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12-19-2012, 08:15 AM
short term: dilithium requirments for most reputaion projects lowered & removed from some.

adding 5 - 20 dilithium for completing episodes, and 1 - 5 marks

omega marks for Borg/ Udine

fleet marks for cardasian/domionion and "faction" episodes

romlan marks for romulan episodes

mid term:

opening the foundry up to everyone to use/create...

long term:

play as Borg, Udine and even Iconian, Tholian, mirror, Dominion factions.
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# 3472 Request
12-19-2012, 10:44 AM
Mid term

I would like to be able to search for Boffs and Doffs in the exchange with certain traits or abilities.

Long term
I would like to be able to "try out" different items before I buy them.

For the C-store, normal venders, exchange, and etc. there has been many a time with outfits, ships, weapons, etc... that i have been highly disappointed with the item that i purchased (usually cosmetically, but sometimes functionally as well.)

Some sort of holodeck type simulation that could be entered from the vendors and you could try out anything in their inventory.

have options to enter ground, space, or outfit testing menus and for ground and space test simulations have enemies to try out weapons/shields/armor on.
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12-19-2012, 05:12 PM
OK here is a couple of items i would like to bye instead of trying to get them out of exchage be cause the cost is way too high in exchange.

These should be added to the Vendors

Critical Regenerator
Critical Components

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12-19-2012, 11:52 PM
Mid time goal
- Add more costumes like:Combat EV suits,M.A.C.O. armor,Omega Task force armor.Add more enemy mobs like the Tholians to the foundry.
Long time goal
This might also be a mid time goal,branching dialog.Like if you say the wrong thing to the klingon leader,he'll attack you later in the mission.Or if you say the right thing,he'll aid you in battle.

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12-20-2012, 04:36 AM
A minor one for me - I'd love the ability to change the rank pips on my toons. Namely use, say, the 29th century uniform rank pips on the Odyssey uniform (just for example).

I realise that some of them wouldn't be interchangable due to scaling issues, but would be great if it could be done on any that it would work on.

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12-23-2012, 11:36 AM
Some of my ideas:

- Benzite Bridge Officer

- A printable option to have an overview about the basic infos of my Capain, ships and Boffs and their abillities

- Gateway:
3D turnable models of ship and crew.
Better looking pictures of the crew - not those Eggheads
Seeing all my ships, not just the one in use
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12-24-2012, 02:48 AM

- "DaiMon" title added to the GPL store. Unlocked by paying 500k-1mil GPL.
DaiMon is a quasi-military rank used by the Ferengi Alliance. A DaiMon was approximately equivalent to a Starfleet captain. The purchase of this title usually meant command of a Ferengi starship, or an official political or military posting. In the Ferengi language, DaiMon translated to "Captain".

- More Dabo gambling accolades.

- Males allowed to wear the Lobi Earrings.

- A [Tsunkatse Falchion] made of Latinum added to either the Lobi or GPL store.


- Trophie shelves adorning the 3 sides of the Dabo room and replace the round side table with a floor trophie (I want to display my Latinum Pile!).

- A unique Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle bridge


- Boffs allowed to wear Off-Duty uniforms again.

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12-24-2012, 01:26 PM
- Beeing able to use an one-time token to buy a pre-chosen (1 of 3/5) ship from the opposite faction.

- Raise the possible amount of EXP on a captain even when he is at LV 50. Hell, there are still some skills I want to raise up
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12-25-2012, 05:05 AM
I think this could be pretty handy:

- An "unequip all" button for ships and Boffs.
If I want to change ships or the ground Boffs, I could easily press the "unequip all" button to remove all gear from my ship or Boff and so I no longer need to grab every item one after another and place it in my iventar.
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# 3480 HellWolf's wanted list
12-26-2012, 06:58 AM
These are my wanted features from the game, but nine was kinda few for the thought I have in mind, so I had to cheat a little bit. What can I say, I'm a good student of Captain Kirk. ^^


- Increase texture quality of Earth and other important planets

While I appreciate the fact Earth really looks like Earth, the texture looks like Google Maps 0.1. OK, it looks better than the geoscape in x-com: enemy unknown, but it's kinda expected I guess. I would like to see Earth and the core federation planets with a bit higher resolution texture. While I like the 'floating cloud' system, I do not like the 'city lights' system, it's not really personal to any planet, and kinda inaccurate to Earth's landscape.

- Fixing bugs and glitches

This is a simple one. Kill as many bugs and glitches as possible. While it's nice that the game moves forward by adding more content regularly, leaving the errors and not-working-as-it-should-be parts of the game can hurt it in the long run. I just want to bring up 2 of these issue. In system space there is a constant glitch in the background that keeps breaking the texture, it should be fixed. Also, even if the character animations are good, some of them - like the jumping animation - are awful.

