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07-19-2012, 04:35 PM
A few requests:

Fix the space camera to how it was before season 6 where it actually followed what you were firing on or selected. It is now a lot harder to fly an escort because i have to manually move the camera.

Give a option to automatically fire on another ship if our targeted ship is out of range and i am not talking about fire at will (the BOFF power)

Put in smarter target selection system. For example if i am in an escort and i just destroyed a ship and there are two left. With one of them almost right behind me and it is two km away and the other one where it has its shields facing me down and it is almost right in front of me but it is 5km away. Every time the 2km ship gets selected and by time i switch the targeting i lost that golden opportunity. Also another thing with the targeting when i am flying into a group of ships with no one selected i dont want to always fire on the first ship that came within 10km of me especially if im in an escort or a science ship and i have a gravity well or photonic shockwave ready. How about changing the option to automatically select the ship that is right in front of you and you can give the most damage to.

One more thing. I say this on another post but i would like to mention it again. I would like to be able to see the fleet projects that are up coming along with the resources required so i know what to get and save up. Im not asking to be able to set the fleet projects i just want to see the projects that are going to appear (along with the resources required) after the current ones are completed.

By the way i love the game and i really like season 6
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07-19-2012, 05:17 PM
A new pvp request:

How about some new pvp fleet events like:
add all of the new fleet pve events to pvp so players will still have an option to play the events as they are our if they want to the could play them as pvp events. Like the starbase blockade could be fed players defending while klingon players are attacking. Samething with transports. Same thing with the starbase incursion and colony invasion. And to encourage people to play the new pvp events instead of just sticking to the pve events make the pvp event give you fleet marks for completion and staying in it the entire time (like 5 bouns fleet marks). And during the fleet mark events give an even bigger bonus to the pvp version of the fleet events. Like if the pve events give you an extra 5 fleet marks make the pvp versions give you 10 extra fleet marks. Also in the pvp events a player could get fleet marks for the amount of time they stayed alive.
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07-20-2012, 07:08 AM
Please please please put in a slider for samples for putting them into the fleet starbase things
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07-21-2012, 10:25 AM
More races and uniforms. I'd love to have more uniforms like a Vulcan uniform. Also more races too. We have Deltans as Doffs but it would be awesome if they were playable. Oh and bridges, more bridges. The Vulcan ship and many others are missing a bridge.
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07-21-2012, 02:54 PM
Increase drops in elite STFs and make prototype requsitions buyable with EDC. Make borg salvage and edc tradeable.
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07-22-2012, 02:23 AM
Fix Problems with space flight(why cant we do 360's or min of flight of 90 Deg up and down)

Fix Problems with STO hardcore, dont know what you have done but Khitomer ship at end disapeers too quick and stays hidden too long.

FIX - Still getting one shot with full shields and hull from borg ships too, I have no idea what hits me or how this happens. (may be a graffic glitch not showing incomming torps or lazzers) please fix.

Fix problems with all previous statements from all people, that can be fixed.

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07-22-2012, 02:59 AM
here's my list.

short term
  • Rebuild the chat system to a more intuititive approach.
  • Fix space sfx display when in large groups.

mid term
  • Place Fleet starbases in the vincinity of a Planet, maybe to explore and upgrade that one later
  • Fix camera clipping.
  • Please allow for seating on chairs...

long term
  • rework the UI to allow for modifications. meanwhile reintroduce tng/voy style lcars like still seen in char selection.
  • More accurate starship interiors. Might want to start with the Danube Class runabout and the other "small" ships
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07-23-2012, 01:39 PM
Short: Fix aggro management
Mid: Fix aggro management
Long: Fix aggro management

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07-24-2012, 09:38 AM
Long: Space amoebas.

Quest to find Spock's brain.

My Vulcan and Orion both have tuffli freighters. Add quests to allow them to carry
goods from one point to another. Like a trade mission. Maybe add other freighters,
that aren't quite as complex, to the game with fleet versions. Different freighters
might have different cargo capacities.

Mid: Change liberated borgs to look more like Hugh and less like 7 of 9.

The ability to buy station interiors like we have ship interiors. ToS interior FTW!

That shuttlecraft Scotty flew in the TNG episode he was in, add it.

Short: Allow my Vulcan gal to wear the same outfit my Orion lass is wearing.

Add some method of training borg eng boffs from the z-store if our toon isn't an

Photon mortars!

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07-26-2012, 09:21 AM
Short-term requests

1) Either fix 'All' search on exchange, or remove it altogether. Way it works now is that it often *does* list items, but at much higher prices than what category-appropriate items go for. In its current incarnation it is simply broken.
2) Fix Foundry.
2) Change cryptic (pun intended) 'Unable to complete your purchase' exchange message with something stating the real cause (namely, that the listed item is no longer available; it's often a refresh issue, really).

Mid-term requests

1) Make fancy bridges for ALL ships. I know you did for the Odyssey (which I own); but I bought as good as all separate bridges, for 400 zen a pop. And all these other bridges are crap compared to the uebershiny Odyssey bridge. So, having bought all these sub-standard bridges (that won't even let you seat your bridge officers properly) I kinda feel if not ripped off, then certainly a bit miffed at throwing away all that real life money. There's nothing wrong with bridges the way they are, when that were the highest possible grade; but apparently, Cryptic, you can do *much* better. Make it so! Or, at the very least, let us buy the Odyssey bridges for our other ships.
2) Stop closing open windows when we open another! This is annoying.
3) Improve ship's stats UI; like, I dunno, add shield regen rate, for one. And defensive numbers greatly vary when docked, compared to when in space.

Long-term requests

1) Allow bridge customizations. And a way to decorate our captain's quarters (who knows, maybe tie it in with fleet shipyard upgrades?).
2) More off-duty apparel, please.

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