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Originally Posted by partsource View Post

Improve the need for peer teamwork and trading. I can play the entire game and not need to talk to anyone.
I was thinking exactly this; on this I have two suggestions:

Long Term:

* Add a party campaign (for each faction), or a team mode for the standard campaign, to replicate the flavor of fantasy MMRPG. It would work this way:
** Appoint a party leader which provides the settings. Settings for the team would include:
*** Allow members to be from different fleets or force being part of a fleet
*** Set minimum count of teammates to be connected to start a mission.
*** Add or remove party members.
*** Allow direct goods trade.
*** Allow to fill missing slot in away teams with NPCs, and possibly design which ones (duty officiers from the ships of the admin or other teammates).

Party campaign would require enough party members to start the mission together (same mechanism as fleet actions). The away team would be composed of the captains (party members) and possibly some selected members of their crew.

Notice that the same single-player campaing could be also played by parties this way: ground actions require no change, while space actions would require increasing the number of ennemies or raising the difficulty level as there would be more allied ships.

However, it would be cool to give the option to do some separate solo campagin or solo mission-arc also to player that are usually in a party.

Party members could freely exchange goods, or directly deal a price for exchange.

Another long term idea on this line:

* (aleady read in the forum various times): PvP domain with ability to create bases and/or conquer planets from the averse side.
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Instead of limiting inventory slots to the user and buying more, they should be limited to the type of starship you have (since that is where technically they are kept). A Nova should not be able to carry as much cargo as the Galaxy Class - and this should be reflected in inventory slots.

Ships should be limited in what they can use - there's no way my Sabre should be able to produce the power needed for the weapons I have given it. More powerful weapons and defenses on more powerful ships.

With all the uniforms available, there should be no reason why less than 1/4 should be available to F2P players. Open that up a little bit.

Collisions - all those wonderful asteroids, and I just plow right through them. Same with enemy ships. What's the point of "ramming speed" if you can't ram?

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ok this is easy:

Stop nerfing sci skills
Stop nerfing sci skills
Stop nerfing sci skills

Actually work on balancing sci skills.
Actually work on balancing sci skills.
Actually work on balancing sci skills.

Actually give sci chance to compete or just take it out of the game, cuz right now it's not good for anything.
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more usefull/cheaper KDF-Fleetships
(i.E. raptor with 5 tac-consoles like defaint, a bird-of-pray with adv. battelcloak like b-rel, give us guaramba, b-rel or kar'fi, or add fleetship-variants to C-Store so we dont need 4 modules for all ships)

team-loot-roll need love.
exampel: every "need" will lower following rolls on map (maybe -5 for each need), so ppl maybe think what they roll and you have better chanche on the usefull stuff

more STF, maybe non-Borg, but with dilithium-reward (Maybe an undine Invasion). So we can do more then the 3 STF and some small dailys.

better doff-search on exchange. let us search for singel traits, races.. like i can search in my own doff-roster

more love to KDF
some more ships (Fed's get our toys, so i want their or a new one ^^) pls do not make 2 mirror-factions.,

maybe one KDF vs KDF episode or new war against Federation. Maybe peace (so we can join mixed Teams for fleet-actions)

hope i can find some ears.. ;D
Cya in space
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Short-term requests

My three short terms is
Graphic fixes there still bugs i notice
Fixing the Gleet ission there still a lot of holes where you hear what happened 2 actions ago.

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

More weapons to research like high angle torpedos or rear Dual cannons or rear beam arrays.

Long-term requests

These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.

I say 3 things
First more ships like the New Orleans Class Frigate Wambundu Class Destroyer/Light Cruiser and the Alaska Class Cruiser/Battlecruise ( A larger Wambundu Class).
The ability to make or design our own ships for use in game ( Limitations as you cant sell and character bind things of this nature)
More factions like the Romulans Cardassians and a Expanded universe not just Alpha or Beta But all areas and factions if possible.
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Short term:

1. More Hair Style options.

2. More Alien Parts

3. Better looking weapons

Mid term:

1. More endgame stuff. More STF's, raids, and Nukura like combat arenas.

2. Better PvP, and have it treated as endgame rather that a niche. I want PvP missions.

3. Better Starbase Featured Projects. I want things that are actually awesome/fun to look at/useful/so silly it's fun, rather than piles of cooing things everywhere.

Long term:

1. Greater focus on exploration, story, and expiriances. Basically a move away from repetitive combat, and toward poking at stuff with Pseudoscience.

2. A greater overall Story. The story in STO feels disjointed and bizarre. I don't know how to treat my Captain, as I don't know how the game treats her. Is she a great diplomat, managing to pacify an entire city on the edge of rebellion? Or a cutthought willing to kill hundreds of unborn members of a dying race simply due to their origin? Cleaning all that up would be nice.

3. Make the universe bigger. Space is big, very big, so why is my ship the size of several planets? Make me feel tiny. Minuscule. Make me feel like a tiny speck in the middle of a vast dangerous universe that could wipe me out at any moment. I don't want a game world, I want a Universe!

