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06-10-2012, 11:15 PM
Short-term requests

Make a better translation in French or delete it. But please respect my native language!
Stop the blabla lock box. it's a pollution in the game.
Bring more content for klingon faction. There is no dress for avatar. There is less ship than in federation. There is less goodies and gadget than Federation. Klingon faction is really poor. IT's not normal

Mid-term requests

Make terradome as STF. It's too much difficult finding 5 people to play this.
Adding more fleet actions.
Fix invisible torpedoes bug

Long-term requests

Fix the way we respawn. Respawn in the acid bath in the infected stf ground is totaly stupid. Respawn front of Tactical cube in 4 km is really stupid. Respawn in the death cone of Donatra is stupid too. We got timer not because we are incompetent but because your are evil!
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# 3132 Hi peeps
06-11-2012, 05:50 AM
I wrote a post with an idea id love to see, i suppose its comes under mid to long term: -
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06-12-2012, 02:20 PM
Possibly Mid to Long term
Also maybe make it less time consuming.
ORIGINALLY posted by: Captain_Revo

Expanding on my open pvp idea from earlier with the help of some ideas from another player.

You take a large ground map (again like the defera invasion in size), and create two main camps in opposite corners.

the map is open and playable 24/7. it does appear on the calendar at certain times to a) attract more people into playing and b) doubling rewards for that time period, but it will be an playable at any time which is very important.

when you beam down you are assigned to a team depending on the numbers currently there. ie if one team was 15 players and the other has 14, you get assigned to the team with 14. so ideally teams should remain even at all times, give or take a player.

you can have a maximum of 80 players (40 per side). ideally team side would be increased to 10 people per team, and a custom chat channel per side so that the 4 teams of ten could work as independent groups while still being able to coordinate with your own side over chat.

there would be a series of pve objectives on the map. this would include neutral enemies (romulans etc). as a side completes these pve objectives they gain control of the map. as you gain more and more of it you can eventually launch an attack on their main complex once you have enough territory.

the other side will naturally be trying to either stop you, or by capturing other locations. each location would need to have the pve enemies defeated then have that team click on a certain point. a timer would start where you defend that point for a minute. once the minute is complete the location is yours and you move onto another. you would have to weigh up defending captured points and attacking new locations.

some pve objectives might be tougher than others to attack, but worth more to the overall objective. this means that if there is only a small number of players on they can take the smaller, easier objectives and if there is a large number they could always take the larger, harder ones to save time (and hopefully be more fun).

the map like the defera one would have smaller maps that you can go into, like the power plant. these would represent buildings or underground networks. they would have pve objectives as well that need to be completed but would also represent ways to outflank enemy groups by using them as corridors to get across the maps.

commodities, like the shield generators or consumables like batteries could be used to power defences, and weapon systems on the map. this would give these a purpose other than for doffing. (Doffs could also be worked into the map in some way to aid your team. the more people that doff on the map the greater the chance of winning).

The main complex fight would need to be epic. Once a team takes control of the map they will need to move onto the main complex. all locations will become locked and there will be one objective for each team. defend or attack. this would be up to 40 players attacking and 40 players defending.

if you can repel the attack for a set period of time, say 30 minutes you win a minor prize for the defence. if you capture the enemy base, you are awarded some loot and the map resets after say 30 minutes.
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06-12-2012, 02:41 PM
Short: More Escorts and Bops
Mid: More Escorts and Bops, bridge and doff packs.
Long: More Escorts and Bops, Iconians, Iconians, and more Escorts and Bops.
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06-12-2012, 08:44 PM
Been a while since I've done this, and please forgive me if I repeat someone else's point by no means do I feel like others haven't thought of what is below, it's just been un-spooling in my mind as of late. Here we go:

Short Term -

Introduce a Fleet Management System (FMS) similar to the DOFF system. As a Rear Adm. Lower, you get a cap of say 10 ships that you can send out on various missions in just the same way you already do with your DOFFs, only this would give you much larger rewards (as a ship can carry back far more dilithium than a shuttle). I'd love to have a fleet to deploy of escorts, medical cruisers, couriers, construction vessels, merchant ships, bulk cargo runners, etc. It'd give us something else to entertain ourselves with while waiting for the next FE or STF mission.

Mid Term -

1) With Season 7, restructure the ranking system. Introduce the rank of Lt. Junior Grade as your starting rank instead of Lieutenant. (With the advent of the DOFF system I find my alts ranking up to Commander before I get out of the Klingon front fairly easily. Give me another level to slow me down a bit.) Also, consider creating a couple steps above Fleet Admiral (easy purists, I realize a 5-star Fleet Admiral is as high as the modern US Navy, real-world basis of Starfleet's ranking goes, BUT, attempts have been made to create a 6-Star General in the past. Also, if you break it down that Rear Admirals command a small flotilla of ships; Vice Admirals a sector/starbase; Admirals an armada inside of a fleet and Fleet Admirals command a fleet, then inevitably there'd need to be a 6-star rank that commands groups of Fleets, and maybe even a 7 -star that commands them all in a wartime situation and with an act of the Federation Counsel. At any rate, adding those two extremes frees up Fleet Admiral to be more realistic and so allows us to extend the rank cap without questioning why so many 5-star ranks.

