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02-12-2010, 11:14 AM
Short Term:
Ability to set all energy weapons to auto-fire.
360 degree movement, or at least the ability to go straight up and down, rather than having to spiral to gain or lose altitude.
And I really think they need to make planets ad moons and stuff a lot bigger looking.

Mid term:
They should just remove sector space and have you plot courses from your bridge with the map.
The rest of your ship beyond the bridge, maybe customizable quarters, stuff like that.
Actual crafting, or gathering, like mining planet and asteroids and skimming gas from nebulae and stars.

Long term: The only long term thing I really think they need to work on is making the game more open. Having more to explore on planets then a 100' square area that you beam into and out of. Have entire solar systems instead of just one planet with a moon. Change the way warp works so that it's just a fast travel ability, rather than a 'start mission / end mission' toggle. Make you plot a course BEFORE jumping to warp when you finish a mission. If you've ever played Klingon Academy you'll know what I'm talking about here, and that game was made in the 90's...
At least TRY to make it a bit more seamless. Right now it's like Frankenstein's monster...
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02-12-2010, 11:27 AM
- More Klingon Content

- Open PvP Zones

- More Klingon Content

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02-12-2010, 11:27 AM
Short Term

Iron out all Driver-related bugs with the Cryptic Engine

Address skill balance issues with Viral matrix and others as needed

Add some genuinely "Klingon" looking UI elements to the faction instead of the Red-Fed look with Blue Bridge officers

Slow down space combat slightly by adjusting Shield & Weapon mathematics (Again..slightly)


Add as much PvE Content as you can within your time constraints to the Klingon side

Add more uniform / customizations for klingon females.. (the bustier of death is getting old)

Work on Balancing out the klingon Raptor Class at all levels to make it a more viable ship choice.

Add more PvP Maps, and remove the ones that are least commonly used (again via data mining / examination)

Remove the Generic speech bubbles at earth spacedock commenting on how awesome I am...we're not kirk.. our egos are not that big


Add the Cardassian and Romulan Factions with FULL PvE content at launch,

Add more Raid-i-sodes for low levels, and more fleet actions for low levels.

Adjust ground combat mechanics to have more quick & decisive battles.. trench warfare is NOT in the 25th century...

Examine data from ship class choices, and remove the least favored / chosen models with more requested types
(I.e tier 3 science, for oberth class or the like.. or add iconic ships purchased only in the C-store)
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02-12-2010, 12:24 PM
I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but on the short term, I would like to see BOs auto holster weapons on non combat missions, or atleast when I do. I can live with having to manually holster my rifle, but it's kinda annoying when I'm running around SB 114, or some of the other non-combat locations with my BOs and I've got my weapon holstered, but my officers are running around with big hand cannons.

For a mid term fix I would like to see the rest of the starbases finished out with vendors. right now only K7, DS9 and SB1 have them, although there are places for them at MA and SB 39 Sierra. I would also like to see all the combadges available for any uniform, not just particular ones, for example, DS9 uniform with FC combadge, so it's like on voyager, or TWOK uniforms with TNG combadges like in the 2350s.

On the long term, I would like to see more race choices, Gorns and Orions for feds, maybe even Deltans (with the same abilities as the Orion Vixens ) or Telarites.
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02-12-2010, 12:49 PM
I would also like the option to enter hostile ships with a bording party and conquer it in close quarter combat. Just fight it out, with a gun in my hand.
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02-12-2010, 12:53 PM
Short term:

- Fix Ai pathing so that they do not get stuck in particular objects (examples: away team running into objects that get them stuck, enemy ships that get stuck into asteroids)
- Make transphasic torpedos more viable for combat. I get the feeling they're good for shield bleed through but they do not deal enough damage for its CD. Either fix the bleed through damage of the CD.

Medium term:

- Give more options when it comes purchasing items with badges or crafting. The items available feels very limited and they may not be the items I want to specialize in. (example: what if i want to use disruptor beams over phaser beams, polaron beams over anti-proton beams, proton torpedos over quantum/plasma torpedos? etc.)

Long term:

Whatever you do, try to make whatever you're doing feel fresh. For example, try adding more random missions into the exploration clusters or modify current ones for later clusters so that they do not feel expected and repetitive.
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02-12-2010, 12:57 PM
Respecs for the love of god... please. There is a steep learning curve and we should not be locked into mistakes we made when we were learning the game.

Auto-fire for all weapon slots... (mashing my spacebar every second does not constitute skill nor does it add "fun factor" to the game) Also, there is currently a work around to make them auto-fire anyway, just make it a game feature.

Faster sector space travel... as it is now I click a destination and window out while my ship tootles along.

Increase in game difficulty... specifically ground missions, they are simply travel/click fests now.

More ship customization... I want to look different than the billion others playing the game. Would really like my gear to effect the ship appearance even if it is minor differences.

Death penalties... no pain, no gain

Extensive raid/group content.

Faction consequences... dare to dream of the rogue starfleet admiral aligning himself with the klingons or even the borg!

Guild space stations.
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02-12-2010, 01:00 PM
For the love of Data, PLEASE allow my Captain to sit in his Captain's chair while on the bridge!

More voice acting. Geez. You'd think that this game had more than 4 voices when you bought it.
(I volunteer my time and voice towards this endevour.)

More interaction with "on screen" characters, while on the bridge.

More Starbases. How about one we can 'park' inside?

More DETAILED descriptions of gameplay directions and missions.

Character expressions. I would like to see others SMILE, once in a while.

I cannot stop playing this game.
I love this game.
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02-12-2010, 01:12 PM
A: All weapons with the option to auto-fire (or at least any non torpedos)
B: Fleet features working correctly, as well as other bugs/server issues fixed
C: More customisation options on the user-interface in general

B: Full 360 space gameplay, none of these kid-friendly controls, the average age range of gamers participating in this game is not 4.
B: More NPC, game object interaction.
A: Less rigid gameplay, make there way too many missions for each level, so that there is always something new to do, instead of the same old thing each time you progress a character.

A: Full spaceship, not just bridge, you already have the graphics in different parts of the game, not that hard to improve on, could then bring in missions later into this or even allow us to customise our ship interior like bases in Champions and City of Heroes.
B: Full solar systems, exploration on planets at random locations as well as special landmarked locations - example: Earth - Starfleet Academy and San Fancisco
C: Improved end game content - raids, special events, etc
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Amongst many other wishes as the first add..

Functional sensor array. From all the stupid things it really is quite dumb to use visual navigation to find for example Rubindium asteroids amongst 1000+ asteroids. We have state of the art sensors in our starships so why dont use them also.

For all the mission objectives, tricorder or ships sensors need to show direction to mission objectives.. Always!!

To make it more interesting do not make it blandly show all just with one button. Make a pull down menu for sensors/Tricorder where you can select what anomalies to search, what kind of roids, emissions for cloaked ships etc.

Make more functionality for sensors and tricotder so that they really are tools instead of one-for-all scan. Now that it shows direction to all flashys i need to empty all the crtes, anomalies etc to find mission objectives.

I'll be back..

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