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10-16-2012, 01:09 PM
Short term:

Retrofit Dual Phaser Beam Banks. It's really, really weird that the TOS/Devidians featured series and the TOS Connie have Retrofit Arrays when Dual Banks were in precedence in that era. Keep the Arrays, by all means, but I would really love to have some Dual Beam Banks in the old style, just to flesh out available items and make building a 'canon' classic Enterprise more feasible.

I mean, all you have to do is slap the graphic and sound effect from the Retrofit Arrays onto a Dual Beam Bank, then figure out somewhere to put it. (Might I suggest an additional reward to the Devidians series?)
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10-16-2012, 05:57 PM

Can we please have Bridge Officer skill's trainers added to all star bases kinda annoying that i need to keep going back to esd.
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10-17-2012, 12:42 AM
Story content,
story content
story content.
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1. Seeing more canon ships such as the Niagara, New Orleans and Springfield being released through the Z-Store, rather than lock boxes.
2. Working our way back down to one currency, instead of the opposite.
3. More clothing options for the KDF side, I mean really. I have this lovely Orion who can either wear sandals or awful boots, for Kahless sake she's a damn orion! Can't she just get regular black boots?!


1. KDF unique PVE story-line all the way through to level 50, in addition to KDF Exclusive content.
2. Cardassian playable Captain for the Federation/KDF
3. Improving current end game content.


1. A playable Romulan faction, with unique PVE story line through to level 50, unique vessels and Romulan faction exclusive content.
2. Said Independent Romulan faction, avaliable straight out for Lifers, and unlocked for the rest of us at Level 25 same as the KDF, with Fed/KDF Embassies, respectably.
3. Creating more End-Game Content on all sides, and not just one.

[As much as I do love your attention to the Federation; I HAVE AN ORION WHO HASN'T LEVELED PASSED 22 FOR LACK OF CONTENT! Though, now I'll just Doff my way through it I suppose.]
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# 3325 Tired of the ......
10-18-2012, 08:41 AM
I generally tire fast and loose interest in games when the following are met:

1. Customer service is poor or lacking,
Fact: I have dealt with issues and the point that there is not a call in number for assistance and the Customer Support reporting/e-mail is lacking due to some of the dumbest people on earth. To be ask for the same information you put in the original message is ludacris and then they still don?t read all the post and close the issue leaving one stranded looking for answers.

2. Forums posting is disabled to lifetime members,
Fact: I have been with Star Trek online long before they went to bed with perfect world and long before it was free for play and it was only monthly subscriptions. I paid my $300 and also paid for my two teens and partner as well and here I sit still unable to do much on the forums. I mean how much time does it take to get things unlocked?

One last gripe I have is the fact that I have a small fleet for my family only, because let?s face it there are way too many stupid mean (curse word) in this game. I have seen how my kids have been treated, so to make things a bit more enjoyable for my family of 4, we have a fleet of our own and we struggle to get the base up as fast as the larger fleets. I mean it feels almost like a punishment to not be able to get the lifetime limited fleet base missions fast enough and miss out on it. The fleet tribble should be something for fleets as well not just some reward. The hard missions are a concern with getting people in them who like to sit or cause problems, there should really be some way to filter that out. A sort of honest sorting system that filters out cronic problem people who like to cause problems or fail in missions.

So in conclusion, get a freaking customer service number so people can get help when the online posting or e-mail idiots wont help, fix my forums account that I have been asking be done, and last don?t punish the little fleets out in the game. People are in smaller fleets to resolve issues with dealing with larger fleets full of (curse word); it helps them enjoy the game more and makes the fact that they paid $1200+ ?Lifetime? gaming membership and C-store/Zen purchases worth it. There are alot of good and bad. the bugs will be worked out, its not something that is going to be fixed over night... but please when you release something to public make the graphics not so poor in some of the story lines... some were not even finished and it shows big time. There are times when obisec's cape gets stuck in his legs, a few missions the graphics are so basic and unfinished... its not looking good... if you need to push something back before release to polish it up i thing we will understand..

