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10-10-2012, 10:31 AM
Short Term:

More flexibility in character creation and clothing options. Ex. Trill spots on Alien characters
Captain's Log System that separates user-created logs from system-created logs
More emotes
to allow for more physical expression in RP

Mid Term:

Voyager Bundle
Conference Rooms
in Ship Interiors
Having Nacelles on LRSV variants be in lowered position when ship is idle in sector space

Long Term:

Improved/New Ship Interiors for all three decks
Fix Exchange search system to actually see all of a certain item under the "All" category
More exploration missions
that don't require combat. Ex. Studying spatial anomalies, etc.
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10-11-2012, 06:42 AM
Short-term: fleet ships modules should be a bit more modulated. Right now it's 1 (escorts) and 4 (everything else). I'd go for 1 - escorts, 2 - science and 4 - cruisers.

Middle-term: non-storyline campaings. Set of separately playable episodes giving a final reward (special item, extra dyl or GPL).

I'd love them to be taken and refitted from the best campaigns found on the Forge. I understand there are legal issues about copyrights and payments involved with the original author, but I am sure that

1) they can be circumvented (after all, there are legal issues also with prize lotteries not having a clear and certified probability statement...)

2) For Cryptic/PWE, it's anyhow less expensive and faster than creating them from scratch.

Long-term: Monthly, trimestral or semestral PvP campaigns. Factions would fight to control territories and resources over a time period. At the end of the period, best players of the factions receive a prize (winning faction getting the best things).

Planning a long-term strategy and getting friends involved to help it out it's also a way to attract more ppl (and earn more $ for pwe).
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10-11-2012, 12:59 PM
Short term,

Interduce more things to do. I have 2 almost 3 lvl 50's but once you hit 50 i get to the point im like ok nothing to do so i find another movie to watch while afk.

1. I would love to see more slots available for duty officers. ( 20 max isnt fun) maybe increase that to 30 or 40

2. Fleet actions for your fleet not just a pve que

3. More advanced R&D developement requiring more materials and better stats then the standard R&D things that are obsolite and mostly tossed away at level 50

4. Things that make a fleet more interactive, fleet conies; space ground and transport quests for the fleet not just a que and go seneario as it is now.

5: their is not much end game gear that can be crafted and their is a small amount available loosing players uquincnece.

Medium term:

1. More ships. I bought a lot of the zen ships and most have me discuraged from buying any more. When you buy a ship using real cash you exspect a fairly decent ship. Not just a meat shield hull strength wise but a power house when it comes to buying a ship. For example the odysee's they weak i give them a 3 out of a 10 being they turn very poorly and they dont have a good shield modd. Instead they have universal slots so not worth buying. I seguest change for tact ship. 1 commander 1 lt commander tact slot 1 Lt science 1 Lt eng slot but add a bit better dmg and shield mod.

science and enginerring some what the same for they roles

for example my science ship refit for vice admerial hase 18k shields , same out fit but odysee science i have almost 14k shields with a lower chance to survive a long fight. I would balance and fix the ships to where their worth the zen and makes those whom use them more proud.

Most of the time i just see places doing scrapping runs with dual cannons or sitting still with dual cannons. Thus making the game seem like its more focused to players whom cant move and shot a target.

Single beam arrays have poor dmg compaired to duals and as a result star trek fed players dont seem like the moves. Carring cannons and duals sitting still to nuke targets isnt like the movies. The enterprise nor Voyager would say ok line up al stop fire forward cannons no i believe t was avaisive manuvers fire phasers or torpedoes. Understanding you would like to make more cash and grow I would make more single beam arrays and make them equil or more stronger then the current dual cannons. Or shields etc the boxes make you good money but once one hits level 50 its basicly boring city from their since end game items are very few and not really worth the time and effort.

so in a few words fix the ships from zen shop. Add more duty officer asignments, fleet dailys. make beam arrays and torps more usefull.

Long term:

1. Colonise a planet and being able to go to your planet add quests for the planet

2. Allow players to make their own custom ships

( example: Odysee tacticle

loose 1000 crew add .25 shield mod and .25 hull str add 5 turn base
loose 1 engeering item slot add .50 wep dmg)

allowing players to make their ship the way they want it

Adavanced R&D example : Aegis Covariant Shield Array Advanced : +10 shield profomance
+10 shield system 15,313 shield capicy 10% bleed through 425 shield regen
but requires more materials

More quest chains for dailys with multiple itmes for a reward far better then current end game items all part of a set like 15/15 or 20/20 sets

indevidual duty officer assignments to benefit ones fleet IE: Scout borg behavior
time 7 days reward on crit a fleet quest + fleet marks
regular sucess fleet marks
or failure.

