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08-15-2012, 12:43 PM
I would like to see the following in game:

1) A status indicator that a player can set to let people know he/she is away from the game for a few minutes.

2) Using our shuttles for initial Academy training.

3) Having personnel officers at each major base, not just the Academy.

4) Being able to gain Doff xp like we do with First Contact missions.

5) Not maxing out our ranks before we hit level 3 on a Doff area.

6) Not being at max rank before even completing the Klingon and Romulan missions.

7) Opening the story missions back up so that we don't have to be at a certain rank before we can do the mission. The only exception would be two part or sequencial Featured episodes. I.E. do like the chain missions in the doff.

8) Having to complete, in no particular order except as listed in #7, a certain number of story & exploration missions before being promoted while still being able to apply the xp gained to our toons. As it stands now, no one has to play a story mission to rank up. I havve ranked up a few toons to Vice Admiral using just the Doff system before reaching level 3 on most Doff areas.

9) Not being forced to accept a promotion if we do not want to gain another rank.

10) Having an Admiral in command of a small group of ships either like a Doff system or having at least 2 of your other ships following you.

11) When you are promoted, going through the Official Promotion Ceremony conducted by a superior officer instead of going to the ship selection officer.

12) Not having access to starships restricted by rank, instead base it on toon xp points spent.

13) If we like a particular ship, being able to upgrade the ship by adding another console or weapons slot. (only one upgrade per ship)

14) Having Boffs with species specific traits that contribute to the ship. The Female Liberated Borg and Human Boffs are the only ones with species specific traits that contribute to the function of the ship in addition to their station powers. For example: a Betazoid could increase accuracy of weapons while reducing the effects of jam sensors on your ship.

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08-16-2012, 12:15 AM
Ground and Space Skills

Way do Ground and Space Skills Keep having timers.

When i log out for about an hour and log back in the skills have timers.

They should not have timers at all the skills should reset after 5 mins.

There is no reason way the timers should be there after being loged out after an hour.

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08-16-2012, 09:31 AM
Okay, as a precursor, let me state that I do love the game, but it is not without some glaring flaws and lacks some of the Star Trek 'flavour'. So, without further ado, my wishes/requests for the game...

Short term:
- Server stability! It gets annoying getting disconnected at random intervals or getting 'Server Not responding' messages when you're loading maps.

- New characters on Fed-side start at higher level (Commander?). I have levelled my tactical captain to 50, spent a fair old wack of time with her and have an understanding of how the game mechanics work. If my KDF characters can start at a higher level, why can't my Fed alts?

- Make black the same black across all costumes. My captains use the film/DS9 top half with Wrath of Khan trousers (I like the tactical look). But, despite selecting the same 'black' on the colour chooser, they are different shades. Could they be the same to make it look a wee bit more uniform?

- Change the KDF UI colour. The red makes my eyes hurt something chronic after a while (much less than the cooler blue of the Fed). Make it distinct, not eye-watering to look at.

- Allow me to make my Liberated Borg any race. If I have a Liberated Borg player race, let me decide what race to make them. If I can add Seven of Nine's implants to any other race (near enough), why can't my Borg captain be (say) an Orion or a Trill (unjoined - the joined Trill should still be distinct), or an Andorian?

Medium/long term:
- More STFs, feeding into the overarching story. Grinding the same 6 STFs can get dull. How about expanding Omega Force to encompass the Tholians (to begin with)? Put in a Tholian STF, where we can still use our sexy MACO/Honour Guard/Omega Force kit and also get Tholian-specific STF kit. The Tholian set on Nukara is a start, but could be made more viable. This would feed into the fact that the visuals for Omega/MACO/Honour Guard make you believe they could be used in space or on non-Earth worlds, and make them more desirable if they could fulfill the role usually occupied by an environmental suit, and be much more survivable. How about a Tholian-specific variation of the Omega/MACO/Honour Guard sets? Gives a reason to continue grinding the STFs; to get better kit to do the Tholian (and beyond) STFs.

I say STFs, because the STFs feel like a continuation of the storyline, unlike Fleet Actions/missions. Alternatively, make them single-player missions/chains so that players can stop and read this stuff, as I find in STFs any text that pops up is almost immediately closed in a race to beat the timers (and/or players' impatience). The much hinted at role of the Iconians in shaping the current state of the galaxy could be explored using STFs, and over the course of several seasons (i.e. a couple of years) finally introduce the Iconians as an STF bad guy that eclipses the Borg.

- Different STF uniforms. Specifically, for the MACOs. The MACO uniform is very slick and shiny, but I'd like something akin to the MACO uniform seen in Enterprise (maybe with some updates to reflect the fact that it's a few hundred years later...). But, I suppose that's really the Omega kit. Maybe even something like the Star Trek Elite Force stuff (licensing notwithstanding).

- More diplomacy/non-violent resolution. To me this a is a fairly big one for getting back into the spirit of Star Trek. Whilst the Federation may be at war, not everything needs to be about killing. If I roll a Science captain, let me be able to win through science, not by shooting them with a phaser. Also, if I am to represent the Federation, let me do more as a diplomat. Winning by talking, not fighting; let me have branching conversations and missions that I can actually fail by not being diplomatic enough or appealing to that species' particular mindset. Let the rewards for completing diplomatic missions be viable (a unique purple DOff or something) so that I have a reason to do them.

