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02-12-2010, 09:28 AM
Short Term

1. Add TOS skirts and tops for female officers.

2. Allow bridge officer gender and race to be changed.

3. Reduce the cost of changing your rank insignia to 0.

Middle Term

1. Reduce the amount of time in the Lieutenant rank. The ships are ugly, the missions are boring, and such a low grade in command of a ship stretches the game's credibility.

2. Add more single player missions. You shouldn't have to do fleet action or patrol missions to advance in rank.

3. Improve the look of player models. This game shouldn't be lagging behind Champions in graphics.

Long Term

1. Completely rethink how bridge officers work.

2. Introduce better looking ships for the Lieutenant levels.

3. Redo the tutorial. It's horrible and will turn off players allowed to demo the game or playing on free weekends.
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02-12-2010, 09:29 AM
Short Term:
-Removing SPAM bots, I mean I already got PMs and as such to purchase currency already.
-Improvement of Chat/Communciation bar, too many SPAMs so I cant understand what other people are saying, so I dont even bother talking to other people.

Mid Term:
-More exploration (non-combat related) like the TOS.
-Holodeck, and other ship compartments. Its nice to be able to see around the Bridge, but if we could add a Transporter Room that we have to go through first then beam down to the planet, starship, or starbase would be ncie. A bar could be added, although may serve no purpose.

Long Term:
-Fleet Conquest, give the fleet the option to conquer systems for the Empires or Starfleet.
-More mulitplayer involvement, everything I am doing is pretty much solo, it might as well be a Singleplayer game.
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02-12-2010, 09:36 AM
Short Term: allow my avatar to turn around in ground combat while targeting an opponent.

Medium Term: continue to allow my avatar to turn around in ground combat while targeting an opponent.

Long Term: take the office to a week vacation in sunny, beautiful Mexico as a celebration for allowing my avatar to turn around in ground combat while targeting an opponent.
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02-12-2010, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by JoJimGregory View Post
The developers at Cryptic Studios have laid the foundations of a superlative, triple-A product. Here are some of my suggestions for future directions of development.

Short Term -
  • Ship Shield Rings - Option to toggle on/off the 4 panel shield ring that surrounds our ships during combat. Their presence is unnecessary and annoying to many players.

  • Astrometrics Art - Option to toggle on/off the grid lines, lanes and system lollipop sticks in sector space. The fade-in border signs should stay, of course, but the astronomy art of planet-ringed suns, nebula and stars in sector view ended up so fleshed out and so beautiful that the constant presence of the astrometrics art is now cluttering and obscuring what would otherwise be a splendid view of pure, raw space.

  • Warp Effect - A warp-like effect of Developer design that creates a sense of speed when traveling in sector space. The importance of this to the license cannot be overstated.

Mid Term -
  • Unrealized short term goals and ...

  • PvP Meta-Game - A robust PvP, planetary control meta-game in systems, ground and space, in or near the neutral zone. This is what keeps the PvP element of games going and going and going with little developer input once fully realized and established.

  • Bridge Travel View - Functional bridge that allows bridge-point-of-view in real time when traveling in sector space, with appropriate bridge-board, ambient background chatter.

  • Klingon Seasons - Three seasons of Klingon PvE missions (42 episodes) in similar fashion to the content with which Federation was launched.
Long term -
  • Unrealized short and mid term goals and ...

  • Starship Interior Missions - Fleshed out, persistent star ship interiors for socializing as well as for interloping missions that can occur shipboard. Our ship would be taken out of sector or system space when the shipboard mission instance begins, and returned to same spot upon mission completion.

  • Third Faction - Be it Romulans, Cardassians or Insectoids, a third playable faction retail expansion product. The latter is my favorite choice just because bug races are really creepy and nigh-on impossible for humanoid races to ever truly trust.
To add a third Long Term Goal suggestion ...
  • Third Khitomer Accords - An end to the hostilities between Klingons and Federation, and a fresh conflict against the new, third faction noted above. Why? Because once a third faction launches there will be a rush to play them similar to the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. Game developmental planning has a lot to do with understanding the psychology of the gamer. The new, third faction will rapidly and grossly outnumber the original two factions, and the Federation and Klingons will need to join forces to deal with this new galactic threat.

