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Allow cruisers to equip more than 1 wide-angle torp. But only cruisers. Makes sense - of all the ships, which is the one most suited for stand-off broadside bombardment?

Put medical treatment for self and BOFFs as a DOFF mission for a doctor. 1 hour to heal, requires variable number of regenerators depending on injuries, etc. Saves having to go to starbase. (bit inconvenient for those 5-year missions. eh?)

Increase torp spread damage against unshielded targets, including those with downed shield facings. Make torpedoes move faster.


Fix all the units to be more realistic. 10KM weapons range? 100,000KM is more like it. Make planets to scale better.

Transportable mines. Ie. I can click to where I want a mine to be transported up to 5KM away. 3min recharge. Twist: shields have to be lowered for 2 secs. Mine can be targeted and destroyed.

Be able to engage 2 enemies at once. Normal right-click designates primary target, ctrl-right-click designates secondary target. All weapons in range and arc will fire on the the primary target. Any remaining weapons that can't fire on the primary, will fire on the secondary if it is within range/arc.


In-system warp capability. Full systems as a map - star, planets, asteroid fields etc. You can warp to various points. Enemies will warp to escape or pursue. Warping to the edge transits you to sector space. Only torpedoes can be used in warp, and with much less accuracy. Warp has a cooldown and is easily disrupted by weapons fire.

Better, more realistic AI which will retreat/surrender rather than be destroyed. A reputation system, which affects NPC behaviour towards you. Example: If you consistently destroy opponents rather than disable and accept surrender, they will more likely fight to the death and consequently receive buffs to enable that. Much more rewards come from surrender rather than kills.

A way to organise fleet actions in PUG PvE games. Eg, a random player is selected to be the fleet leader (FL). His/her active target is highlight for all players and if their current target is destroyed, their next selected target will be the FL's target if it is in range. Additionally, the FL can designate a priority target manually.

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05-27-2013, 05:05 PM

Fix the 22nd century Romulan pants so that they can be made blue or red (or whatever), as they were in TOS. I see that they're supposed to be able to change to these (and other) colors, but they currently do not.

Fix the issue where we get kicked out of PvE missions 5 seconds after we get in; if those missions are already full, then we should be put in a queue for a new mission.

Fix the bug that prevents deletion of mail.


Make this costme available for Romulan females:

Make the Formal Wear (which is currently available only to Fed players) available to KDF and Romulan characters.

Give us a Romulan D7 (as in TOS episode # 59, "The Enterprise Incident"), available to Romulans regardless of faction alliance.

Make Boffs able to equip kits.

Give us an emote that is the Romulan salute from TOS. I can do a typical Earth salute (actually somewhat ... specific, since not every military on Earth gives a salute in that way in the present, much less in the past, for example the British salute holds the hand in a different position, and the "Romulan" salute from TOS is actually based on the ancient imperial Roman salute), I can do a Vulcan salute (Live long and prosper), I can even do a Klingon salute (Qapla'), as well as a Klingon funereal (sic; "funeral" is a noun, and "funereal" is an adjective) salute, but I've seen no emote at all that is unique to Romulans, much less the one I'm requesting.

While we're on emotes ...

-- the Vulcan "kiss" (two-finger thing, seen repeatedly in TOS between Amanda and Sarek, as well as between Spock and the Romulan Commander on "The Enterprise Incident," and reprised in the movie Star Trek III: The Search for Spock between Saavik and Spock) would be an interesting addition, although it would only work if the second character were given an "accept - (y) (n)" type dialogue box, and ...

-- Orion females should be able to do the belly dance emote without having to rely on Nerve Tonic or foundry missions, from level 1. Other female toons should be able to unlock that emote without having to use Nerve Tonic or foundry missions (but only after doing the "Night of the Comet" mission), seeing as such a dance is hardly unique to the Kolari. And the puritans who think this emote should never be seen in public need to review all the episodes of the various series in which Kolaric women do the dance, shows which were broadcast during prime time.


