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02-13-2010, 02:55 AM
Short Term - Revamp the skill system. I dont see why Engineers should take skills in science officer or tactical officer skills. Skill paths should be offered to professiom/duty related issues.

Mid term - We need a better badge/accolade system. Maybe introduce new professions....maybe security, crafter related, etc.

Long Term - Give us player Housing!!!!!!
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# 492 Just one request
02-13-2010, 05:54 AM
Short, Medium and Long Request
How about a way to recalculate/respec skills...
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02-13-2010, 06:12 AM

[i]Auto fire for laser weapons for ship[/I]. Hitting the same button over and over again to fire my phasers is going to become game breaking.

Make weapons auto holster when on a starbase or other non combat area Just makes sence

Fix graphics glitches on star ships A must

Keep up the good work on fixing bugs I'm seeing nearly daily fixes to bugs. Keep it up!

Mid term

New Ships Excelsior class, Nebula Class and Ambasador class come to mind. I dont even care if they're in the cryptic store I'd buy em

Ship Interiors It dosn't have to be FULL interiors, but enginearing, some hall ways, the rest of the deck the bridge is on, medical, and a shuttle bay are a must!

Klingon PVE episodes I'm not going to work on my klingon toon until I get this and I bet a lot of people arent too.

More choices for customizatoin of toons Cause you can never realy have enough. The cat alien I'v seen a few times comes to mind, along with just more 'parts' in the various classes of ships so we can have a few more choices.

Long Term

Expansion with new playable faction (AND PVE/PVP content!) Cardasians, Romulans, and Borg come to mind.

Aside for that? Keep up the good work.
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# 494
02-13-2010, 06:23 AM
I cant read all this thread, a firm nod of approval in the direction of any dev that can.

Short term.
Add some repeatable content for Klingon
Lock the server and the forums

Klingon missions, really i try to play but im stuggling to find an easier way of lvling, my pvp missions consist of me and three ganking or me being ganked. cloaking might have to go... alot of my (lvl 8 atm) missions are me flying around with nothing and no one around, untill 3 decloak in front of me, people must be leaving quickly or not comming in.

Get rid of pre orders keys and only let subcribers post, lets kill off these gold sellers, im doing what I can to help by reporting them.

Get some stuff on the c-store, Im not promising to buy anything but lets see what you got.
tidy up ground combat, geez its alot better than beta but it still needs something extra.
Purple mk x items must be top quality, I dont want to see any other mk 1x or x stuff comming (too) close

long term
........ I dunno i cant decide what to have for lunch tomorrow
more ships?
more weapons?
shorter skirts?
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02-13-2010, 07:05 AM
Short term

1. Please fix exploration missions, I have now found my group members dissapearing through the floor on several separate planet missions - its pretty annoying to be shot by Klingons I can't see, and not be able to help the team as they are gunned down 300 miles under my feet.
2. AI Pathing, seriously, the pathing in this game goes nuts too often, I spend approximately 1/4 of my mission time waiting for team members that decided a doorway is some sort of complicated alien device, and investigate it by sticking their head in it and running randomly forward – I expect this is a popular bug-bear!
3. Descriptions on skills etc. I shouldn't need to scour the internet to have the vaguest clue where my skill are going. I appreciate no one wants this game to be super-easy like some mmorpgs, but even a basic 'one liner' would help

Mid Term

1. Shared bank slots - please !
2. Progress information in Memory alpha.
3. Please, Please - more usable exchange, for example price range filter (to get rid of jokers selling Mk1's for 5000000 in hopes you mis-click - although these are probably ways for gold sellers to swap money between accounts) a selection of 'order by' criteria, for example PRICE !!

Long Term...

1. More difference between ship designs, and more customization options - more vivid paint jobs, instead of barely visible ones.
2. More missions, this game could get very tired on a second playthrough, let alone a 3rd or fourth – also perhaps more types of generated mission, and different tilesets.
3. Proper crafting system instead of trading space junk for weird upgrades…
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# 496
02-13-2010, 07:13 AM
Short-term requests

1. Fix chromodynamic armor that doesn't shown upon wearing properly on Engineering and Science officer. I have this armor on my Engineering and Science character, but it doesn't show that I am wearing it cosmetically. My Tactical character is okay with the armor.
2. Increase Tier 4 and 5 cruiser turn rate a little bit. The turning of the cruiser is a "huge disadvantage" even maxing cruiser ship skills.
3. Enhance the Neodymium Deflector Dish. This item does not live up to to its name and does not boost maneuverability stats.

Mid-term requests

1. One fleet action for every sector just like exploration missions.
2. More C-store items for our ships/character cosmetic/stats.
3. Add some missions that required fleet members or a team inorder to complete.

