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02-14-2010, 04:51 AM
First of all i'd like to say well done to Cryptic, for a great game. now to build on it...

Short Term

1, add the function that when you finish adding a mission from 'Hail SF' when you close the conversation make it so that it takes you back to the SF Contact list again and not exit the window completely.
2, make crytal entity a 'tincey wincey' bit easier, only slightly. the amount of small shards healing it at 29% is too many for the amount of people in the instance sometimes. (got it to 29% 3x with about 9 plyrs) good fight thou.
3, fix bug where players become hostile to eachother on the same faction - borg war zone encounter frustrating.

Mid Term

1, More transwarp Hub options for higher level areas, like TW to K7, TW to DS9 etc.
2, sometimes trying to enter deepspace encounters with a 5 man party - the game will split one or two team members to annother instance, frustrating when you want to play as a team.
3, more options for fleet bank security. theft of credits etc.
4, ground pvp shortened to 30 instead of 40 - can be a long drag if the teams are uneaven.(sorry for the fourth)

Long Term

1, more things for Fleets to do 'together' as a team in the same place.
2, i see the 'daily' repeatables becoming a bore after a while. as it is only a exploration instance.. do something else like story based or something, we do exploration anyway..
3, the option to enter a raidisode for more than 5 fleet members. in the fleet im in we'd like to goto an encounter a a large force 10 and 20. lets get that option. i want fleets to be more than just social clicks, more of a working group aswell. £1 worth
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02-14-2010, 05:08 AM
1. Chase camera setting for space activities.
2. Gene therapy for dexterity ( struggling with getting used to the controls as always ), will probably have to key map navigation to the Number Pad.
3. More Character body options, got spoiled with 5+ years of CoX, was expecting more.
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02-14-2010, 05:13 AM
Long term:
1)More end game content
2)More PVP end game which means make it easyer for Klingons
to lvl as you look at the ques very few klingons in them.
3)Fleet action which you can easily join with freinds and which is
4)More pvp maps.
5)Give npcs a voice they are just carboard cut outs atm,
people might start to look at the content if its read out instead of
just clicking the green option.

If getting opposition in pvp is a problem add more classes
to the Klingon side say allied with Romulans as i know
i want to play one.
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02-14-2010, 05:13 AM
First, a BIG thank you to cryptic and everyone there for the game. For 2 yrs of development, it is quite amazing. Overall the framework to build a great game is there and the combination of space and ground action gives a lot of room to develop a fantastic game.

Short Term

1. Fleet Action
- Allow fleets to create fleet action instance that allows only their fleet members into the instance (at the moment it is very hard to do things together as a fleet).

Mid Term

1. Functional Bridge
Details of an earlier discussion on this topic can be found here

2. Fleet Game Feature
- Fleet star base
- fleet vs fleet action
- More details can be found here

3. A new crafting system
- many people enjoy crafting items and this is a huge part of an MMO
- able to craft high level items
- cryptic is strong in allowing players to create custom stuff (e.g. char and ship), why not create a system for players to create custom weapons, clothes, devices, etc that is tradable.
- maybe the science or engineering prof can up skills to focus on a crafting char.

4. Mining
Instead of just looting through anomalies, would be great if we can go to certain designated planets to mine for items needed for crafting. I think it is the sense of knowing what you need to create what item and where to get the raw materials on a consistent basis. Anomalies at the moment behave more like a jackpot machine.

