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02-11-2010, 01:20 PM
A game i was so looking forward to but so disappointed.

Short Term:

A game that works,
no rubber bands on flying
ground elements other than shoot everything.
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02-11-2010, 01:37 PM
The developers at Cryptic Studios have laid the foundations of a superlative, triple-A product. Here are some of my suggestions for future directions of development.

Short Term -
  • Ship Shield Rings - Option to toggle on/off the 4 panel shield ring that surrounds our ships during combat. Their presence is unnecessary and annoying to many players.

  • Astrometrics Art - Option to toggle on/off the grid lines, lanes and system lollipop sticks in sector space. The fade-in border signs should stay, of course, but the astronomy art of planet-ringed suns, nebula and stars in sector view ended up so fleshed out and so beautiful that the constant presence of the astrometrics art is now cluttering and obscuring what would otherwise be a splendid view of pure, raw space.

  • Warp Effect - A warp-like effect of Developer design that creates a sense of speed when traveling in sector space. The importance of this to the license cannot be overstated.

Mid Term -
  • Unrealized short term goals and ...

  • PvP Meta-Game - A robust PvP, planetary control meta-game in systems, ground and space, in or near the neutral zone. This is what keeps the PvP element of games going and going and going with little developer input once fully realized and established.

  • Bridge Travel View - Functional bridge that allows bridge-point-of-view in real time when traveling in sector space, with appropriate bridge-board, ambient background chatter.

  • Klingon Seasons - Three seasons of Klingon PvE missions (42 episodes) in similar fashion to the content with which Federation was launched.
Long term -
  • Unrealized short and mid term goals and ...

  • Starship Interior Missions - Fleshed out, persistent star ship interiors for socializing as well as for interloping missions that can occur shipboard. Our ship would be taken out of sector or system space when the shipboard mission instance begins, and returned to same spot upon mission completion.

  • Third Faction - Be it Romulans, Cardassians or Insectoids, a third playable faction retail expansion product. The latter is my favorite choice just because bug races are really creepy and nigh-on impossible for humanoid races to ever truly trust.
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02-11-2010, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by zinc View Post
Awesome thread guys.

Short Term:
Want to, but can't write a response on every single issue in here - to be honest, we're trolling and spending our time tracking the issues down to get you fixes ASAP. The gold spamming, the fleet banks, the commodity missions, memory alpha issues - all those things we're trying to address as fast (and more importantly as smart) as we can.

Mid Term and Long Term:
I'm, right this instant, using this as one of the main threads to gather update suggestions from. Keep it coming, keep it coming.

awesome dev response, I would add my feedback, but everyone has covered my issues allready, keep up the good work here folks
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02-11-2010, 02:05 PM
Short Term:
1. Autofire for all weapons of X type in space.
2. Holster that sidearm! Allow it so when I holster up my BOs do as well. No need for us to scan a starbase coming in armed to the teeth. Also helps with the immersion factor.
3. Reduce the cost for renaming a ship. 3000 energy credits seems a bit steep.
4. Remove the skill cap. This should be a decently quick fix, maybe this is a medium term goal, but not something hard. This would allow for players to experience more without having multiple characters. I for example am not even going to put points into heavy cruiser so that I can put them somewhere else later on.

Medium Term
1. Ship customization. I'd love to see some more choices per level instead of the standard 3 classes per rank. Klingons too. Share the love. Include the ability to have Ambassador class in the Heavy Crusiers or Excelsior class.
2. Clean up on Memory Alpha. Allow the players to craft their own items with the scientists there. As it stands, the current system is one step above broken IMHO. There is no way to know how much you've spent or still need to spend. There needs to be vendors at Memory Alpha so we can buy the things we need to make.
3. Modify Sector Space. Have more random messages as you pass traders or planets, that give you random misssions. I loved the SS Akura (sp?) mission to help a stranded freighter, but instead of making a whole episode, just have your ship tow it to a starbase or something...
4. A starbase in every sector that has exchange, vendors, missions, etc. OR the ability to transwarp between sectors. It's hard when you've got a ton of inventory and transwarp to Earth only to have to slow-boat it back to wherever you were.
4. Less pew pew more exploration and problem solving missions. The mission between the two brothers? Loved it. This leads to my:

