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02-13-2010, 08:45 AM
Short term

1. Give players the option to lock in a third person follow mode during space combat, you would make escort captains everywhere rejoice.

2. More fleet action, and keep it hard like CE has been lately. Don't cave in to people who don't want to be challenged.

3. Better overall description of what skills effect what abilities and so on.

4. A TRUE Z AXIS WHEN IN SPACE. A TRUE Z AXIS WHEN IN SPACE. A TRUE Z AXIS WHEN IN SPACE. It is utterly ridiculous this does not exist already.

5. Lay off on the asteroids.

Mid Term

1. Ditch the skill cap and give us a way to respec. At least one of these two.

2. More ships plz.

3. Introduce DIPLOMACY into the game. Add puzzle missions, things that require strategy and thought.

Loooooong Term

1. Completely overhaul ground missions. Enough of this scan something, then scan something else, then scan three more crap. OH NO, watch out for the Baktula whilst you're at it! Get creative, I know plenty of creative people if you need help.

2. Make the bridge more of an essential instead of just a novelty to walk around on with buddies. Let's see some real bridge action. Let's see ground combat in space via boarding parties -- and not just in PVE, PVP too.

3. More playable factions.
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02-13-2010, 10:32 AM

- Fix shadow glitching on ship in space.
- Add episodic content for Klingons (as well as Romulans and Cardassians when and if they become available)
- Fix shadow glitching on ship models in space. (yeah this one is a big one for me)

- Romulan and Cardassian factions with full ship customization like the Feds have.
- Klingon ship customization like the Feds have.
- More Fleet Actions
- More exploration variety. (I dont know how many planets I have been too that had the memory alpha like structure.)

- I like the branching story arc mission idea so I am gonna put that here as well.
- More sector blocks
- Interaction with familiar Star Trek races. Such as the Children of Tamar, Tzenkethi, Hrada so on. Whether it be taking missions from them, talking to them, or blowing them out of the stars.
- Eventually adding areas for the Gamma, and Delta Quadrant. How about making all Delta Quadrant sector blocks open PvP and territorial gain. Somehow be able to court the Delta Quadrant races to your factions side until the sector block they are in gets taken over. Such as as long as the Kazon sector is under your control random Kazon fleets will patrol the sector block and engage enemy players but not you. And then when the opposing faction take over the Kazon will patrol for them and attack you and your faction.
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02-13-2010, 10:38 AM
Short Term

Short/Mid-term (I am unsure where these would fall)
  • More sorting and searching features in the Auction House, such as Alphabetical Sorting and Sorting by Price. As well as being able to search for a Mk V item and not see the Mk VI's, for example.
  • Allow dragging and dropping of items into the Exchange Search Field, whithout the [brackets] to allow easier method of looking up the going rate on items.
  • Have some sort of safe-guard or rework the auto-squelch feature for those abused by it and wrongly auto-squelched. Not sure if this is something that can be done technically or might just need quicker response times to them by a Game Master. Or at least allow squelched players to still be able to whisper those in their Friends list, so their friends do not thing you are ignoring them. As well as be able to chat in any Channels that you are the Owner of for the afore-mentioned reason.

Long Term
  • Allow public access to one's bridge by other player's should the Captain be on it and have it set to allow. This could show the ship in Sector Space, or wherever it is when the Captain went to the bridge, with a public icon above the ship letting players know they can freely beam over to that ship's bridge.
  • Crew Quarters complete with decorative features as well as being able to allow other players to come visit that part of the ship as well.
  • Missions that take place upon your own ship and are unique for that Class/Tier of ship.
  • More Tribble Missions! Loved the one I did with a friend last night, hope to see more tribble-based ones.
  • More Time Traveling Missions. I am a sucker for time travel.