Long Term

1. Ability to populate planets - build, defend, attack
- ability for fleets or factions to populate planets and build on it
- allow players to create towns and defend it against attack from opposing factions
- allow players to attack towns of opposing factions
- a game with this ability would not require a constant stream of high level episodes for high level players as they will be busy trying to defend towns/planets and attacking towns/planets of opposing factions.
- wins could result in more currency so that they can buy or rebuild their defenses for the next round
- Game mechanics could use a combination of space battle and ground battle where if you get close enough to the planet you can beam down and fight on the planet. So an attacking fleet will first have to fight the space battle against the defending fleet that owns that planet and then fight on the ground to gain control over the "town center" for a specific time period before the planet is "won".
- the benefit to owning a planet is the ability to tax on sale transactions on the planet and to own the places to mine on the planet for crafting and making more stuff.
- this feature of can be in just certain parts of the map, e.g. the neutral zone and not the entire map so that the rest of the game is not interfered.
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02-14-2010, 05:33 AM
Short-term requests
Things that should be looked at yesterday
  • Add some blue and red colors to zone chat: If a Federation player is typing into zone chat (or local) make it blue, while red is for Klingon.
  • Fix the Eta Eradani(?) Space War Zone used in the Federation quest "Salvaged relationships in the neutral zone", so that goals are clear (right now it seems blowing up the repair hubs makes the thing fail for Feds?)
  • Fix the Fleet Action "The Big Dig" so you can actually play it. Right now, it seems as if you can't even enter it.
  • Keep working on missions that are buggy in giving credit. This is evident for quests when in a group but also happens sometimes when not grouped. For example, K7 ones are complete fail for me.

Mid-term requests
Things that should take weeks
  • Add more nerd missions. Right now, I think Memory Alpha is the closest you get. I'd like to see more content aimed at the Spock fans out there, ie. content that relies on thinking and less (if at all) on fighting. Doesn't necessarily have to be part of the main storyline (episodes).
  • Allow Skills respec. Right now, more than half of my skills are more or less useless.
  • Make trying to win in PvP meaningful. Right now, whether you win or lose in pvp, you pretty much get the same reward, which motivates winning much less and in turn degrades the competitive environment that PvP is meant to be.

Long-term requests
Things that should take months
  • Raids
  • Raids
  • Raids

You're welcome. I also took the liberty of changing the timeframe premise, since the suggested one didn't fit in with my thoughts.
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02-14-2010, 06:03 AM
Me and wifey have already cancelled our accounts, but might get back at a later date if this is fixed:

Short-term request:
1. Make the exchange have a sort-by-price functionality.
2. Make ground combat faster.
3. Add more Fleet Action missions. (I know this is a lot of work, but its desperately needed)
4. Improve ship physics and movement.
5. Remove the skill cap or give us free respecs.
7. Increase difficulty. A lot.
8. Lower your monthly prices! We dont like paying for a beta product!
9. Communication? Hello?

Mid-term request:
1. Fleet vs Fleet PvP battles with prices.
2. Make exploration actually involve some... ehm... exploration.

Long-term request:
1. Conquerable territories.
2. Fleet shipbuilding.
3. Player run economy.
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02-14-2010, 06:15 AM
One more thing that i would really like.

Real Warfare in Eta Eridani sector block. I Thinking about some thing that have real consequences for the sector.
Some sort of team Deathmatches around the Sector. That conquers the Systems or even the starbases like K7. One Klingon Starbase have to be added for balancing.
Each Team gets an amount of Tickets like in COD and when they drop to Zero they lost the Sector. But not the starbase. All plays are respwned inside the starbase and have to Conquer or defend it. And when that Tickets dropt to Zero again there is a winner. This events can take place Randomly ones a weak and. You have to in list and wait until it starts. Than the server makes the choise for the players.

This would bring the experience or real war between Fed. And Klingons into the game and make it more Dynamic. When Fed. Lose K7 they have to Resupply on the next Starbase and thatís a long way.
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# 548 in game items
02-14-2010, 06:38 AM
on away missions i think it would be good idea to add rare items hiden in some the away missions as there is option for exploring but nothing to find lol
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# 549 Space Camera
02-14-2010, 06:43 AM
Short Term:

Fix the SPACE CAMERA to have the same options and utility as the ground camera. A good thing is auto follow, right drag to mouse look, left click to target, release and back to auto follow. An even better thing is a way to be all mouse or all keyboard for maneuvering... i.e. mouse move, moves ship and camera on auto follow, left click fires all weapons, right click fires 1weapon, middle click fires another, mouse wheel regulates throttle... etc.

Medium Term:

Fix the SPACE CAMERA . See above.

Long Term:

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02-14-2010, 06:43 AM
Short Term: Better servers, and for them to work.
Mid Term: Better servers, and for them to work.
Long Term: Better servers, and for them to work.

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