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02-13-2010, 12:08 AM
SHort term

A WORKING SKILL SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

The rest dont give a **** about right now
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02-13-2010, 12:18 AM
Originally Posted by Jack Atarius
Short Term:
Bring back the hope from TNG. While this is set during a war, that doesn't mean every mission is killing and distruction. I can't imagine how many Klingon ships the Federation has destroyed in the various patrol missions. Or Orions, or... I'd love to see a threat system where if you enter the system and you're not welcome (syndicate space) people will mistrust you but won't automatically open fire. It's like a cop in a dangerous neighborhood. Unless you do something to provoke the bad guys (target them, raise shields, lock weapons, etc) they probably won't attack you. I'm tired of being the aggressor when I'm scanning for anything and I make the preemptive strike because I know they'll just attack anyway. Not very 'Trek IMO.
i like this one

and to add to the auto holster weapons on starbases and neutral areas, when not in combat, make walking the default, and the normal "jogging" style require holding down a hotkey. and then switch the two when in red alert mode, making jogging the normal, and walking require a hotkey

oh and sector space does seem kinda small, and also should be viewed from the bridge point of view by default, maybe access a console from the bridge to "view" (switch) to a sector space mode, to make everyone happy. I want to be able to choose to use a console to do it myself, or to order my helmsman to a certain location. I want to be able to wander my ship a bit while i wait, or just sit in my chair and watch the viewscreen as the sights go by. or better yet, go to the holodeck and target practice, or play velocity with a friend haha. (the helmsman can tell us when we arrive)

i would like to have the choice to go to the transporter room or take a shuttle down to missions, even if it requires a loadscreen at first, it can be expanded upon later, looking out any window, or through the shuttle bay, on ship or on shuttle and seeing the plantets and features would be a nice touch. would be awesome watching as the shuttle leaves the shuttle bay and pass through the forefield on the way to a planet.

have the computer offer to "replicate" a change of clothes, with a list of options, at social or neutral areas.

what about missions where the captain gets sick or the crew goes crazy and you have to figure out what happened, contain, fight, and/or cure them?
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02-13-2010, 12:21 AM
short =
1. better information on skills and related abilities to vague on allot of what does what this leads to a possible character creator type thing and the chance for respeccing.
2. More bank storage space to include on your ship we do fly a space ship i think i have more space then the small amount i can carry . ( separating things into category tabs would do real nice like . )


1 . I want to be able to beam onto a enemy's bridge as an option and kill the crew that way or have that ability or part of a mission instead of always blasting things to space dust. ( this also could be included into space PVP matches as well . your bridge crew against there bridge crew. )

2. I want alien plants and weird aliens attacking me on search missions on planets .I could have sworn that kirk and Spock ran into ton of weird creatures on planets that were not oo friendly. ( this to include weird space super aliens (( yes i know about the Q but there was allot more then just him .))


1. where are my romulans?
2. more character create slots ( I know that will be way out there and will have to pay extra for that .Don't know why we would we pay $15 a month already . )
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02-13-2010, 12:23 AM
Short-term requests

* Add so we can have Auto Fire on more then one forward/after slot
* Add anomoly in the Explorer mission that scale up with the zone. so the explorer mission that give you lev 2 explorer badges also will give you lev 2 anomoly when you scan them.
* Fix a advancement bar for the crafting npc in Memory Alpha, so you can see how much more energi credit you have to invest at tht npc to advance to next.
* when you buy comendite from npc/ships add so you can put in an ammount i hate when i need to buy 160 food or something and have to press the buy and then the ok button 160 time each (320) total. waste of clicking to destory our fingers and anoy us. just add Buy then write in amount
* to much confermation windows. If i press warp button i for absolute want to warp out i dont need a windown to tell me im about to warp and need to press OK.

*Add up the difficult lev (i have allready done 75% of the game and yet i have not have a single challange mission so far, this game is atm desgin for a 5 years old to complete. heck most of your player is avrage 30 we want challange to motivate us to play more and to advance.
Make ground battle alot more diffecult since i never in risk of dying on them. I loved the close beta in start where you acutally died alot and was hoping that last npc of you would make it to the end and be able to medic you. it was a death battle each time you got in a fight with 6-7 npc and if you pulled 2 you was slaughterd. I LOVED IT

Mid-term requests

*Better AH where it list the prices in order cheepest/expensive.
*More random mission in Explorer, its to simular.
*Change the explorer mission so you can just expore the cluster zone u want and after done a mission you get awarded let say 25 badges.
* Add some ranking option in the game. that make people have something to compete with can be
PVP ranks , exporing ranks like how many you been doing, how many planet you aid. how many new races you meet.
* refix the skill system it was design for no skill cap and some skills are dead end like you seen alot post about
*Fix respec option

Long-term requests
*Add Diplomacy in game where we can find each race on a sertain planet, we can repeat mission/episode (random) for that race to build up reputation to be able to get some uniqe item can be a bridge officer of
that race, can be a weapon, or concole, or shield. or just some social clothes for role players they screaming for thise stuff. Why not even in fure have an uniqe ship for that race u can pilot.
(this will let the higher ranks player have more to do when max lev to spend time to max out reputation for each race there is. to get those uniqe

*Add mission where you have timmer to complete, or a chance for a friendly npc to be able to die and you have to start over.

