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05-05-2012, 02:01 AM
I also mean to have it sector space so you can see other ships when looking out of window or view screen really hope they add this to the game
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05-05-2012, 02:47 AM
Long Term Suggestion:

Why not include "captured" and repurposed enemy vessels among the possible ship options? Who wouldn't want to fly a Rom. Warbird, Rom/Reman Dreadnought, Borg Sphere, etc.?

This has probably already been suggested, but I thought I would throw the suggestions in anyway. Thanks.
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05-05-2012, 03:01 AM
short - everything that is currently announced

middle - PVP PVE charts, more maps and accolades, new PVP, PVE sets
- buff science

long - RSE
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05-06-2012, 01:44 AM
Beside minor and major Bugs:

Short: More Ship costume parts options, especially for the Nebula class. Still hoping that all the shipparts that are available for Galaxy will be available for the Nebula.

Mid: New traits for Characters and BOs, like "engineered clone", or genetically enhanced or augement etc.

Long: Customize Ship interior (maybe to option to craft furniture and also depending of the ships size. A Galaxy would obviously have more space than a Defiance), Customize looks of the crew (at least the uniform), to have the DOff as "avatars" running around the ship.
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05-06-2012, 01:49 AM
Add romulans

add more clothing

add ALL the species homeplanets to be able to beam down at ..
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05-06-2012, 07:43 AM
Bring back the Captain database I used to enjoy reading it finding out about different captains.
Put less focus on c points use em for thing like costumes and stuff
Add more ranks ... if u extended RALH to ten lvls and RAUH to ten lvls then VA for 10 there's 20 extra lvls which gives us as players more freedom and you guys as devs more freedom to make ships, items , missions
That's all I wish for
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05-06-2012, 06:07 PM
I'm back with even MORE suggestions. I had listed two of each and I am back for my third.

Short- Ability to modify weapons and equipment. What I mean is this. A special console on memory alpha that you can put a weapon, psg, engine, whatever, and it will open up a screen from which you can insert various items in. Like this. Jem hadar polaron full auto rifle. 5 slots. one for a device and the rest for modifyers/consumables. Insert frequency remodulator into device slot, and 3 nanoenergy cells, and a small power cell into the consumable slots. The consumables are activated when the weapon is next fired, and then act as normal , but only applying their effects to the weapon they are equipped to, and expiring like normal consumables and with their effects as normal. However the frequency remodulator stays in as it is not a consumable, and will automatically activate when borg adapt to the weapon that has it, but it will only remodulate that weapon. Cappish?

suggestion for as to how to do it. Once a person reaches VA, he/she gets access to a monthly mission. repeat. Monthly. Where they can choose to do one of two things. 1 is: capture an enemy ship. From there, you get several choices as for who to rob. Romulans. If you do this mission on normal, you get a mogai escort. On adv. you get a d'deridex. on elite you get a scimitar. True Way- normal- galor or jem'hadar heavy escort. adv.- dominion battleship or keldon. Elite- Jem'hadar dreadnaught. Hirogen.- normal- Hunter escort. Adv.- Apex battleship. Elite- Huntmaster dreadnought. Breen- Normal- Chell Grett cruiser. Adv.- Sarr thein warship. Elite- Breen capital ship. Nausicaan- Normal- destroyer escort. Adv.- Talon battleship. Elite- Scourge dreadnaught. Gorn- Normal- draguas cruiser. Adv.- Zilant battleship. Elite- Balaur dreadnaught. The mission would go something like this. (I will use breen as an example.)
Find a breen patrol.
Scan breen patrol.
Engage breen patrol
Destroy escorts- (normal- 3 plesh brek, adv. 6 plesh brek 1 chell grett, elite, 9 plesh brek, 2 chell grett 1 sarr thein)
Disable target ship (difficulty based ship you are capturing)
Board target ship
Kill crew (10 groups normal, 20 groups adv, 30 groups elite)
Secure the bridge (Kill captain boss and guards)
Repel enemy attempts to retake bridge (3-5 waves based on difficulty)
preform necessary repairs
Beam up to ship.
Defend disabled ship (2 minutes of regular attacks)
Hail salvage team.
warp to sector.
go to earth spacedock, first city, or DS9 to claim ship.
The other option is to design your own ship using premade components. However, we don't want any sector block sized behemoths, so size limits have to be put into place. You are limited to 1 ship per month.

Long- Fleet wars. When you are part of a fleet, reality is, you spend most of your time chatting. As a result, fleet wars would be a much more active way to participate in a fleet. As said on the wiki, there will be fleet owned starbases coming up. With these as bases of operations, the fleets can attack sectors, make alliances with other fleets, and conquer one another. Each sector owned will give a fixed daily dillithium income. The more sectors you control, the more dilithium you get.

These are my suggestions. please read them, review them, and PLEASE at least give them a chance to get into the game.
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05-07-2012, 01:22 AM
To have it so that all ships have a hanger/shuttle bay to launch your fighters from. And the amount and type of shuttle you have depends on your rank. Have a nice day everyone
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05-07-2012, 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by Commodore Shrvk
  1. Improve BOFF and Pet pathing and AI
  2. More life on planets
  3. More episodic missions
  4. Random hail missions, get a hail from starfleet to go on a mission.
  5. Fix long-standing bugs

  1. Make each ship class mean something/specialization
  2. Allow assignemts of crew to Chief Engineer, Chief Medical, etc...(maybe play as one of your boffs)
  3. Flesh out the Klingon Faction and move to the next, add some diversity

  1. Remove the exploration sectors and just make them regions so you can travel way way off into deep space.
  2. Add more systems, currently there are very few with not much to do in many except patrol.
  3. Customizable ship (house) interiors with full deckplans and interactive NPC crewmembers. Assign people to quarters shifts, etc...
  4. Real crafting
  5. More endgame, raids, fleet actions, give us something to do that is not "scheduled"
Updated and nice to see my requests have not changed much, just had to add things I thought would be done over a year ago by now .
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05-07-2012, 05:12 PM
Short Term:
Could we please get improved damage modeling? I don't like seeing identical blast lines along both sides of my ship.

Mid Term:
Perhaps a C-Store account services option where for like 2000 CP we can transfer everything from 1 character to a second? But the second wouldn't be able to participate in that kind of action again, and the one thats giving would be destroyed.

Long Term:
Maybe able to customize the interior of your starship beyond bridge and interior size? Whenever you guys get 3D editing in Foundry, add an option where you can go into your ship and pretty much edit it exactly like a foundry mission, without the storyline. (So you could make a fireplace that can be toggleable or a crazy disco captains quarters with a tribble infestation in the hallways )

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