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07-21-2013, 08:51 AM
Flying through sector space on your bridge and having your view screen act as astrometrics plus more ship locations and things to do, people to talk to with voice acting
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07-21-2013, 09:32 AM
Short term:
Ship wide uniforms. One set for "Duty Officers", one set for "Bridge Officers", and one set for "Crew". Maybe include a department head badge? Or Fleet badge? Or a custom "ship" badge?

Mid term:
Increasing the overall content. More stories, plot lines, not just "shoot this, collect that".

Long term:
Branching story lines. Episodes where how/what you do in one step opens/closes options for the next step. This would allow for multiple endings and even allow things like whether you learn some bit of info that opens up other entire episodes. In other words fully fleshed out stories.
Yes, these would have to have limits, such as not destroying/killing important landmarks/characters. But think of the fun of NOT knowing if choice A is the right one...
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07-21-2013, 09:41 AM

Fix the tailor.


Really fix the tailor. Fix the Foundry editor.


Add non-broken things to tailor. Really fix the Foundry editor.
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07-21-2013, 10:13 AM
The C-Store retrofit blues to scale to Mk XII.
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07-27-2013, 07:52 PM
1. Change the quantity of the ship's replicator's consumables back to a maximum of 20.
....The new maximum of 100 takes forever to select just a handful at a time.
2. The TOS Romulan outfit scarf is supposed to be a heavy wool-like material, not a light silk that flutters in the wind.

1. Move Asteroid Mining to a sector that can be accessed by the Klingon Faction without having to spend 18,000 EC for each visit.
....(Or hoping that someone will give you diplomatic immunity.)

1. Add Refits and/or Retrofits of the TOS Constitution, Constitution, Exeter, Miranda, and Oberth classes.
(Would make excellent alternatives to the current Level 4 ships.)
(The models are gorgeous, and they're only useable for such a short time.)
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07-28-2013, 11:31 AM
buff the shrapnel torpedo as a short term
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07-28-2013, 12:24 PM
Short Term
New Varients for the Oddsey, Excelsior, Nebula, Galaxy X ext

Mid Term
Ability to send ships in our ship list on assignment

Additional Liceances for materials. such as Games Comics ect
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07-28-2013, 03:56 PM
This might not be my top, but here are some that I would like to see, in this post I will address the Nukara missions almost exclusively.

1. Green (when active) Red (when inactive) outline on EV suit power button.

2. 1-2 second respawn timer in Tholian missions (I've accidently respawned a few times as I tried to activate a console, and died as i pressed the button, resulting in the command going to the respawn button as opposed to the console)

3. Mission info in PVE queues listing missions that require EV suits.
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10-16-2013, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
And here are my top three for each category, to hopefully get the thread started.

EDIT: Leaving these up as an example, but since some of them were addressed, I've added another post (I think it's on page 6) with an updated list for myself

Short term or long term it's the same list.

Fix the bugs
Fix the inconsistent color palettes on costumes.
ONE PALETTE FOR EVERYTHING, not 72 different and incompatible palettes.

Heck you can't even kep consistent on items in the same c-store costumes.

Romulan 22nd century outfit, which you SELL, the tunic side color and the sash are supposed to be identical, but they use different palettes.
Black is impossible, the best you get is dark brown for those and the belt.
Never mind trying to accurately do the red used in the original series - it's not possible at all because that red doesn't exist on any of your palettes.

The TNG Season 1 admirals tunic, I used on one character, I had to choose two different shades of green to get ONE matching green for the tunic, and yet a 3rd shade of green to make the TOS skirt match.

Fix the wildly stupid cutscenes that break both credulity and common sense..
This isn't a comic book, this isn't a superhero game, so showing the player who is an active participant, what the villain is doing is wrong. That only works when it's a passive viewer/reader who is allowed to know what both sides are doing.
We're not viewers, we're players - don't show us things that are happening on the other side of a locked steel door we can't see through.

In Star Trek the villain does NOT get away time and time again, and make a "You haven't beaten me, I'll be back" speech before he leaves.
That's a super villain meme from comics and it does not belong in Star Trek.

The Remans would not stop shooting at the Empress because a gate opened in an asteroid a mile away and sit around watching as she got rescue from her certain demise, they'd finish her off.
The player and crew would not sit around for a minute or so and let Taris get away when the Tal Shier break in to arrest her, because they're here to arrest her too, they'd be no more than 5 seconds behind her.
But that's exactly what the cutscene MUST have us doing, since she's reached the gate 400+ meters away, in seconds Through a door, down a corridor, 90 degree turn, through a doorway, 90 degree turn, up the ramp to the controls.
(that or she can run 160+ mph.)
And of course we're shown what she's doing, despite her being 400+ meters away and there being solid metal walls between us. There's that viewer thing again.
I'm not a viewer, I'm a player, I'm not the impartial 3rd party powerless to affect anything, I'm the Hero, and I CAN'T know what you're showing me.

That same mission has the player then setting the self destruct on totally alien technology and then jumping through the gate instead of beaming out.
Not knowing if the transition is instantaneous or has a duration, would YOU jump through a gate that might shut off before you reach the other side?

What happens when you shut off power to the transporter half way through a beaming?
You don't survive, you're random disassociated atoms.

If that gate is going to blow up in less time than it takes to beam up, what makes you think you're going to reach the other side before it's off?

Lets apply that show the hero what the villain is doing thing to Wrath of Khan for instance.

Player controlled Kirk knows what Khan is doing, knows that Khan is in control of the Reliant and has The Enterprise's shields up. Khan's attack fails.
Then with The Enterprise, a FAR more powerful ship than The Reliant, totally undamaged, he uses the prefix code to drop their shields and force Khan to surrender or blows him up. Movie ends over an hour earlier, Spock lives.

Wow that movie would have sucked, but that's what would happen if you show a PLAYER what only a powerless VIEWER should be shown.

Never mind new content for now.
Fix what you already put in the game, and then apply common sense to the new stuff you're designing instead of this slapdash method you us now.

Like the Chief engineer in one of the Elachi missions who calls you to come down to damage control so he can tell you face to face to go right back to where you just were.
Even a 5 year old can see that makes no sense.

Oh my god they're abducting my engineers, instead of just telling you over the communicator to save them, I'll waste a couple minutes waiting for you to get here and a couple more for you to get back so I can tell you in person when there's no need to tell you in person.
Considering how fast the Elachi abduct people, he's just lost at least a dozen guys with that nonsensical delay.

And then, with the Elachi destabilizing the Stations power core, he does it again.
Because you know, it's not like there's any reason to hurry with the core about to explode.

The guy who wrote this scenario needs to improve about 1000000% before he'd be qualified to write a shopping list.
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10-16-2013, 10:36 AM
Necro Thread Alert!!!!

Porthos is not amused.

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