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02-13-2010, 01:44 PM
1. Server and Client performance:
Increased capacity and server performance. No rubber banding or long load times. More video options in client to tweak performance in different situations. Smoother transition screens when warping. Zone optmization and UI performance improvements.

2. Interface functionality and customization:
Shield Indicators, Ship Names on friendly and enemy, Quest Tracker, XP Bar, and Mini Map should all be toggles. Sector map walls could be removed as the floor texture is enough. Load screens could be better. More camera options would also be nice for space combat. Also add an outline for the current item your looking at as with item compare it can be confusing at times.

3. Content:
Respec option please. Flush out Klingon faction to be equal to Federation. We need more Klingons and I don't want to play one until it has PvE and PvP fully flushed out. Add more ground combat sounds like footsteps. death cries, and ambient creature sounds. Polish up current missions like Borg Hunt as an example which has no Borg sounds like in the tutorial section of the game. New players should start at Starfleet Academy and progress from Cadet to Ensign. Simular style ritualistic Klingon tutorial introduction would also be nice. Lastly keep improving the Bridge elements with more content and ship interiors. I would love to see crew members walking around going about their daily routine and responding to the Captain when on the bridge or in other parts of the ship. Add interior ship names on bridge.
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02-13-2010, 01:47 PM
I'll throw in my .02 cents.. I have not read the entire thread, so I apologize if I am just re-hashing what has gone before...

Short term
Better skill descriptions/tooltips -- the dearth of information on specific things in this game is extraordinary

The ability to scan another player's ship and see what their load-out is.
Repec option -- not free...maybe have to do a quest to get it or something

Long Term
Playable Romulans
Additional ship variants -- I suppose that this will happen in future expansions, etc.
Fleet-owned Starbases
More varied deep space encounters -- wormhole events, the occasional monster, etc.
Universe storyline events -- some examples: a Borg fleet showing up out of the blue and nailing a colony and we have to rally and fight them off, or radiation wave from a far distant star that went nova finally hits our quadrant, resulting in a number of random, strange events, etc.
Fleet discovery projects -- fleets gather/collect resources and spend them in an attempt to "discover" some sort of new technology that will only be able to be applied to their specific fleet -- it could be a real ability of some sort, or just a cosmetic type thing to make that group stand out from the rest. For balance reasons, something cosmetic (special shield effects or weapons effects, etc) might be the best way to go on something like that.
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02-13-2010, 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by SimpsonsParadox
I'll bite.

Short Term

- Greater variations within each ship 'level', model wise.

- Better documentation. Seriously. Just get one guy to write more stuff to skills so I know what I'm getting when I click the "Add Points" button.
I agree. not everyone who is s science spec is gonna like the tier 2 baseball on a stick starship. why cant a Miranda or Cosntitution hull be used for science?? and I want to PAINT my ship. is Glidden and Rustoleum out of business in the 25th century? if I were playing a Kilngon, a blood red Raptor would be an awesome ship to run. at least let us switch out the UFP banners with a ship crest if the player wants.

and documentation would be awesome!

Originally Posted by PlanetOfHats View Post
* Wider options for the transwarp network. It'd be nice if I could choose to hit, say, K7, or 39 Sierra, instead of just going straight back to Sol.

* Playable Nebula-class and Ambassador-class starships. While I do love my four-nacelled T3 monstrosity, nothing beats a Nebula-class.
different "homeports", definitely. have a "Dockmaster" NPC where you can buy the "aid the planet" mission stuff and shield batts. as well as make DS9 or K-7 the place you go on transwarp.

Originally Posted by Hakoshen View Post
Short term:

AI Pathing: This I'm sure has been brought up, but the AI officers get caught on doors, boxes, flora, etc. far too often.
Officer down: If one of my team mates or myself goes down, there should be some way to make resuscitating that person a priority. As of yet, I keep spamming the call for help button in the hopes that it will glitch and reach one of my officers.

2. Promotions: I don't think that I should have to spend X amount of points in abilities I'm not going to use just to promote an officer beneath me. I know that they have to "earn" promotions, but it irks me.