    This is also why the completely alien Insectoids would be the perfect foil against the two humanoid former rivals. This new union of the humanoids also closely tracks many story-lines from canon and would have underlying foundational support in the old adage, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

    (The Third Khitomer Accord could always be broken at a later date should game-play considerations warrant.)
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02-12-2010, 10:26 AM
Short-term requests
1) Fixing loading screen times, ESP..... Sol System (I can't stand waiting forever to load into Sol only to be logged out for inactivity)
2) More detailed explanations of captain skills and what exactly is affected, same for BO skills.
3) Better anamalgous items in the explorer quests besides mineral samples/radiation, i.e. same as in the acutal explorer zone.

Mid-term requests
1) Respec for captain skills
2) Better much more detailed online manual
3) Overhaul skill point cap for captains

Long-term requests
1) Much more fleshed out missions esp in Explorer Zones (i.e. not a grind and all the same)
2) More items to craft in Memory Alpha and more NPCs to offer differing items, more items/diversity to choose from for explorer badges
3) Difficulty scaling, i.e. choose how hard you want the missions with increasing rewards (items/skill points) for higher difficulty
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02-12-2010, 10:45 AM
Short Term:
  • Fix Fleet Action missions. Establish max and min level restrictions on these missions.
  • Fix Ground powers disappearing from hotbar upon beam down.

Mid Term:
  • Establish a fair DP (eg. 10% crew reduction per death up to a minimum of 10% of max crew compliment - rezone to remove)
  • Enable 360 degree pitch and roll capability (Q and E keys could control left/right roll).

Long Trem
  • Establish Fleet bases.
  • Esatblish Fleet vs. Fleet pvp ladder matches. (not my cup of tea but I know a lot of folks would enjoy this)
  • More variation on mission goals other than kill these guys, scan these, kill this boss.

My 2 cents.
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02-12-2010, 10:54 AM
I've only played for a short time, but I have some "knee jerk" suggestions, some which are to improve functionality, but others just to improve the aesthetic experience. A lot of these have been listed before, so I'm suggesting/endorsing the following:

Short term

--Auto holster in friendly areas (i.e. Starbases).

--Option to upgrade uniforms but still keep the classic Fed uniforms. I know this sounds weird, but it's just strange to me and my team to walk around with a combat suit on instead of our regular uniforms.

--Mission rewards listed even after I accept the mission.

Mid term

--More ship design options

--MAKE THE BRIDGE FUNCTIONAL. I want to sit in the chair, plot courses, and go to warp while I'm on the bridge where my conn can automatically navigate for me, and perhaps even allow tactical to run patterns and customizable attacks.

--Objectives highlighted on map.

Long Term

--More accessible areas on the ship (holodeck, ready room, ten forward, etc.). I should also be to leave the bridge and access these places while my ship is at warp.

--VO for bridge officers. Even if not for all NPCs, at least do VO for the bridge crew which could be accomplished by recording several voices for each race/gender.

--Randomly generated sectors to explore which would provide greater exploration beyond what is "scripted" by devs.
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02-12-2010, 11:00 AM
Two more short term requests (since I came up short in my intial post):

"Just Shoot The Damn Gun" mode for Officers in Away Teams. Call it Assault as opposed to aggressive or passive modes. When toggled the Officer will ignore his skills and focus only on downing targets with whatever weapon/melee attacks are available.

Last night I sent my Klingon engineer to take out a heavily shielded target with his fancy new bat'leth. So, he charges right in, I was expecting some grade-a whuppin', and then spends all his time in the Romulan's face beaming down shield generators and using Quick Fix with the occasional, half-hearted, bat'leth attack. How anti-climactic!