- If you add more single-player content, let me use my First Officer instead. If I've got a First Officer selected, allow me to outfit them as I would my captain (with class-specific kits as well) and allow me to use them on away missions instead of my captain. The flipside of this is if I choose to use my captain, I cannot take my First Officer (they have to look after the ship). This could be expanded to me 'Commissioning' my First Officer and having them as a new captain instead of having to grind through a new avatar from Ensign/Lt. It would mean losing them from my ship, and me having to promote another BOff to First Officer (and maybe reorganising my BOff layout), but would be a nice touch.

- Controversial thought; make Mk XII upgrades available for Lobi crystals, in a similar way to the Tholian MK XII upgrade. I admit, this is very, very controversial, to the point that I feel unclean suggesting it. However, from an economic standpoint it would make sense, as Lobi crystals are only gotten from opening lockboxes. BUT, it should only be as AN ADDITION to the traditional Prototype Salvage route, and cost a LOT of Lobi (~800 per set) with the accolade (MACO Team Commander/ HG Commander) and a full Mk XI set of whatever flavour you wish to upgrade. However, this route does not award the Mk XII accolade or costume options. Personally, I'd rather grind STFs to get the Prototype stuff for the full effect, but this may be enticing to some players...


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08-16-2012, 10:42 PM
Short Term - Fix the uniforms

Mid Term - A squad system made up of 2-4 teams, letting them react as a group better in large fleet actions

Long Term - A Romulan playable factor would be really awesome to have in season 8 or 9, maybe 7 if you guys can manage it

Let me just say you guys are doing an awesome job.
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08-16-2012, 10:47 PM
I forgot to say

Long term - Universal Translator in game to use with other people, i.e I speak English, if someone responded to me in German, the game chat would translate to English, vice versa
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# 3246 Caitians
08-17-2012, 12:04 AM
Short Term.
1. A Caitian personal officer at the Academy like the Andorians, Vulcans, and Tellerites have.
2. An Actual Caitian Bridge and hall layout for their Carrier.
3. Caitian Uniforms to go with their ship, maybe a standard Caitian crew roaming around on it.

Mid Term.
1. Being able to visit the Caitian homeworld.
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08-17-2012, 07:45 AM
I'd like to see one or two Cryptic employees be devoted to creating new story mission content and releasing it on a smaller, more frequent schedule. This should lead up to major story changes coming in Seasons, or lead up to Featured Episode series, or lead up to the inclusion of new shinies in the game.

For example, we could have had a series of missions where you deal with a plot to infiltrate some worlds in a certain sector, and then it escalates into a small-scale invasion, and at the conclusion you're directed to construct and command a new starbase in that sector.

And then Season 6 comes out with fleet starbases.

The mission content I'm talking about wouldn't be things that require new tech; that would be reserved for the FEs and Seasons, so you wouldn't need a whole content pod for it.

Dang, now I'm wanting to put aside more time to go back to working on my Foundry missions, right as I've taken on new community responsibilities.
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08-17-2012, 06:12 PM
~Short Term~

-Retrofit Blue Photon Torpedos? As seen in "Enterprise - In a Mirror Darkly"

-Specialty Bridges + Interior for Caitan Cruiser, And Special Bridge + Interior for NX Class Escort. Similar to how the oddessey has its own bridge variant.

-Fix Memory Alpha Crashes near Transporter rooms.

~Mid Term~

-Ability to Capture 1 per character enemy faction ship via boarding party action on weakened select Enemy Ships. Example : Bring Enemy NPC Romulan Bird of Prey to 15% Hull allows you to tractor and board it. Defeat the crew in a real time Ground mission and gain control of the ship. Players can only have 1 Ship that has ben captured at any given time per character.

-Possibly An event Rewarding a unique Typhoon Class Cruiser/KDF Equivelent (Sorry for not remembering - 1 per character similar to the Oddessey Event)

-Possibly an event Rewarding a unique Jupiter class Dreadnaught/KDF Equivelent (Sorry for not remembering - 1 per character similar to the Oddessey Event)

~Long Term~

-Expand Upon The Devidian Storyline, Possibly add trans dimensional space in certain zones.

-Expanding Further Upon the Undine Storyline. Possibly adding an entire fluidic space sector and territory.

-Formally Introduce the Iconians

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08-18-2012, 04:14 AM
Short-term requests

Each Patch revisit one ground Map and fix the clipping issues
(Crew Beams down to walls and rocks, hovering houses with invisible enemies,...)

Fix the memory alpha "crash on enter" bug

Add the mumbers (e.g. Deck 3) to the Ships/Bases interior textures

Mid-term requests

Improve ground mission textures

Improve texture and model variarion on enemy ships and bases

"Promote" some of the very best community missions to Starfleeet/KDF Missions with rewards

Long-term requests

More choices in how to complete content, maybe missions with a diplomatic rather than
a pure combat solution depending on choices you make during the mission, giving diplomatic
XP instead of Skill points then,...

Have the players spare ships and Boffs to: do Missions like doff assignments (Success
depending e.g. on on Boffs, equipment and type of ship,...), set up trade routes, assign the
spare Ships to a fleet roster (defense, upgrades,...)

Much more Storyline - episodes 1-3 are reeally cool, the following are getting shorter and
shorter, you could introduce new Missions in between.
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08-18-2012, 07:24 PM
Short Term: Add counts to how many small craft each bay currently has out to carrier huds. It can be difficult trying to tell if I need to launch more Fighters or Shuttles when they're in a furball with the enemy.

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