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03-13-2012, 04:26 AM
1. More ways to get dilithium
2. More Open PvP arena(warzone)
3. More variety of STF
4. Far fewer server crashes

1.Same number of episodes for Klingon as the Federation.
2. More c-store stuffs including more ships
3. Ground PvE and PvP where u take your own ground team along.

Long term

1. Introduction of third and subsequent faction into the game, preferabbly as their own faction. Ideally would be Romulan and then Cardassians and or Dominion
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03-13-2012, 05:24 AM
Sorry for my bad english.

1. More Borg oriented tech : Why we dont have kits (science / tectical / engineer ) with adaptations for fighting borg ? Every kit available must have a [borg] version.

2. More respawns points in ground STFs. And a new type of respawn: if a player disconnects ( for any reason) when its backs, it will return in the exact same point. Today, if a player disconnects, it returns in the start point.

3. Buff weapons against borg, to make a difference. The weapons are almost the same of the common weapons.

4. In STF elite, why we can receive hypos or green quality items in optional objective loot ? Give less items, but at least only blue and purple items. Its unfair to receive green loot or hypos after get cure optional ground...

5. Defera Invasion: I am almost unable to play it, because the time is almost always at night (in my time, 01-7 am) and I need to work to pay my subscription. Why dont make some piece of Defera Invasion a STF ? I think you can make at least 3 STFs with Defera Invasion.

6. Yet about Defera: stop the crap loot. I receive too many common weapons and armor. Give some chance to get blue and purple items...

7. Golden lock box: WHY its so hard get differents items ? I already open 4 golden box and I get 2 shields (Or ship pet, two of the same pet ) and 2 x 10.000 CXP . Exactly, 2 same items . Its not cool and definitly not fair.

8. The turrets we get in Doff missions needs a serious buff. Too low HP and too low damage.

9. Remove Greed or Need. Each player in team will receive your own loot. We all tired of needy ninjas (?).

10. More KDF quests and related stuff. I know its a dream, a illusion and never will happen.

11. Fix the server. I know its more easy get more Klingon quests, but you need try harder to fix the crash.
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03-13-2012, 10:03 AM
A few things I'd like to note:

1. Please fill out the pull-down navigation menu on these boards to include all four Foundry Forums. Right now there's just one.

2. Champions Online has a very nice "Suggestions Box" Forum on their boards. I'd recommend adding one here. (And, of course, include it in the pull-down.) Then all of the suggestions threads from all of the existing forums -- particularly the Sticky ones -- can be moved there.

3. Did I already mention in this thread how great it would be to have "standard lists" for Away Teams? Previously I was talking about having one for combat-heavy missions, one for scientific exploration, and so forth, but they could also be divvied up according to enemy: one to fight Borg, one to fight True Way, one to fight Undine, and so forth, depending on the officers' respective Skills and equipment.
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03-13-2012, 10:03 PM
1: Move the lock boxes to there own available special True way freighter mission.
"Why: So we don't have to end up running into the annoying lock boxes in each and every mission."
2: Adjust the sets to be more effective and prohibit the use of ships with set items from being used in PVP.
"Why: This would more equal players out to the borg and also make PVP more interesting and not so one sided to players who have been. Been there done that became unstoppable."

Short term
1: Adjust the sets to be more effective and prohibit the use of ships with set items from being used in PVP.
"Why simple it would equal us out to the borg in PVE and BORG missions but at the same time re-balance PVP so it's intresting and not so one sided to long term players."
2: An increase in dilithium refinement limit from 8,000 to 10,000
"Why 8,000 feels more like an insult to the free players a limit of 10,000 would feel more like it's ok we understand you can't afford to pay and that is ok."

medium term
1: Cryptic store prices fixed to be more fairly prices
"Some examples single uniform should not be 440 the same as a whole set instead it should be 110 or 220."
"The captain retrain token should be 200 or 300 given we earned the exp points charging 400 for it seems kind of crazy in the price given we are only adjusting our stats not adding more."
2: Allow players to go fully straight up and down.
"Don't say they didn't do that in the show in space there is no up or down only on planets there is an up or a down. Also re-watch the scene of the galaxy-X blasting the Klingon ship to pieces from bellow the ship. I think there was a scene where the defiant flew up as well." As long as I can not fly straight up I am not buying any version of the galaxy-X."