Since Passive mode forces characters to concentrate on their skills and ignore their weapons we need an opposite mode for when we just want an AI crewman to beat the snot out of, or vaporize, something.


Suppressing Fire Needs New Graphics. Seriously, you guys do know what suppressing fire is right? It's when you shoot so much your enemy gets pinned down. The in-game effects fairly well reflect this too. But the graphics, of some weird tricorder scanning session, absolutely don't fit. I want to see Sgt. Fury grade laser beam sprayin' all over the place. Something that might make a man falter and lose his nerve in the face of it.

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02-12-2010, 11:06 AM
I think all the short term stuff I'd like to see has been covered.

(Edit - just thought of 2 short-term ones!)
Short term
* Clickable Captain's Chair! I should not have to jump up on top of my captain's chair, turn around, and do an emote in order to sit on it!

* Walk-toggle! It is undignified for me to have to jog to my captain's chair - and while Walk can be accessed now with a key-bind, you have to keep it held down to use it. It should just be a toggle to switch between run and walk.

Mid term
* More player ship interiors. As in, access to more areas than just the Bridge. Captain's Ready-Room (with a poker minigame!), Sickbay, Lounge/10-Forward, Holodeck (see below), etc. Preferably scaled, depending on the size of the ship. Not all options available on all ships.

* GM-driven events. This is my number one wish. We've seen that Cryptic can do this (the end of beta Borg invasion), even if the Klingon invasion was somewhat flawed. It was awesome fun, and something I've not seen in an MMO since Ultima Online - GM's taking control of mobs, in addition to just spawning them. If done properly, it'd take effort and resources, but would really make STO stand out from the crowd, especially if events had lasting consequences. E.g., over a series of events, a threat emerges for, say, Celes. Players participating will meet threats generated by (and even played by) GMs - there could and should be interaction with NPCs played by devs or GMs, including RP. Players "win" the event - great. Players "lose" - and those wanting to access Celes will have to overcome some sort of obstacle to do so. Or it just isn't accessible for a couple of real-world weeks. (Just picked Celes as an example - obviously, this couldn't be done on a world/location with an important mission destination without some additional work).

And not all such events would need to be major or require much pre-planning, or have mid- or long-term consequences. You're flying through Sector Space when suddenly an "All Ships Bulletin" hail comes in from Starfleet (or the KDF) - Borg cube in X sector, Undine attacking Y planet (either ground or space) - and those who wish to can respond. Enemies in this case again being controlled by GMs so they're more intelligent than the AI.

Long term
* More factions/extended content. Playable Cardassians and Romulans, with PvE and PvP. And, ideally, a "neutral" or "non-aligned" option, where whatever your race, you're an independent merchant/privateer.

* Explorable areas. I'd like to be able to beam down to San Francisco, Paris, and a more interesting Risa, etc. (Somehow, I always imagined Risa to be that bit more "interesting" than pretty much any undeveloped 20th century beach resort).

* Holodeck! Also known as 'player-generated content'. No skillpoints, no rewards bar what the creator allocates out of his/her own posessions. But a Holodeck where a player can use dev tools (or dev-tools lite) to create "missions" for their friends.
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02-12-2010, 11:13 AM
short term.
like to see vendor upgrades done to main bases like star base 39 so do same thing there as in earth spce dock so you dont always have go back there'.
a permanent solution to gold spammers.
ability to challenge other to a friendly duel or maybe attack an opposing faction ship in sector space. wher it will drag both players into a random map where they can fight it out.

mid term
like to see random missions where. you would be doing something like an exploration mission or flying through sector space. and out of the blue you get a communication from star fleet ordering you to respond to a distress call in your area or ordering to suspend your current mission to help solve a diplomatic crisis in a nearby system cause your the closest ship!

long term

keep adding content like episode missions besides the raid episode ones along with expanding the galaxy and putting in more zones

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