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# 3171
07-05-2012, 07:48 PM
Romulans, Romulans, Romulans
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# 3172 Here are my requests
07-06-2012, 04:18 PM
Im a lifer since almost 2 years and these are the things I would like to see in the next months/years

Short Term:

1. FLEET starbases with NPC'S wearing the FLEET uniform.
2. TNG Pack with TNG interior of the Galaxy and/or Sovereign.
3. Let us change the uniform of the bots running around on your ship
4. Less missions with the Borg. That is just a poor excuse of not making any non combat missions, as the Borg are the "ultimate" evil and ignore diplomacy.

Mid Term:

1. Less combat. Star Trek is about convincing the enemy that you HAVE superior firepower WITHOUT proving it. More Diplomacy!!
2. Cruisers need a specific type of weaponry. Escorts have Dual Heavys, cruisers have?????
e.g. Heavy Beam Array, torpedoes with extended firing arc
3. Sovereign Refit with a quantum torpedo volley launcher that has more than 180? firing arc

Long Term:

1. Delete all Sector Blocks and combine them into ONE that has realistic sizes
(5 minutes to travel from ESD to K7, 10 minutes to DS9 and so on)
2. Romulan Race
3. Dominion Race
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Having looked through some of the posts from the past few months I've created my own list of what I would like to see. It involves things I would like to see to things I've read that I would like to see. I have also added short/medium and medium/long term in order to thin out the ideas a bit more rather than clump them all together. Also this does not mean that the game is not good. It just has so much potential to be greater.

Short term
Fix long standing bugs - A given really. The last time I played the firecaves mission it was as bugged as it was last year. This is just an example and I know there are a lot more. I, for one, find that since the change to ground combat I can no longer dodge grenades properly. When I tap the button to roll it doesn't work until after i've been blown up. No idea if anyone else has experienced this problem.
Get rid of lockboxes - I've heard recently that a new idea is being developed and this is needed quickly. Of all the lockboxes I've got i've opened about 40+ of them. Not once have I got a special ship. Not once have i obtained anything useful and certainly not anything worth the pricetag for the keys. I understand Cryptic needs to make money somehow but doing it by selling us extremely overpriced consumable items that are of little use is almost Ferengi. We were warned at starfleet academy about the Ferengi and that they couldn't be trusted. Do you really want to model yourself on them? And whilst on that note -
Lobi Crystals. Ignoring the fact that they probably weren't even real in Star Trek, whatever Quark had was not rare at all. So why is it so difficult for me to get Lobi crystals in enough quantity to get anything useful. I only seem to get them from overpriced lockboxes as well.
Pitch of the ship - Why in STO can a ship not fly up and down. It's been seen to be done in Star Trek. Please look at adding this dimension of play. It would allow for good battles. It would also mean that when people develop Foundry missions there would be more inclination to put things at different heights.

Short/Medium term
Add Brig/Shuttlebay etc. - There is so much that could be added to interiors. What about astrometrics or stellar cartography or Holodecks to name just a few. We are able to customise from preset bridge designs. Why cant we have preset deck designs and ship layouts as well so that we can decide what type of corridor we want, what type of engineering we want and what type of medical bay we want. If I'm on a small escort the medical bay is going to be small. However if I'm on a large Cruiser or a medical ship I'm going to want a very large medical department. The warp core on every ship looks the same. They will be different depending on size and power of the ship. This is mainly cosmetic stuff but would add to the look of the game. I rarely go to my interior as there is not much to do there and it all looks the same. This adds onto -
Workable interiors - Allow more to take place on the interior of a ship. Allow us to modify the crew to all be wearing the same uniform as the bridge officers. Afterall that's why it's called uni-form.
Time to level up - I hate the game format. I level up too quickly which makes other aspects useless. Why do we have all these ships and the ability to upgrade their abilities through "crafting" (which I will get to later) when you are not at that level for long before you get new gear anyway. There is too much emphasis on "Endgame" material. Why concentrate on "Endgame" when there is a lacking of "game". For those people that wish to rush to the end and then complain of a lack of material at the "end" then keep a fast level for them. But please introduce a "slow" level or even an "epic" level as well where it takes longer to level up. This means that I spend longer with each ship, there's more reason to craft, more reason to go explore or defend and I can make more use of my Doff system.
With this also add more ranks - I can see that you plan to add Admiral and Fleet Admiral eventually but what about Lt Jnr Grade at the beginning. It helps to expand things. Plus the amount of XP I get is useless as a VA because it adds nothing further. Perhaps this XP earned when it's no longer needed could translate to something else.

