users to build / customize their own ship interiors in the Foundry

- Featured Series based on the Delta Quadrant
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# 2909 Game Direction
03-12-2012, 05:26 AM
Hello Mr Developer,

Do you remember a game called 'Star trek Bridge Commander' ,it was based on the bridge of a starship where you assumed the role of a starship captain and fought your space battles through the big view screen on the bridge.
Well I would like you to develope a five man S.T.F or a series that made more of ship bridge operations.

When I go to the bridge of my ship I see my officers working away at their consoles but I cannot communicate with them, I want this to change.

I want either be able to give orders to them on the bridge as captain or assume the role of a bridge officer so I can carry out an orders and operate console commands.

Imagine an STF where three to five players are able to assume the roles of Helmsman,Sience,Engineer,Tactical,Security or Captain and find solutions to different situations in real time.

Bridge officers could contact duty officers and have them carry out ship repairs an help solve all sorts of internal ship problems.
I think this idea is do-able.
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# 2910
03-13-2012, 01:20 AM
I haven't been playing long enough to come up with a list of 9, but this is what I have from my initial impressions.

1.Rank titles. I'm new to the franchise and don't know much about naval command structure, but the more Star Trek I consume the stupider putting admiralty titles in the normal progression seems.

1.Levelling Rate. It's just way, way too fast. I just got a third of a level from scanning 5 things. No fighting, just walking and scanning. Methinks it should take about a couple of months to get from 1-50 with heavy play, but I don't really know what the ideal balance would be.

2.The ability to choose the order one does Feature Episodes. This is just because I got my first character to near the end of the Klingon missions before restarting (I tend not to use my first character for long in any MMORPG). Would've been nice to have been able to start on a different narrative.

1.Ship interiors with basic facilities, shipboard missions and inter-system navigation. 'Cause the inside of the ship is an important part of Trek and Sector Space is kinda terrible.

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