Probably think of more
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02-13-2010, 11:33 AM
Short Term:
1: Autofire, my spacebar will thank you.
2: More server space to prevent queues
3: Bonus to loot drops/skill point gains for grouping. There is little to promote party formation at this time.
4: Wormholes or warp stations to improve travel times to different sectors

Medium Term:
1: Bonus skill points on missions for appropriate roleplaying. If you spent time to beam that injured scientist to your ship, why not get a boff skill point for it? The little things like this can be huge!
2: Full 360 degree flight (including barrel rolls/flips). Why can't we barrel roll or flip up and behind our adversaries? This is a must for any space/flight simulation, especially when we have limited firing arcs.
3: Discoverable or achievement based skills/abilities: Why not introduce new abilities (ground/space) that you have to achieve or research? This could add more to end game play.

Long Term:
1: More playable factions: Borg, romulans, etc!
2: Weekly Faction vs Faction pvp events or GM events with rewards (maybe unique ships for top competitors, extra ensign station, unlockable ship nacelles, etc).
3: Space Chess tournements or other playable minigames from the star trek universe. Holodeck minigames or missions, PG13 of course
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# 505 My Gameplay Wishlist
02-13-2010, 12:16 PM
(In no particular order)

1. Correct "Error spending skill points on officers." These occur for no particular reason. I think it may have been fixed in the recent patch but previously it only happened on random occasions.

2. Sticky chat channels. In other words, if I was to type in /fleet, /team, etc. to talk to someone, then the next time I press enter to open up the dialogue box, it should auto-revert to the previous channel I was speaking in.

3. Drag and drop inventory items to hotbar should be enabled. It's annoying to have to go into the inventory, then equip it, then arrange it on my hotbar.

4. Hotbars (especially for ship combat) are not staying visible when zoning in and out of instances/sectors. I have to re-enable my secondary and tertiary hotbar almost every time.

5. Stackable inventory items. All consumable items (i.e. hyposprays, shield charges, etc.) should automatically stack when looted into inventory. It seems like it does this on some occasions and not others.

6. The "Buy Back" option for items sold to a vendor should remain active until you leave the area (i.e. transport to ship) instead of going away after exiting from the vendor.

7. Tracking team members. It would be nice to be able to track a team member's location on the map across sectors instead of only within the same one.

8. Warnings before server shutdown. I know this has been mentioned before but for goodness sake, give us at least a 5-min warning before shutting down servers for maintenance. A crash is one thing which understandably can't always be predicted, but its HIGHLY annoying to be logged out in the middle of battle only to find the servers down for maintenance.

9. Auto-reply functions. There should be an option to enable an AFK message should you step away from the computer for an extended period of time. Also, when replying to tells, instead of having to type out "/tell <name>, I believe there should be a one-button press option.

If anything I mentioned has already been solved or if there's some function I wasn't aware of currently in the game, let me know. I'll be checking this periodically for said response.

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02-13-2010, 12:17 PM
Short-term Requests

1. No Server Disconnects...Ever (aside from normal weekly maintenance)
2. Enable BO and Player name change (Can't change BO's more than once)
3. Increase Instance capacity

Mid-Term Request

1. More Fleet level content at all levels

Long-Term Requests

1. Buildable Starbases for Fleets w/ regular ammenities
2. Conquerable Starbases in the Neutral Zone that provide bonuses when captured
3. Increase level and skill cap. Introduce new ship tiers, ships, BO's, and content (ie. via regular expansions).
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02-13-2010, 12:20 PM
Okay here goes

Short Term
Better Exchange
Ways to track memory alpha progress
able to see mission rewards after you have gotten the mission
better explanation of the missions (some are confusing as where to go)
better explanation of the powers

Mid Term
more fleet actions
better UI for bridge officers
better exploration missions (they are so boring)

Long term
more zones open up (other quadrants maybe even the undine universe)
more factions (romulans, cardasians, bajorians, plz no borg)
ability to craft your own weapons/kits/shields
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02-13-2010, 12:28 PM
Short term:

1. Reduce the power of crowd control abilities in pvp and enhance the means to counter them.
2. Signs in Quo'nos and Ganalda could be helpful for the sorry few new klingon players.
3. Autogrp pugs in pvp-scenarios.

