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05-11-2012, 04:25 PM
I don't really have long- or medium- term requests, all I ask for is:

The ability to stop levelling at any time I choose (see here:
To be able to set space difficulty and ground level to different amounts (ie all space combat takes place at elite, while ground combat is at normal).
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05-11-2012, 06:41 PM
Short Term: Give us Katanas as an additional Melee Weapon Choice!! We have Bat'leth's, Lirpas, Tsunkatse Falchions, and Nausicaan Tegolar Swords, but we need a melee weapon from Earth. And, frankly, Katanas Are Just Better.

Mid Term 1: Revamp the Ship Tiers based on Suricata's Ship Tier Revamp Proposal. It could probably use some minor tweaks, but it works.

Mid Term 2: Add some Belfast Bridge Type variants, which are basically changes to the lighting color/intensity and to the console color scheme.
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05-13-2012, 01:20 PM
Short Term: Kilts (and other non-trouser options) for males for uniforms

Mid Term: customizable bridges and ship interiors.

Long Term: More mature content targeted for adults

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05-13-2012, 05:35 PM
I'd like to see ship equipment reflected on interiors too.

Borg set a the majority? Your interior has Borg console panels and more green.

Full aegis set? Darker lighting with more neon "light effects" along the halls.

Breen? Cool blue lighting with cold fog in the halls.

Jem'Hadar? Make the interior more spartan, no carpet, low light, dominion inspired console panels.

Oh, And maybe allow us to customize our ready rooms. With the exception of specialty interiors every ready room looks exactly the same.
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05-14-2012, 10:40 AM
I would like to see a customizable palate for UI colors, with the option to choose more subdued colors or even level of transparency. Federation UI to look like the LCARS system that has been used in television series and movies for some time. Klingon UI to use the triangular icon system as has been portrayed in television and movies.

The ability to use mods for HUDs to allow players to create and share custom UIs of their own design.

Ship interiors that are more accurate to the styles portrayed in the shows, not the bland huge corridors and generic rooms that we have. Better lighting in Klingon ships, yes the walls are usually painted a darkened color, but they still should be amply lit.

An actual Hanger bay for shuttlecraft rather than going to the transporter room.
A working Holo-deck, ie beach scene for relaxation, casino with working games, combat practice zones with selectable enemies, ship/shuttle training, (Give players the chance to try and deal with the dreaded Kobayashi Maru scenario)

Functional bridge stations, ie library computer, stellar cartography, communications.
Benefits to making use of ship interiors rather than it just being mostly useless eye candy. Ie resting in your quarters gives some kind of boost for a short period of time.

Full 3 dimensional flight capability, it's space but we can't fly straight up, down or inverted? The ability to turn off engine control to allow for drifting on inertia.

A reticule or piper aligned with the ships longitudinal axis to allow for better aiming and navigation.

The ability for factions to share control of specific stations on a single ship, ie one player controls navigation, another shields, another damage control, another weapons, etc. Inclusion of faction oriented STF or campaign missions where co-operative ship control is critical/beneficial.

Increased level cap to 60+ with eventual promotion to full Admiral/General.
More playable races and factions and sub factions, Make Romulans a playable faction.
Allow all factions to be played from level one starting point.
More explorable space, instead of getting a warning about not being permitted to enter open space, you get the option to warp to an unexplored expanse populated with scan-able anomalies and unexplored systems.
More accessibility to the gamma quadrant.
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05-15-2012, 11:39 AM
The borg fix with there invisible stuff shoting @ you and the major crits that would have bin crankt down all ready ( the instand dead thing in stf people are complaning about )

The abillity to have more then 2 types of carrier pets out.
Like having 2 active hangers and 2 inactive by pressing a button switching the active out for the inactive without the need of getting out of batlte to switch out pets. ( with a cooldown of 30 sec so you can't keep doing it over and over would be fine )


Some ballancing out the sci ships so it word taking them in to a pvp again then exept healing there damage wise afther nerfing sci stuff is way low maybe give then 25 points of aux ( not talking about carriers ) so min is 50 instat of 25.
Just somthing.

General pvp ballance FvK.

I expect sezone 6 will bring some ballance to pvp lets hope so.

Increase of turn rate of kling first carrier and fed carrier ( not Kar'Fi ) 1 or 2 points more base wise.
Its like turning a brik even wen having points in turn.

Long/ Mid

The general game bug fixes Mainly the skill bar messup that accurs still ones in a wile. ( maybe some tamplate that you can load ones it got messtup 1 per ship this would also fix the problem when switching ships afther a update like for persons that don't stick to 1 ship like me but uses 2 or 3 per char ! ).
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# 3087 Tailor on ship
05-15-2012, 12:08 PM
Just one small suggestion. Now that the ship interior is so much more useful, how about adding a tailor or wardrobe on your ship instead of always having to go back to a space station?
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05-15-2012, 10:42 PM
mAke energy credits mailable to any character on your account regardless of faction, the "work arounds" don't always work when there are too many of an item on the exchange for your "oddly" priced ones to show up.
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05-17-2012, 07:19 AM
Short-term requests

Change the Retrofit Fore Phaser Bank and Retrofit Aft Phaser Bank from Unique to Bind on Pickup. With its current restriction, a full set can't be fitted on anything above Tier 1.

Mid-term requests

A doff ship interface like in "Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon", where you can place your crew into the various stations.
As part of this, also please have it advise the limits of each doff type, instead of finding out when it rejects the crew request.

Long-term requests

Increase the available pitch of your ship in space! Circling around for 3 mins to reach an objective due to combat elsewhere on the map is a pain.
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# 3090 My thoughts not yours!
05-17-2012, 08:19 AM
Short term:
Ship interiors. I love the interaction, but other than the bridges, they are all the same. An Odyssey Class interior should be different than say a MVAE interior.
The auto holster would be a nice touch
A Caitian Personel officer at Starfleet Acadamy. Actually, you should have a personel officer for each playable race.

Mid Term:
More Duty Assignments. This is one of my favorite aspects of the game. It could be so much better. Each sector gets a few different mission's but they are so generic I guess it the word. Make them a little more interesting, perhaps some chain assignments that open up episodes, or that are class or level specific.
3d space flight would be nice.
A better emote system would perhaps encourage more Roleplay.

Long Term.
Fleet episodes. Episodes that fleets can colaborate on, over an extended period of time, with the rewards being fleet oriented, i.e. a discount on teir2 starbase, or increased dil for daily's for a period of time.
More premier missions would be nice as well..

Thanx for making this an incredibly awesome game!!!! *gives the vulcan salute* Live long and prosper!

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