Medium term
Boff skills - I hate having a ship full of Commanders. I know I don't have to if I don't want to but there is no incentive to not. After all by having them all commanders I can get access to all of their ground skills. Perhaps Boff rank should be restricted to what position they fill. For example on a ship where I'm a Captain or higher I will need a first officer (commander) Chief Medical officer (Commander or other rank) and so on. Perhaps instead of being able to just promote who you want when you want as long as you have enough points, perhaps have some kind of system where Boffs have to work for their promotion. Perhaps a tacticle boff has to stack up a certain amount of energy hits at enemies on the ground in order to be elligible for the next promotion. Similar things could be done for other Boffs.
I would also like to play as my Boffs as well - First officer is certainly one of these as some Captains don't always go on away missions. But in extension to this by having more intelligent Boffs as well, that can do things on missions, this will lead to more thought put into who will go on each away mission.
I would also like to see more costumes and mod/skin options for aliens in character creation. Therfore creating "near infinite diversity in near infinite combinations" to almost coin a phrase.

Medium/Long term
Exploration system - This needs a major overhaul and would include different aspects.
No borders between sectors - This would help make space look even bigger. Even them exploration areas should be open and allow for "deeper exploration".
More systems - Betazed, Acamar, Azati Prime, Beta Lyrae (Sheliak), Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis), Breen system, Ceti Alpha, Coridan, Deneb (Alpha Cygni), Krios, Trill, Norpin, Nimbus Ferenginar and Narendra etc. There are plenty more.
More life on planets - Lets see birds, wilderbeast, big monster spiders and large beast looking alien animals. Random this as well to a degree so that it is unknown where or when you may encounter one of these. you may be in a big fight on a planet with a bunch of Romulans and then suddenly and randomly a huge beast appears indigeonous to the planet and attacks not only me but the Romulans as well. That sort of thing obviously has to be extremely rare but the attack itself when not in the middle of a fight might be a little more common than that. Not everything has to attack me either. Just life that is friendly. Allow for us to find new life, new civilizations and boldly go where Star Trek still hasn't had the chance to take us. Allow us to visit planets with mountains we can climb and dense rain forests, Volcanoes and lava pits, Water worlds and planets with Methane lakes and rivers and desert worlds. Bipedal, tripedal and 6 pedal aliens. 2 heads or no heads. carbon based, Artificial, Biomimetic, cybernetic, silicon based, solanogen based, spaceborne, viral, xenon based or sporocystian liforms.
Random occurances in space and on ground - adds to the experience. These random things happened in the shows. Should happen in STO as well.
Solar Systems - Allow for bigger solar systems. Sol for example is not just Earth. I can understand issues with having so much graphical information in one place but it could be split up. You fly out towards Mars and it then gives the option to fly to Mars. Theres also many other planets and moons in Sol and an asteroid belt, kuiper belt etc.
Delta/Gamma Quadrants - These could then eventually be opened up as well.

Long Term
These I have put as Long term but should be continuously looked at and not just left to deal with next year or later.
Crafting - This system I barely touch. For a start, as mentioned earlier, there's not much use for it when we are leveling up so quickly. Secondly we need to be able to see from our ships what our progress is. Make it more simple for us to use.
Foundry - We need more tools etc to use. Foundry missions is likely to play a large part in the ability to get new content out there fast. If we have the tools and the content then the people in the community who create missions can get you lots of playable content fast for all them new systems etc. Plus perhaps some of the new systems created for some of the top foundry missions could get added to the map for people to explore. Don't know what Foundry users think of that idea.
More Klingon Content - This is definatly a must. The Klingon content needs to be finished and it needs to be done before any other playable races get introduced.

Long Long term
Romulan/Cardassian playable races.

To think about
Doff style system with ships for Admirals/Fleet Admirals - This was an idea I read in this forum. I liked it and think it should be given serious thought. I havn't added it into one of the preceding areas as it is dependant on Cryptics timetable for the release of these ranks in the first place.

