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02-11-2010, 03:37 PM
Short term:

Branching missions and choices. Episodes seem to lack any kind of choices. This makes most of them very repetitive and boring -- kill this, scan this, etc.

Force us to make choices, both moral and tactical. For example heres a moral choice: save a transport ship from a bomb and let the enemy get away, or let the transport be destroyed and hunt down the enemy.

Choices alone would be great, meaningful consequences to those choices would be icing on the cake. For example, saving our transport or destroying the enemy could subtly change later episodes that are tied in, or make other episodes available depending on past choices.

If you can do this in future missions you make, this will start to feel like Star Trek, rather than MMO #310924 with Star Trek thinly painted on top.

Medium term:

Ground combat overhaul. Right now ground combat makes the same mistakes as mission structure. It may look kind of like Star Trek, but it just feels like an MMO. Having everyone in the open spamming each other really sucks. Ground combat is my least favorite part of the game and I'd skip it altogether if I could. If you look at ground combat in the Star Trek shows it's basically a "cover shooter". Everyone is ALWAYS using cover as much as possible. Don't try to be like WoW, try to be like Mass Effect 2 or Gears of War.

Long Term:

Get rid of sector space, go for something more realistic and immersive. Go the Bridge Commander/ Star wars: TNG/ Final Unity route and control the ship from the bridge, and be able to specify the quadrant/sector/region/system/planet. That's part 1.

Part 2 is to make the universe more full. Ever play Star Control 2 (or better yet, Starflight)? In Star flight you had thousands of planets, and you land on and explore each one for hours -- and that game was made in 1986! The thing the you've done the best is to have so much variety in the look of beam down locations, why not go the extra mile and apply that to an entire planet? Select your beam down place, go and explore, build, or whatever. This would be awesome, and make for infinite exploration. Code in more and more random encounters as time goes on to keep things fresh.
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02-11-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
...Ever play Star Control 2 (or better yet, Starflight)? In Star flight you had thousands of planets, and you land on and explore each one for hours -- and that game was made in 1986! ....
Yeah, I remember StarFlight! I used to play that as a kid on my Amiga. Always named the officers by TNG characters ... always got lost ... always died ...

Yeah I didn't get it back then ^^

But you're right it was HUUUUUUUGE!!!
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02-11-2010, 04:10 PM
Short Term:

- Definitely the weapon holstering in safe places.
- Chests that can contain weapons and other supplies than power cells


- First Officer (Any), Chief of Security (Tac Boff), Chief Medical Officer (Sci Boff), Chief Engineer (Eng Boff): Assigned positions with buffs depending on the characteristics of the person. (I.e. the Riker: Stubborn (+5 Crew Regen) Trained Pilot (+5 Turn Rate) Scruffy Beard (+5 Crew Morale) )

Long Term

-Star Trek-Realistic Missions: Hardpoints on enemies (Boom-Headshot...) on both the ground and space. This will help in the development of diversified missions. If you are a tactical ex-klingon, just blow up the Romulan, but if you are a doctor, you disable them and then negotiate. Rewards are diverse and contingent on choices.

-Characters (Self and Boffs) development and traits based on performance in missions. These traits will help with some missions and hurt with others. Just making the game feel... "real"

- Picard never wanted to be an admiral... Kirk got demoted because he was a better captain. There should be a total reconfiguration of what ranking increases mean and, perhaps, this should not be the end goal of the game.

** Ok... this one may be too hard, but some kind of holodeck/memory access/time travel to play in the actual battles of the past: Wolf 359, The Defiant's Return to DS9, The Enterprise and Excelsior at Khitomer
Great thread, by the way
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Short Term
* Really really really need to fix the CAMERA perspective in the game. Not being able to lock the camera position behind the ship, and then being forced to aim at something in 3d space is a BROKEN GAME MECHANIC.

* Pressing TAB to target an enemy should actually target something thats within the degree boundary of what you can shoot. Pressing tab, and targeting an enemy I cant shoot in the middle of a battle with swarm of enemies all over me is a BROKEN GAME MECHANIC.

*) Id put the BORG Race into the C-Store as buyable content. I got screwed when I bought my lifetime subscription, pre-ordered the game, and was in beta and didnt get the borg race. You guys wont let me spend money on what I want with you?