Long term "What fun"
1:Equipment slot for our ships "Devices in this slot would use your aux power."
Equipment in the equipment slot would add a special control panel below the skill up bar and above other players in your team. Equipment allowed in this slot would be tractor beams, holo emitters, Self destruct devices, Anti-matter bombardment, Transwarp coil, ETC..
-Tractor beams would fall into different types civilian, military, Special.
A civilian Tractor beam would only have the basic power level and hold and release option.
The military tractor beam would have the power level, hold, release, Defense and polarize option.
Polarize would use the tractor beam emitter to polarize your ships hull to force the tractor beam holding you to release. The Defense Tractor beam would ready a set amount of tractor beams to grab mines and or torpedoes.
-Self Destruct would also fall into different versions depending on how it blows your ship up.
This would have the option of time limit, evacuation and the start and stop timer.
-The Transwarp could would also come in a verity of flavors.
Buy-able Experimental "This one would be more likely to fail then work.
Excelsior "This one is exclusive to the first excelsior ship."
Advanced Excelsior "This one is a more advance version of the excelsior and exclusive to the retrofit."
2: interior snap together editor for the crew deck, bridge and engineering.
"To many of the bridges all use the same stuff let us at least personalize the interior of our ships."
"You could also add a buy more space storage system that would require us to use cryptic to get more interior space."
3: Redesign the missions
"A massive must the current missions fall way short when compared the 2800 feature mission series. The current missions now need full voice over and dialogue."

Don't know where this falls under or when it could be done.
Fact 1: The klingon side beautifully shows how rich the klingon empire is in dilithium ore.
Fact 2: But the federation side falls short in the original series they used refined dilithium from mines.
Bt in the next generation the federation exhausted there dilithium ore from the war with the romulans and the war with the klingons and the cold war with the romulans then there was the fact for generations the federation suffered from inefficient engine cores.
Fact 3: So the federation redesigned there power cores to be more efficient to save dilithium and then later swapped to synthetic dilithium crystals.

1: So when we get fleet bases we should have the option to build a synthetic dilithium factory for the federation to reflect the fact the federation is now using synthetic dilithium.
Source: Star Trek the next generation relics and a question in a star trek convention.
2: The klingon fleet base should get dilithium ore moons and a build-able diithium refinery.
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# 2915 bugs
03-14-2012, 12:07 AM
how about fixing the bugs in the game for a week now i only have the ability to use only the 2nd and 3 firing positions on ground weapons and some of my shiops weapons have gone missing as well gravitron gen for one they just up and dissapeared and i never saw them again
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# 2916 Wishlist
03-14-2012, 12:25 AM
- Server disconection bug fix.
- more costume options
- additional costume option for nebula class ship. (I want the celestial saucer and pylons for my nebula)

- more Episodes
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03-14-2012, 12:40 AM
Short Term: Starship Selection Screen should add Bridge Officer and Console count to help the player decide which ship will best suit their role in a mission.

Mid Term: Offer Level 50 retro-fit ships of any ship. Some ships models are just over-populated at level 50 imho.

Long Term: Load and Save Ship U/I settings that include the Bridge Officers on deck.
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03-14-2012, 10:48 AM
It would also be nice to be able to save the keybinds on a per-ship basis. Re-editing the entire sequence every time I change ships is a major pain; the only other two options are either skipping small-craft missions or suffering through them. I've been doing the last, but it would be nice to be able to just assign a set of slots to my Runabout to fit its equipment, and then slickly return to my Odyssey without having to worry about it.
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03-14-2012, 01:47 PM
These might've been suggested numerous times, but the more you hear it the more likely they'll happen? (I hope)

Short Term

1. When you ignore a player, they disappear from your screen.
2. An instance at Social places for RP focused players.
3. Some sort of Off-Duty Clothing for KDF. (more KDF options in general)

Mid Term

1. A half-faction for players who are Neutral to the Fed/KDF conflict. (Merc/Pirate or Diplomats)
2. A full KDF faction, with original Episodes, not Fed Rehashes (there is some good KDF only stuff, maybe more of it.)
3. More things to do on planets, like Vulcan/Andoria/Risa and KDF planets, that aren't mission based. And make the chairs everywhere like the ones on Bajor are now. (click to sit)

Long Term

1. Romulan Faction
2. Chaining of Foundry Content, like Featured Episodes are.
3. Expand the game play area, more areas to explore, planets we've heard of on the shows, that we can't go to in the game is sorts weak.

Additional Stuff
Allow players to challenge each other in the environments they're in already instead of going to a PVP map. If I want to get into a bar fight at Drozana or Quark's and the other person is cool with that, let us fight in front of everyone.

A ship's Holodeck that will launch the Foundry content from the interior of the ship.

Diplomacy in action, have places like conference rooms where you can have PVE or PVP Diplomacy. That's not going to be a super popular request, but I need more than Space War, there are tons of games like that. Star Trek is about more than war. The 2800 has a decent amount of PVE Diplomacy in it, more of that please.

A hotel on Risa...(charge EC of GPL for it)

I love the game, just a few ideas.
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03-14-2012, 08:23 PM
- Make the ship interiors fully functional, with holo decks, working chairs and card tables, maybe some labs and staff in places you would expect them instead of just wandering the halls.
- Add more Vulcan ships in, with more customization options.
- A better end game than just grinding stf's for mark 12 gear. Hopefully something that does well in a team and has lots of interesting and maybe dynamic story lines.

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