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02-12-2010, 11:45 PM
Short-term requests

More customization options.
Specifically give federation admirals the option to make their own version of Quinn's admiral uniform and the same for the Klingon counterparts.
Give Borg players the option to have more subtle implants.
Let all uniforms have the same components for male and female (no gender specific pants, shoulders or boots, etc...).
Make Romulan forehead ridges actually look like in the shows and movies and add them to the forehead detail section of the customization.
More ship hulls, saucers, pylons, etc..

Mid-term requests

More Klingon PVE content.
More story based chain quests, if they are called "episodes" then make them feel like such.
I had 1 priority one distress call that lead to me to a mission to save ds9 when I entered the Bajor sector, add more encounters like that.

Long-term requests

More choices in how to complete content - ie, maybe missions with a diplomatic rather than a pure combat solution depending on choices you make during the mission.
More stuff for fleets - fleet-owned starbases, "raid" interfaces that allow fleets to do fleet actions together,
Increased level cap with new admiral rank and new locations to quest in and explore,
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02-12-2010, 11:45 PM
I have an admiral I don't play cause I fubared his skills.
I do not want to re-level a similar captain


Mid: Romulans faction

Long: Raidisodes
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02-12-2010, 11:51 PM

Ignore all the ideas of Death Penalities.. death and respawn is good enough.. DPs just ruin games all too much.. STO needs to be the exception to that... and increasing difficulty.. game is hard enough.. can't have seperate modes cause that will seperate people.. DP and too hard Difficulty is just bad....

Short Term

Continue working on the little bugs, like one when you got to save romulins from a remen disease and they are in starfleet uniforms..
Make Bridge Audio more consistant to the type of bridge set for ship....
Classic and Triumph for example should sound like the Enterprise D bridge instead of sounding like it then at times sounding different like a standard bridge..

Mid Term

More random missions.. and emergecy calls for missions...
Adding more stations for ships.. and more abiites of BOs
A Ready Room and Observation Louge for the bridge..

Abilites for char to sit in chairs...

More different Music to play going through the adventure...

Long Term

Universe Expansion, Bigger and Badder Ships to be in..
Ability to walk through your ship!!!
Engineering, Sickbay, Quaters, Shuttle bay, you name it..

Theses are what I have for now... list is too huge and don't want to duplicate.. I seen many posted what I like to see..
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02-13-2010, 12:06 AM
no idea if anyone put this but heres what i want to see

1 interaction with my bridge crew or hell any crew i want to explore my own ship talk to bridge crew stuff to feel more trek like

2 missions for the love of god why does my mission say what planet sometimes but the sector near never

3 explore merits for exploring why do i need the guy to pop up to get any credit for exploring sectors those should be part of every sector explore mission

4 bo respects ive hosed my drew up alot

oh btw death peanltys just suck ignore those tools that want one they can go impose there own like a doing something they find hard maybe a sit up or jog 10 feet
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02-13-2010, 12:16 AM
Short Term

- Better Exchange tools; Tools that will allow me to see the price for which an item is currently going for when I post it to the exchange so that I can make informed decesions about price without tabing between the buy and sell tabs. (i.e. auctioneer mod for ********)
- The ability to customize the color scheme on armor.
- DPS calculation tool to help gauge the effectivenss of different weapons configurations.

Mid Term
- Improved Realiability; unexpected outages two Fridays in a row is not good, those kind of technical issues need to get sorted out.
- More expansive ground maps; I would love to explore planets independently and have challanges to face, things to scan.
- Puzzle solving; A few puzzles quests would be fun that requre some resourcefullness and intelligence on the part of the player.

Long term
- Raid Content, raid content, raid content
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02-13-2010, 12:27 AM
Short Term:
1. Make it so abnomalies are actually able to get scanned. More than once you have an abnomly stuck in a building or the like.
2. Escape routes for all possible areas. I have literally fallen down a cliff and not able to get out (had to beam out and redo)
3. Give me my 2 free character slots for being a lifetime member!

Mid- Term:
1. Stop the Gold Farming Spam Messages.
2. Stop the Gold Farming Spam Messages.
3. Stop the Gold Farming Spam Messages.
4. Stop the Gold Farming Spam Messages.
5. Stop the Gold Farming Spam Messages.
6. Think I made my point here- STOP THE GOLD FARMING SPAM MESSAGES!

Long- Term:
1. Add the Hydran Race into the playable character mix.
2. Allow for add-ons to a ship to allow for more bridge stations, weapons, etc. Might want to cap out this based on the ship level if you do....
3. Add in the ability to do other things than combat. I wouldn't mind being a freighter captain for example.
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02-13-2010, 12:36 AM
I really don't have any short term (a couple of weeks) thoughts to pass as there are so many that have been mentioned.

Mid/Long Term:
  • PvP Fleet Actions along with Open PvP areas (a balance between consensual and non-consensual)
  • Reward ladder/benefits along with the addition to PvP.
  • Depth within missions - Combat is straight out great. Diplomacy and interactivity (you know when you interact with objects) would be extremely helpful to add on to what you're doing. An example of interactivity is actually using your tricorder to find an object or having to use the panels to seal off those plasma leaks that you have to pass by during the mission.
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02-13-2010, 12:38 AM
Ok there has been alot of talk about controling your ship from the bridge but i think the joy of that would wear off quickly. I know when i first started OB i was like wtf no bridge control but after time went on i came to discover it would just kill everything, Nothing would be fast action anymore so what i propose is instead...

