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# 3231 diplomatic immunity
08-12-2012, 07:11 AM
Please make diplomatic immunity something actually worthwhile going for. Having just a few start clusters to go into isn't really worth it.

I should be able to visit Qo'Nos like the KDF players.

Also I should be able to do the same on Cardassia and Rator. In addition to simply visting these places and having access to all facilities and having a social bar, there should be diplomatic missions available on these worlds.
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# 3232 my requests
08-12-2012, 08:06 PM
short term:
bank at Galdana (yes i know i cant spell)
minor bug fix the the Fed mission "Minefeild", a BoP is stuck in an asteroid and cant get shot at
Max skill point raised a little bit
Mid term:
Fleet Ship prices changing based on the teir of the Shipyard and starbase
Add a way to allow players to record gameplay
Long Term:
More playable factions
Customisable Stabase layouts (interior and exterior)
Actually make the borders dynamic with the ability to land on planets and attack enemy forces

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# 3233
08-13-2012, 01:11 PM
I know this is a pipe-dream, but here goes...

Please give us a way to convert opened Lock-box ships, back into Reward Packages.

I ask, because I accidentally (stupidly) opened my D'Kora Package (which I was saving for a new Ferengi Toon) on my Borg Captain, when I thought I was opening a Mirror Universe Cruiser...

Talked about pissed... ...grumble..., grumble..., grumble...

I would even be willing to pay a fairly large sum of Zen/Dilithium or what ever currency Cryptic deems necessary, to do so.

If anybody agrees... please holler-out with me for this.
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# 3234
08-13-2012, 05:25 PM
there are not too many things for me that need attending fix camera lock when attacking a ship and add photonic race please thanks
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# 3235 Suggestions.
08-13-2012, 05:41 PM
1: Would it be possible to get all Log On locations to be our Starbases? (If a member is not in a fleet, I guess their last logged location would be fine)

2: The KDF bases are really good, to the point of too much, with places to sit and have our Fleet Meetings, can we get a location on FED bases designed for Fleet Meetings? (Observation Lounge)

3: KDF too dark and red tinted

4: Starbase Crew Uniform Selection

5: After Transwarpping to starbase then "Warping to Sector" it places us where we transwarpped from, instead of Starbase Sector.

6: Ability to fire weapons and kits on our base. (identical to on board our ships)

7: More color options for Ship and and Uniform creation.

8: Donating Doffs to Fleet Projects: Note telling us which Doffs are on Assignments and can't be donated.

9: In Colony Invasion: the Sabatours hacking computers should NOT be able to continue hacking when they are away from the controls.

Suggestion 10: Keep up the great work ! !
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# 3236
08-13-2012, 06:55 PM
I don't know if these have been requested as I haven't gone through every post, but here it goes:

My top three would be things that add an element of interactivity to certain tasks. Personally, I feel there could be a more "hands on" approach to doing a couple things. My top three requests would probably fall within the mid to long-term category, but here it goes:

1) I'd love to see some kind of dynamic tricorder interface. I dislike seeing that blue ray that shoots out of my character's tricorder when I'm scanning for items. I'd love to actually get a full screen view of my tricorder and scan the area for something in particular. Even going so far as to have interference that you need to screen out to find a particular item. (i.e. tuning out radiation to locate some kind of metal in a crashed probe.) Something more interactive than just pressing the V key to find the location and then just hitting F to do an automated scan. (I've been involved w/ the game from the beginning... it was nice at first, but it's getting pretty boring now.) There could also be the option fall back on the blue ray for those who don't want to get that deep into the scanning.

2) Along the same lines as my first request, my second would be the ability to interact more with ship repairs and/or officer healing. Perhaps a science officer could bring up a console in sickbay to oversee direct treatment of injured crew while an engineer would have access to a console in engineering to oversee ship repairs and allocate crew to repair certain systems.... maybe even get in and repair/heal systems/crew yourself. (Would love to get my engineer into my warp core or into jefferies tubes to repair conduits and stuff like that.)

3) The last thing I'd love to see is more activities on board my own ship. Mini games (solo, coop and competitive) on the holodeck. Maybe there could even be some kind mini quest chain where there are isolinear chips on planets that we can explore and once we find them we unlock a mini game on the holodeck for that planet... or just some kind of scenic simulation. I LOVE the layout of the ship interiors and how i can wander around my ship... but I'd like there to be more I can do. It would be cool to have some leisurely things to do there when maybe I want to play, but I don't necessarily want to run missions.

OOH and one last one I thought of... This one is a smaller one, but still probably falls into the mid-long-term range...

4) Alert status: I like that when I attack a ship (or I am attacked) red alert automatically kicks on... Just like it should according to the way it happens on the show. I would like to have the ability to cancel red alert and perhaps toggle between the 3 main alert statuses. (Green, Yellow & Red) Obviously red would need to be active immediately during battle, but once battle is done is annoys me to have to wait until it fades out before I can engage full impulse or warp out. It would be cool to click a button to disable red alert once I am out of battle and not being attacked.

Thanks for giving us a sounding off thread to give our suggestions. I hope you find mine useful in some way.
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# 3237
08-14-2012, 03:08 AM
My suggestion is simply to add Fleet versions of the following, but not limited to, hybrid beam types:

1) Plasma-Disruptor
2) Polarised Tetryon
3) Phased Tetryon
4) Phased Polaron
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# 3238
08-14-2012, 08:30 AM
Blank Deleted

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# 3239
08-14-2012, 05:37 PM
Lower the Attacks on lots of stuff.

Like the Bio-Naturel war still way to power hungry.

The ISO still the same as well Power hunger

Colony invasion really really needs to be toned down.It gets to be very very frustrating at some times.

Here is a list
The undine Mind attacks need a toned down major.

The Breen.
Need to adjust the breen cryo grenade way way too many being throwen this all makes alot of people frustrated.Some times they threw up to 5 or 6 at a time and it get's very annoying.

The klingons Need to cut back on the Targs too many of them.

The hirogen or what ever there called
There cloaking way way too much.

The ones i normally see are the hirogen , too much Undine, rarely see any klingons.Jem Hader

I say Lower all NPCs levels But the Mains Like the Mugato,Breen captain,Founders,Alphas and the Main Klingon guy for get his name.

But the Colony invasion really needs a adjustment Badly.

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# 3240
08-14-2012, 11:38 PM
I want the apollo class starship

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