*) Let players purchase more than cosmetics in the C-Store. Such as Currency, (which would eliminate spammers)

*) the auction system display is still of BETA quality. Needs to be sortable by price, and quality.
*) REALLY need to put in push buttons for searching items. For example, id like to see radio select buttons
for Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk4 etc.. Having to type out "Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk VI" is a @$%@$%.
* The Auction system searching could use some advancement.
To Find Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons MK VI" id like to type in :
WILDCARDS like the following :
*Dis*MK VI < 10000
That would find anything named similar for less than 10000 currency.

MId Term
* The C-Store is a laughable. OOOO I can pay cash for something that I have no clue about.. No details. No information. No Stats. No clue what it is that im buying. I might as well buy the color BLUE vs buying a feringee they both entail the same level of detail.

* I have to 2nd the post I saw about having to cross an abitrary line to enter warp in sector space that is BS.

*I would be really nice to be able to choose a destination from a COMPLETE "Navigation Computer" drop down box that contains ***EVERY**** system, in all sectors.

Long Term

* I want to be able to play the borg.
* Craft BORG Items, like a Engineering Console that uses the transport and replicator to rebuild / repair the ship.
* I want to be able to transport a bomb onto someone elses ship.

* I want to be able to PVP RAID the Klingon Home World, and their StarDocks.. I want to be sitting at the sol space doc, and see a ton of BORG or Klingon PVP charactors beating the LOL out of Sulu!!!!!!
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02-11-2010, 04:28 PM

Plug the holes in leveling and and raid / fleet action / deep space encounters...Too many admirals that don't have a clue and too easy to just farm the game into oblivion...

Get a scaling difficulty slider in game ASAP...


Open world content and a ship crafting system, doesn't need to win awards, just a good functional system... Warping from our bridge to *at least* starbases... Sector space is pretty , but is canned and makes you feel like you're in a tiny game you got free with a milkshake at Burger King...


What I feel we were kind told STO would be: Full usable ship interiors... Personal space... Meaningful exploration... Differentiation between PvP and PvE , and missions....missions...mission... Destinations that are more than just a one-stop circle on our map to scan tombstones...

areas where large groups of people can be without the shoe-box feeling...
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02-11-2010, 04:31 PM
Short term: Better customer service. I like a Blizzard employee on the WoW forums, he goes by the name of (I believe) Valnoth. When blizz makes a change to raid content and people *****, he shows up in their thread of qq and basically says "we did it for this logical reason, now shut the Hell up". When you change something, tell us you're doing it, and tell us why. Randomly nerfing or buffing things is alienating.

Medium Term: Fix the skill system. Streamline it and make it work better. The difference between sensors, sensory array and sensor probes is pointless complexity. Make all the skills just use "sensory array" or whatever you wish to call it. Same with deflectors, deflector dish and deflector field. Change the ground skills, as well as the [ship type] captain skills so that you just didn't waste at least 1800 points every time you get a new skill or ship, especially with such a low ceiling for the point cap. More and more specialized is moronic because it means suddenly all your skill points are affecting things you don't even use anymore every time you gain a rank. Rebalance the leveling process so I don't need to go to [rank] 12 or 13 before I have enough skill points to actually reach the next rank.