3. Quest dialog: Each quest should tell you what system in what sector in what sector block to go to. For example, one mission said "Go to Starbase 1." In hindsight, it's logical to assume that of course, SB1 is on Earth, but that's only AFTER spending a long time looking every place else for something with that name.

4. Quest rewards: I can't see what my mission rewards are once I choose to accept the mission, which makes prioritizing where I go dependent entirely on what I can remember, which, all thing and events in this game considered isn't very much.

Long Term:
1. Maps! It would be SO helpful to be able to zoom from the map sector I'm in to another sector block and see what's there from the galaxy map instead of blindly plotting from one sector to another and hoping the system who's location I may not know is in the place I'm headed. And while we're at it, why not have each system tell us what's IN said system! Treasure Trading station isn't listed on any map or anything.
Originally Posted by rich1701 View Post
I only have long term hopes for this game

Bridge: I want the bridge to actually have a function, I want the UI integrated into your bridge as an option and use it to navigate sector space.

Missions: I want the missions to be much more than, scan this... destroy this... Why is it that the solution to every problem is to eliminate it with your weapons? That isn't what being a starfleet captain is about. Points should be awarded to resolving missions without conflict too. OR just disabling ships rather than destroying them??

Ship customization: This is sadly limited compared to character customization. It would be nice if equipment actually changed the look of your ship. I would love to see Ship customization on the level of Galactic civilisations II.
A useful bridge would be great ESPECIALLY since on the commercials for the game there is a federation captain IN HIS COMMAND CHAIR SHOUTING ORDERS. I hate making comparisons, but if they can do it on a 5 year old game, why cant they do it on an MMO???

What I want to see is an ability to respec.

I want replacement officers to have the available skill points i dumped into the guy he's replacing. ( just replaced a white engineer who had 1800 skill points with a blue one with none. is it tnat hard to give the "better" read green blue purple crewmen additional skill points??

when getting an officer as a reward, give us a voucher or a choice. last 4 times I got engineering officers.. I got two, thanks how about that second science officer I need???

Away teams. ok I'm beaming down to the planet to scan flora or talk to bob. Do i REALLY need 4 of my senior staff? how about a NONE option if I don't want someone coming down with me?

weapons should be holstered until you draw it.

a minor annoyance, but when I'm on the planet, and the ship calls to say the gorn just entered orbit, how about someone who ISN'T down on the planet with me making that call?
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02-13-2010, 01:54 PM
My requests are all short term:

Increase difficulty in space and in ground. I think enemies can take fair dmg but they deal nothing. I am a science healer and there is nothing to do for me in any mission. There is never any damage done by any enemey npc. And when there is a small tiny amount damage every player can easily overheal himself. That is so mega boring.

Implement Death Penalty. If I cannot lose and at the same time missions are mega easy then what is the point in playing ??? I can aswell watch a movie since I have no active role in the game. At least add a option like "death penalty enabled/heroic mode". But this must ofc must come with better reward.

And last wish, I wish there would be more information about skills/abilites and ingame. IŽd like to know before I train my BO how much dmg/time the ability with ym setup will have. I also wanna see debuffs on my ship as Viral Matrix. If I cannot move/shot whatever I wanna know why.
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02-13-2010, 01:57 PM
Short Term:

1) Hotkeys for Bridge Officer powers that don't need to be changed every time I change out a BO (F1 - F12 work great). Extend the other hotkey bars to include all 12 horizontal slots that are programmable via the Options/Keybind Menu.

2) Rework skills. Line up like skills horizontally. Fix the names for skills (Jam Targeting Sensors and Sensor Jam for example). Rewrite descriptions so it is clearer which skills stack and which ones don't (At the beginning I thought every Science ship skill stacked until Admiral so I wasted a lot of skill points that way). Remove skill cap or increase it so we can max at least 2-3 Admiral level skills. After fixing all this I believe we deserve a respec even if it costs merit or energy credits.

