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06-03-2012, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by arinuling
change: no matter what star ship i use, the hallways are the same and the layout is only changed to satisfy the options of small medium and large.

i request that the hallways be layed out in a more suitable fashion that fits the ship you are commanding. i also request the ability to change the look of the hall ways.

If you watch the different star trek serials, each ship has a different type of medical facility, bar, and most definitely the engine room. to fit the needs of the ship. infact, add a holodeck. a working holodeck, while a ship is enroute to anywhere why not enjoy a nice time in the holodeck. for that matter, why not allow the ship to be on auto pilot to what ever the destination was chosen so that you can go inside your ship, like in the serials.
I wholeheartedly concur! I would love to see cstore or player-made items I could buy to install in my ship. I'd also love to have bank, mail, and exchange stations in the interior of each ship. I'd bet that those would be hot items in the cstore or on the exchange.
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06-03-2012, 01:36 PM
I just have the one as far as requests go. I suppose it'd be mid to long term.

The ability to upgrade a lower tier ship to a higher tier. If, for instance, you really like your Saber Class Escort, you could have the option of upgrading it as you level up instead of acquiring a new ship with each tier. You could have the options of adding console slots, boff slots and weapon slots as well as adding hull strength, etc. to keep your ship competitive with other ships of the next tier.

This would add variety to the game and you could have fleets that look more like what you see in the TV shows with ships of all kinds gathering together to put down the Borg or other nasties.

Plus it would just be plain old fun. On the shows, you see captains commanding a single ship for a long time, Kirk had the Enterprise for years, as did Picard, Sisko with the Defiant and Janeway with Voyager too. You didn't hear Picard saying, "I'm more experienced now than I was, I need a new ship." ;-) In the shows, also, you would see that from time to time, there would be an upgrade to this system or that, that made the ship more capable of fulfilling its missions.

I say this should be seriously looked into.
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06-03-2012, 03:54 PM
Omega/Maco Outfits
Way can't the Bridge Officers use the Omega and Maco Outfits even if they got the Shield / Body Armor / and weapon i think that's kinda dumb that the only one that can use it is the Captain can this option be added for the Bridge Officers as well.
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06-04-2012, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by EaglePryde View Post
short term

-full auto fire in space
-stats to be less confusing
-less bugs

mid term

-being able to go 90 degrees up and down in space with ventral and dorsal shields

long term

-filling space with random missions (not only a sector)
-more dialog options
-better usage for the tricorder
-big planets where we find civs on our own
-entire modeled systems to explore them...going from planet to planet..scanning around..beaming up and down on free will...looking what could be there..finding artifacts, blueprints,civs
-open pvp in every system (except for missions that should stay instanced)
-massive scale territory control
-neutral zone spanning across the quadrants and not being 1 sector
-all 4 Quadrants present
-sector blocks to be far bigger (fill them up with systems...100 per sector to make space look unlimited
-different types of warp/transwarp/slipstream drives to go over larger distances in shorter time (fits to previous point)
-raid-i-sodes for every rank
-let us travell while on the bridge..navigating through stellar cartography or the helm (but space must be big)
I totaly go for this as well, but to add that more decks be added, where you can do regular day to day dutys while on route, also all holodecks should link to the user created missions. As these are like holo novels,
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06-04-2012, 08:01 AM
short term

Add more ships, Like the Wells Class, Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort...
Make retired lockbox ships C-Store buy able with loacbox perks removed
for example the current ferengi ship, you could have it in the C-Store with no lockbox perks, BUT if bought the perks unlock in the C-Store with a PWE price tag lol... kinda making getting the ship from the lockbox favorable.
Keep the Ferengi scavenger hunt for lobi gems, maybe a once a day available quest, if the quest is taken any episode quest entered will hide a lobi and when found the daily is reset for the next 24hours... Give people hope to get that 300 lobi item in the next year if they work for it...
► make lobi gems trade able, if they are a rare 1 a day find or lockbox reward the player base will price them at a rate that will still make people work for them, lets say they sell in the exchange for 1Mil EC = 300Mil EC for a 300 lobi item... will take some time.
► Make ships level with players, like if I want to use the Commander level Escort at Vice Admiral it progressively adds more console slots, bridge officer skills slots, weapon slots... I'd love to be able to use the Defiant at end game on my Tactical characters with the same or comparative options as the level 40 fleet escort ship.

► REDO the useable bridge officer skills, lets face it the Lieutenant skills are LAME, kinda... if my ship only lets me have 1 skill from my bridge officer it would be nice to select which skill to use provided the bridge was of the sufficient rank himself. so instead of being stuck with a double or a useless Lieutenant skill, I can chose 1 skill the bridge officer has to fill that 1 skill slot afforded to the officer... can you imagine a caption telling a commander (OK you have to get dumb on this ship, you can only use knowledge you learned as a Lieutenant.... common get dumb.... not dumb enough!!!!!)