Their is so much that could be added to benefit the whole of the game like play a romulan or a borg or kasson the posiblitys are hugh but would at least give us at max level more to do.
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10-11-2012, 02:02 PM
Ok, 2 things I'd like I can't put them into time frames as I don't know how long it would take

1: Better NPCs, I'm sorry but Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) made better NPCs in 1998 for Final Fantasy 7, you can defiantly do better

2: Revamp the combat system to take the focus off of DPS, I have given an example of how this could be done (
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This is pretty much an all in one package, but I think that they should make the PVP/PVE and Foundry missions look like a Holodeck program or Holo-Suite at Quarks. For example, you walk into the lower levels of ESD and look for a Holodeck and you pull up all the Foundry missions and or PVP/PVE challenges. I would like to see something like that in the future.

With that I would also like to see something fun made for a Holodeck program, like a Spy novel such as "Our Man Bashir or Hotel Royal type of story. In regards to defunct missions, Starbase 24 Rescue and DS9 Under Siege would be perfect for new season episodes.

You can conclude a Cardassian mission with DS9 Under Siege by having the True Way and Dominion attack the station. Starbase 24 could be a Klingon story line.

I love those PVE and would actually like to see them again in a re-vamp form.
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Short maybe :

Possibility to :

- Change race, gender and traits
- Change the @Name
- Personalize klingon forehead (not a choice in a list.... )
- switch interface and all what you see in klingon alphabet
- More klingon costume (male and female)
- Intense Klingon immersion ( i let you thinking about that)
- Start Klingon from Level 1
- Personalize hull with things like damaged hull , hole , phaser burn. (all things who feels your ship is old or

different or live big battle)
- Critical hull effect : breaking warp nacelle, hole in the hull etc...
- Pvp board ( where is my pvp board ?) i need to know if i am the best.
- A kill count , (i am psychotic , and dangerous) i need to know how many ships or whatever i kill

Midle or long

- Desactivate ship or stunt (no kill solution)
- Kind of "karma" tag if you kill ou use other solution to solve a problem
- A real sector war with zone to conquer
- A true bad guy pirate faction (one against all) with all (any)renegade species , stolen tech, stolen ship etc..
- a real botanical system with plant to grow (seeds etc..) and possibility to create medicine with
- Real science and botanical ship with active science fonction (discover, analyse)
- random exploration zone with science action (discover new species , animals , bacteria , plants ) with some

defense action too

End of Tier ships :

That's mean

- Possibility to upgrade ship : choosing hull, add consoles and weapons slots as you want (hull limitation)
ex : for a miranda (little hull) you can add 3 slots of each consoles system (start with 1 of each)
- Possibility to equip you ship as you want : you can make a war miranda class or a botanical excelsior


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A gps on the map showing the path you need to go i am always getting lost. possibly medium term i'm not a coder so i don't know


Teleport to team members when they are on a different map


A borg faction (like the klingon) maybe i don't know how that would work though
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-Gender, race, faction switch/respec tokens (If other games like WoW and CoH could offer pay 2 switch, why can't STO?)
-More character customisation options, possibly via C-store: hairstyles, body tattoos, jewelry/piercings, more skins/textures/body parts: horns, feathers, hooves, claws, fangs, insectoid parts etc.
-More combat and noncom pets
-More Civillian/off-duty outfits/armor sets and costumes.
-More ship skins
-More Bridge officer races (ie Cardassian Bridge officers! Male and female)
- Be able to change the uniforms to a specific set used by your crewmen on your ship when you're on the ship (the crewmen wandering around)

Mid to Long-Term:
-Allow for KDF faction to be chosen from the start of CharGen level 1
- If we must stick to the 2 'main' Faction only system, then Sub-Factions that can choose where to go after tutorial- ie. Cardassian subfaction split between the Oralian Way (Fed) and the True Way (KDF)
- Customizable player housing on planet/colony/space station/asteroid of choice within your faction, with a 'Home' teleport available to beam you/your ship back. (Within reason, no teleporting under Red-Alert type situations).
-Buyable furniture and decor for your ship interiors/custom housing
- More regular in-game holidays/festival events on stations and planets, maybe with a tie in to diplomacy system missions, with unique loot and lobi only available at that festival at that time of year/month/week

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Can we get some new Colors for are outfit's the same one are drab and booring.
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Long term.Or permanent

The Fed Mirror Event.

This need's to be reworked it is totally unbalanced for lower level's.

Issue 1.Tractor Beam Hold's need fixed.The Hold's are too strong for lower level's and the Length of time that the tractor beam hit's you is far too long.

Issue 2.The Skill points XP you get from Killing a ship is too small for lower level's.I though the lower level's where suppose to get more XP then the Higher level's.And i though this is suppose to help lower level's then higher level's.

Issue 3.The reward's are too small.For the amount of frustration this event put's you threw.The Dilithium amount is too small.480 per event come on give us more Dilithium.

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