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05-08-2012, 04:17 PM
short term:
-Nerf the damn Borg! They drop peple way to fast! they need to be easier to kill and not do redicilous amounts of damage! I know they are suopposed to be a super villan but C'Mon!

Mid Term:
More missions for max level players with game content. The invasion of DS9 was brilliant and I had a lot of fun re-taking it from the Dominion. more missions like this please?

Long Term:
-Fix the glitches that are constantly being reported. I know the list is long but im tired of being logged out for no reason or going to a vendor, highlighting an item to see what it does, then highlighting a different one and I am still reading the first one's description this is getting anoying.

-Create an axis where ships can move verticaly. Its kinda dumb that space ships can not move streight up or down.

-Create a Special senario for landable craft that can land on a planet? One of my fave things about the Intrepid class is it has the ability to land. Shuttles should be able to do this too.

-Fix the poor catian graphics. Their tails seem to defy gravity and when i read up on them they dont wear shoes and instead spray a polymer on their foot pads. They are also supposed to be Digiti grade.
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05-09-2012, 11:18 AM
- Short term : a better crafting system. It's already working as it is, but the dilithium use is just ridiculous, and it's always more interesting to buy it for ECs (easy to farm). Those who want to spend Dilithium would use the dil store anyway.

- Mid term : More VA (or above if higher levels are coming) science ships. The science path is really neglected by cryptic. Science power insaleny nerfed, almost no c-store ships, the intrepid is quite lame and the carrier is nice, but it's a kind of game you have to like. So, since you removed most of the science usefull science powers, at least, give us some ships ! Odyssey, gold box ships, every new ship is a f***ing cruiser. I'm sick to see that every new added ship is a cruiser. So, please stop that cruiser spam.

- Long term : Romulan / Borg factions. Everyone wants it. Why don't you reward the best foundry missions in c-points to add it to the KDF storyline and get a full faction for a low cost for you to focus on other factions ?

Edit : long-long term request : a more realistic game : people able to watch battles from the ship itself, inside it, allowing friends to fight on your side in your fighter pets, the ability to land with the ship / shuttle on any planet, the ability to build player cities, etc. To make a deep and way more interesting game !
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05-09-2012, 11:25 AM
1 fic the problems with game like recent glitch that keeps dumping people out of game its really no fun to get booted out when boss in stf is about to die to log back in and find boss dead and no loot for you because you werent loged in when boss died
now that feds have carriers please fix lag in stfs caused by multiple fighter swarms
3make a loot button that when you loginto play stfs you can set loot to no lockboxes i am getting tired of all the lock boxes poping up for need or greed it really obsures vision so make a button for players to auto pass on all lock boxes
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05-09-2012, 01:43 PM
I recall i've answered on this thread before but now this game's situation is different.
Now I feel that STO is getting near a state of stagnation and I will try to explain why.

In every MMO the core that makes you playing it is character progression and in STO
that include ship progression as well. Traditionally you keep on developing a character
until you reach a level cap. During or after that you're developing the character skills
(if only that its a skill-centric game) and/or getting better equipment (if only that its a
item-centric game). STO have all these elements but I beleive they could be more

First of all, you reach your level cap to soon! Especially now with the new DOFF-
system. A natural step now is to continuing your character progression with the
skill system and getting better gear. But in STO you reach skill cap and level
cap at the same time. That leaves only the hunt for gear as the remaining character

You get new gear by crafting, doing missions or participate in STF's (and of course buying).
Crafting is a good tradition in most MMO's. It may take a while to get enough skill
to get what you want, but if you endure it you'll be rewarded with the items you
sought. Except in STO you have to pay for it with real money. So crafting is for
rich people only.

By doing missions you get items that scales with your level. But in STO you
probably have done those missions before. How fun is that given that you now
are supposed to play your endgame play?

STF's is what's left to do. A futile grind for Borg parts that are tradable for better
gear at DS9. A monotonic gameplay that wears you out. On the elite difficulty version
of STF's there is a chance to get very rare parts from enemies. The chance is allmost

The endgame in STO is all about getting gear to your character and ship and once you
get it, your character progression is over. At this moment all you can do is to roll an alt
and start over again.

