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06-22-2012, 09:56 AM
Short Term:
*Minor Outfit Glitches - Some Of The Badges Disappear Into My Female BOffs Chest still
*More Accurate Ship Interiors/ More Customizable (Lower Ceilings Please!!)
*Allow Players To Assign BOffs To All Interior Ship DOff Contact Positions (Or Have A Way To Choose Between A Few Options So When You Visit A Friends Bridge You Aren't Talking To The Same Bartender That Is On Your Ship. It Could Be Done Like The Trophies Except They Would Be Avatars You Could Earn Through Doff Missions, Or Be Rewards For Reaching Ranks In The Doff Categories, And Select To Display (Or Put On Duty:wink It Would Be Cool To Have A Way To Earn A Rare Counselor (Betazed, etc.), Chef (Talaxian, Bolian etc.) or Bartender (Elaurian, Photonic, Android, etc.) That You Could Assign And Visit On Your Ship)
*Update Ship Interior DOff Contacts To Be BOffs That You Assign To Those Positions (Engineering, Operations, Science, Medical, Tactical, and Security)
*Customizable Ship Interior Crew Uniforms

Middle Term:
*Species Specific Bridges (Caitalian, Vulcan, Enterprise NX-01, Etc.)
*Overhaul On Ship Interiors - It Would Be Great If They Had More Of A Use. I Think It Would Be Great If You Could At Least 'Visit The Bridge' Talk To Your Conn Officer, Plot A Course, And Engage To The Sector Blocks And Systems In Them. Activate Your Transwarp Abilities etc. I Would Love To See It At Least As An Alternate Way To Travel Through The Star Trek Online Universe.
*Functioning Shuttle Bays That Let You Choose What Shuttle/Small Craft To Display (like Trophies)
*Interior Ship Cargo Bay! - It Would Act Like Your Own Ship Bank/Account Bank Access - The Fuller Your Bank Is The Fuller The Cargo Bay Would Be.

Long Term:
*Playable Andorian Starship!
*Allow You To switch Between Your Captain And 1st Officer For Ground Missions
*Ship Interior Holodecks
*Random Interior Ship Events. (ex: Defend Against Boarding Parties, Playable and Laodable Holodeck Missions, Rescue Civilian Ships And Assist The Doctor In Sick Bay With The Injured/Suvivors etc.)
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06-22-2012, 10:25 AM
Short term: this should be easy hopefully, I would like to purchase a character retrait token for the c-store if they would make one.

Mid term: more KDF ships, a heavy BOP retrofit, and a Raptor retrofit would be nice.

Long term: Romulan Faction
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06-22-2012, 01:59 PM
Short Term Requests: Release the ablity to change or modify costumes on ultra-rare BOFFS like the Breen BOFF and the Reman BOFF. You can modify how NPCs look in community-based missions, so why not have the ablity to do costume variations for ultra-rare BOFFs on tribble.

Mid-Term Requests: Okay, I know im not the only one having trouble with the CE. Everyone has a strategy or goes rogue. its hard to even get everyone to follow some direction and work as a team. So my suggestion is simple. Since an infinite amount of shards appear and quickly make the mission harder, why not add a shard that when blown, not only heals the CE but also permanently lowers its maximum hit points, periodically. That way when people go rogue or newbies attempt to do the wrong strategy, the mission can be completed.

Long-Term Request: How about adding a customizable feature in crafting. for example, I have an MK XI rifle and would like to "augment" it to [Dam]x3. Rather than craft a recipe, why not "augment" a weapon or remove an "augment" for crafting materials. I maxed out my crafting points over a year ago. I can say that I don't visit Memory Alpha much because I don't like the recipes, but adding an "augment" feature in crafting would be great.
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06-23-2012, 01:30 PM
Short Term: Character change token, It's simple really, let me change my race and traits, and gender.

Mid-Term: Create an In-Game method of _earning_ one of the ships in the last tier.

