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08-03-2012, 04:17 PM
1. Increase the frequency or reward from the doff assignments that reward items needed for fleet projects.

2. Create Doff assignments that reward fleet marks.

3. If we cant do a Doff assignment because we dont have that type of DOFF please always have a triangle next to it and don't have a square if we have one of the doff's doing another assignment.

4. Increase the commendation experience rewarded from some of the doff assignments.

5. If a player is in a fleet allow them to see and do any of the doff assignments in the sectors where there fleet members who are online are located. Just increase the time required if the assignment is in a different sector.

6. Create fleet pve's where instead of defending your starbase or transports you are attacking transports and starbases that belong to a computer generated enemy like the tholians, the dominion, the orion syndicate, the klingons, the federation, the mirror universe. And in these events you would get a certain number of fleet marks depending on the destruction you caused.

7. Allow us to convert expertise and gpl into fleet marks

8. put more items in the GPL store or make the doff gpl missions occur more frequently

9. on random days or for players at level 50 make half of the experience that players earn during the time period convert into, fleet marks, lobi, dilithium and energy credits.

10. Create a fleet donation area where anybody can donate commidites and doff's needed for fleet projects and receive fleet marks or credits for them. Anybody could donate any commidites as long as they arent needed for there own fleet projects. The players who donate to this fleet donation area would be placed in a lottery every so often and the would be placed in groups based on the amount they donated and there rank. And from each group 3-10 people would be chosen and they would win a prize like a fleet ship token, a requistion for 1 free fleet item of there choosing from the fleet store, or awarded a free common doff.
The fleet donation area is meant to give items to small fleets under 20 or 15 members. The way it would work would be when a small fleet gets a new project and they dont have the amount of commidites or doff's required then they could take some of the items from the fleet donation area to use on the fleet project as long as no one has donated to that category in the past few days (3 days) they would be able to take the commidites until they have filled up 80% of what is needed and Doff's they would be limited to taking 2 per day.

11. Create a way where we use our bridge officer candidates. Several options are make a donation category for them on fleet projects, allow us to convert the candidates into doff's where the number of doff's received is based on what color the candidate is along with the color of the doff.

12. Create a lottery Make it so people buy tickets and once a week there is a drawing and the more numbers matched on the ticket mean a bigger reward and as long as no one gets the jackpot the jackpot rises. Make it so people could play the lottery in any form of the in game currency and the rewards differ for each of the currencies and the closer you get to recieving the jackpot the more similar the rewards are. The jackpot prize would have a certain perchantage of all the in game currency that other players put in. An example reward set up is listed below:
This is buying a ticket in energy credits (rewards for other in game curriencies differ depending on their value)
1 number=25 credits or large hypo
2 numbers=50 credits or 2 large hypo
3 numbers = 1 free ticket, 150 credits and 100 dil or 100 gpl or 1 lobi or 10 zen
4 numbers = 1 free ticket, 300 credits and 120 dil or 120 gpl or 2 lobi or 20 zen
5 numbers = 2 free tickets, 800 credits and 140 dil or 140 gpl or 3 lobi or 30 zen
6 numbers =3 free tickets, 2000 credits and 300 dil or gpl or 4 lobi or 40 zen and a mystery box containing either or (dil,zen,a mark 12 item,fleet ship module, free fleet item requsition, a lot of fleet marks, several doff's, a prototype borg salvage which could be used to get any mark 12 borg stf item even the items from the sets, random number of lock box keys, special lock box ship)
7 numbers= 4 free tickets, 4000 credits and 600 dil or 5 lobi or 50 zen and 2 mystery boxes
8 numbers = 5 free tickets, 8000 credits and 1000 dil or 6 lobi or 60 zen and 3 mystery boxes.
9 numbers = 6 free tickets, 16000 credits and 4000 dil or 15 lobi or 120 zen and 4 mystery boxes
10 numbers = 7 free tickets, 7 mystery boxes and it is the jackpot where the starting reward for the jackpot would be 500000 energy credits, 10000 dil, 25 lobi and 200 zen.