2) Many more FEs. These are some of the best missions in the game, please keep up the good work.

3) Add in more Alpha and Beta Quadrant sectors to explore and experience (Betazed, Ferenginar, Pacifica, etc.)

Long Term -

1) Allow for the command of multiple starships, starting at Rear Adm. Upper Half. At first, 2 ships, the second ship acting like a saucer combat pet; at Vice Admiral 3 ships, similar to MVAM; at Admiral allow 5 ships so we have, essentially, an away team in space. We should be able to outfit them, crew them and deploy them as we see fit, but the actual flying and fighting would be done similar to an officer on your ground away team.

2) Rebalance the leveling; make Captain harder to get to and longer to stay in (how old were Kirk and Picard and they were still Captains? After all, since it's still 2409 we are climbing from Ensign to Vice Admiral in less than a year...) I would suggest either lowering the XP gained from missions, scaling the levels much higher, OR make an increasing leveling mark (say 20 levels of commander, 25 of captain, etc...)

3) To address refitting: I would suggest a plus 1 rule. Give us a bonus on our old ship if we choose to stay with it for another rank. Nothing huge, just enough to make it playable. BUT only for one level. Let the other direction be true as well; let us play UP a level of ship, but at a negative penalty that rebalances the ship to our rank. (lower hull, maybe remove a weapons slot, console slots as well). That way a player can skip over a level or two of ships if they want and it allows the move dire hard refit people to get to play a ship for three ranks while still being reasonable (not going to see a T-5 or 6 Oberth for example)

4) Travel through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Idran system and a few stars at first, but eventually introduce the real full on Dominion into the game as potential front of exploration/combat.

Side Note:
I know a lot of people are calling for a playable Romulan or Cardassian faction. My problem is limited races to comprise such a faction (on top of KDF needing attention); May I suggest the Typhon Pact Series approach? Combine the Romulans, Breen, Gorn (well, some since the bulk would be Klingon controlled), Tholians, Tzenkethi and the Holy Order of the Kinshaya together like in the books. It would give you several species (there are sub-species in each, the Breen alone have dozens according to the books), and it would give a viable faction full of content and conflicts both within and without. (If legal issues arise, simply throw out one or two, put in the Cardassians and call it something else) That is all. Enjoy
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# 3136 Long Term
06-13-2012, 06:47 AM
my long term is nothing big, but i hope the increase the rank 4 in the doff missions. i am almost finished (rank 3) of trade and recrutment and will be done with in the next two weeks. i wish the cap wasnt so low and i really like the doff system, but i dont want to finish a doff and not get credit for it.

also, make it longer to level. its way to easy to level in the game. i made a new char and maxed it out in approx 8 days. i never liked how fast i can level, but even adding a hell level (take twice as much exp to level) wouldnt be bad.
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# 3137 More voices
06-13-2012, 07:59 AM
hi everyone,
ive just started playing this game yesterday, yes im a noob

already tho, i have their is a lack of voices in game. Im sure if this would be a mid term or long term goal for the dev's tho, most likely a long term. But, defineatly needs more voices i think.
So far, it has me hooked in the short time i have played it. I hope it stays like that, ive payed for a lifetime gold membership, as i am a big trekky fan
If i find other things, i'll make another post no doubt
Graphics seem to be awesome. i like the music in the game. good stuff

till i post again, live long and prosper
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06-14-2012, 07:39 PM

Short- FIX UI usability and clean up options menu, camera also. It's not exactly intuitive to control it.
Medium MOAR stfs, and FEs
Long- give me a reason to keep playing.
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# 3139 in game fleet channel
06-15-2012, 03:23 AM
just a suggestion as i dont want alot from the game as fleet bases are coming out its being disputed in chat channels and creating arguments for large fleets.

the suggestion is can we have a app made to talk on mobiles not asking for alot just something to show certain channels in the game so leaders and members of fleets can have access when they have to work cuz there is nothing worse than returning from work logging in and finding half a fleet mission cuz there was an argument
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# 3140
06-15-2012, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by worf8
just a suggestion as i dont want alot from the game as fleet bases are coming out its being disputed in chat channels and creating arguments for large fleets.

the suggestion is can we have a app made to talk on mobiles not asking for alot just something to show certain channels in the game so leaders and members of fleets can have access when they have to work cuz there is nothing worse than returning from work logging in and finding half a fleet mission cuz there was an argument
Although it's not done formally by STO, you could setup the functionality. Read the link below.

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