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06-15-2012, 12:02 PM
Oh and this.. If you need mobile support.
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06-15-2012, 08:23 PM
1. take the friendly fire lock off. let us fire at whomever we'd like. 2. let us start play as some one other than Fed or KDF. 3. Let us the players supports with the real money we pay, us the players decide ware and what these supposed FleetStarbases are on the Galactic map.
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06-15-2012, 10:48 PM
short term:

1) unlock additional benefits for gold players
i was a silver player and am now gold. nothing unlocked that i didn't already have. sorry to say it, but as someone paying a monthly fee, i should have access to more customization features for both characters and ships than a silver player. instead, i still have to pay to unlock the same ships i can pay to unlock as a silver account. i have to pay for the same uniforms. i have to pay to create a Caitian or Klingon Federation character as both a Silver and Gold account.
2) additional off-duty uniforms, additional customization features. more hairstyles, facial types (for humans/humanoids), facial customization ( the Champions Online face and body editor is great. just keep the lips and eyes more realistically sized).
3) correct the "seductive" pose
characters using the "seductive" pose look like prostitutes standing on street corners. Cryptic has a very good Seductive pose in Champions Online. what happened? please - use the one from Champions.
4) expand the color palette for everything. again, Cryptic has a very varied palette for Champions online.

1) add crafting "specialties" that allow players to craft Mk XII equipment. Tactical specialty should be able to create Mk XII weapons, Science specialty for Mk XII consoles, and Engineering specialty for Mk XII engines, deflectors and shields.
2) allow players to skip certain parts of missions. this is more personal to me, as i am not a big fan of ground combat. Star Trek was never really about combat and action, but i enjoyed the space and tactical aspects of Star Trek far more than i did their ground "action" scenes.
3) more in-depth exploration options - not just "explore here, beam something down or beam down and recover information"

long term
1) playable factions - open up a third faction. i don't say fourth because i know it will take a while to balance number three and all of its ships before you start working on number 4.
2) separate the graphics settings for space and ground - for whatever reason, i can handle a higher settings for the graphics in space than i can on the ground missions. i don't want to have to change the settings every time i move from one to the other.
3) complete the deck plans and LOWER THE CEILINGS!!! i don't remember the decks in TOS, TMP, TNG, DS9 or STV being so incredibly huge. move the ceilings down. this is NOT a problem on the Starbases - those environments feel great, and the huge windows provide great vistas. but my Escort's "Small" Interior still feels huge because the ceilings are so far away. i say complete the deck plans because my Tactical Odyssey has the same interior as my Catian Atrox. make something up, find the floor plans that have been released for other ships, i don't care, but please - help integrate my experience. make me FEEL like i am on my OWN ship.

hope this list is helpful.
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06-16-2012, 11:48 AM
Short Term:

- fix the bug on the T4 Marauding exchange Boff. (canīt change itīs appearance)

- include the option to remove the IKS or USS prefix on ship names (could be limited to certain types, such as shuttlecraft, fighters and true non-Fed/KDF ships)

- being able to replay sector patrol missions (perhaps resetting mission once each month) with new/uique rewards.

Mid Term:

- convert "The Vault" from a time slotted event to a normal STF.

- add unique rewards (equipment, boffs, doffs, costumes etc...) to the pvp-system.

- add more unique doff assignments to the "northern" sectors. Romulan space is barren desert, while Cardassian space is the land of milk and honey for doffers.

Long Term:

- minor, alligned factions. For example the player will be able to choose the Vulcan Science Academy instead of Starfleet when cresting a toon but being limited to being a Science officer, Vulcan ships and Vulcan uniform options.

- give us something worthwhile to do with ships below T4. For example: STFs limited to T1-T2 class ships, substituting 3+ T2 ship for a single T4 ship in STFs), mission difficulty adjusts to the type of ship youīre using etc...