Long Term
1. Diplomacy ... see my sig for the thread. This is good stuff and should be seriously considered as adding more depth to the game.
2. Bring back the hope from TNG. While this is set during a war, that doesn't mean every mission is killing and distruction. I can't imagine how many Klingon ships the Federation has destroyed in the various patrol missions. Or Orions, or... I'd love to see a threat system where if you enter the system and you're not welcome (syndicate space) people will mistrust you but won't automatically open fire. It's like a cop in a dangerous neighborhood. Unless you do something to provoke the bad guys (target them, raise shields, lock weapons, etc) they probably won't attack you. I'm tired of being the aggressor when I'm scanning for anything and I make the preemptive strike because I know they'll just attack anyway. Not very 'Trek IMO.
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02-11-2010, 02:06 PM
Adding to short term goal and I hope it can get fixed quickly....
1) Server keeps kicking me off most of the time in a middle of a mission, very irritating
2) feedback from cryptic at least have one or two poeple be able to look at all these posts and start a sticky feedback thread
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02-11-2010, 02:08 PM
Short Term:


Mid Term:

Missions onboard our own ship, fully explorable ships!
Correction of the ship sizes
More Star Trek-ish textures! Stop using Dr Destroyers Robot Factury for every ship we board!

Long Term:

Performance Updates to the graphics engine. At the moment, even crysis performs better at max settings than this game
More diplomatic missions
more group content
more social hubs
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02-11-2010, 02:14 PM
Top STO Issues

Short term issues (45 to 60days)

A- Performance issues: Rubberbanding / Lag / Disconnects

B- Ground combat seems very laggy - I hit button to fire phaser rifle... wait... it fires. I hit button to melee attack, then when enemy is knocked back, I hit button to fire weapon... wait... nothing... wait... enemy is back into melee range then it finally fires. Is there a cool-down between melee & weapon attack? Also, I get the sound/animation of a hit or Targ bite 3 or 4 seconds AFTER combat had ended.

C- Impulse & Turning speed- I know these are BIG ships but they need to turn faster or maybe lower the cool-down on Evasive. Why is a Gorn "Cruiser" as nimble as my T2 Escort?! I should be able to out maneuver him and out run him: I move away from him to 4km, turn to fire forward weapons and he's already past me by the time my torps are in arc WTF?!

D- Fix the Deep Space Encounter's so you don't automatically warp into the arena. Also fix enemy spawn locations so they to NOT spawn at the warp-in point and change their pathing so they do not aggro. This will let us get organized as players. Fix or tone down the NPC Alpha strikes, it's better but there is still times I get alphaed in DSE missions.

E- Ability to change font size, on my monitor mission text is small... I know, I know... I need a bigger monitor my little 19" just doesn't cut it anymore.

F- Fix warp-in's on missions so you don't aggro enemy automatically

G- Galaxy Map - Add ability to "zoom" into other sectors to see what systems are there.

H- Klingon PvE content (I know it's coming)

Medium (3 to 6 months)
A- More Voice-overs for at least the main story arc "episode" missions, just like the begining of most Star Trek episodes, "Captian's log: Stardate 12345. We've been assigned to investigate Klingon activity in... " instead of just the text boxes. If they could just get text to speech working good enough to use for voice acting in STO that'd be sweet. Voice modulation software is out to make the voices change, just need a natural sounding voice from a computer "reading" the text.

B- Fix Y-axis ship movement: Let our ships move up/down at steeper angle, I hate having to spiral up/down to get to an objective. I know that it's not a "real" 3D environment and neither is EVE's, but in EVE I don't have to spiral up/down to get to an objective.

C- Death-penalty - I don't want a EVE type "hard core" system (I've got EVE for that) but some kind of system. I see two systems

1- Shields > Armor > Crew - Add a new layer of protection, Armor. Armor would reduce the amount of crewman killed on that quadrant. Onboard medical will heal the injured but can't revive the dead crew (Remove the tribble-based cloning system we seem to have now). Armor & crew replacement ONLY at Starbases & new "repair ships" seeded around friendly sectors (costing energy or merits). After a few death's your ship wouldn't be very effective at self healing and susceptible to damage with small crew and no armor, making the trip to a starbase a good idea. This would make running into the center of enemies (the "Leroy Jenkins" maneuver) inadvisable and costly.

2- XP debt (ie: CoH / ***) When you "die" you have a XP dept before you start gaining XP to level. This is probably the most easy to implement. Like ***, they could put a marker that you can go retrieve to remove the XP dept. This would make the Leroy Jenkins inadvisable by slowing your progression.

D- Reward Coordination in teams - Right now "Fleet Actions" seem mostly like zerg tactics. Not sure how they'd do this but I'd like to see it.

E- DO NOT LOCK ME OUT OF SYSTEMS - Just because I don't have a mission in the X system shouldn't mean I can't enter the system. Maybe seed a few anomalies or generate a random mission. I wanted to show a friend this system in Sirius (can't remember the name) that I had ran the mission the previous night... but NOPE I couldn't enter the system.