Give us an authentic Romulan faction, instead of the "half-faction" we currently have. Those who have already allied with the UFP or the Klingon Empire should then have the chance to leave those factions and (re-)join their own faction (and no, not a Tal'Shiar-dominated nightmare, but a New Romulan Republic).

Let the Orions take over the Klingon Empire already. By now, those 1500 "slave girls" will have their "masters" in the palm of their hands (see ENT episode "Bound").

Increase attire choices for KDF toons, and expand the color palette available to KDF toons.

Make more Orion ships available (I'm fine with them being ZEN-shop purchases, as long as I can continue to buy PWI cards at my "local" Target).

Fvillhu s'Tal'Diann (Phi'Tlaru Rihan) Praetor of the Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann
Tal'Diann = KDF-allied Romulan Republic Fleet / Tal-Diann = Fed-allied Romulan Republic Fleet

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Just one thing. Borg lockbox. Tactical cube for 800 lobi lol
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Short term

I keep having to reset my bridge officers as duty officer department heads all the time. That would be super awesome.


Ferasan ships, don't care what they do. Will pay zen for them.

Long term

Cardassian Faction, with a gamma quadrant that can be traveled to. Because, well, just because.
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Originally Posted by quadraxis666 View Post
Just one thing. Borg lockbox. Tactical cube for 800 lobi lol
Seriously, I would be happy with a Sphere as the "Big" ship (or Escort/Cruiser), Probe for small (or Sci maybe) - I can see them not wanting a bunch of Cubes flying around, and while the Sphere's would still be popular at first I think they will die down more than a cube. But either way - here's hopin'!

Besides that...

Make Ferengi at least a regular Boff choice for KDF (I can see the validity of not making them a playable character... I guess, but fully unlocked would be grand) - and while we're at it, more Ferengi Doffs too (that are not from the Lockbox and not from Marauding Exp)

Allow for more costume customization of ALL Boffs - combine UNIFORM and OFF DUTY - if someone wants to take their character and crew "rogue" - let them - I have 5 characters, and my Ferengi is not played as a Goody-Goody Starfleet, I would like to be able to make his Marauder crew Non-Starfleet uniform.

Put Back "Patrol XXXX Sector Block" like they were, so it was a "Mini Mission" instead of go to one place and do it - maybe have a cool-down per-sector and let them give Dilithium/Marks. That would be kinda awesome actually - I rarely do the Patrols b/c they don't seem super "Star Trek" like b/c there is no Mission giver it seems like I'm just picking a fight.

On Ferengi again, Give us the Grey TNG Ferengi Alliance Marauder Uniforms - WITH the Optional Fur Tunic - Seriously! That would be awesome, I got close with the Trader Coat from Lobi in grey, but no fur. This would make the most sense for KDF, especially if you make Ferengi Boffs fully available for them as in my first hope (It would seriously encourage me to buy more Ferengi Whips from the Lobi Store)

Make ALL Non-Unique "Bound to Character" items "Bound to Account" (like Romulan Weapons from "Frozen" that go unused on some chatacters, but now I must run the mission at least 5 times to outfit my Romulan Crew, kinda silly) and many more items not bound at all - I hate that sometimes I want to check out a console that sells on the exchange for big $$, but to do so means I can NEVER re-sell it (no used console store, kinda lame) - ALSO Lobi Crystals, but I know they have addressed this one, but wish the Personal weapons from store came in boxes at least so they were tradable.