- large scale fleet battles in both PvP and PvE.
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# 3145 Requests
06-17-2012, 01:15 PM
Short term wishlist:
1. Fix the bug in which a white box appears next to your ship when you enter a sector or nebula.
2. Add a Tier 5 TOS D7 for the KDF side
3. Fix the bug where crew members are standing on top of tables and consoles on your ship

Mid term wishlist:
1. Add the Ferengi stock market
2. Add more lower-tier KDF ships (the Klingon ship recognition guide from FASA's old Star Trek Roleplaying game can give you some excellent ideas) - more skins would be nice

3. Instead of lockboxes to obtain new ships, have the players purchase 2000 C-points to unlock the ability to obtain the ship, then have the ship cost something to purchase it. For example, the Galor class could cost the player one million dilithium to obtain(which would make sense since the Cardassians are rebuilding their infrastructure. The D'kora could cost like 20 million latinum which would make sense as the Ferengi crave it. The Jem'Hadar attack ship could be obtained by completing a 10-mission Doff chain(with the catch that all parts of it are successful - any failed missions must be repeated until successful)

Long term wishlist:
1. Add the Romulans as a playable faction
2. Add a civilian and pirate faction to the game. Civilians(players) can ferry goods from one station to another trade goods to make ECs(yes, that means changing the prices at the stations for this to work.) The civilians can be attacked by pirates(NPCs or players) and they can also be boarded(yes, makes for some interesting PvP ground combat on ships) Both sides can buy their own ships and upgrade them as they see fit.

3. Finish the KDF faction so players can start a Klingon toon without playing a Fed toon first.
4. Make crafting useful again - have Tactical players be able to upgrade their weapons with increased stats. Engineers can upgrade ship components and add new ones(like computer cores and warp cores to increase ship stats). Science officers can create and modify bridge powers.
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06-18-2012, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by GryphonSatyr42

1. Let us fly Typhoon class, or at least make the skin available so we can use those quad-nacelles.

Let's have the Typhoon in the game. Even if it is just a skin!
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06-18-2012, 07:46 PM

- Remove Ferengi Lockboxes from Mystery Package rewards.
- Remove Ferengi Lockboxes from Mystery Package rewards.
- Do not replace Ferengi Lockboxes with some other kind of lockbox.


- Remove Ferengi Lockboxes from Mystery Package rewards.
- Remove Ferengi Lockboxes from Mystery Package rewards.
- Do not replace Ferengi Lockboxes with some other kind of lockbox.


- Remove Ferengi Lockboxes from Mystery Package rewards.
- Remove Ferengi Lockboxes from Mystery Package rewards.
- Do not replace Ferengi Lockboxes with some other kind of lockbox.

I'm not joking by reiterating this so many times. The Mystery Packages used to be a great reward for finishing the PVE queues. It was exciting to open them knowing you might (probably wouldn't, but might) get something that was very useful. If not, well you could always sell it.

Now, you see one and you know exactly what it is. One of those thrice-damned Ferengi Lockboxes. You know, those items everyone passes on when they come up in a claim roll during the taskforce? Those items everyone sells for 1EC per 20 Lockboxes, or just deletes out of their inventory (like I do)?

Put the Mystery Packages back the way they were and give us actual ITEMS for completing the taskforce.
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06-20-2012, 11:34 AM
More story
More player factions (Romulans - but done better than the KDF)
More story
and did I forget to mention more story
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# 3149 More requests
06-21-2012, 12:38 AM
Make specially formatted missions for each tier of ship so it would be worth it to upgrade them instead of not bothering to do any upgrading on our ships till we get to level 40. Put in less items or give more spaces for item storage or in the exchange.
Give an option for several different configurations for ships and players depending on what type of mission. Like a full borg set for an STF and another set for PVP and another one for missions. Create a lockbox to lobi crystal exchange rate
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06-21-2012, 08:31 AM
Short term:
- More endgame. This isn't what I want, it's what the game needs; 3 STFs after 2 years? Way below industry standard and that's compounded by the speed of levelling: players reach the level cap very fast and find out there's very little to do once there.
- Bugfixes. High priority: fixing the exchange search engine. Come on, results hidden because of unrelated parameters? How does that even happen and how does that persist so long?
- More skirts. I like skirts.

Mid term:
- More endgame. Adding endgame events isn't a punctual affair in an MMO, it's a constant process.
- Separate the effects (or at least magnitudes) of abilities (at least BOFFs, but preferably Captains as well) in PvE and PvP. That's the only way you'll balance Classes and Ships, Science Vessels in particular are bound to be either OP in PvP or UP in PvE, depending how you tune the abilities.
- New ships: anything but Cruisers/Battle Cruisers. We're swamped in Cruisers. The other day, a Cruiser fell from the skies and landed on my foot. It hurt.

Long term:
- More endgame. Once again, constant process.
- More Klingon ship skins. It'd be nice if all (relevant - only lv20+ ones) Klingon ships had at least some variants.
- Romulan faction. Ok, I'm daydreaming here.

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