Long Term: Romulan / Reman gameplay, with a "picking up the pieces" style campaign. Pirate gameplay, choose your allies through your actions side with who you want or walk the path of neutrality. Maybe even Borg gameplay?
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I have one request for the game that I want to see implemented above all others, so it is the only one I will mention here.

Add Spelling correction function to STO, especially chat.

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***(Posted in two seperate Suggestion Threads)***

1.) The Skills Point Cap @ Level 50:
It is really unfair to all the players, not just the "Free-to-Play" players for Star Trek Online because you are allowed to have different ships, a different number and thus each one can and most likely is armed differently than another, thus you need different skills to make each one work to its full potential but this Skill Points Cap at Level 50 makes it extremely impossible to do anything in Star Trek Online and should totally be changed.

I am not the only one who hates this, and feels that leveling up the really important skills that you?re your ships better shouldn?t have a cap. If I was to retrain and thus pay for something I don't want to do, the same thing will still happen because I need the skills that I already have and yet I still need the ones that I haven't been able to complete to actually make my character the best he can be.

2.) Tractor Beams for Every Ship Automatically:
Cryptic should give' every starship a Tractor Beam, because if you actually watched and know anything in Star Trek, every starship and Runabouts (not all shuttles) actually automatically have a Tractor Beam. Proof of this statement can be found in Bethesda Softworks' Star Trek Legacy. Every starship has a Tractor Beam for every race (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, even the Borg have one but it through canon should be called a "Holding Beam".).

3.) Canon Based Aspects That Are Being Ignored:

A. The Romulans way back in the TOS Era of the Star Trek universe retired both the Heavy Plasma Torpedo and also their Bird-of-Preys. They advanced their technology and stopped using these type of weapons and ships. Instead, they went with a small Plasma Torpedo. (The Cardassians have this weapon as well, and also it is rumored that the Gorn do as well.)

B. The Borg don't have Plasma Weapons, in fact they have "Holding Beams", "Cutting Beams" (like phasers), Gravimetric Torpedoes, and Magnetometric Guided Charges. (And I can prove this as fact because it isn't just mentioned on screen in many episodes of Star Trek, but I also did my outside research).

C. The Remans Don't Have The Same Ships As The Romulan Star Empire:
In fact, the Remans were/are a slave race in the Romulan Star Empire thus wouldn't/don't have many ships of their own minus the Scimitar Class Warbird that was designed by Praetor Shinzon along with Scorpion Class Attack Flyers. There is also a high possibility from some sources that the Narada (and that class of mining vessel) might be of Reman design.
D. The Borg:
After the Star Trek Destiny Trilogy, the Borg do not exist anymore, they have been unmade by the Caeliar and thus don?t exist anymore. There are only the Caeliar that are a peaceful race that are now on a mission of peaceful exploration to find peaceful beings such as themselves so that ?they? can inherit the galaxy.
E. Transphasic Torpedoes:
Transphasic Torpedoes only belong to the United Federation of Planets, not any other race in the Star Trek Universe/Franchise. The Transphasic Torpedoes though were shared with the Klingons, and the Romulans for the fight against the Borg in the Star Trek Destiny Trilogy. The fact is that the Borg adapted to the Transphasic Torpedo and also assimilated it, thus, it is now ineffective to the Borg and they too are now able to use it.

F. The Terran Empire:
Someone made a major guff here and surely never paid any attention to the true color of the starships belonging to the Terran Empire?s Starfleet (there is no Terran Empire Federation), these colors are a yellow strip encompassing the saucer section of the starships? primary hull. There is also for the symbol on their hull that equals ?Earth with a Sword through it?, and every Terran Empire ship has this symbol. Every Star Trek fan should know that so it is illogical that this aspect should ever have been changed and thus ?breaks canon? in Star Trek Online.

5.) More Levels after Level 50:
I have seen some missions that are created by the community mention levels higher than Level 50. This seems to be impossible to be the case and there should be more levels after Level 50, maybe like a ?Fleet Admiral? for the United Federation of Planets. There are even a few possibilities for this to be done with the Klingon Empire as well.