* Space PVP have a zone where we really fight with other faction can be Fleet zone where you have starbace for you fleet. thise Starbase you will be like upgrade where you can add weapons, shields npc,stores, or just cometic looks
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02-13-2010, 12:24 AM
I'm going to update this later, but I figured I'd leave what I've written down so far.

Medium Term
  • Minigames - Turn more of the mundane "Press F" events into eventful minigames.
  • Ship Interiors - Explore various decks of your ship.
  • Shipisodes - Episodes that take place on your ship.
    While heading through space you encounter all sorts of various phenomena, give a notification that something is happening on the player's ship and leave it in a shipisodes tab where a player can pick up on these missions when he/she has a moment. Also allow for teams to join in as well.

Long Term
  • Flagship PvP Mode - Match where the players are split into teams that play as two crews aboard two flagships and work together to destroy the enemy's flagship.
    This introduces an opportunity for a more Star Trek feel while being innovative and allowing for an expansion of PvP options. Someone manages where the power goes to, someone manages the weapons, someone manages where the ship is going. Maybe have various asteroids with materials that can be mined and made into improvised weapons. Have traps and anamolies that add an element of danger to the area the fight takes place. Also it might help to reduce visiblity range and provide two perspectives (ship and crew perspectives).
  • Bridge perspective - Command your starship from your captain's chair.
    Being able to switch between bridge and ship perspectives should be as easy as scrolling the mouse wheel back and forth. If a communication occurs have a brief warning appear and zoom into the bridge view and have the conversation take place there instead of in space.
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02-13-2010, 12:37 AM
I don't really know if Cryptic is still listening, but hey:

Short Term:
-Lower the number of kills required to finish a ground deathmatch PvP fight; right now the number is so high that it drives people away if one side pulls ahead. As a corollary, add a mechanic that calls the game if one side ends up horribly outnumbered for an extended period of time as this is fun for nobody. I consider this one the priority.
-Give Klingon faction players of all races access to those awesome trenchcoats that some of the NPCs wear. Also open up the eye colors a little - I want to give my Trill BO sea-green (bluish-green) eyes, but I can't!
-Clarify some of the tooltips so that it's somewhat more obvious what a power does; the Photon Grenade tooltip is a good example of a tooltip that lists straight mechanics as opposed to simply saying "grenade will hit for X and knock back".

Medium Term:
-The ability to make one of our "newer" ships look like one of our older ones (E.G. I get to make my Star Cruiser look like the Excalibur I own), for the purpose of making sure that max-level fleets don't look totally uniform. I'd actually like this in the short term but thread rules only said three per section :p
-Seconding the "shipisodes" idea; aboard-ship episodes were a significant part of Trek and I'd like to see some kind of implementation in STO.
-The only other thing I can really think of is to ask that you continue to provide a steady stream of content as you already plan to.

Long Term:
-Diplomatic missions, as mentioned, would be somewhat nice. Frankly I'm not sure how they can be implemented without making them horrifically prone to griefing, but in general a wider mission variety would help the game.
-Customizable ship interiors beyond the bridge; and, of course, much more in-depth interior customization (such as who sits where, how many consoles are on the bridge, the "default" uniform for you crew, etc.)

Really, especially with what's been announced as coming already, I'm rather satisfied with the direction the game is taking. The things I want are generally relatively minor quality-of-life tweaks.
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02-13-2010, 12:49 AM
i've compiled a list of those suggestions/requests i strongly agree with and then some.

Top 3 Requests/Recommendations
*Ignore all the ideas of Death Penalities..DPs just ruin the expierance. Some people want to be able to enjoy the story plots and mission content without worrying about how much dp is going to be or risk.

*Stop the Gold Farming Spam Messages. This is how ppl get dooped into getting their accounts hacked and/or stolen. I think you owe this courtesy to your valued customers to protect them from this activity.

*give/introduce option/ability to choose difficulty level of missions. reward options should change based on difficulty levels. Some ppl are may be more interested in story lure and content then grinding through difficult missions for a challenge others may want the challenge. Make the game fun an enjoyable for everyone as much as possible. The more flexible option choices available the greater likelihood of success and satisfying both/all customers/fans.