[Story content,
story content
story content. ]

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Short Term:

1. FMS prefix for D'Kora-class ships and Na'Far-class shuttles.

2. Gold-color option for the Jupiter veteran belt. Same as the Officer of the Watch in federation fleet starbases.

3. Fix the ultra-rare duty officer powers. If I have Kel the Retributor or Kwim Lo on active duty, the Boarding Party skill either fails entirely, or it launches all 6 boarding party shuttles. It does not launch 3 shuttles or 6 shuttles. It's either all 6 or none at all. The Tosk and Naijin Assault Squad officers have a 15% chance to knock the target back +1 foot when put on active duty. Except it doesn't. It knocks you, the user back +1 foot. So if I start melee with that duty officer equipped, I end up being knocked on my butt 15% of the time.


1. Use the Tribble testing server for testing content, not previewing content one day and then shoving it onto holodeck the following two days. Read your bug reports. Be willing to halt build pushes to holodeck if there are glaringly obvious bugs. If that means raising the threshold of what bugs can be slipped past to be worked on later, so be it. I'm tired of brand new seasons or patches breaking more things than they fix or add. Start beta-testing new ships on Tribble like you used to instead of just throwing them on holodeck and hoping for the best. You have an established history of putting buggy ships on Holodeck first. It's time to go back to testing them on Tribble first. Please stop the habit of taking two steps forward, and taking three steps back.

2. Improve the Request a GM function. People get away with way too much, too many times. Lower the amount of infractions needed before being completely banned. Implement more tools to remove griefing players. Be willing to use the catch-all clause in the TOS that says Cryptic can close an account for any or no reason at all to deter rules lawyers. That clause is there for a reason. Use it. Have a zero tolerance policy for pathological griefing. Rewrite the TOS if you have to. Take off the kid gloves and stop pulling punches. Be relentless in your pursuit of players ruining the game for everyone else.

3. Provide easier, quicker, cheaper ways of acquiring white-quality duty officers for fleet starbase projects. More fleets are stuck on not having the right doffs than a large number of fleet marks. To me this is unacceptable. Fleet Marks and Dilithium should be the #1 valuable commodity for fleet starbase projects, not duty officers.

Long Term:

1. Do things right the first time. Stop overhauling and revamping old content, and focus on the new. Implement a long-term plan for each feature you plan on adding, on what constitutes as 'done', and needs only be maintained with periodic bug fixes or tweaks. I think the producers spend too much on the short-term picture regarding content and not enough on the long-term. The STFs have been revamped, overhauled, facelifted, and redone too many times. Crafting has been revamped and overhauled too many times, and more is on the way. Please do things right the first time, maintain a firm, permanent goal on what features like Crafting is going to do for the rest of the lifetime of the game. This will free up labor hours to work on new content everyone is asking for. Stop re-doing what you've already done.

2. More canon ships, less Cryptic-designed ships. I want a proper Norway-class (not the Oslo). I want a proper Steamrunner-class (not the Zephyr). I want the New Orleans-class. I want the Yeager-class. I want the Springfield-class. Cryptic-designed ships are getting better. But we still want canon ships. I want the Orion Dreadnaught. I want the Gorn Dreadnaught. I want the Nausicaan Dreadnaught. And please give everyone the playable Typhoon-class they've been asking for. I'm tired of Typhoon threads. It's been asked for enough, make it happen.

3. Exploration. Not Star Cluster missions. I want exploration. I want to be the only ship for several hundred light years discovering new life and new civilizations, and beating any enemy group who seeks to exploit, attack, or corrupt them. I want proper diplomacy, proper first contact missions. This is by far the biggest request I have, and it will require a lot of hard work and technology to implement, but this is Star Trek. I want to find rare and valuable technology or equipment gained only by exploring the great unknown over a long enough period of time. I want to find strange new duty officers if I'm in deep space enough. We have the ships. Star Cruisers. Deep Space Science Vessels. But we have no Deep Space or Extreme Long-Range content to fulfill their roles. I'm tired of being tied up in Federation space. I want to break the boundaries and go as far away from known civilization as possible.
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Pilot Khan's Miranda! Fly the Enterprize-E as Captain Picard! Decimate your enemies as Captain Sisko in the original Defiant! Or..., menace the Federation in the I.K.S. Kang..., harry your foes as Captain Nero in his borg retrofitted mining ship! Any epic ship from any epic faction. Cardassian, Breen, Klingon, Romulan, Federation, Borg etc. If it made history it makes it into the list.