The skill-centric gameplay should be prolonged so that you could attend to it after
you hit level cap. The DOFF system is not enough because it only allows you to carry
out a limited number of tasks within a timeframe. Crafting must not have a pricetag on it.
Crafting is probably that STO needs most right now to fill the gap as post-level cap
character progression.
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05-09-2012, 01:44 PM
low term
  1. Romulan Faction
  2. Dilithium Fleet Bank
  3. Convert Latinum to Dilithium
  4. TOS Interior's for the Foundry

Medium Term
  • Cardassian Faction
  • More mini-games

Long Term
  • Borg Faction (unimatrix zero)
  • Open PvP
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05-09-2012, 03:31 PM
Short Term---- The sheer volume of Ferenghi lockboxes is bordering on harrassment. I get that you need to make $$$, and selling keys is a good way to do it, I really do. I even bought points, and spent a good chunk of them buying keys. I didn't win anything useful, and feel a bit ripped off, but I'm not just expressing bitterness over that here. I really feel the incredible number of box drops is killing my enjoyment of the game. I hate playing STF missions because I have trouble seeing the action because I am always being asked to pick up 2-3 lockboxes. I never win useful gadgets in game because all I get are lockboxes. I keep filling up my inventory (paid to expand it twice already btw) with useless lockboxes in batches of 20. And if I get a special gold lockbox it always drops a plain lockbox, which means I have even more slots of inventory devoted to lockboxes.

Seriously guys, please layoff the lockboxes. The 80% mission drop rates., the stacks and stacks of them, it's passed the border part of borderline ridicullous a long time ago and it's just become offensive. I don't want or need 80-100 lockboxes a week. Chill yourselves out!
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05-10-2012, 08:26 AM
Something i have been wanting is the ability to see how other ships are configured. when i do a borg invasion or fed mirror and i see someone absolutely kicking butt and taking names i think, how is he configured that I'm not? I wish i could right click on his ship and have it pull up a readout of his weapons, consoles and what BOFF powers are configured
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05-10-2012, 08:47 AM
Since I'm back in game again, it's time for a new list! :p


PvP fixes: make science ships useful again, lower the extremes of both DPS and heals, cut down on the amount of pet and NPC harassment in PvP arenas.

Slow leveling back down a bit: there is no way you can make endgame content fast enough to keep all the VAs happy, fast levelling only adds to the problem.

New PvP maps: what ever happened to converting some of the Reman FE maps?

More windows for 'gated' content: I do understand the reasoning behind the time gated content, but making it as restricted as it currently is just annoys people to no benefit.


More 'classic' ship styles: I appreciate that you guys don't want lots of really old ships flying around, but that doesn't mean you couldn't make ships that look kinda retro without necessarily being old. More circular saucers, more clean and smooth hulls, more dome capped nacelles, etc.

More foundry assets and tools: 'nuff said.

Exploration revamp: I'd have made it long term, but haven't we waited long enough?


More STFs.

More alternatives to STFs.

More Iconians.
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05-10-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by Vetteguy904
Something i have been wanting is the ability to see how other ships are configured. when i do a borg invasion or fed mirror and i see someone absolutely kicking butt and taking names i think, how is he configured that I'm not? I wish i could right click on his ship and have it pull up a readout of his weapons, consoles and what BOFF powers are configured
I agree. I have gave my fair share of money to you guys to get keys and get crap in exchange. I could have used those c-Points for Dilithium and get better gear than what the lock boxes offer. Please stop waisting time, money and ruining our game play with the ridicilious amounts of lock boxes.
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05-11-2012, 10:09 AM
Short Term

Please fix the Ring glitch on the Vulcan D'Kyr Ship

Long Term (Just ideas that I have for the game)

Romulan/Reman faction, (Romulans make peace treaty with the Feds, Remans turn to the Klingons) Gimmi a Warbird now !

New Faction, reagade Borg (Sort of like Hugh, there could be a story line that affects the borg so you get a Splinter group, less powerfull than the collective but with individulaity (So players can play them) with a few (New) Borg ships to fly.

D'Kora on the C-Store .. I really want one and have opend about 70 boxes no deal grrrrrrrrrrrrr, in fact there should be an option to but the limited ships (make em expencive if need be) but ive probably spent 100 on blimmin keys and I would prefer to have just got the thing in the C-Store, you could run it as a Limited time purchase.

Perhaps some more varied ships that are not Fedderation, Son'a perhaps, and have a Mercenary faction that could operate between both feds, and kling factions.


More C-Store ships

Thats about it so far.

(Edit) one last thing, a bit more mission variaty that goes beyond, warp to X, kill X ships in orbit, beam down kill X aliens, beem up, kill a few more X ships .... rince and repeat for all the missions, there must be a way to add some viriaty. ?

(Edit Again) Alien Bridges, IE Borg infested, Vulcan, Son'a .. just something more that the standard fed stuff.

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