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02-10-2010, 03:09 PM
1) Sort ou the Lag
2) Make it so the thousands of people who have entered there retail key can actually get on the game
3) When on the game in ground PVP change it so science officers cant hold u then pew pew ur dead, then when we re-spawn our keys now working in reverse and our player is invisible but only on our own screen in a death match where we are 1 against 5 opponents plz
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02-10-2010, 03:19 PM
- Fix the stupid, idiotic pathfinding AI of our's ridiculous how stupid they are...
- Fix the ******ned frelling rubberbanding ASAP
- Allow my BOffs to wear my pre-ordered DS9 Uniform
- Revamp the stat system. Show the correct stats i.e. Cannon adding 2% crit, should be shown

- More C-Store cosmetics i.e. Uniforms, Ranks for Display purpose(Chief Petty Officer, Medical Officer, more than just the Ferengi Salesman tatoos..)
- More Ship Classes (mostly T5)
- Expand the Character Creator, make it a game inside a game. Like Champions Online. Make it have lots of options
- Revamp the Loot system. Give loot meaning.

- Cardassian standalone faction playable! PVE oriented.
- Romulan standalone faction playabe! PvP oriented.
- Useful crafting system. Crafting should be part of this game.
- Take a peek at Vanguards Diplomacy game and make up something for STO
- Fleet Actions or 5 man "dungeons", lairs, whatever.
- More story missions, even at admiral rank when we are maxed. Just for the sake of story.
- Add Gamma and Delta Quadrant
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02-10-2010, 03:40 PM
Mid term: (possibly short term, seems like an easy fix)

My biggest issue is that ground fights take way to long. I'm shooting someone with a phasor, not poking them to death with a stick. I'm not saying it should be made easier, in fact harder would be great. Just don't make it take so long to kill one group of guys.

This can be easily fixed by reducing the amount of health NPCs have and increasing the damage they do, leaving difficulty unchanged or possibly making it a bit more difficult.

I dread ground combat because of this, therefore I mostly stick to doing Defend the _____ Sector Block missions making the game extremely grindy. This makes all the work Cryptic put into making missions go to waste for those who do the same.
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02-10-2010, 04:51 PM
My main goal for all 3 terms is simple.. Give us more to do that isn't mission related. Crafting (and i mean real crafting) perhaps mini-games that we can play solo or with another person (i.e. chess, checkers, poker, etc.)
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# 305 Fixable Things
02-10-2010, 04:56 PM
Great job with this game, its fun! But Ive notice a few smal.l thins that could make gameplay better, easily.

Shortterm Graphical Bugs; I.E. Attack Saurs and Dog-like creatures running backwards at people. Starship weapon-fire graphical bugs (rapid-firing, or double firing) And The engineers first bomb attack, it doesnt emit a sprite when it explodes.

Midterm More UI Functions; Player-to-player Item inspections, Zooming in on distant objects,, or toggling a camera that follows enemy ships, for cinematic purposes. Attack queues, Queueing an attack while your attacking with a skill.
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02-10-2010, 05:17 PM
Short term:
Add skill respecs.
Fix the no mini skirts bug for the TOS uniforms.
Allow BO's to wear the TOS uniforms.
Add a sort function to the Exchange.

Mid term:
Add player housing to players ships in the form of captain's quarters (with some decoration functionality).
Add some more to the interior of the ships, eg: Ready room (with slight decoration functionality), Conference room, Engineering, 10 forward (named differently for certain ship types?).
Memory Alpha - we need a way to track and display our turn in progress so we know how much we need to get to the next rank/store.

Long term:
Add Starfleet academy to Earth.
Add Gamma quadrant and Delta quadrant.
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# 307
02-10-2010, 05:39 PM
Short-Term - Team members getting sent to the same instance!!

It is insane that you have to fiddle around changing instance or finding an instance that isn't too full so that all your team can get in the same instance, there's even been times we have to zone in and out. That button that lets you join your teammates is great but it doesn't always pop up.

Mid-Term - Being able to target BOs with the Fkeys.

It is also insane that you can't target BOs with the Fkeys even though they DO take up a normal group spot. It is very fiddly targetting the right player because the BOs don't count as one of the Fkey buttons - so your 4th team slot member (the real player) is actually the F2 key (instead F2 just targetting team member 2) To target a BO you have to click on them........MADNESS!