(For every suggestion here, I did my research into the full Star Trek Universe/Franchise. So I can say with 95% accuracy of this is correct.) I can actually add more to this list from all the research that I have done and what I have seen well playing Star Trek Online, but I think, I'll just leave it at that.
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# 3157 great thread
06-24-2012, 02:40 PM
I think alot of the reasonable stuff has been addressed in the post I have read(haven't got all day to read over 300 pages of post,,,lol) I know that the devs are listening because I have noticed alot of these in game. Some on my list at this time would be,,,

short : Cardassian ground weapons. We have Klingon, Romulan, Jem'Hadar, and others. Would love to have a Rifle and pistol for Cardi characters.

short : A gold box rewarded at the end of successful STF Elite missions. This is where you want a good reward for these type missions instead of some of the junk you get sometimes, though most people would say lockboxes all together are junk. Would love keys too but that is asking too much,,:biggrin:

mid : Be able to choose a first officer from your bridge crew and have the ability to become them on away missions on ground if you choose. You know that's the way Picard would want it. :smile:

mid : Have it when you are on ground in social areas that you can choose ONE of your bridge officers to be with you or to be one of your bridge officers if you choose. like how the pets are set up, to show off your bridge officer creations. I say one for the reason that if all of them, some of us couldn't move around,,,,:biggrin:

long : Make it possible to sit anywhere ingame without having to stand in the seat and use the sit emote. this wouldn't have to be done all at once, but start at Earth Starbase and at each sheduled update do another section. like after Earth Starbase, do Starfleet Academy, Sierra, K7, so on. Also on all seating in ship interiors. To me, this one should have been done long ago.

long : To be able to order drinks at the bars with bartenders/waitresses while seated.When they walk near the table have a button with "service" for example you can hit when you would want something.

Could post more, but most I have seen in the other post, enough at this time.

Keep up the great work guys.

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# 3158 My top requests...
06-24-2012, 06:00 PM
Short term

If you could make a duty officer assignment that would break down Critical components into Major components, and Major components into minor components. Adjusted accordingly to the value of the components; such as 1 Critical = 3 Major and 1 Major = 3 Minor.

The duty officers that are aquired with dilithium through the academy...not have them locked or bound to you. That would be great!!

Mid Term

Duty officer assignment that would have potential to aquire a new ship device slot, concole, or added bridge officer slot.

Long Term

The ability to play other races. Romulan, Cardassian, Gorn, etc...
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06-26-2012, 05:41 PM
I would really like to see a lot higher level cap. Also would like to see a lot more ships and tiers to choose from. I think there should be 3 more tiers added.

Current Ranks

Starfleet Ensign
Starfleet Lieutenant
(10)Starfleet Lieutenant Commander
(20) Starfleet Commander
(30) Starfleet Captain
(40) Starfleet Rear Admiral, Lower Half
(45) Starfleet Rear Admiral, Upper Half
(50) Starfleet Vice Admiral
Admiral Coming soon.
Fleet Admiral Coming soon.
What I think should be added.
(10) Jr. Lieutenant
(20) Lieutenant
(30) Lieutenant Commander
(40) Commander
(50) Captain
(60) Rear Admiral, Lower Half
(65) Rear Admiral, Upper Half
(70) Vice Admiral
(80) Admiral
(95) Fleet Admiral
(110) Admiral of Starfleet
(130) Council of Admirals

More playable Factions, More Ships, More tiers of ships.
More choices to choose from then just Engineer Officer, Tactical Officer, Science Officer. Maybe Medical Officer, Intelligence Officer. Intelligence Officers get there own class of star ships that only they can use.

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06-26-2012, 11:53 PM
- PVP specific rewards.

- Balance a few aspects of PVP once again (starting on the OP carriers that make pvp no fun anymore) - Unless they want everyone to have a carrier then they have to do this!

- More reason to be in your ship (eg. extra Diplomatic duty officer missions that can be done from your office / bridge)

- Fix the forge and let us make custom missions again.

- Housing like in other MMORPGs, such as an office all vice admirals receive on a starbase somewhere or on earth, which can be customised due to accolades earned etc (like with Klingon faction trophies).

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