Short-term requests
- Make weapons auto-holster when beaming down to starbases or for non-combat missions.
- Add banks and standard vendor NPCs to Memory Alpha.
- Add progress stat for Memory Alpha.
- Greater variations within each ship 'level', model wise, freighter, frigates, salvage vessels ext.
-full auto fire in space, hate mashing keys
-stats to be less confusing
-less bugs.
- Banks, mail,exchange and general NPC on all major facilities.
-nav listing of all major player friendly facilities.
- More uniform options ie leather jacket/street clothing ext other options 4 alien races.
- Wider options for the transwarp network. Transwarp unlock for sectors
-Lower costs to rename a ship or change the cost to energy credits instead of merits.
-change the exploration badge system. Instead of having 1st, 2nd, ext just have exploration badges. By the time I earn 200 1st exp badges I already aquire better equipment and then my 1st order exp badges are useless same goes for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th order badges.
-Miniskirts. Yes, another pervert.

Mid-term requests
- More fleet actions in existing sectors.
-being able to go 90 degrees up and down in space with ventral and dorsal shields & barrel rolling
-more dialog options
-big planets where we find civs on our own
-entire modeled systems to explore
-open pvp system in every system block
-all 4 Quadrants present
-different types of warp/transwarp/slipstream drives to go over larger distances in shorter time
-raid-i-sodes for every rank/grade
- Voice over for officer actions and reports in game.
-More story based chain quests, if they are called "episodes" then make them feel like such.
-More random missions.. and emergecy calls for missions...
-A Ready Room and Observation Louge for the bridge..
-Abilites for char to sit in chairs.
-better interface for auction house category by price.
-interface for OB training better.

Long-term requests
- Focus on branching storylines; give players choices during the missions diplomatic/aggressive.
- Introduce romulan, cardassians and/or other races as playable factions.
- Non-mission, freeform content . star trek is about exploration.
-independent/freeport merchant star bases complete with missions; trade missions.
-at the club 47 and other clubs bars ext playable interactive different variety holodeck novels, possibly for skilling up or for purchase to be accessed from the bridge. Ie. based on series episodes ext.
-better navigation system and better detailed remote access of system listings, particularly player accessible star bases.

-Ability to walk through your ship!!! Engineering, Sickbay, Quaters, Shuttle bay, holodeck ext.
-Add in the ability to do other things than combat. I wouldn't mind being a freighter captain for example.
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02-13-2010, 12:50 AM
The majority of my suggestions apply to both ground and space.

Short Term:
-General Bug Fixes (smoother gameplay, graphics glitches, etc)
-Improved BOs (no more getting caught on terrain, getting lost in-mission etc)
-More Descriptive skill definitions
-more customization options (Character, BOs, Ships, etc)
-auto fire not limited to 2 weps.

Mid Term:
-Crafting thats involved. (i wanna beam down to an asteroid with a dilithium cutter and go to town lol)
-Perhaps specialized ranks for selected BOs? (Engineering- Chief of Engineering, Tactical- Head of Security, Science- Chief Medical Officer, One perhaps can be upgraded to First Officer? etc)
-Exploration of your ship. (Main Engineering, ready room, SickBay, Astrometrics, Holodeck, etc)
-Bridge View along with the 3rd Person.
-You should be able to travel any direction in space. i wnna go upside down, straight up and down, etc.

Long Term:
-More Missions that require: (diplomacy, research, stealth, exploration thats involved, etc)
-Persistent world pvp. ( i understand the story arcs being instanced. i prefer it actually. but for exploring, random tasks, traveling, etc we should have to watch our backs for kilingons lol.)
-A 3rd Faction would be grand!
-All main Planets Explorable. (Main Cities and Places of interest on Earth, Quonos, Vulcan, Bajor, etc )
-All 4 quadrants! fully explorable with their own story arcs, random tasks, new things to craft with, explore in depth etc.

I love this game evry1. these are just constructive suggestions. im not docking it at all. IOve been witing for this game for 7 years, and im not dissapointed CRYPTIC YOU NAILED IT!!!
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# 489 3 Things
02-13-2010, 02:13 AM



Look into Star Wars. You can build your own houses on a planet. San Fran would be a nice addition to this game. Starfleet Academy?
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02-13-2010, 02:39 AM
More things I forgot..

Short-term Requests
  • Increase the zoom out range when in space anywhere to what it is in Sector Space. Or, double the zoom-out range of what we have now to be even better).
  • Allow us to disable just the beeping sound when you press a power and cannot use it at that time, for whatever reason. Currently, the only way I know to disable this is to turn off the UI Volume. I do not like having to do this however, for I enjoy every other sound you brilliant people put into the UI. (seriously, you did a marvelous job making the UI sound like a Star Trek Game UI should sound!). This is the only noise I just cannot stand. For some reason, whatever pitch it is or just the repetitiveness of it, it has been causing my migraines to onset.

Mid-term/Possibly Long-Term
  • Bring in more Star Trek Actors like John Dé Lance, Mirina Sirtis, William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Majel Barrett, Grace Lee Whitney, the TNG Cast.. oh heck, I could go on, just get them all!
    {8}More Q! Withe "The Q', John Dé Lance's, voice and likeness and, especially, his miscievious, yet fun and whimiscal nature, through out the entire game, even through end-content!

I'm sure more will come.

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