Long-term requests

1. Add Ambassador Spock's jelly fish ship. See image for detail.
2. Add a fleet owned quarters in current starbases. allowing fleet owned starbase would just flood the map with starbases.
3. Make the Romulans a playable race. eg. we have the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan race. more faction more war and chaos = a purpose of the game.
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# 497
02-13-2010, 07:21 AM
Shor- term:

-Add more daily missions, fx. patrol missions
-More variation in the exploration missions
-New "group" areas to investigate (instances)
-Fix the Starship Weapon system Performance, so it propperly alows me to train my engineering officers Directed Energy Modulation III
-Less popups mid combat. Maby just a small interactive window in one of the corners with room
-Change the way points are calculated in fleet actions, so cruisers and science vessels have a chance to compete with the escorts.
-Add more fleet actions, specialy in the commander, captain and admiral sectors.


-An option to explore my current starship, as in walk the hallways, speak to the crew, visit the holodeck, go to engineering, go to captains ready room etc.
-New templates for starships, or more detailed ones. I was a bit diapointed when first "setting sails" in my brand new Sovereign, and seeing it felt like it was made in a hurry...
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02-13-2010, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by -A-
Short term requests-

--> Disallow any kits, abilities, etc from starbases and memory alpha. Have had the joy of standing behind someone's shields kit while in star bases and having to wait for them to wear off before I can move from one room to the next.

--> Make it so we can complete the "salvage relationships in the neutral zone" mission.
Forgot 1 more - In space combat allow full use of the Z axis. Not saying we should be able to do back flips, but it would be nice to be able to turn to face straight up or straight down.
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# 499 My requests...
02-13-2010, 07:48 AM
Short Term
1. I would like for my away team members to have improved pathing so they stop getting constantly stuck on world objects.

2. I would like to see teaming improved where even though my new teammate is on different missions we can still benefit each other.

3. I would like to be able to hotkey the most important things I do...which currently can not be hotkeyed. Including but not limited to: Power Presets and multi function buttons.

Mid Term
1. I would like for ground combat to be changed into something not mind blowingly outstandingly bad. As it si now there is no challenge, it is boring, our actions are limited and don't mean much.

2. I would like to see a wider variance in the ship types. They look and handle really different but their combat powers are far too close for my liking.

3. I would like to see space combat slowed down (especially in PvP) and ground combat sped up.

Long Term
1. I would like to see more end game content.

2. I would like to see more ranks and ships.

3. I would like to have a wider choice of options for ship customization including more consoles, customizable slots, talents (ALA WoW) and specific boosters and such.

Thanks for asking.
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# 500 my requests
02-13-2010, 08:31 AM
short term.
The auction house needs to be more easily navigated. I cant even check by price.
Charge people to list so there isnt pages of crap up there for ridiculous prices.
b. too many different currencies or credits...way too confusing and really no rhyme or reason for it.
it should be simplified or something. or at least some versatility in their use. instead of just spending them on stuff i can just go to the exchange and buy
c. not enough documentation or information on what certain weapons or skills actually do. stats on weapons and such dont seem very acurate .
D. most of the weapons in my opinion are useless. there is only a couple weapons that are good and the rest are just there it seems to fill up space
E. there isnt a whole lof of thought that goes into any type of strategy whether in ground missions or in space combat.

2. Mid Term
What is up with the Bridge!! IT is totally useless and seems like it was just thrown in at the last minute.
If there is any way to navigate your ship through space while on the bridge I believe that this game would blow people away. I have always wanted to be a captain on the enterprise. But the only way I can truly experience that is if I am making decisions on the bridge. Instead we get a a little picture of space up there. How cheesy is that. I dont even know how you can call this game startrek online and make the bridge or interior of ship so useless. The bridge(or interior of ship) is where everything goes down. it should have been a focal point in the game. In my opinon in order to justify calling this game Star trek the entire game should have been centered around your ship. i just dont get it. Im sorry for being so crass but this game has been in development for a long time and it just seems so lackluster to be charging people $15 a month to play it. just isnt worth it right now.

Long Term.
WHERES THE CRAFTING. No player driven economy because there is no crafting. This in my opinion is the only way to retain long term membership in an MMO. So Much potential here
B) Game should have started out with no ship at all as a recruit in the academy on earth. The Academy on Earth should be a place to explore. No doesnt even exist in the game. Should have to do missions for the academy to raise ranks to be able to earn your own ship. And AGain the interior of the ship should be something that can be manipulated. Should have your own quarters. should have rooms to display your achievments. like houses in other MMOs but instead its your ship. In my opinon there is really nothing in this game to keep players coming back. if there isnt some major changes it will fall away fast

You would think that i hate the game with all that i said. and I dont right now I am actually having fun with it. I just know that it will be short lived

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