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Originally Posted by vetteguy904 View Post
short term.. as in FIX IT NOW! the damn camera bug i reported on Tribble 6 months ago and again last month has been introduced to holodeck. the space camera will not stay in follow target mode
Glad I'm not the only one having that problem... annoying to the MAX
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Personally I think this Game is Brilliant! It has advanced so much in the time since I started playing. I had left for quite a while to deal with illness but the changes are jaw dropping! I have to hand it to you!

Short term

Well really I have only one complaint. its the one I've had since I started playing, and maybe the only thing I can say would make this game truly perfect for me. I am an artist in RL so perspective means quite a bit when getting into a role-playing game. and I have always wanted the Option to zoom in to first person both on my Character, and my ship. not to have that the ONLY perspective by no means, but there is something that truly gets you into your game.

When you want to experience a planet or explore, looking at things through your own eyes, makes quite a difference to me. it is amazing that more people don't post about this, I hear it all the time from others who want the same thing.

the same would apply to the Mid and long term.. I'm easy, that and I think the creators do a fantastic job on their own. you have truly created, and continue to create Brilliance! You folks may hear complaints all day from players, I guess I'm here to represent the unspoken who thank you for making Star Trek online a reality, and in such a great way!
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Short- better server performance
- crack down on bugs (do klingons still decloak on messages?)
- ability to block 'join fleet requests',

mid- a reward for every rank promotion, landing on a 'no reward' rank is a bit disappointing.
- disable visual effects from other players (stop tribble spam etc.)
- add sufficiently good foundry missions to the main roster

long- true 360 space flight
- less ugly ships to choose from, the explorer cruisers aside from the galaxy are vile.
- rescaled interiors unless somehow pwe get hold of the tardis licence.
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07-15-2012, 09:24 PM
I only have a short term:

Allow badges as uniform items. Like military and diplomatic ranks.
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ive heard that kdf players may not join us on fed starbse due to them shooting npc's, id like to say that the funtion of the npc is still there, this does not block content and you have the choice of who you invite. here is what this has affected me and mine, i run a crafting division that covers both fed and kdf side of our fleet (most large fleets have both) i was looking forward to holding fleet events on fleet starbases however i cannot without excluding many fleet members. so im stuck hosting at a far less awsome place. please please bring back cross faction invitations, so its really up to either npc visuals or far less functionality to (everyones not just mr complainypants) fleet starbase. thx for your time, here is hopin' ill reiterate it is their choice what rank can invite non fleeet/cross faction if you dont want kdf there dont invite em, then we all can have what we want.
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07-17-2012, 07:59 PM
Not sure how these exactly fit in the short/mid/long thing, but I have two suggestions:

More decks on the ships/starbases: Even if they don't do anything, I'd like to see my entire ship/starbase. Also, it'd be nice if the interior could read the size/shape of your ship and compensate, but I'd live with the decks.

Hit points on Starships: E.g., target the nacelles, then saw off the saucer. That's be cool to be able to disable a ship without completely peppering the hull.

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07-19-2012, 03:11 AM
Short Term:
Starship crew uniform changeable in a outfit vendor/modifier! (it's a stupid thing that I can change my uniform and the BOff uniform and not the ship crew uniform).

Starship internal editor. Possibility to change the interior of my ship as I want, and not to chose only 3 type of interior (short - mid - huge). Another stupid thing that the short interior of Defiant-Class it's the same of the short interior of Mirand-Class (for example).

Mid Term:
Incentive the PVP! For that was created this game, isn't a PVP game. But we have 2 faction: Fed and KDF. So, why not make the issue more compelling? Add a distress call for PVP in a space visual for example, and engage a battle between the two factions.
For now the PVP is really fail. In the 90% of case the PVP queue show ever 5 FED in queue 0 KDF in queue... It's a really shame.