3) Make BOs transferable to friends. A friend who was in Closed Beta since October told me that you used to be able to give a friend a BO you had on your crew. That way a Science officer piloting an Escort could give his BO to a Tactical officer friend who could then teach that officer Cannon Rapid Fire III and give it back. You could also rework the search function in the Exchange so we can search for a specific skill on a BO instead of having to search through hundreds of them.

Mid Term:

1) Functionality for Bridge and add a Ready Room. Shrink the size of the Bridge too.

2) Make it so if I'm grouped with more than one person we all always get into the same Deep Space encounter even if it has to create a new one. The other day I was grouped with 2 other people and it took us about a half hour of changing instances before we finally all got into the same one and could play together.

3) Achievements would be nice. It would give the Admirals something to still shoot for after hitting cap and completing all the missions. Also possibly an achievement store where you could spend achievement points on stuff. Maybe like stuff to decorate your Ready Room with (assuming you add a Ready Room later).

Long Term (not going to say more mission content because that's already in the works):

1) Make social maps useful and increase them. For example, if I go to Risa for a half hour to socialize maybe would come out with a buff or two. I remember way back when in SWG when you had to watch dancers in the Cantina to heal wounds. Sure it was sometimes annoying but the Cantina was always full of people and was a great place to socialize and make friends. Putting in a death penalty to your hull or crew that made you have to go back to the station to get your ship fixed and wait 5 - 10 minutes. That would force people to congregate in an area with nothing to do but wait and make friends. I personally would think it would add to the immersion factor as well.

2) Add player housing. I think it would be awesome to have a house on Bajor to go back to after a long trip in space. Or having quarters at DS9. That also allows you to add in a whole bunch of new items and rewards. Decor for player housing. I know tons of RPG people including myself who just love to collect stuff and decorate. It also gives you the ability to give rewards for special events that are tangible and aren't always weapons and armor or a title. With this you could even expand on it and have player crafting as a side profession somehow.

3) Add in the ability to walk around in our ship (mess hall, quarters, engineering, holodeck). SWG did that one pretty well in the JTL expansion.
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02-13-2010, 02:03 PM
1) The ability to fire a shot across a same faction spammer's bow.

2) The ability to blow said spammer(s) out of space and claim some of their bestest goodies before they respawn to teach them manners.
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02-13-2010, 02:07 PM
Short term
  • autofire for any ability we want
  • exchange sorting/real filtering (wow how bad an auction house can you get with predefined items ...)
  • after all these freaking server crashes; frankly a refund for my first month

Mid term
  1. Real Content, other than repeat a mission (the custom missions are pretty engaging/good, but auto while pretty good really does seem like a grind)
  2. some benefits/goals for fleets; does an extra tab really help anyone much?
  3. better UI to determine which skills actually benefit what

Long term
  1. Enough content/playable races to play more than say a month
  2. start reparing the damage to Cryptic's reputation from various bone headed decisions (autofire, purchases not available during head start, buying beta access ...)
  3. a semi usable and documented macro language
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02-13-2010, 02:21 PM
Short-term requests

beam glows, glows true the hull. fix it=)
Fix Bloom and Radeon card crash
The shortcuts for abiltys and such change all time very anyoing

Mid-term requests

Would be fun whit more fleet action maybe go back in time and take place in the majpr battles.
Group instance where u really need teamwork to complet it, that also needs a skill in using ur special abiltys.
a slight beam fix
Short-term requests
The abilty to visit ur entire ship and crew nothing special places engineering, captains quarters and ready room where u can get a more detialed version of ur missions.

Long-term requests

More choices in how to complete content - ie, maybe missions with a diplomatic rather than a pure combat solution depending on choices you make during the mission.
More stuff for fleets - fleet-owned starbases, "raid" interfaces that allow fleets to do fleet actions together, etc.
More playable factions (romulans, cardassians, etc)
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02-13-2010, 02:25 PM
ONE REQUEST: ability to target ship systems (Ie. target and disable/damage engines) would add alot of depth to combat. PLEASE!!!!!
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02-13-2010, 02:26 PM
How come they had accurate Phaser Array power up and fire in the Armada games and not in STO?

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