Long Term: I played WoW for five years. I have completed every raid encounter at the level they were designed for. I have literally raided it all. Balance the end game content so that it is two things: less time consuming than raids in WoW while still being challenging, but not so much that I have to part of a guild in the world top 100 to complete it.
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02-11-2010, 04:37 PM
Short Term:
  1. Please add Empathic, Leadership, Seductive, Seduce and Spiritual to the list of choosable Aliens traits. Frankly, I REALLY want my main Federation captain to have Empathic, Leadership, Seduce, and Soldier. Also, I don't see why Aliens can't have ALL the traits for us to pick from. It's an "Other" category so why can't we choose whatever traits we want.
  2. Federation Orion C-Store Addition. Frankly, in Star Trek, Uhura's roomate is Orion so why can't we have Orion as a purchasable race for the Federation like Klingon and Ferengi.
  3. Change Male Orions to a different racial trait than Seductive (I was thinking Aggressive). Orion WOMEN are seductive not the men, and I really doubt that men want to be seductive. Also, frankly, if you implement my #1 Mid-Term, I plan to have the males of my species have different racial traits than the females.
  4. Add Orion costumes to Klingon side. I don't exactly want to see my female Orion captain look like the "Emerald Empress" but I don't see her wearing Klingon armor either. Can we PLEASE have other options besides Klingon armor?
  1. Allow us to define our "Unknown Alien's" race, racial traits, etc. I would really like to be more than an "Unknown Alien". Also, in the middle of a war with the Klingons and with Undine infiltrating us to the highest levels of the Federation, it seems COMPLETELY STUPID that the Federation is letting all of these Unknown Aliens captain their starships.
  2. Xindi Races Federation C-Store Additions. (Reptillian, Primate, Insectoid and Humanoid?). I thought the idea of a Council of different species from the same planet/solar system was a cool idea. Also, Daniels says that the Xindi are members or friends of the Federation in the war against the Guardians so why can't they be available in STO.
  3. Denobulan Federation C-Store Addition. I rather liked Flox and the Denobulans. We have the ability to make them in Aliens so I don't see why we can't have them as an actual race. Also, I'd like to have a crest on my head but the ONLY hairstyle that could show it is Klingon Dreadlocks, and I don't want my captain to have those. Adding Denobulans should offer more hair options for those who want a brow design and offer hairstyles incorporating the design.
  4. Allow us to visit other areas of our ship than the bridge. If we can allow our friends to visit the bridge why can't we visit our "Ten Forward", "Captain's Quarters", Holodeck, etc. I can understand not rendering the entire ship. But, I would very much like to visit other areas of the ship.
  5. When on our ship's bridge have us sit in the captain's chair to "leave the bridge". It just seems a bit stupid that I beam off the bridge of my ship to change to the ship's view.
Long Term:
  1. Allow us to purchase Racial Ships (i.e. Vulcan cruisers, Andorian cruisers, etc.) expecially in Klingon side. I REALLY don't see a Klingon crew and the Klingon's letting an Orion female command one of their BoPs.
  2. Allow us to MK (upgrade) our ships via Memory Alpha. (Add another Weapon Slot; Add Console Slots; Upgrade Console Ranks etc). This version of my character: I managed to get Dual Phasers. Since they fire from the edges of the struts on my Light Cruiser, it feels like I could have forward Phasers coming off of my saucer, dual phasers coming from my struts, photon torpedoes from the center, and rear phasers. Riker has a 3rd nacelle on the Enterprise at the end of TNG series so why can't we customize our ships.
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02-11-2010, 04:56 PM
Short Term

1) Open PVP zone that has consequences...Think like Warhammer online where we can progressively fight out way through territory without affecting the PVE areas until we hit the "Captial" then have full on sieges, on ground and in space. This is my number one concern and without any real PVP action (I dont care what ya say, the PVP arenas as at current are ***** and are nothing but lip service to us PVPers) i will not be able to continue with this game.

2) Banks, mail,exchange and general NPC on all major facilities.

3) Transwarp unlock for sectors

MId Term

1) Make groups of instances into different categories for players (example RP) that we can choose to join or exlcude

2) Voice over for officer actions and reports in game.

3) Diversify players further by adding more skills for each class at all tiers.

Long Term

1) More scenario types and more random mixing of elements composing a mission. Right now random comes under very specific set package choices (Genesis system)

2) More PVE for both factions, and ALOT more non combat PVE for Feds...however with notifications letting us know its non-combat so i can ignore them

3) Many more ship types to be included...atleast give them all abit more differing roles such as described in other posts!
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02-11-2010, 05:10 PM
i think there should be some sort of penalty for dying. i think that this will make the game feel more real, since right now dying is no big deal. i think this will make people work harder not to die on mish.
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02-11-2010, 05:45 PM
Don't know if it's been mentioned yet or not and was not about 40 pages to see if it was.

I would like to see an option put in place to turn off certain quest givers. For instance, as a high level commander, I have absolutely no need to see or be offered worthless quests and missions given by Sulu, Calhoun, Makza, and Grall. Also, every fleet action offered by Yanishev is broken and does not work except for the very first one. I should be given the option to turn them on or off based on whether I want to see them or not.

I know this may not be important to others or others may find interest in constantly doing the same things over and over again, but I don't. This is why I suggest there be an option to show or not show. This way it keeps those happy that want it while keeping those of us that don't want it happy as well.


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