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# 3261 sector speed
08-25-2012, 10:38 AM

not sure if this has been posted before, but please give all the high end space sets an appropriate sector speed buff. it's quite depressing to farm the i.e. klingon honor guard mkxii space set just to realize a speed reduction to warp 10 and i don't want to change engines all the time.
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# 3262
08-25-2012, 11:44 AM
1. Balance I'n space . All three classes of ships
Need to be balanced so any class can compete
Turn rates,DPS need much attention

2. Long range areas , the differnt races home systems
Need to be farther away from each other so long range ships
Have better uses. It. Would also make having more ships attractive
If it took 7 days to get to the Klingon frontier you may want another
Ship at earth space dock . Another at ds9 another at the breen frontier
Yet another I'n romulan space .

3. Stfs against non Borg races, non Borg gear rewards
Make stfs more than a Dps match
Jellico....Engineer.....Stargazer KDF Tac
Saphire.. Science.....Ko'el Rom Kdf Tac
Leva........Tactical.....Mailu KDF Sci

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# 3263 Some not-so-bright ideas?
08-25-2012, 02:04 PM
Probably mentioned before but here are my 9 ideas:
1. I agree with the idea to turn off the Skill Cap. Once my character hits Vice Admiral I don't stop earning Skill Points but I am stopped from using them! I would like to be able to max our my character and make it the best I can!
2. I also agree with having more missions where I, the Captain, control the outcome of the mission based on the decisions and choices I make during the mission. Make some missions like a Choose-You-Own Adventure book where every chapter had a choice that determined where you went next.
3. I'm just repeating some ideas here as I really liked them, and this is another one I agree with...make some missions for onboard my own ship! Intruder Alert Simulation, like Sims make it available to communicate with Bridge Officers to build relationships.

1. When it comes to Alien races we are still only able to choose humanoid shapes. What about multiple arms, eyes, legs, etc.? What about no legs and a tail? Or even adding a tail of different types and lengths? Horns, fangs, fur, cat paws, backward jointed legs, tentacles instead of arms or legs?
2. More choices for customizing ships. Rainbow of color, being able to change type of metal used for hull, having an "ultimate" module selection available so we can customize our ships using any "module" from any other type of ship. Letting us lights or effects to our ship like a ripple effect, neon lighting, a "Tron" effect, etc.
3. Add a conversion console near the exchange or bank that allows conversion from Dilithium to Energy Credits and Energy Credits to Dilithium. Maybe even add a Zen Point exchange that allows you to not only exchange Zen for Dilithium but also exchange Zen for Energy Credits and Energy Credits for Zen.

1. Allow players to purchase dedicated weapon and console slots for our ships with a limit of only being able to have 5 slots for each section. EX. Buy a Heavy Dual Cannon slot for our Science Vessel which only has 3 Fore Weapon Slots, thus bringing it to 4 Fore Weapons Slots. Then being able to buy a Universal Weapon Slot that can be placed Fore or Aft and can be used for ALL types of weapons (except Mines which are Aft only).
2. Bring more ships to the KDF. Like a super-tanker that has dedicated weapon consoles that allow the ship to have cannons that shoot a 45 degree arc to the SIDE of the ship!
3. Using software similar to DragonSpeak allow us to record our voices so that when our character actually has a speaking part it is our voice that comes out.

Thanks, that's all I got for now!!
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# 3264
08-25-2012, 02:10 PM
Honestly, I am more interested in having Romulans as a playable faction then the Borg. Imagine the Romluan ships:

Bird of Prey (Lieutenant Ship)
Mogai (Commander ship)
D'deridex (Captain Ship)
Scimitar (Rear Admiral Ship)

there has to be some cool variations they can make for Sci, Tac, ENG, and of course a LtComm ship.

