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02-12-2010, 02:17 PM
Short Term

1. Auto-Holster when entering a non-combat situation.

2. The option to change disruptor starship attacks to orange and only orange. Green beams from a Federation ship just does not seem right to me. (But I could be wrong canon-wise.)

3. An option to skip the tutorial would be great.

Medium Term

1. New and more accessible starports and space stations. Perhaps not as large or with all the amenities as in Sol, but just a place to land and sell some stuff, maybe check the exchange, access a bank etc. Ports strike me as few and far between. NPCs with goods for purchase specific to each port, such as specialized science kits in one and specialized beam weapons in another. Ports would also work as perfect staging points for new missions.

2. New Missions. This could just as easily be in the long term section. But several more missions, or episodes, throughout each rank could be nice. I should have too many missions to choose from for each level rather than having to repeat missions over and over.

3. I was expecting more from the ship customization. It is good now, but it could offer much more. Simply more options, within reason depending on ship class, would be great.
Long Term

1. Crafting that is well thought out, not completely linear (as it is in most mmos), fun, and full of user inputs. By user inputs I mean the option to decide between a little more dps (within reason) for a little less accuracy as an example.

2. A sense of urgency in the PVP world. I don't really care if the Klingons win an engagement. A dynamic PVP environment, on the sector space scale. Battles over systems and so on.

3. More involved and meaningful exploration. The random generators works okay but is not much fun after a short time. The more there is for me to do that is meaningful exploration/crafting, and not simply ground/space combat over and over the longer I will be a happy customer.

Keep up the good work all and thanks for this thread...
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02-12-2010, 02:40 PM
1) Fix the pre-order items please.
2) Fix the descriptions for the skill trees, they make very little sense.
3) Auto holster weapons until combat starts
4) Improve the memory alpha experiance

1) More missions which do not revolve around combat, at the very least please not necessarily have to kill ever living soul within a lightyear. How about we have to go to a pre warp planet and identify a Klingon/Undine infiltrator by asking questions without braking the prime directive.
2) Scanners, could they please use different colours to identify what they have found, and maybe give an indication of distance.
3) Space stations, for once I would like to beam into the middle of the facillity rather than proceed along a linear path. Also please furniish them and make them more "homely/lived in". It would help with the imersion.
4) Personel weapons, rather than having so many types of phasers lets just have a type II hand phaser, phaser rifle and then "personalise" them with upgrades. So you could have a wide beam emiter which allows AoE but with less damage, or a narrow beam emitter which increases range and power but at the expense of rate of fire. This would allow us to tailor our weapons to our own style and change them as the mission requires without carrying sever different types of weapons. Also please remove the blue glowing ends from the MK IIs and on, its not very "Trekesque" and looks terrible.
5) Melee wepons, lets have more options, both in terms of weapons and attacks.

1) Voice commands, so we can "diver power to X" using a mic. More of a gimick than anything else, but would be appreciated by some.
2) Greater variety of enviroments.
3) Greater degree of customisation of ships.
4) Playable Romulans, perhaps even different factions working for Sela and the Tal Shiar.
5) Realm V Realm with benefits for the victorious faction.
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02-12-2010, 03:08 PM
Short Term:

1. A better interface for the exchange. Suggestions: ability to sort by price; in addition to searching by rank allow us to search by mk number; for items where the name is a subset of another items name (i.e. impulse engines, shield arrays deflector dishes) ad a filter so we can see all Impulse Engines without seeing Combat Impulse Engines and Hyper-Impulse Engines (and similar for other systems).

2. Allow some way of getting rank 3 skills for officers not your class. Either add them to the random skill list for rare BOs or allow us to train un-commissioned officers and trade them around.

3. Make it so that anomalies in exploration missions give higher level data samples (currently they only seem to give the tier 1 data samples)

Medium term:

1. Increase the level cap to 50 and remove the skill point cap

2. There are several mission maps where you have to patrol the rings and defeat the enemies there. However the rings are at a 45degree angle to the map plane. This makes the mission extremely annoying since you have to follow the rings as best you can to find the enemies but when you do you need to spend time maneuvering out of the ring to get down to their level to fight since otherwise it's to easy for them to position themselves where yo can't easily maneuver your ship. Since we don't have 360degree movement these maps really need changing.

3. Balance the energy credit economy. Currently there are no long term tools for removing energy credits from the economy (no, the vendors do not count since people will buy from them one per rank at most, probably less). This means that there is no way to have a stable player economy using energy credits. Prices are already pretty inflationary and they are only going to get worse. There needs to be something to remove energy credits from the economy or it'll end up with hyperinflation.

Long Term:

1. Revamp Memory Alpha. There are two major problems, first there is no way of telling your progress towards unlocking the next tier of upgrades. Secondly the upgrades you can get are of limited utility. The current system upgrades a white item to a green or blue item (sometimes of a completely different type). This isn't completely useless but since the abilities the upgraded item gets are pre-set the selection is extremely limited. I suggest replacing it with two different crafting systems. The first system would allow you to upgrade any item by one level of rarity for a cost dependent on the item type. Romaine would do white to green, the second set of scientists would do green to blue and the third blue to purple, items would be given a random modifier when upgraded (except consoles and kits obviously). The second system would allow you to replace a modifier on an item with another one available for it's type. The different scientists would each have a different selection of modifiers that they can give. So say I have a Rare Deflector Array with +10 to sensor arrays (called [SenA] in game) and +10 to deflector dish (called [DefD] in game) I could replace the deflector dish modifier with say +10 to starship emitters (called [EM] in game).

