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Greetings All,

I would like to see Fleet Marks added to STF's as a reward for completing the optional objects on elite STF's. There are not nearly enough missions that provide fleet marks.

I would suggest you add 25 or 50 Fleet Marks for completing the optional objectives. This will give fleets a reason to do these missions again.

Since the removal of the loot drops there is no reason to do any of the ground missions anymore.

Many Thanks
M.Morden (VGO)
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# 3412
11-21-2012, 10:52 AM
Short Term:
select multiple items in inventory (to move to bank, etc.)
"shift+Click" type keybinding to relocate item clicked on to other location.. from bag to bank, or other way, etc.

Mid Term:

Long Term:

Mining and refining. I've been on many missions drooling over the asteroids and missing my Hulk. (Hulk is a mining vessel on... *ahem* another game).
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11-21-2012, 10:57 AM
Short Term:

Fix the UI bugs e.g. make Replicator + interior Doff Assignments work at the same time.
Also make the UI display useful and correct information (make skills show what exactly they do by what quantity, not just "increases crit") and have correct values be displayed e.g. for crit in the ship stats.

Mid Term:

Redo Sector Space, make the whole Galaxy one map or remove sector space alltogether and steer the ship from the bridge. The billions of loading screens have to go.

Long Term:

More story developement.
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# 3414
11-21-2012, 11:01 AM
I'll join the chorus of people calling for bigger stacks in resource buys. If a fleet base project requires 5,000 shield generators, I should be able to buy 5,000 all at once, in a single purchase. This "click for them 50 at a time" BS is just someone not giving UI updates a high enough priority. No excuses, no rationalizing. That is just a bad interface, period.

C'mon, guys. Take a break from developing new microtransactions and dilithium sinks and show us some mercy, here.
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11-21-2012, 11:47 AM
I guess this would be medium term. I would love to see an auto-recycle feature. Where I could select the criteria so that if I get a drop it would automatically be recycled giving me EC. You can select each catagory and then check boxes for ech Mk level and quality. For example: Ground Armor I would select to auto-recycle everthing but Mk XII uncommon, rare, and very rare and Mk XI very rare. And you could have those check boxes for every type of drop in the game.
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11-21-2012, 01:06 PM
How & Howdy.

Short Term

More colour options on ship customization - currently it is not possible to completely coat your ship - it still remains partially metallic looking. Also to implement a 4th ship style to mix and match parts. I noticed the refits include a 'Unique' style but this rarely varies from an already existing style.

Mid Term

An auto upgrade of your current ship's hull strength, crew capacity, weapons and device slots to that of the next level ship category so that you do not need to change your ship as you progress.

Long Term

The ability to design your own ship style from scratch instead of having to choose from the pre-designed selection. For example case in point, you could create a spherical ship with 3 thruster/pylons positioned triangulated around the sphere.

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11-22-2012, 12:32 AM
Short Term

1. decrease in amount of time that you have to wait to do fleet actions again

2. more dilithium items

3. ability to choose if you can see alterations to your ship from equipment like borg tech

Mid Term

1. all engines edit warp speed

2. some zen ships available for dilithium

3. ability to sell ships (on exchange and to ship requisition officers)

Long Term

1. More ways to get dilithium

2. ability to sell things for dilithium (on exchange and at shops)

3. free zen for when you have a lifetime superscription
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# 3418 New Player to game got a ?
11-22-2012, 07:46 PM
In order to finish a quest, I need to go to my readyroom to analyze data. Cant seem to find it. What should I try? dino
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11-22-2012, 09:23 PM
1: Power trays that stay the way that I set them.
2: The ability to walk around on my ship, and have my ship continue to travel.
3: A better way of keeping track of which foundry missions I've already played, so that it takes less work to find content that's new to me.

1: Foundry wrapper replaced with an appropriate reward for that mission, even if it's still a significantly lower hourly dilithium income than you could earn in other ways.
2: Replacing the sub-par exploration missions (by which I mean all of them) with a subset of Foundry missions set with a narrower completion time window. I'm thinking 5-15 minutes.
3: A comprehensive "game manual" that doesn't require that I sift through the forums looking for an answer to my question.

1: A decent crafting system.
2: Gradually shift away from the idea of an aggro-radius, where I can walk into a room full of enemies, and kill a small group of them while the others stand around and watch. This is extremely immersion-breaking.
3: Continue to find every excuse to make use of the Foundry for what it is: a nearly limitless source of quality content to keep the game alive and thriving.
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11-23-2012, 03:23 PM
My number 1 annoyance in STO:

Reduce the Respawn timer on deaths in Elite mode... 15 seconds on death 1... fine.

then +15 seconds on each additional death... What the heck?

That's insane especially when you have died 6+ times which equates to 90 seconds.

I'm sorry but I came to PLAY not fracking sit on the bench!

15 seconds each time you die would be more appropriate.


#2: Borg Spheres are over powered again.

I can just imagine how bad it would be without the more elite equipment that I have on my character now.



#3: Reset the Dilithium back to what it was in Season 6.

Such as add the 1440 back to the B'Tran run.

Reset Elite STF's to 1100 instead of the current 960.



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