now that would be cool.
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# 3265
08-26-2012, 01:24 PM
Just a simple request...More Bridge Activity...other than BOFs on the bridge why not have random crew members or perhaps some DOFs moving about the bridge, especially on the large bridge sets. For example, The Aquarius Bridge is extremely large and yet I hardly see any crew on the bridge?
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# 3266 Crafting
08-27-2012, 12:49 PM
Adding dilithium costs to already sub par gear in crafting has killed demand for crafted items. either make it cheaper, or maybe make desirable items available to craft that are worth spending dilith on. (right now starbases and low price of zen on exchange and dilith cost of fleet items compounding problem) Before january i had an avg of minimum 50 orders per month items crafted and delivered. avg crafted items requested per month now is around 0-5 if im lucky. I am the lead fleet crafter in a very large active fleet. please put me back to work!
anything less than mk xii purple is a waste as at this level it still will not be comparable or competable with the new fleet gear. (maybe a section for fleet only crafting with better items)
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# 3267
08-27-2012, 01:31 PM
I think I have posted in this thread before, but I would like to re-post with some new ideas:

Short-Term requests:
1. A Breen lockbox with Breen ships available.

2. Mirror Universe Reconnaissance Science Vessel and Deep Space Science Vessel. When a player gets one of these, the Mirror paint job should become available on the relevant fleet ship using that skin.

3. Lobi Store Re-runs where all previous items that were for sale go back up for sale again.

Mid-Term requests:
1. General re-work of Science abilities, especially the Lt. Commander and Commander abilities. I think a good number of them deserve to be buffed a little bit.

2. The Reman Deflector should be given a new visual. The three piece set bonus for the Reman Set should be buffed.

3. Episode Reruns for the limited rewards like the Shard, The Cane, the Reman BO, and Breen BO.

Long-Term requests:
1. More Borg, Undine, and Breen episodes. Each of these "chapters" only have about 5 missions each. I think they should each get another 15 missions to make them full feature-length story arcs like the Klingon and Cardassian chapters are.

2. A great deal of bug fixing need to be done in the game. There are many bugs that have been reported multiple times... many times, but still are not fixed.

3. Foundry enhancements. I don't use the Foundry myself (I'm not very good at stuff like this), but there are creative geniuses out there who can make great missions in the Foundry, and I would like to see them get all the right tools and stuff they need to make that happen.
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# 3268 A Plea to the Devs
08-27-2012, 01:38 PM
Dear Devs,

Please give us a genuine Romulan experience. I want to learn more about their culture, about their ship design, and about their technology. I have heard rumors of a Romulan mini-faction or mission arc for Season 7. Then, I had a nightmare... What if we were only going to get JemHadar - Season 5 content in Romulan form!? I don't think I could live with that. I don't want to grind and grind for a lockbox, then spend $10-$1000 in hopes of getting a Romulan escort the size of a Miranda class starship. I need more than that. Hear my plea!
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# 3269
08-27-2012, 10:02 PM
Shorterm Goals:

1. Playable Orion characters for the feds with abilitiy to were orion outfits.
2. Make crew uniforms for starships match captain and BO. (just the general uniform selected and main selected color so the crew looks like the belong)
3. More uses for interior spaces (actually use ships transports shuttle bays etc...)
4. add more crew working/walking in interior spaces (10 forward is very epty for a social space)

Midterm Goals:
1. Fix bridge diminsions so they are not so oversized (looks weird)
2. More BO office positions such as ops and helm, firtst officer etc....(really should be dept heads since they are on the bridge)
3. Be really cool if you can have a chief medical office BO position that you assign and can see in the sick bay. Would really be cool if your ships doc, tranportor office can pop up as though they were reporting from their duty spaces.
4. Away time should be increased to 5 spots ( besides your capt it should be 3 BO's and 2 security or something like that.

Longterm Goals:
1. more content for higher positions as well as those climbing the rank ladder.
2. Lower general cost for life time subscribers in the C-Store. I bet if you provide some percentage of a lower cost for items in the C-Store you might see more people prefer to become life timers.

Other than that great job so far cryptic
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# 3270
08-27-2012, 10:11 PM
I can't really judge what is short or long term, but here are my suggestions.

Restock of torpedo munitions - starships have limited supply of torpedoes on board and can run out. Purchase and collect.

Penalty for losing ships - there is no reason to have repairs done if I know I will respawn.

Rework EC and other currencies - EC should have better 'value' than it does and should be easier to trade, including with dilithium.

Improve the need for peer teamwork and trading. I can play the entire game and not need to talk to anyone.

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