2. An alternate storyline. I LOVE the main storyline in game. The problem is that when I make an alt there is nothing new for them to do, I have to level them up with the same story. I would love the ability for them to have a new story arc to follow instead of one story for everyone.

3. A "Holodeck". A certain other MMO has the capability for players to make their own missions to tell stories for other players. The missions are limited to the standard maps and a limited selection of objectives for balance reasons. I'd love to see this capability here to.
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02-12-2010, 03:16 PM
- Fix pre-order items
- SMALLER bridges. I can't believe the current bridges even passed QA.
- Remove the lollipop sticks from Sector Space planets. Make Sector Space larger and allow ships to fly faster to compensate. Space just doesn't feel large at the moment. Plus, this would better facilitate the addition of more worlds down the road.
- Remove most of the rocks in space. It's beyond silly.

- FUNCTIONAL bridges. They should have bank space, tailors, navigation features, and communications that appear on the viewscreen. We should have a reason to finish a mission on our bridge.
- More and better 'social' maps, for more systems. Ability to beam down to planets for quests/social, such as Starfleet Academy. Not being able to beam down just to 'look around' doesn't make sense.
- Improve exploration. Zoning into a small gaseous box and clicking anomalies doesn't feel like exploration.
- Make sure known locations look like they do in the shows. I don't even recognize K7, and there aren't any known locations in game. I'd love to see the Pon Farr arena from 'Amok Time', or the Vulcan Science Academy, or the Starfleet Kobayashi Maru simulators (just a few examples).

- Connect Sector Space maps into one giant starmap. Zoning sucks and mentally knocks me out of game.
- Have a Neutral Zone that includes territory control. Have non-combat missions that assist in territory control.
- Full ship interiors. I know 3DMax and would even model them free of charge. Call me, Cryptic!
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02-12-2010, 03:29 PM
Short term

I want a double choc chip cookie doh muffin with chocolate sauce inside.

Being able to make a TASK FORCE <4 groups of 5> so we could make a pre made to do fleet actions with our own FLEET MEMBERS

bug fixes ext

Medium term

10/20 man raid that require at least some skill to beat <let face it appart from crstaline entity a seven year old could complete any mission in the game so far <NOT SURE ABOUT THE ADMIRAL STUFF YET>

Long Term

More playable races with there OWN TUTORIALS 90% of the fed players are like captain ect and HAVE NO CLUE that this game has another faction.

BATTLESHIPS <proper ones> should be the next up from fleet escort

DREADNAUGHTS should be the next up from Cruisers

Dunno about science tbh.

Also keep the bug fixes comming
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02-12-2010, 03:51 PM
short term
  • add in some npc voices for our crew
  • more custom parts, maybe bought with energy credits
  • holster weapons on starbases

  • More fleet actions
  • add in more solar systems with mutliple planets we can explore on our own with their own towns and missions to find.
  • Give planets wildlife and more distinction

  • overhaul the random quest generator.
  1. create a series of archtypes like: diplomacy | Assault | Exploration | Sneak | mystery (puzzle) | chase (ground in a buggy, air in a shuttle)
  2. Create missions which blend mutliple of these types together in both non-combat and combat, and also try to create a system that can auto generate missions by fitting together mission modules. You could even keep track of them to allow players to play missions they are more likely to like.
  3. This will allow a larger variance of missions, more tailored to players and would allow for some unique ideas. Combining Assault, mystery, chase and diplomacy/assault could end up with: attack smugglers compound, chase the leader over ground to town, find out in town from people where he is hiding, get him to give up or kill him.
  • more factions
  • more of the galaxy to explore and go beyond what star trek has gone, OTHER GALAXIES!
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02-12-2010, 04:27 PM
Add joystick mapping

add joystick mapping

add joystick mapping
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02-12-2010, 05:32 PM
I would like to see weather on planets. Rain and snow, etc.

Also like probably tons of people have already said, the ability to walk around your ship. Ready room, mess hall, personal quarters, engineering, hallways, etc.
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02-12-2010, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by R_Hawk_Olivaw View Post
I would like to see weather on planets. Rain and snow, etc.
FYI: Seen this multiple times.

I would like to see:

More uniform options.
More variety in quests (and not bring me 10 of these). Puzzles, etc...
Crafting (and not like Champions - go install WoW or EQ and look at their crafting).
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02-12-2010, 05:54 PM
1. Ship Interior & Crew:
Make Rooms that are already ingame (Transporterroom and Stuff) reachable through turbolift. and make the bridge customizable, like bases in CoH (woudl improve RPG play and socializing). Later on maybe there can be PVP on playerships like base pvp in CoH. Customisation for standart Red Shirts would be nice too, so the crew has the same uniform as the bridgeofficers.

2. rework the class system,
more in the direktion of ship class = space class, careere = ground class. no restrictions in between that bind space and groundclasses together.

3. Shuttles:
add shuttles for fed players, as npc use so many fighterships so the player should have some too. especially since engineers are handy with drones it would fit if cruisers can send out fighter-shuttles.

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