Wells class - This is a 29th century timeship. I don't like the idea of seeing lots of these flying around the 25th century galaxy. Not even as a science ship. Perhaps it could be written into a mission somewhere by Cryptic and we get to fly it in the mission but not as a full time fixture to the game.
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# 3174 Top 3 #2
07-07-2012, 09:20 PM
Short Term
  1. Button-pushing emotes. When in captain's chair, /emote Sit_Captain instead of /emote Sit_Bridge.
  2. More skills after level cap increase.
  3. Slightly increased chance of Salvage/Tech

Mid Term
  1. More PvP game modes.
  2. Xindi playable and/or BOFF.
  3. Visible injuries and damages (aside from 25% increment damages)

Long Term
  1. Suliban Featured Series of the Suliban Cabal in a broad attack of the galaxy by subduing Zeta Andromedae, Alpha Trianguli, and most of Beta Ursae. Cell Ship Small Craft reward, and maybe, a trait respec by genetic alteration by Mysterious Benefactor.
  2. Starbase Tiers to include new ships in level cap increase, the old ESD exterior, and whatever else you can think of.
  3. Federation ally/member worlds with Diplomatic Missions.
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07-08-2012, 10:46 PM
Short Term possibility:

Please increase the stackability of all Lockboxes (Cardassian, Ferrengi, Mystery, & future) to match that of commodities (250/stack). No need to increase the drop rate.

Increase the stackability of Tribble Carcasses to 250/stack to match that of commodities.
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# 3176
07-10-2012, 10:31 AM
Short Term:
1. Think about a revamp of the Lock-Box-ships (see complaints at the PvP Forum). Whats wrong having them more as a different look instead of an InstaWin ship?
2. Fix the bugs of existing missions (as the fire caves). Polish the game to make it the jewel it could be.
3. Give us the option to turn off the holographic parts of ground weapons as for the armor. Some like it, some not (as myself).
4. Give Starbase 39 a medical officer. That is the main reason I don't go there.

Mid Term
1. Make PvP enjoyable again for people who don't have their stats and equipment maxed out.
2. Bring in not Borg-centered end game content. We see them way too often.
3. Let us chose the uniform of our crew. You can make templates for fleet uniforms, so why can't you use this or a comparable system for the ship's crew?

Long Term
1. Implement Suricatas Ship Revamp Proposal. The Tier system is broken and it will be so more when the fleet ships come out.
2. Make the KDF a complete faction and bring in another one like the Romulans.
3. Revamp ground combat and ground PvP. Tiny double cloaking enemies don't increase the fun (presumably except for them).

So far not much new here, but some we'll see some change if some things are mentioned often enough.
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# 3177
07-12-2012, 11:18 AM
Short term

A Carrier Hangar Craft Tracker window

Medium Term

More Interactable Objects in our Ships for Roleplay Purposes.

Long Term

Starship/Starbase Interior Customization. Doesn't have to be Fancy like being able to Completely Furniture the Interior(Like choosing the amount of chairs or location of the table/chairs. But deciding how our corridors go. And giving us the ability to add rooms or change the location of rooms. For excample i'm in a fleet who has multiple Squads for PVE/PVP and multiple Departments focusing on different aspects of the fleet. We have Officer meetins,Fleet Inspections and are planning to hold non-combat events. For these reasons being able to have a room that looks like a briefing room or a room that looks like a Headquarter with some customisation as location, Color coding of the wall textures or even just select a texture of the available textures. Rooms could be preshaped and furniture in rooms could be preset while giving a couple of options to what setup we want to room to be.And textures can be used from available textures at hand.
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# 3178 Stuff
07-12-2012, 12:05 PM
Short term :

mid term :

long term :
more playable factions I.E. Dominion, Romulans , Terran empire.
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07-13-2012, 12:22 PM
The most important request I have for this game is to fix the Team chat.

Every time I team up, I keep getting this marker at the bottom of the chat that says "Team", and they stack on top of each other. I have to log out just to get rid of them.

|Chat |

() Fleet
() Team
() Team
() Team
() Team
() Team

Fix this please.

Thank you.
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# 3180
07-13-2012, 10:02 PM
short term.. as in FIX IT NOW! the damn camera bug i reported on Tribble 6 months ago and again last month has been introduced to holodeck. the space camera will not stay in follow target mode

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