Each week as long as no one got the jackpot its values would go up. The percentage for getting certain items in mystery boxes would change depending how many numbers the player got during the drawing with the more valuable items have a better chance to be drawn if the player received the mystery box on a ticket where they had 9 numbers instead of 3 numbers. The player would be able to buy a ticket in any of the in game currencies and the currency rewards for the drawings would change depending on what currency the player used to buy the ticket.
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08-03-2012, 04:38 PM
1. Allow us to convert gpl to some other in game currency or increase the variety and amount of items in the gpl store, or allow us to use gpl to buy items in quarks bar and allow us to use it to buy items on drozana station. Or put in a category to donate gpl for fleet projects. On doff missions where we spend energy credits to buy a commodity allow us to use gpl instead, on the play dabo assignment allow use to use gpl instead of energy credits and increase the gpl awarded.

2. For each accolade completed or accolade part award the player a certain number of fleet marks like two for each accolade and make this change retroactive for players with completed accolades.

3. put in a stock market where people can invest energy credits or gpl in companies and the more the player invest's in a company the more they will get when the company gives them a bonus (currency they put in plus some other random in game currency) or the stock gets bought out. People could bet on item futures based on the number of items posted in the exchange. The stock holders of a company can vote on what the company should do next or weather not to agree to a buy out. Also if a player owns some in a freighter they could get a discount in items from that freighter where the max discount is 25%. With the stock market players can barrow money at a certain intrest rate for a certain amount of time and if the player fails to pay back the loan the amount that the player still owes will be taken in the form of some combination of items and dilithum plus possible loss of the number of doff assignments for 30 days. If the player who owes the money comes up with the amount that is overdue before 30 days and they decide to pay the overdue amount they will get back what ever was taken from them in value = to amount they paid.
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08-04-2012, 07:29 PM
Turn OFF the bloody footstep noise! It wasn't there yesterday and now all of sudden my game sounds like a mad drummer inside a machine shop. If you cannot turn it off, at least give us a way to turn it down.
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I think this is a joke that i cant join any the Pve's for 1 hour or so when leaving a match such as Cure Stf, i could understand if it was just for that event but its for all other match's also...
literately i have nothing else to do on STO until i can play them again

Also i don't like the new way i have to pay for getting ZEN points i prefer the way it was back when it was the cryptic points, i notice several games have changed the way you have to pay and since then i haven't payed for any more stuff threw the new method because it's to much hassle, re-changing all my details or rewriting em in, constantly gets on my nerves lol.

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08-06-2012, 03:54 PM
NERF the one-shot kills!

Seriously. I'm getting damned tired of all the 1-shot kills in space & ground missions.

Heavy Plasma Torpedoes, the gateway cutter beams. Whatever the blue energy thing the Negh'vars {I think??} shoot at you are, the Bio-Neural Warheads.

Various one-shot ground captain weapons that are basically unavoidable or that kill you regardless whether you reroute power to shields or drop a medical generator right next to you.

I'm getting damned tired of it all. I've leveled my character up to 50, gotten a bunch of the good personal shield emitters & "sets," have maxed out things like "generator" skills and shield skills and hull repair & plating skills. My character and ship should be very survivable, but I keep getting one-shotted in various missions & STFs, as do my fully armed-to-the-teeth comrades.

I understand Cryptic / PWE want th game to be challenging. But this has gone WAY TOO FAR. One-shot kills are generally NOT OKAY. Yeas, Okay, they probably could / should hurt quite a bit. But to kill in basically a single blow. Not cool. Especially with the nonsense progressive cooldown timers... Nothing like coming out of a 1-shot, flying back to battle only to get hit by another 1-shot and getting and EVEN LONGER cooldown from it.