SO... the ship i have lets me have 2 tactical officers, one can use all 4 skills and one can only use 1 skill...
if both are commanders they have unlocked the knowledge to use all 4 skills, the first one gets to use all it's skills and the 2nd only gets to use one from any rank...
SO this gives us better playing skills, my ship only allows 1 science officer and 2 skill slots, would be nice to say 2 skill choices!!!! lets face it if a tactical officer wants to be silly they will most likely select something like Tyken's Rift 3 and Viral Matrix 3... when they could have chose Hazard Emitters 3 and Charged Particle Burst 3...
This still has a level of error on players part for not choosing to use skills that help there playing style, BUT it gives that choice! instead of making there commander dumb!
This would also help with later ranks if players get to be fleet admirals they can make there bridge officers captain, the skill bar only allows them to use at most 4 skills but adds more skill choices from there resume!

mid term

► Add a system in the neutral zone so players can setup a vender ship (like a cargo ship) to buy and sell items, or use Drozana Station #1 as a Vender Zone... and add the ability to vend there a reward for getting rank 1 in trading assignments
Add more ships, Like the Wells Class
► make little improvements to the Foundry until a newer version is available.

long term

► Keep the game alive and fun!!!
Add more ships, Like the Wells Class

see the wells class as a test phase based, pre temporal drive/transporter... escort would be AWESOME!!!
Linking to DeviantArt and not the renders themselves...

other then that I just wanted to come and suggest that the Wells Class was added
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06-04-2012, 03:12 PM
Short term Add in a KDF mission to capture Fed shuttles. This would be in keeping with the KDF approach to imbalance...namely steal it! Seriously, if the devs won't even the playing field in this area, at least allow the players the chance to.

Mid Term Create more services. A couple of nice ones would be the ability to add the Efficient Captain trait to existing captains that don't have it, as well as the Efficient doff trait to existing doffs without it.

Long Term More customizing options for ships, both inside and out. Allow us to add in stations for banking, mail, and exchange if we desire.
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# 3127 Dream list
06-08-2012, 08:21 AM
FEDERATION: border's between sectors 2.a seeable brig/shuttle bay on the engineering deck ,3.the delta or gamma quadrant because sto forgotten about the kazon nistrim and the talaxian's
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# 3128 Dream list 2
06-08-2012, 08:28 AM
1. Bring back the golden rewards in stf's 2.Set the repawn timer to 20 seconds 3.get rid of the leaver penalty because it's not doing anyone any good player's should have a week's ban from stf's if they leave a player hanging.
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06-08-2012, 08:33 AM
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06-09-2012, 02:27 PM
I would make the amount of points needed for the next level more while making the points rewards from missions lower because as it stands right now there really is no reason to craft and for all of the ships below tier 5 there isn't enough time to set them up how you want it before you get to the next level because anything you do to get energy credits or mission rewards or DOFF rewards, by time you have the money to buy something youre at the next rank with at least a stronger ship because a lot of the upgrades in terms of weapons that you got for your previous ship are weaker then the weapons on you're new ship. I would require more experience to level up in the lower levels because i got my character to level 30 in about 30 hours or less and i have 5 missions left in the klingon storyline and when i was a commander i did about 4 missions in the storyline for the Klingon to reach that first commander level. I got most of my experience through a few exploration missions, some accolades, 1 borg invasion, DOFF assignments with a critical success and about 12 PVP matches. Its like i didnt even bother trying to upgrade my ship until now because it just wasnt worth it and i got every thing i needed through item drops.

Any way some other requests are:
Make flashy stuff like fireworks that we could buy with GPL and set off in sector space and put in competitions involving amount of fireworks that can be set off.
Make clothing and decorative options that you could buy with GPL.
Make a lock box key that you can buy with GPL and when you use that key to open a lock box you can only get a new interior for youre ship or new clothing option as a reward.
For costume changes make it so we could either cross dress are charcters or give them sex changes where if we want to give them a sexchnange for the clothing you could have to pay GPL.
Since the lockboxes are very numerious and many people are just holding them, how about making a mission to return lockboxes where you get some financial reward or if you return enough you could get either a lobi crystal or some type of clothing, because right now some people are just collecting them and have several hundred, some people are putting them in huge quantities on the exchange while other people are just picking them up and recycling them for Energy credits. In my opinon even with having some incredible luck in the game and getting the items in team play and getting very rare items nobody is opening the loskboxes because they would rater spend there money on something else.

For the controls in space i would change the speed settings. This is because when you are by a planet unless you are going at full impulse which drains power from every system you are only able to move at 1/4 impulse. I would like to see a mod to that where you could fly your ship at half or 3/4 impulse. i feel this would help speed things up a bit and would stop the few second dead zone for your systems when you come out of full impulse

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