I would like to see EVERY Tier 5 Ship have a "First Officer Station" which is a Universal Commander Station, the rest of them can be class specific. That would be awesome. On ships, a way to "Refit" lower Tiered Ships (Even through C-Store Modules!) even though I guess most of them can be bought at higher T5, but allow us to Upgrade them, maybe make a station Universal vial shipyard/C-store, something. (maybe this should be under LONG - haha)

A Gamma Quadrant and Delta Quadrant that can be gone to to adventure in. - Maybe find the Transwarp Gate the Hirogen are using to get to Romulan Space for Delta, or off of where you fight Borg/Undine (or BOTH!!!, How cool could that be if the 2 connect via a Delta Quadrant Sector)

Playable Cardassian/Dominion Faction (Think it would be good to put these 2 together)

Playable "Unaligned" Faction - For Ferengi, Liberated Borg, Nausicans and the like - but both this and Cardassian/Dominion will likely have to Ally like Romulans to keep PVP a Red vs. Blue fight. But would be OK with that - But add the ability to Move a "Non-Alliigned" charater over to new Faction (Specifically my Ferengi who spent Big $$ to get the D'Kora, Whip and Merchant's jacket) - but this is probably a pipedream - and I play him that way already anyway (but hate that Everyone calls him Admiral)
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My short-term requests
* Fix the mail system so we can delete messages and can see item attachments.
* Patch the servers so they stop freezing and disconnecting!
* Fix player information that shows up in the "i" when you click on them, sometimes no info at all and other times a starship has shuttlecraft info.

Middle-term requests
* Allow Klink and Rom characters to show armor and kits.
* Show the position of BOffs (Tactical, Engineer, Science) while in costume shop so I can tell which is which.
* Have enemies in Enemy Signal Contact reflect the level I see when I click the red ball in sector space (eg. Psi Velorum sector block, target info window shows 1 level higher than me but the baddie ships are 4 levels higher... that is a big difference!)

Long-term requests
* Improve drop rates for Lobi Crystals and dropbox ships.
* Let us buy tokens to change an item from Bound to character to Bound to account.
* Let us use Ship Requisition tokens on more ships. In fact, the Enterprise C-type support cruiser my Rom got after doing Temporal Ambassador is better than the Mogai (token) and Valdore (1000 EC)... more hull and aft weapons and device slots!

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Coming from Star Wars Galaxies I miss being able to display all my weapons and such ........

I want to display weapons and armor and such in the Ready Room or Capts Quarters

Thr bridge is a huge waste of space as it is right now

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06-12-2013, 03:07 PM
Short term requests: Allow people with Macs to play!!!!

Mid term requests: Add more details to the game, like earth rotations. Also I would like to have a sort of Faceplay: So like I would like to see my face in the game.

Long term requests:
Allow me to use things like X-box kinect so that I can move around while doing ground missions. It would be cool to do my own martial arts moves. Also if you had special star trek controls like guns and ship control that would be so cool and highly useful for people that are spending hours own you games siting down and increasing risks towards Deep vein thrombosis.

Also I would love it if I can start building my own store or have a supply ship where I sell goods to players at prices that I choose. It would be nice to have more interaction with the enviornment If i could also build my own community and profit from that as well.
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Short: I'd like to see some bug fixed: Have our boffs back on our bridges. As well as when I open up my character UI my boffs don't show up as a "Ship" till I click on them.

Mid: I'd like to be able to change my Crew's uniform. My thoughts are have a Crew tab much like the boff and main character. You would have a male/female uniform for each of the type class: Science, Engineering and Tactical. The game would still generate races and looks for the crew but put the crew in your uniform you made.

Long: Stop patching in load screens. I'd also like to see an online armory like World of ******** has for their characters.
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Short Term: Allow the user to set a UI layout per machine, I'm sick of switching between my multimonitor PC and my laptop and having to rearrange the entire layout everytime.

Medium Term: Voice control . e.g. "Set course for xxx and engage at maximum warp". (maybe this is more long term).
Add a Server API that allows external apps to interact with certain elements of the game. For instance, I'd like to be able to assign new Duty Officer assigments from a mobile device.

Long Term: I'd like to better control how I manage the crew of my ship. I'd rather be able to set a default crew uniform, and delegate tasks to a first officer/tactical officer for example.

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