In some cases, I'll even see the one-shot coming and take measures to stave it off: rotate shield frequencies, Science Team II, Miracle Worker. And despite hitting those things, sometimes in combination or one after the other, I'll still go down. Usually the one-shot takes everything down so quickly that by the time the onslaught to shields/hull or shield/health starts, it's too late to do anything about it. I mean, you hit the button to do something about it, but before anything happens you're dead.

Or there are the times you're in combat, taking a beating, drop a shield generator, start to drop a medical generator and you're already dead. Have you guys completely NERFed the generators to the point of uselessness? I mean, they USED TO have a distinct effect to keep you alive under fire, which was the point of them. Now they seem to not do a damned thing. I'm irritated, as an engineer captain that my stuff isn't doing a damned thing to save me, when it's supposed to.

I'm just feeling like things have gotten all out of whack and need to be retooled.

Is it just the STFs & fleet events that have gotten the enemies all hyped up on PCP, or has this happened on all the missions? I haven't played the lower tiers in a while. If it's just the upper level stuff, well, it still feels WRONG.

And I guess part of the problem seems to be that the equivalent weapons, used on your own ships, against the enemies NEVER have the equivalent one-shot effect. i mean, I don't think I've ever had a SINGLE torpedo take down an entire D'deridex or other mid-to-high level ship in a single blast, etc. It seemingly always takes SEVERAL shots with the same basic weapon (e.g. heavy plasma torpedo).

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08-07-2012, 04:29 AM
Overall - just stop putting fresh coats of paint on an old house. A ship is a ship is a ship. There's no point spending 10 or 25 dollars here and there for something that really doesn't do anything special or powerful out of the box. When I drop real cash on something I want more aesthetics; I want power. And I want to FEEL that power. I want to see a truly visible boost in my damage output or survivability. Not something so...I don't know...minute? For instance when I use a non borg gun against a borg the difference in button presses it takes to kill one is none. The damage is different because there's an overkill, but instead of firing say 4 shots, and then equipping a borg gun and firing 4 shots...I'd like to just fire twice and see them dead. There's a fine line between a few digits difference to a whole scale of health. And right now that line is pretty boring.

Short term:

Take server stability seriously. As soon as the game went free, I get constant disconnects on a reliably frequent basis. I am not the only one. Both my friends and my brother all complain back and forth with me over Steam overlay during all of our dc's throughout the nights we play. Consider that a stable server is a happy server and that while I may still log in regardless...if I weren't getting the boot all the time I would at least be happier overall. And as long as I stay happy without those headaches, I'll continue to log in.

Mid range:

Make the advanced fleet weapons actually look, yknow...advanced. They have the same skin as everything else of their type when these guns should show some prestige for the work involved. It was pretty sad to attain these guns and for them to look identical to everything else I've already had.

Long term:

NEW ENDGAME CONTENT! And the Tholians do NOT count! The Tholian missions are like a poor man's STF. Anyone can pick it up and go and gear progression inside of it really does nothing. I quit playing for awhile because the endgame never got any better and my patience wore thin. I came back over a year later and it hasn't changed. Sure the ground and space stuff are split and there's queues for it (and that is FANTASTIC btw, thank you for that) but I think you can do better. In fact, I would be willing to bet dollars to pennies that there are some foundry blokes out there that would be more than willing and capable of doing better as well. In one afternoon I could easily hammer out a handful of viable endgame content solutions that would require little to no effort. Sounds like a pipe dream? Well, Foundry has some potential that hasn't yet been evolved. Maybe I'll come back in another thread and expand. But my point remains; escalate the tiers of borg - give us bigger and better gear that makes real visible changes in performance and give us a reason to keep playing other than buying a new ship or rolling another toon.