Mid term:

1. New pvp ground and space areas.
2. End-game content.
3. Knitting i.e. crafting

Long term:

1. Realm/renown/fraction points beside skill points without max to stimulate end game pvp.
2. More playable fractions and motivation to play them.
3. Content.
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02-13-2010, 12:41 PM
Short term - less than 1 month

Video Presets / saving more than 1 for quick changes - ie can use max shadows in space but not ground I want a quick preset for various options

A real manual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugs fixes and server up time
Increase difficulty

*** DEATH PENALTY *** - Weapons / equipment decay on death at the minimum. Helps promote crafting as well as cut down on zerging

Search function that works - think WoW bazaar system at the minimum. I can search, sort, etc

Mid term - 2 - 3 months

Better map system - shouldn't have to click tabs to get different galaxy / sector maps should just be able to mouse scroll anywhere to zoom in.

More mission types - they repeat too much
Useful bridge
No warping through planets

better AI for ground party both yours and the enemy - they are retarded
--- Maybe some formation options that give various bonuses and negatives.
--- Have AI team wait til after the grenade I tossed actually hit before they start attacking as it causes the enemy npc's to move before they are hit with the grenade when you first start a battle - obviously not after the battle actually starts.

Bigger maps for planets - frankly the planets should be huge so I can explore and do ground quests not this little 4 x 4 map.

Where are the lifeforms on the planets? No animals to shoot or even look at for that matter. Think Star wars galaxy's when it comes to planets. Maybe not as big planets but that's the idea I'm looking for. Quests, npcs, animals, structures, shops, Where I can build my house, etc.

Increase texture map on maps - when you zoom in they can look blocky

Less food types per tier - I want the stuff to be able to stack instead of taking all my inventory slots up

Long Term - 6 months +

Star Systems that have not been explored. You see a star you fly to it and check it out.

More Factions - Romulans, Cardassians, etc that are playable.

Flowing faction control areas as the war goes on. Make PvP mean something. If the feds are winning we should be taking systems from the Klingons and them take ours. Think Warhammer online here at the minimum.

A real crafting system. Think almost any other major MMO - EQ2, WoW. I want to make stuff - weapons, parts for weapons, health packs, shield boosters, etc. I can think of tons of stuff that should be in a crafting system. I liked EQ2 systems as they was some actual skill involved in the process. Cloth crafter for clothes - you get the idea here.

In this crafting system we need decay on some stuff that just can not be fixed to help reduce long term inflation of items that make it hard for new players to be able to afford anything in game.
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02-13-2010, 12:43 PM
Short Term:
-There isn't much, largely I'm happy with the little things of this game, but I thought that, at least during Open Beta, you could add a fleet symbol to your starship, and I couldn't find that that might be a little something you could throw back, cause I think it'd be fun to have a dragon on my ship for the Fleet identity...

Medium Term:
People have said variety of missions, and I agree, but also looking at some of the themes of star trek...I was thinking about this yesterday, when you look at the series, you see one of the HUGE themes is sacrifice: Yar, Spock, Kirk, Data...They all knew that wearing the uniform came with a responsibility.

-I'm not saying that there needs to be a penalty for dying, I'm just saying there should be missions where you have to put it all on the line and you could very well lose something, it may set you up for a lot of flack, but it would make the game more powerful
(E.G. - In mass Effect, you had to choose between two bridge officers, one of whom would die, what if you had to make that decision over a bridge officer in STO...*Shrug*)

Long Term:
-Starship Interiors and things to do in them. One of the most amazing things about Star Trek is the ship itself, that's why all of the episodes involved walking around to different areas of the ship. It's gonna take a while, but hey, it'll be worth it.
-Romulans. Playable Romulans. Not for my sake, but for my brother's. He really wants to play romulans, and I'm sure he's not the only one.

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