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.
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328 pages of replies... wow. No, I haven't read them all -- so I hope that I am not needlessly repeating points already addressed in prior posts. Also, these ideas aren't terribly organized in my skull, so they are likely to be a bit haphazard; sorry.

1} Make all art, terrain, map, AI, dialog, and prop assets available to the Cryptic authors available to the Foundry authors.

This is a no-brainer. Foundry content keeps the game fresh, it taps the potentially unlimited creativity of folks that Cryptic doesn't have to pay. Make Foundry missions more rewarding to the authors & players -- for example, allow the loot drops in Foundry missions to be competitive to attract players; pay Foundry authors (in Dilithium, or lock-box keys, or something) for useable content. Perhaps a lump sum when Cryptic re-works it a bit to fit into a new 6-9 mission story arc, and then place these arcs in the C-store -- and pay the authors again (a small amount) everytime a player purchases those episodes.

I understand that some assets cause problems in the game when used improperly, and figuring out what goes wrong where and when is a thorny problem -- so institute rewards for finding and documenting such bugs. Place known bugs into a viewable DB, and don't reward re-reporting of the same bugs.

Properly used, the Foundry can be a gold-mine.

2} More variation in characters (beyond career, level, and traits) -- things like physical strength, hand-eye dexterity, reaction speed, endurance, and others should be adjustable, useful, and have various benefits and trade-offs.

3} The above goes for ships too -- though ships should be less customizable, greater variety should be available in terms of raw power available to run systems, the amount of shock various hard-points can handle, the volume available for cargo, the functionality of the sickbay, etc. On a cosmetic level, assume that all ships automatically have one of every non-combat console at mk 0 -- and make these visible while in the ship interior -- any installed consoles on various slots would be upgrades which would replace the mk 0 defaults with more impressive gear.

4} More variations while in a mission -- have each mission have several variations / behind the scenes factors, and the one or two which apply to this particular run-through is decided randomly while the player is in the mission. This way, players don't automatically know exactly what the mission requires until they encounter it, and the solution could be entirely different every time.

5} More options to resolve missions, and more degrees of success and failure.

6} Hybrid console slots: a single slot which could accept either an Engineering or Science console, or a Science or Tactical console, or a Tactical or Engineering console. Don't go crazy with these, just one or two can allow a tremendous variability in ship load-outs.

7} A rare-level or very rare-level trait for consoles (can also work as an Engineering/Science/Tactical console), weapons (can also work as a tactical console), or anything else (can also work as a device). Perhaps have some of these occasionally be race or faction restricted ("will also work as Tactical console for Klingons" or "will also work as Science console for Vulcan ships") for one rarity-level less.

8} Coherent design philosophies and doctrines for each faction, ie "All Vulcan ships treat one of their Tactical console slots as a Tactical/Science Hybrid slot & have a -10 weapon power for a +5 shields and +5 auxiliary power"; or "All Klingon ships lose a Science Console slot and replace it with a Universal console slot".

9} More playable factions, including non-starfleet Federation (merchants & mercenaries) ones.

10} More incursion-zones, and more content for the existing incursion zones. Finish & release the Deferi Incursion "Comm Station" content, for example. Make at least one Incursion zone per opponent faction, and have enough missions to rotate the content offered in each area of these zones. For example have four more easy missions for the Deferi City area, and offer only two (random ones) at a time. When a mission is selected for the 'to be offered' list, have be offered for a random time between 18 to 30 hours, after which select one of the others to replace it. This way, players are not always running "Automated aggression" and "Modus operandi" over and over.

11} Ability to design & assign uniforms for your ships crew -- possibly just one pattern with different color palettes for engineering / science / tactical, or wholly different uniforms per specialty. Option to select "Fleet" uniforms for the crew as well.

12} More mini-games, some just for fun (dabo, poker, darts, billiards, R/P/S, Tri-D chess, craps, etc) and some for determining performance of some tasks or mission-objectives. For the latter, at least, bonuses or reductions to performance based on character attributes -- skills, career, level, traits, race, or various RPG stats like Endurance or Dexterity. In-game casinos with reasonable odds (Dabo is highway robbery without the inconvenience of the highway) might be nice, especially PvP -- but the stakes would probably need to be non-exchangeable for real cash; dilithium ore may work for this. In all cases, the 'house' will always get a cut, making this a net resource-sink.

13} More neutral zone / section 31 missions -- things like "Defense Contact" and "Sh'mar Distress call", although not necessarily just in the Fed-Klink neutral zone.
[end Edit]

That's all I've got for right now.

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I got one FIX STF's
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I would like for each BOFF to be able to use its ranks full skills in space & on ground. Ex: a BOFF promoted to Lt. usingmore than just Ensign skills in space.
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Change Fleet Emblem Needs add on.

Backround Option Needs Movment X postioning or what ever.

The Foreground is able to be moved but not the background option.

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