Long Term:
For a future expansion, rearrange the leveling form. It's non-lore game if I start as a Lieutenant with Miranda-Class, procede to Constitution-Class, passing through Constellation-Class, Galaxy-Class, Soveraign-Class and later I can chose if I want to keep my Sov or I will pay to buy the Odissey-Class... How many ships have changed so far?? 5 ships... Minimum! We let that the game chose my destiny as a captain.
I chose the class (Tact-Eng-Sci), the race and the attitude (Explorer, Dog of War, Resercher, etc) and other little attributes that make my char a unique char.
Later, the Admiral Quin chose for me my ships, my crew, and my mission to level up, and grow up in the degrees! When I become a Captain or Admiral, I can chose my ship, and not when I start the game! In this way is more lore and funny game. IMHO

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Short term:
* Fix the targeting camera bug.
* The ability (button?) to target most threatening or mission-critical targets, i.e. bosses, dreadnoughts or heavy plasma torpedoes, first.
* Get the voice chat working properly.

* Get rid of the lock boxes. Right now, they're more of a nuisance to a lot of players than an incentive for spending ZEN. We're more than willing to spend money on the game, but give us something that is worth the money.
* More missions and interactive objects targeted towards role playing.
* Add the ability to hide your own (player or ship) avatar. Machinima filmers will love this feature.

Long term:
* Balance the ship classes and base their ability on player level, not just ship capacity. I want to fly a Constitution class because it looks cool, but don't want to be limited in combat over a Sovereign because the Connie only has Tier 2 ability slots.
* Upgradeable (refittable) ships could be a solution to the above. Why not add the ability to buff your Constitution or Miranda to Tier 5 abilities?
* Add the option of purchasing civilian, unmarked or non-aligned ships. Great for Section 31 or pirate players

Originally Posted by chaser711 View Post
I have one idea to make the game more free flowing and make it worth doing again and again:

Capture enemy ships. not every time, maybe not even fairly often but 1/100 Chance, then it can be used or sold for energy credits to some ferrengi or at the shipyards. This gives many who don't do pvp something to look forward to, a chance, if the ships are disabled in combat that you can board the ship capture the bridge and take it home. Put your second on it or send it back on autopilot, any way, it means that theres some reason to do the same missions, like patrolling when you wont get star fleet credit or new officers for doing it. Also there are some avatars that have that 'pirate ' look and this would give them something to do besides grinding missions.
I like this idea as well. Have the ability to disable and capture a ship and take it home, tear it up for components or sell it.

Also, for the pirate mission players, it can open up the option of challenging an enemy (NPC of player) for loot and get some goods without having to tear up the entire ship.

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I never select need, I always Select gred, except for lock boxes, I just delete them.

I believe the boxes are a huge waste of time and money . the average player won't get the items or ships they want, from a box .

So, yes, get rid of the need button and adapt a rolling dice button.
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I have only two requests, both short-term, fix the darn bugs and bring in more KDF content including a new full campaign to match the size and hopefully quality. Oh and get rid of the FE on the KDF side, they play Federation, written for Federation and well are Federation not Klingon.


Originally Posted by ifilien View Post
Mid Term:
Incentive the PVP! For that was created this game, isn't a PVP game. But we have 2 faction: Fed and KDF. So, why not make the issue more compelling? Add a distress call for PVP in a space visual for example, and engage a battle between the two factions.
For now the PVP is really fail. In the 90% of case the PVP queue show ever 5 FED in queue 0 KDF in queue... It's a really shame.
That's probably due to the fact that the Klingons have very little content and are so bugged up it's not funny. We can't even do our Lore Missions anymore. Also the Federation seem to have better ships, especially in the escort range. It is getting worse if you look at the Fleet Ships, no KDF ship will be able to stand against the 5 Tact Console Defiant. In fact our best Escort, the Guramba isn't even getting a refit to match the Defiant.

If Cryptic showed some fairness and unbiased in the game, I think PvP would pick up.
Originally Posted by macronius View Post
Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"

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