- Adding a vote/kick option to teams

Sadly no MMO with group content should miss/avoid that. And as a game with it's most interesting/rewarding content being the 5-men content, it's required to have a system like that. While being hard, most of the STFs are doable with a PUG, being able to complete it in a short period of time (space STFs that is), with proper equipment and focus, and missing out one guy because of reasons unknown can make a run turn out to be a disaster. It happened to me on several occasions that only 4 captains were fighting while 1 being idle, moving only when the mission was complete and leave with his drops or giving some lame excuse why he was away. I think a voting system with a 3 vote needed limit should be implemented, with a kick and an auto-queue system in place with it.


- More music and noises, fixing the 'bird'

While I know you guys added music to the game in the recent past, more epic space scores required to increase versatility. And I don't mean to say you should only add authentic Star Trek music, but brand new ones as well. For example there is a really good Freelancer-esque music in one of the bars, and I like it very very much. Also, please 'snipe' down that damn bird form the sky, because it's warble all over the universe, even underground and on starbases.... really annoying.

- System view for queue locations

So first of all I got to say I'm not a huge fan of the current warp speed travel method in the game, but more on that later. Right now I would like to talk about the space queue system. So. How does it make sense that you travel with your ship in warp space and them come to a complete stop - still in warp space - waiting to enter to a planet while you are not even in the solar system or in orbit of said planet? It doesn't for me. That's why I'm suggesting you guys should give those queue-able planets (war zones, etc) a system view where everyone can wait for it's turn out of warp space. I also think this step would give sector space a bit smoother run.

- C-store upgrade

So, the C-Store. While the store working as intended, there are a few improvements that could be made to this feature. A rating system could be added to the store, like being able to give 1-5 stars (badges) to each item. A comment section could be added to each item for captains to be able to discuss their positive/negative experiences. Adding a 'best sellers' tab on the menu could be a great addition too, just like adding sale count to each item. Also a wishlist system could be implemented for captains, to plan ahead their spending, featuring a total cost for all wishlist items and an alert system which sends a message to captains if their wishlist items are on sale.


- Bridge/duty officer personal stories with more use of ship interior

This is a must have if you plan to bring the STO experience closer to the TV show experience. I think the first stage to implement this is to make stories for the unique bridge officers as well as to very rare duty officers with in-game models. To make this work they should have voice over too. They need some interesting stories connected to their race, background or place of origin, or based on the unique officers status regarding to the player's faction. I'm thinking about both 2 and 5 men npc only missions. These could go to surface, space and on-ship missions. Yes, to make it work you need to expand the ship with more rooms, more interior pieces, more levels and more corridors. Like real access to the shuttle bay, to holodeck and other facilities, even to the extend of the entire ship (as far as I know the intrepid class was completely done in Star Trek Voyager Elite Force expansion).

- RPG mode for space combat / RPG mode for warp travel

Ok, so this is kinda complex work, but would be lovely to see it in-game. Doing anything on the bridge is pointless now, so it would be great to give some life to the crew. It could work with the current hud with a bit more transparency, and a new window for targets to select. Viewing from behind the captains chair, the view screen could show general directions (front-back-left-right-top bottom) as well as a target camera. Most of the comments the player input on the HUD could said by the captain (in a comic style bubble-text format) and acknowledged by the crew. Of course, voice-over would be great. The captain should change his position in the chair according to the current situation. Heavy hits should shake the bridge. Of course a button in the right bottom corner for switching normal 3rd person/RPG view should be added.
Now for the warp travel. I think the current system is far from being ideal or good from a 'realism' standpoint, but I don't think completely erasing the current system would be a welcoming change for a lot of people. So I'm thinking about an optional RPG warp space mode. First of all, stopping should be prohibited from happening, as there is no point is doing so in this game, the ship should stop on points of interest only. The second thing is the scope. Ships in warp couldn't be seen until it's very very close. Also solar systems should be much bigger, with planets and suns with proper scale. The 'enter system' message should pop up in the edge of the system, not when we reach the sun. Maybe without showing those objects there is a higher chance that the RPG sector spaces could open together to one giant space.

- FPS view for ground combat

As you could see in previous points I would like to see various modes to be in the game to give a versatile gaming experience to players. Space mode is lacking that, but the highly customizeable ground combat is almost perfect. The only thing that is missing to be the most versatile out there is the ability to play from the 1st person view. I would love to see how you guys would implement this to the game, luring even more people to the game. I think this topic doesn't require more explanation.

Thanks for reading through all this and keep up the good work! See you in-game!

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