Or, go to ground and fight as your favorite characters from every movie and each series: Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Riker, Data, LaForge, Nero, Alternate Universe Kirk, Dahar Master Kang, Sela, Khan, Gul DuKat, Major Kira, General Chang, Mirror Universe Kirk, The Duras Sisters, etc.

Now lets talk battlegrounds..., Fight at the Battle of Khitomer..., Battle through the wreckage of Wolf 359, wage war for the control of Deep Space 9..., even assaults on faction homeworlds like Vulcan, Andoria, Qo'nos, Earth...,

And the explanation for how any of this is possible? Holodeck strategic exercises.

Think about it like vs. games where you don't have to tweek out specs or work on gear. Each ship you select has a static build that never changes from player to player. Each ship has its strengths and weaknesses..., and to unlock the more epic ships you have to win (for certain ship unlocks) or participate in enough pvp matches to earn their use.

The game I got this idea from is a major comic book company and the game itself is the largest superhero/villain mmo out. Having this as an alternate PvP system would liven up the PvP side of the game and get people playing PvP that don't necessarily have the time or hundreds of millions of EC it takes to buy the absolute best gear. (Things now necessary to even cut your teeth in PvP these days.)

I also think this would bring back a lot of the hard core literalist style fans that only ever wanted to take their favorite Star Trek heroes and villains out for a spin. I mean who wouldn't want to PvP as Data..., whether on ground or piloting his Nebula from the series? I would. How about you guys?

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Short Term

Romulan D-7 NPC Ship
Romulan TOS Bird of Prey NPC Ship
Romulan Lock Box, possibly with Romulan D-7 ship.

Federation Ambassador Class Starship, Possibly with Variants (Science, Engineering, Tactical)
Andorian Kumari Class Vessel.

Medium Term
Something to be done with Andoria, possible turn into 1 on 1 Combat zone between FED Officers,More Melee Weapons such as the Samurai Sword or the Katana Sword, and classic earth projectile ground weapons. such as the AK-47 or the M-16 or the tommy gun, Heavily modified for the 25th century. For example, the weapon would have a regenerative ammo clip to negate the need for bullet production.
Statues or holographic statues of the 5 great captains in game on either ESD or DS9 (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer).

Long Term
More Playable Factions,
Sol System (including Mars, Venus and Mercury. From Sun to inner asteroid belt),
Cardassia Ground Zone,
Iconian Story Content.
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Short term : don't think i have anything that can be done in short , lets move to the next

Mid Term : would like to see more BOFF space traits . Only 3 or 4 have any . like Saurians or the Veterans fom the tribble test . Humans will Leadership and the Liberated borg engineer . So i wold like to see more of those . That way we can be more unique in our ship builds

Long Term : would like to see more toon development .. i.e. with the reputation , but more of them .. give us a choice of 2 ( but picking only one ) at tier 5 . more or less just trying to say , we need to get away from what i think is a cookie cutter build.

Little disappointed a few times with you guys , BUT all in all , great work!
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I get incredibly frustrated when I use my Prometheus class ships MVAM ability because the pets die so often due to ships exploding upon when they die. I have to then either continue on without the 2 AI "pet" ship sections severly damaged or I need to cut and run a good time before it blows up and hope and pray the other sections follow me. It would be great if the "pet" ship sections for both the Prometheus as well as the Odyssey classes get some buff towards that explosive damage so they don't sustain so much damage, that way the AI wouldn't need to be changed at all and they can still remain in the fight.

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