Change the ground based combat. Adding an over the shoulder perspective and free fire/aim did not much more than make it aesthetically different. It feels as if it were translated from space combat (which is wonderful btw) and that has no place on the ground. I don't want to spend minutes in the open crouching or standing playing the "who's shields are gonna go first" game. When I shoot something I don't want to stand there pressing 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 and spam buffs on a cooldown. I'd rather buff up, press 1 2 1 2 1 2 etc etc and feel like I'm doing damage. The entire time I shoot stuff it either vaporizes too quickly or lives too long. And when it's too fast it's too trivial and when it's too long it's too boring. Solution: Make the enemies have bigger health pools, smaller shields and let us do more damage. Maybe have some hit boxes generated at random to allow damage inflicted with different effects. I mean there's directional damage in space...why not limb damage on the ground?
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Some other suggestions for changes:

1. Make it so our ship shields automatically balance equally at all times unless we tell our shields where to concentrate their power.

2. On items that we get where their values increase in rank say it in the description.

3. For the aegis set make it comparable to other end game sets people would use.

4. Put in a simulator where we can see the effects the different items have on our ship without having to equip them.

5. Put in take back the ship missions where some enemy takes over our ship and we have to take back control of our ship and scaling rewards that decrease over the amount of time it takes us to complete the mission. The rewards could be anything from any in game currency to very rare mark 12 items or even prototype item drops that you would get from borg item drops. To get this randomly occurring mission you would need to be on an exploration mission, and the mission rewards would start at first with in game currency and the more times you do the mission the better the item rewards would get along with the better chance for a rare item drop.

6. Make it so our datapads don't count as a space in our inventory.

7. In space if we are trying to get to a system in a different sector and we cant or dont want to transwarp to it make it so we can select the system we want to go to and go the normal way through sector space.

8. An example if i am at the sol system and i bring up the map and tell my ship to automatically take a route to the beta urase sector block please remove the automatic option that pops up asking me if i want to warp to the delta volanis cluster
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Short term.
Make is so that doffs you contribute to fleet base projects come back. This would make it much more bearable to contribute doffs, because you know that they will come back.

Get rid of fleet modules. You told us that we wouldn't have to pay for fleet ships when they came out. With fleet modules out, we can only buy 6 ships for free as a fed. Everything else costs us 4 of those freaking modules. And the fleet ships you buy with them just have a unique costume. they don't have any real improvements. they don't come with consoles or anything, and a few minor stat changes aren't really worth it. How to solve this glaring game problem? Revamp the Z-store so that instead of those stupid, limiting modules, you can buy special fleet console requisitions, and fleet ship costumes. Remove the fleet ship module prices on ships, and remove the fleet costumes. Keep the buff because the fleet ships are t5 and need at least a cosmetic improvement. So all fleet ships are purchasable for free, and you can buy special skins and consoles for them. Heck. maybe add actual fleet ship modules that add certain capabilities to your ship, such as (only an example) fleet engine module, that boosts the ship's engine capabilities significantly. Just please. remove the fleet ship modules as we know them. Nobody likes them. Nobody will miss them. Everybody will celebrate their departure. If this actually passes, I will spend an hour dancing on DS9's promenade, and give out free ev suits at random.

Last short term: Fix respawn rates for the Tholian incursion ground event. They are horrible, and are especially glaring on the interior area. I am doing the indentured dismissal mission, kill the tholian guards around the consoles, move in to open cells, and halfway through opening a cell the guards spawn in and web me.

Mid term.

Capitalism, capitalism, capitalism. This game seems to be run by ferengi. It is f2p, but only just. Lockboxes are useless. You need to grind zen off dilithium for the keys, and the drop rates are so frequent that I can sell an entire stack for 1 credit and it won't sell. The high tier content all costs money, and you then find out upon purchasing the oddysey pack that you only need one. the others are useless. fleet ship modules are an insult. I am predicting that in two years, game content above level 10 will need to be paid for. What's next? Zen for a base upgrade? I understand that PWE is just trying to make a living. But some of the stuff being added is ridiculous!

Add more fleet holdings. A starbase is a good start, but I would like to see more. A fleet colony would be great, and as the colony is upgraded it will generate resources for your fleet. New ores used in fleet base construction, refined materials, stuff that makes starbase development more realistic. At the moment, if taken realistically, our starbases would glow purple from dilithium and be impossible to live in without an EV suit.