Long-Term - Scientific mission puzzle minigames (to overcome dangerous anomalies and disasters that need averted

Variety is the spice that lets you rediscover your zest for the things you've taken a break from doing. So something to do other than blow stuff up all the time and that has more substance than just zoning in then clicking "deliver the shipment". I think puzzle minigames that would represent your efforts to overcome a dangerous anomaly or help avert a natural disaster that'd wipe out a civilisation (one that knows about you, so as not to go against the Prime Directive of not interfering with races that haven't learned of thier true place in the galaxy by themselves)
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# 308
02-10-2010, 05:47 PM
Short Term:
- Little cosmetic changes like automatic weapon holstering (preferably into an actual holster, visible on character model), more colours for ship customisation, and more varied expressions on NPC faces. Seeing my bridge officers announce a threat to the universe with a totally deadpan expression each time is a real let down.
- Respecs, preferably obtainable through in game content as well as the C-Store.
- Make saves uniforms compatible between characters. Havint to keep checking back so all my tactical officers have the same Uniform is annoying. Either let me save uniforms separately so I can just load it onto each one, or let me set some sort of "universal" uniform for each BO Type. Automatically updating Rank Pips would be a nice feature too.

Mid Term
- More variety of missions. Less "Kill x Klingons", more diplomacy. Less "Scan x Asteroids" too.
- Better Autofire system. I don't think I should be able to autofire everything, and certainly not torps, but only One each end is causing me serious Thumb Pain. Maybe allow me to group weapons of the same type together into Batterys or something, simultainously freeing up some space on the Skillbar too.
- More Costumes, Weapon styles, Ship models, etc. Preferably obtainable though In Game achivements rather than just by using the C-Store.

Long Term
- More Playable Factions. Its so easy to imagine being able to play as a Cardassian or Dominion.
- Better PVP. I am Continualy ending up in PVP matches where one side outnumbers the other massively. Better Team balencing system needed. An Open PVP sector would be cool too, maybe with capturable planets, starbases, etc. Theres a war going on, I want to take part. Oh, and more PVP types and maps too. Like Capture the Flag ^_^
- More things to do outside of missions. I want to be able to customise my Ready Room on my ship, visit main engineering, navigate from the bridge, visit places other than space stations (like Citys or Asteroid Colonys), play some of those Holodeck games you see in the TV shows, all sorts of things.

Also, and I know it says "3 things" but I couldn't work out where this would go, I'd like to have a bit more control over my BOs. Desigate one my second officer for example, and others the "Chief TActical officer" and "Chief medical officer" etc. I don't like how they keep shifting positions on the bridge, or those generic crewmen who occasionaly appear. Officers should come and go, so that I can visit Main Engineering and find my engineer maintaining the warp core, or the Sick Bay to find my Dr Treating patients or something. I'd even like corridors to walk down, rather than just teleporting all the time.
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02-10-2010, 06:06 PM
short term

1. auto fire ALL weaoons not just 1 0r 2
2. bigger pitch arch this is space now
3. add filtering options to the power store and other vendors

mid term
1 add captains quarters
2 do away with the badges
3 more venders

Long term
1. more playable races but add Borg
2. more Classes
3. more missions bases on the class such as science missions for science officer

Other things the ranking system is ok but I think it makes it hard to allow for max level boost
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# 310 Changes
02-10-2010, 06:21 PM
1. inventory auto sort
2. NPC that sells all levels of common ship components and is paid for with energy credits
3. combat helmets, cause i don't think every planet is human friendly

1. Missions that are effected by choices made by player, ie diplomatic, agressive, passive. Multiple choices leads to multiple outcomes which leads to replayability.
2. faction wars, ie you run missions in cardassian, klingon, romulan space you have the chance to get jumped by players of those races. Would count as pvp points and would promote fleet actions.
3. More ship types, ie excelcior class, or maybe at admiral you can gain the ability to design your own ship using aspects from all ships now that would add a personal touch.

1. the choices you make in a mission would impact your characters career. ie if you are ruthless and evil the federation may find you guilty of war crimes and put a mission up for you to be hunted and either captured or blown up. This could be as extensive as once your ship is damaged to a point by another player he has the choice to board your ship for some ground pvp. You and your ships complement of NPC red shirts would then be forced to defend your ship. If you win there would be a special prize perhaps you could get recruited by one of the enemy factions and in time could be a human commanding a klingon warship and if the attacking player wins he would get a special item and maybe a medal for heroics.

2. New missions that randomaly generate that are comparative to your level and have a chance to be offered when you enter any systems or sector.

3. PVP mission archs that involve players of the other factions. ie , you get a mission and a player of another faction gets a paralel mission and if you end up doing it at or around the same time you may have to duke it out to see who can finish there objective. It may be possible to get through the mission if no other faction is doing it but you would never know if that flanking attack is coming from an npc or another player!

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