F- Ship Interiors:
Make your Bridge a real location and add other areas. I'd love the ability to fly around sector space from your ship's bridge

Long (12 months plus)

A- Sector space should be larger, no invisible boxes to "warp" between Sirius & Regulus, etc. Are we not already at "warp" when in sector space?

B- Make the solar systems larger too, look to EVE's solar system design. I don't know how they do it but it *feels* like you're really in space, not a little box with invisible walls. I'd like to see more planets per system, but not instanced, more like EVE's.

C- Built-in Voice Chat - Auto grouping is nice, but coordinating can be rough over text chat.

D- Missions, Missions, Missions!
  • 1- More scenario types and more random mixing of elements composing a mission. Right now "random" comes under very specific set package choices (Genesis system)
  • 2- Diplomatic missions
  • 3- Multi-path missions: Different ways to resolve a mission.
  • 4- Missions that take place on your ship (see F above), how many Trek episodes were mostly ship based?

E- Branching mission arcs: Make some "character building" missions where your choices in the mission influence future missions.

F- More character options: more horns, skin & hair tones, tattoos & scars, more hair & facial hair options. I'd love to add a 5 o'clock shadow, for that scruffy look, but there is no options like it. "Off duty" clothes for Risa.

G- Crafting - Not usually my thing in MMOs but crafting is an important part of a MMO.
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02-11-2010, 02:22 PM
Short term: Better selection of officers.

Long term: Lower prices on new starships.
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02-11-2010, 02:34 PM
Short Term
Fix issues where enemies groups in Fleet Actions or Deep space encounter suddenly jump from 0 to +30. I don't care who else just joined that is wack.

Drops from kills (ground and space) seem releated to player level and not the level of the mission. Thus if me Lt Cmdr6 is playing and old Lt 6 mission i'm getting drops Lt Cmdr stuff... whilst is a bonus it is a little odd.

Lastly +1 for all Crusier turn rates or give them more consoles - having 6 beam weapons and nothing else is a litle dull. The number of buffs and specialties you have to use to make torps an option on this class seems out of balance.

Medium Term
Fleet Action rewards often popup in just once the end is reached but you may still be fighting enemies. Have Fleet Action rewards work like all others missions - contact Admrial G and select reward.

A slight performance difference between the 3 hull types in each class - not just visual...only suggesting a bonus point in one attribute for a selected hull. (Crusier Tier4: Galaxy +1 Delfectors, Celestrial +1 Shields, Envoy +1 Engines)

Warp manuvours in combat would be cool: The Picard, Warp from Harm, Warp Photon Pass could be some of the additional combat options here.

Longer Term
Tribbles and Targs as weapons - NPC and you can throw your Tribble at a Klingon or Gorn for a bit of distraction whilst fighting. If Feds can have pet Tribbles then pet Targs are in for Klingons.

One off encounters (agressive and passive) with new species. Espides based on this or random occurances in the galaxy map like what occurs in the Exploration Zones - maybe Explorations points for First Contacts (oh I like that bit). Not just walking talking types but gasous, light, energy based etc life forms could be fun.

More Ships in each class and more races to play PvE & PvP (you did say long term). More Sectors to boldly go to, more options to earn Exploration Points etc
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02-11-2010, 02:43 PM
Short Term

1. Remove the skill cap! At the same time decrease the skill point gain to 25% at Cpt. and higher. This boosts long time motivation AND gives you time for new skills. (Endgame content is nice and all but if there's nothing to gain except items and maybe badges, which I trade in to ... well items, I don't care)

2. Autofire on Ground

3. Toggle Firearcs on/off - Would be nice to have persistent firearcs in space ... optional of course

Mid Term

1. Add diplomatic content - The Romulan Empire is NOT at war with the Federation. However if I just target every pointy eared alien and blast him away ... well I don't see the difference. Now here's the solution: add conversations with dialogue options. Every option would have a random difficulty and ends in a skill check on diplomacy. Every character has a base stat which could be improved by investing in new skill branches (negotiation, haggle, bluffing/poker skills come to mind ^^). If the skill check fails you have to fight (preferably a hard to beat opponent).

2. Improve the galaxy map - As seen in STO'ked

3. Introduce Raidgroups - Fleet actions and defense missions would be so mutch more organized if you could have groups of more than 5

Long Term

1. All inclusive playable Romulan Faction

2. All inclusive playable Cardassian Faction

3. Recipe based crafting system - that can be an addition to the existing vendors. Anomalies brake into raw materials (e.g. Alien Artifact becomes 2x Energy Pattern A, 1x Energy Pattern C) which would be used to replicate the stuff you want. Since you could use the on-board replicator you could also craft anywhere.

I'm sure I forgot some things ... but those are the most important issues for me.

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