Make the ship ( the whole ship ) like your in-game home where you can add throphy etc to your ready room and make it so that you can walk into dif parts of the ship and craft and have your own extra storage area. There should also be random times when mission that you have to do send you fighting off ship invaders in the dif areas of your ship or somthing strange happens etc and you have to figure it out.

The view screen would be a nice place to add a chat option with live web cam where you can choose home to home or bridge to bridge communication. Also i dont see why somthing as easy to add as impossing the sector space map right onto the view hasent been added yet.

The view screen, man what a chance to give us somthing really cool to use that no other MMO has. Why not let us use the view screen to watch movies from our hard drive, It would be great to invite your fleet mates over to your bridge after a hard day fighting klings to relaxe and watch a movie.

Sorry for the mis-spelling am sure there is a bunch

I was also thinking why not make tv missions real in-game missions and have the reward be watching the tv mission on your view screen after ( should be aboul to rewatch anytime you like after you have unlocked the mission). Also if cyptic wanted to add 1 or 2 commericals i wouldent mind (not not more then that ) The price to air some trek cant cost that much as most tv stations do it late at night anyways.

Quick rundown of ideas from the old thread

•Watch episodes for TOS TNG DS9 etc on your ships view screen
•In game missions based off the shows, rewards being unlocked episodes; goal unlock the whole series
•Imposse sector space onto view screen
•add capts ready room and ten-forword aswell, and the shuttle bay, perfect place for your del taco shuttle
•Hail Starfleet from view screen
•A doctors quarters for healing battle fatigue of your away team, get missions periodically like get bio sample for use ina medicine.
•An astrometrics for long range scanning and fine detail sensor analysis. more quests like I discovered awormhole here lets go check it out.
•Engineering where ya can fine tune your power scheme, upgrade ground mission equipement/weapons. Get resource gathering quests.
•Ready room where you can view your tactical options and run combat simulations(in conjunction with the holodeck)
•Captains quarters you store your cheevos/trophies,view uniform options, roster etc
•Armory. Let me store my extra weapons here, have a firing range to test them and store my armor.
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02-13-2010, 12:59 AM
Short Term

Put in graphic controls that let us turn off shield rings around ships. I use my hud and I don't like having my hand held in telling me when shields are lowered on one side or not. I am a tactical guy, I want to use my wits and skills and hud for my ship as well as my oppoent. That way, people who want the rings can have them. Those who don't need the hand holding don't have to have our starship battling genius insulted.

Don't change our movement style between in combat and out of combat. If I am out of combat and can turn on a dime, I should be able to turn on a dime while in combat. Not shuffle left or right all of a sudden. What was the point of that anyways? If it's about difficulty, then it's an epic fail. It's a bother and not realistic and it's why I avoid ground battles for now.

Mid Term

Instead of a bat'leth vaporizing people on a death stroke, how about their head or a limb come off? A death blow is a death blow. Metal curved sword-like blades do not make their target's vaporize. Keep the Teen rating and have no blood squirt, though having blood splash from a blade cut would be way cool.

Klingon PvE content. I took a few days off with sick time, couldn't play because I was truly sick, and pretty much everyone out leveled me. Feds and Klingons both. The lower end queues are mostly empty and I have nobody to fight anymore to level up. Grinding Expanse of Kahless is getting old very quick. Klingons don't explore, we conquer. Instead of explore missions, we do conquer missions. Even other Klingon Houses. How about it?

Long Term

How about a faction changeable space zone? This is war, right? Have a block of space, say 6 sectors, a double line of three block. Have four systems in each one. Whichever side conquers all the systems in pvp action, it turns that faction. Once all four systems are one faction, the square changes to the proper faction color. In each sector is a star base. Once the ships are defeated, instead of respawn, the defeated ships are not coming back, and the captains are beamed to the starbase. The defending faction gets most of the base, the invading faction enters from a cargo area. They fight for the Starbase.

Whoever wins the space fight, they can beam in and support the defeated ship's landing parties. They get extra awards for winning a space fight. Once the starbase is taken, the winners get the base and then the whole sector if they own all four.

Owning the starbase has benefits. NPC vendors will spawn and will only sell to their side. Extra cool stuff for the accolade badges they just won. Once the sector is owned, then they can buy ships that can't be purchased anywhere else that are cool. New ships for all 5 tiers. The longer a faction holds a sector square, the larger the underdog combat bonus is for the invading forces if it lasts more than 24 hours.

All kinda cool things to think about.
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02-13-2010, 01:06 AM
Forgot the things I would like to see....

Mid / Long Term:
1. Ability to crash into a planet or asteriod... Right now I get to play huggy bear and slip on by.
2. Dynamic Environments. I would love to be able to blow up a building... why? Because I can.
3. Ability to pre-position using teleporters your away team. I.e. have a tactical officer with a sniper rifle get beamed to the top of a rock and play clock-tower boy...
4. Body shots. Seems funny that I can have a sniper rifle and only hit people in the body... Would like to be able to trade accuracy for precision with like limb shots, head shots, etc.
5. Ability to have consequences for you actions. For instance, have a primitive civilization and 2 warring factions... If I give them 10 phasors... Have the ability ot violate the prime directive then get the chance to cover it up to starfleet...
6. Tied to #5 - Add in an alignment factor to your decisions. Would be great with Klingons since you have honorable Klingons, i.e. those that put honor above war... why fight an adversary if I cna kill then with a flick of my wrist... or those sadistic evil types that are power hungry and see war as a means to an end.
7. Skins for your ship. As funny as it sounds, I have a character that would love to have a big ole smiley face planted on the top of his saucer of his ship....

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