Lastly, I want another use for EV suits. Specifically, more realistic, mundane uses. We need a starbase injury system, obtained from fleet events. injuries can be fixed by spacewalking onto the hull and getting out a sonic screwdriver. Injuries will decrease the efficiency of how the starbase is run, such as the prices for upgrades.

Long term:

A space and ground invasion map, possibly set at our fleet base. The starbase has been invaded, and it is up to the brave fleet captains to stop the invaders. In space we fight off enemy transports and try to keep our base from being overrun, and onboard the base, we must push the invaders off, or die trying.

More faction ships. I am sick of watching big grey saucers moving around. I want more faction ships available for both sides, not just from lockboxes as a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000001% drop, but as normal ships, available from a special mission unlocked at Vice admiral. Romulan D'deridexes, cardassian keldons, Jem'hadar battleships, Fek'ihri kn'orr escorts, you name it. This will add A LOT of atmosphere to the game, and make it a lot more enjoyable.

More ship customization options. More specifically, I want ship customization to rival player species customization. Right now, you pick a few ship sections, pick a pattern and pick a color. that is no way to do it. I want advanced scaling options, external modules, faction based cosmetics, etc. Make it so that no ship will ever be the same. If you want to capitalize off of it, make special features only available from the Z-store. But please. It's all preset. Make it so that is is actually "Fully customizable"
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08-11-2012, 07:01 AM
Colony Invasion

The Levels need to be lowered on all NPCs but the moolk

Please Get rid of the annoying undine and replace them with some thing eles.

They are starting to really annoy me with there dam mind attacks.

Timers need to be adjust more.Especially when you face the founders they take even longer.

Make some Adjustments to the Colony invasion fighting the same ones over and over are really getting old and very very annoying Undine and Jem hader are the too most common ones.

Cut back on them two.I barely se any klingons.

And all so the Breen OMG cut down on the annoying Grenades they throw.I think the Grenade is the Cryo Grenade that is even more annoying then the undine.Especially when the Breen throw 3 or 4 of them at one time.

We all so need the Timer shorter for Large Hypos the 30's timer is too long we die way to offten.Make the large hypo timer like 15sec or 20sec.

I really like the Colony Invasion But Cut down on some thing.Or add more content to it.And give us
more Fleet marks if your going to keep them at 2 levels higher.

Raise the Level on the Mook and Give us more Fleet marks
Oh and Cutt down on the dam Targs

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I love this game. It's the only MMO I've ever played and I think the developers are doing a great job. I do have some requests.

1. Allow me to have the same name on all my ships. I dislike having to put a "II" or "IV" behind the name of my ship. After all, this is what the Registry Number is for, just like the Enterprise herself. AKA 1701-A.

2. I purchased the game through Target and was rewarded with the TR-116 rifle. I love this weapon, but please allow it to level with the toon. At low levels it works great, but at high levels it is almost unusable.

3. When I visit my Bridge, I usually only see half of my Bridge Officers. I would like to see all of them, working at their stations, with my First Officer sitting at his proper chair.

4. Long term, I would like to be able to take one of my Bridge Officers with me when I go to certain places, i.e. my Fleet Starbase (Omega One), or to Earth Space Dock. Just more interaction with my officers in some manner would really be nice.

5. Also long term, I would love to see more action via the Bridge. I know that this has been brought up many times before, but it is still a valid request.

6. Long term, improve the buffs on some of the gear sets. I have the Breen set, the Jem'Hadar set, but I don't use them. Why? At high levels, such as STF's, they simply are not a viable option compared to the Borg set.

7. Improve the drop rate of Prototype Borg Salvage during Elite STF's. I've played about 15 in a row and only got one. So, I quit doing them. I have no problem working for my gear, but this is kinda ridiculous.

~ Cap

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